ADL = Anti-Defamation League
AIPAC = American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Amian = The largest Contemporary natively spoken Semitic languages outside of and east of Tamazgha where the related Darian is spoken.
E. J’lem = East Jerusalem
EMPT = Enforced mass population transfer
IDF = Israel Defense Forces
Haredi = Strictly Orthodox Jewish (“Ultra-Orthodox”)
HG = Homo genus, i.e. the so called “humanity”
J’lem = Jerusalem
Judean = A distinct Semitic language externally known under the misnomer “Judeo-Arabic.”
PS = Persona Sentia = Someone sentient and therefore a person
Neo-Philistines = This Amian-language ethnic group refers to itself anachronistically as Philistines (a long since extinct European people that has been absent from history for several thousand years) in both their native Amian and the non-native dead Arabic and certainly not as Palestinians as in foreign languages. Neo-Philistines is therefore certainly a more accurate and appropriate designation in translation to English.
Talmudic Jews = Rabbinic Jews
Terra nullius = Territory under no sovereignty
UNGA = United Nations General Assembly
UNSC = United Nations Security Council
WB = West Bank