Antivrism – Typology of Anti-Jewish Bigotry

Amin al Husseini und Adolf HitlerAnti-Jewish bigotry has undergone multiple historical phases into metamorphosing what it currently it is, indeed a  highly politicized  modern propagandistic fusion of Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism that is best described as ANTIVRISM [anti-ivri-ism], namely structural bigotry, structual prejudice and structural discrimination against Jews for being Jewish. 

Antivrism [anti-ivri-ism]  prejudice against Jews
ivri = a Hebrew person, meaning a Jewish person
–  Introducing Systematic Typology of Anti-Jewish Prejudice
–  Glossary
>Anti-Jewish Disenfranchisement
>>Demands for Anti-Jewish Discrimination
>>>Demanding Discrimination
>>>Discriminating Jews for being Israeli
>>>Discriminating Israel for being Jewish
>>>Imperialist Discrimination
>>>Discrimination for Anti-Jewish Eradication
>>>Regional Projective Discrimination
>>>Geographic Discrimination
>>>Retroactive Discrimination
>>>Proactive Discrimination
>>>Preferential Anti-Jewish Discrimination
>>Depoliticization of Jews
>>>Demanding Jewish non-involvement in Politics
>>>Anti-Jewish Exemplarism
>>>Anti-Jewish Culture Denial
>>>Demands that Jews shed their Jewish Identities
>>>Jewish Freedom as Ontological Anomaly
>>>Anti-Jewish Gentilization
>>>Negating Jewish Political Agency
>>>Anti-Jewish Replacement Ideology
>>>Anti-Jewish Idealization
>>>Anti-Jewish Aversion against Euphemistic Collectives
>>Anti-Jewish Essentialism
>>>Anti-Jewish Psychology
>>>Intrinsically Evil Jews
>>>Intrinsically Unequal, Carnal Jews
>>>Jewish Views are wrong due to being Collectively Jewish
>>>Anti-Jewish Continentalism
>>>Double Racism
>>>Genetic Purity
>>>Counterfeit Jews
>>>Anti-Jewish Reductionism
>>>Atrocity Libel
>>Indirect Denial of Israel’s Right to Exist
>>>Denying Israel’s Right to Exist by Reference to Universal Problems/Issues
>>>Denying the Basis of Jewish Self-Determination
>>>Denial of Israel’s right to Control its Frontiers/Borders
>>>Denial of Israel’s Right to Self-Defense
>>>Anti-Jewish Ontology
>>>Domestic Differences make Israel Illegitimate
>>>Jews are wrong because they are Jewish
>>>Declarative Lies
>>>Immoral Perfectionism
>Anti-Jewish Geographic Inversion
>>Absolution by Inversion
>>>Jews are Nazis
>>>Replacement Catharsis
>>>Denial Political Agency of Israel’s Adversaries
>>>Jews are European Colonialists
>>>Moral Equivalence
>>>Inverting Anti-Jewish Disinterest in Jewish well-being
>>>Projection of Crimes of Christendom
>>>Discriminatory Word Usage
>>Jewish Domination
>>>Jewish Ethnocracy
>>>Virtual Occupation
>>>Jewish Mind Control
>>>Jewish Colonialism
>>Evil Jewish Conspiracy
>>>Jewish Strategy of Suffering
>>>Hidden Motives
>>>Jewish Bio-Warfare
>>Blaming Jews for acts by others
>>>Predominantly Christian Peoples
>>>Predominantly Muslim Peoples
>>>Guilt Transfer
>>Anti-Jewish Apartheid
>>>Demanding Exclusively Palestinian Ethnic Privileges
>>>Projecting Palestinian Apartheid Ideology onto Israel
>>>Apartheid Conspiracy
>>>Accusing Israel of Apartheid on account of Lies
>>>Accusing Israel of Apartheid by Reference to Universal Problems/Issues
>>>Assuming that the PLO/PA is a Legitimate “Apartheid Government”
>>National, Ethnic, Religious and/or Ideological Inversion
>>>Arabism – Inversion
>>>>Arabophone states – Inversion
>>>Islam – Inversion
>>>Islamism – Inversion
>>>>Islamist states – Inversion
>>>Palestinism – Inversion
>>>Geographic Racism
>>>Anti-Jewish Political Eschatology
>>Hijacking of Discourses without Self-Adherence
>>Anti-Jewish Dyslogocentrism
>>Anti-Jewish Judeocentrism
>>Blaming Present Jews for Ascribed/Actual Jewish Past
>>Anti-Jewish Propaganda Techniques for Discursive Discrimination
>>Anti-Jewish Denial
>>>Anti-Jewish Determinism
>>>Denying Jewish Present
>>>Denying Jewish Past
>Justifying Anti-Jewish Aversions
>>Group Immunity from holding Anti-Jewish Aversions
>>Israel is itself Justification for Anti-Jewish Aversions
>>Group Justification of Anti-Jewish Expression
>>Intrinsic Opposition to Critique of Anti-Jewish Aversions
>>Anti-Jewish Epistemology
>>Secular/Religious Anti-Jewish Imperialism
>>>Anti-Jewish Imperialism of Christendom
>>>Anti-Jewish Imperialism of Islamdom
>>>Illegitimate Jewish Fears
>>>Deliberate Errors in Judicial Discourse
>>Trivialization of Anti-Jewish Aversions
>>>Endorsement of Anti-Jewish Motives
>>>Peripheral Hostility
>>>Etymological Defense of Anti-Jewish Aversions
>>>Indirect Justification of Anti-Jewish genocide
>>Expecting less from others than from Jews
>>>Higher Expectations from Jews by Inconsistent Reference
>>>Expecting Jews to Act without Regard for Self-Interest
>>>Sacrifice of Jews on behalf of Gentiles
>>>Making Special Demands from Jews
>>>Bisected Gentile/Jewish Ontology
>Extensions beyond Jews
>>Anti-Jewish Discursive Discrimination extended against Americans
>>Shielding Islam and Muslims from Critique
>>>Muslim Terrorists are mere Helpless Automata
>>>Islam is beyond Criticism
>>>Muslim Supremacist Epistemology
>>>Defending Muslim Imperialism
>>>Muslims cannot threaten non-Muslims