Introducing Systematic Typology of Anti-Jewish Prejudice

The top leader of the Palestinians, Haj Amin al Husseini meets with his very close ally, the top leader of the Germans, Adolf Hitler in December 1941, to discuss cooperation and coordination in their joint efforts and goal in the extermination of the Jewish people.

Contemporary globalized Anti-Jewish aversions represent an historical synthesis between not only ancient and modern Anti-Jewish prejudice but also between the ancient/modern Anti-Jewish prejudice of Christendom and the ancient/modern Anti-Jewish prejudice of Islamdom. In fact, Anti-Jewish aversions of the Muslim and Christian worlds have long since converged and indeed merged and are now increasingly indistinguishable. This dangerous genealogical convergence of prejudice of dual civilizational origins took place through deliberate, geopolitically motivated regime propaganda efforts on behalf of the imperialist political ideologies of Arabism, Communism, Islamism and Nazism.

While in the past, Nazi Germany and subsequently the Soviet Union encouraged such deliberate Anti-Jewish synthesis in order to gain geostrategic influence over the politics of both Christendom and Islamdom by appealing to residual, partly religiously derived Anti-Jewish aversions in both civilizations, so have the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia since long by themselves and through their foreign proxies and intellectual stooges around the world, similarly developed, produced and disseminated such Anti-Jewish synthesis of dual civilizational origins with similar underlying prejudicial appeal in both civilizations to gain further geostrategic influence over the politics of both Islamdom and Christendom. Contemporary academic critical attempts towards better understanding of contemporary Anti-Jewish prejudice tend to be not only Eurocentric (as e.g. shown by the wide, continued, scholarly use of the long-since outdated Eurocentric term ‘Anti-Semitism’), but Nazicentric as well in the sense of relying on the distinctly Eurocentric frame of upholding historical German Nazism and its documented crimes as the secular measure of all things evil, including with regard to global Anti-Jewish prejudice of dual civilizational origins.

Three euphemisms have historically been coined so as to make this quite adaptive and indeed evolving political phenomenon seem more socially acceptable. These three narrow terms; Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are unfortunate in the sense of being narrow, unhelpful misnomers, since Anti-Jewish prejudice is a much broader discursive phenomenon than indicated by either of the respective, narrow etymology of each of these three terms. A fourth term, Judeophobia is similarly insufficient as fear of Jews is not necessarily central or even intrinsic to Anti-Jewish prejudice and this distinctly imprecise term has therefore not gained wide currency despite having been in some use since the second half of the 19th century.

While ‘Anti-Semitism’ and Islamism stigmatize Jews as ostensibly constituting a mere subset of the cultural world of Islamdom, ‘Anti-Zionism’ and Arabism similarly stigmatize Jews as ostensibly constituting a mere subset of the cultural world of Christendom. While so called “leftists” of Christendom tend to believe that only the culture of Christendom should be subject to critique of civilization, so do so called “rightists” of Christendom increasingly tend to mirror-wise believe that only the culture of Islamdom should be subject to critique of civilization. This polarizing left/right dichotomy of critique of civilization pertains inter alia to contemporary critique of Anti-Jewish aversions, to contemporary critique of Nazism/Fascism, to contemporary critique of imperialism/colonialism as well as to contemporary critique of anti-body prejudice generally.

To claim that ‘Anti-Zionism’ is legitimate as long as it does not constitute ‘Anti-Semitism’ is the contemporary equivalent of claiming that ‘Anti-Semitism’ is legitimate as long as it does not constitute ‘Anti-Judaism’ as was indeed widely claimed for decades up until 1945. Yet, this does of course not necessarily mean that everything nominally expressed in the context of so called ‘Anti-Judaism’, so called ‘Anti-Semitism’ or so called ‘Anti-Zionism’ constitutes Anti-Jewish prejudice as Anti-Jewish bigots of various political colors (including many contemporary Nazi and Arabist intellectuals) increasingly tend to strategically embed Anti-Jewish prejudice into textual matrices of legitimate political criticism. The writings of evolutionary psychologist Kevin McDonald are an interesting example of this phenomenon which is otherwise found in virtually all Anti-Zionist political discourse and is also prominent in contemporary Western journalism critical of Israeli policy.

A rather different, comprehensive, inclusive and far more appropriate term is therefore needed and indeed suggested. Antivrism is a neologism that combines the morphemes anti-ivri-ism, the middle morpheme Ivri meaning a Hebrew person in the Hebrew language. The English noun Hebrew is indeed derived from the word ivri as are indeed the French Hébreu, the Italian Ebreo the Russian Jevrei and the Greek Evraíos which are common designations for being Jewish in these other idioms. Contemporary Antivrism has many historically novel features, yet tends to varying degrees, to be inclusive of all historical, prior modes of Anti-Jewish prejudice.

The work herewith presented and published constitutes a typological understanding of contemporary Antivrism in contrast to prior scholarly, purely genealogical attempts aimed at understanding contemporary Antivrism as a purely historical derivation of European ‘Anti-Semitism’ as that approach tends to elude many genealogically novel, yet distinctly prejudicial features of contemporary Antivrism as well as Muslim-culture origins. Many themes and specimens of contemporary Antivrism require deconstruction to understand what is really expressed. E.g. those who claim that “the United States is controlled by Zionists”, generally do not intend to literally merely infer that many US government officials are Zionists, meaning indeed favorably disposed towards America’s longstanding Israeli liberal-democratic best friend and indeed closest strategic ally among the nations, but rather that the United States and its government are ostensibly “controlled by Jews.” This and many other forms of Anti-Jewish, systematic, propaganda prejudice thus require deconstruction and genealogical reconstruction to determine what is indeed expressed just below the surface of the literal meaning of Anti-Jewish propaganda discourse. Once these semi-conscious, yet still expressed meanings are uncovered, the various deconstructed expressions of Antivrism can then be rigorously classified in accordance with a multi-level hierarchy of comprehensive typology of propaganda themes, indeed extending even beyond Anti-Jewish prejudice thus significantly involving contemporary anti-blasphemy discourse generally as pertaining to Muslim civilization. The gargantuan contemporary scope of this phenomenon of prejudicial propaganda indicates that this is not only deliberate, but also that it is a systematic, global propaganda effort as is indeed, increasingly widely recognized.

The work herewith presented need further editing and it should be considered that the material published in these spaces is incomplete and that there are still very likely many Anti-Jewish themes remaining to be uncovered and defined. Yet even so, the material published here is extremely extensive even at this stage, despite certainly not being complete and contains a very large number of tentatively classified Anti-Jewish themes and many thousand unique examples of such themes. While this is the work of one person, there is no question that a conclusive, comprehensive classification of all Antivrism generally will necessarily be the work of far more than one person. This should be done in the near future through a collaborative, multi-language, global wiki-project to ensure that not only is every theme of Antivrism documented, but so is also each expression whereof in traditional media. This editing will ensure a greater degree of elimination of errors on my part and will also quite importantly permit retroactive correction of errors on my part in already published materials in these spaces although my collected material is so extensive that properly editing this all on my own would take years.

Yet, considering the tremendous, regime-sponsored Anti-Jewish malevolence out there, a well-funded non-profit foundation in the image of Wikimedia Foundation and MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute) will no doubt be required. Therefore, sufficient funding will be no less critical than global volunteer editors as with other major, serious wiki documentation projects. Beyond the full publishing of my work so far in this field, such a process should have three target stages: (1) Identifying and classifying all Anti-Jewish themes of Antivrism. (2) Identifying and classifying all unique examples of Antivrism in terms of Anti-Jewish themes. (3) Specifying, quoting and hyperlinking all documented expressions of Antivrism in all languagess as used for traditional mass media as part of an increasingly comprehensive, multi-language bibliography of documented contemporary and historical Antivrism in documented mass media of various kinds. Such a multi-stage, comprehensive endeavor will necessitate online volunteer editors fluent in different languages, including the many different languages used in the mass media of the Muslim world. The situation is particularly serious with regard to many mass media of the Muslim world that currently do not tolerate expression of criticism of Antivrism in their published texts and broadcasting. Yet, I believe that this public, typological documentation effort is the most effective way of countering Antivrism by exposing, documenting, classifying, deconstructing and hyperlinking discrimination against Jews within discourses as Anti-Jewish discursive discrimination is the predominant and indeed hegemonic form of contemporary Antivrism.

While my efforts of documentation constitute effective decoding of Antivrism, this is only the beginning and a sustained global effort with the required funding, organization and wiki-structure will be needed to complete the decoding of all cases of Antivrism in all documented mass media expressions. The gargantuan extension of historical and contemporary Antivrism requires a global effort equivalent to the professional lifetime careers of many university scholars and the wiki-format is thus the one most suitable as grassroot critics of Antivrism will have an invaluable, scientific and credible reference source when lodging complaints to editors in various mass media regarding occurrences of Antivrism in their published materials and broadcasts. The documented material will also present a particularly important source for scholars when studying the history of expression, proliferation and sociology of Antivrism.

Yet, this needs necessarily be a global, multi-language effort and there is no question that new modes of Antivrism will need to be documented as these no doubt will emerge even outside the thematic matrices of already documented Antivrism as this is a dynamic and evolving – rather than static – political phenomenon and has genealogical roots in both prejudice and propaganda as well as in two major civilizations. While my collected materials are so extensive that editing it all on my own would likely take many years, the wiki-project needs to be started in the meantime. Although I support substantial legal reform of current intellectual rights, I do own the copyright regarding the published material here. However, I would certainly look forward to transfer my intellectual rights in these regards to a wiki-foundation once the suitable people, appropriate organization and wiki-structure are indeed in place.

Daniella Bartfeld

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