Intersectional Cognitive Science

cranium-2952566_1280Psychology and psychiatry are essentially competing vocational fields with radically different outlooks and conceptions of human personality.

Psychology is for the most part a futuristic science of social engineering in seeking to maximize human cognitive capacity and generally takes a favorable view human idiosyncrasy. Psychology despite often being a fairly strict science however curiously lacks grounding in natural science.

Psychiatry in contrast is neither a social science nor natural science but is an pseudo-scientific form of physiognomy. Once in contact with psychiatry can even the slightest deviation from social norms become construed as sign of insanity.

The fundamental problem with psychiatry is its lack of scientific rigor and its tautological epistemology of unscientific physiognomy. Psychiatry is premised on exclusive epistemological privilege and so needs psychiatry become fundamentally deconstructed by intersectional gender science, including especially by feminist psychology. Psychiatry in essentially being a pseudo-science lacks all grounding in natural science and is rather based on tautological conjecture.

Advanced Solving of Problems
Anatomy of Discrimination
Anatomy of Police Sexual Harassment
Anti-Autistic Psychiatric Abuse
Anti-LGBTQI Persecution
Apophatic Epistemology
Apotheosis Training
Aporia of Female Beautification
Challenge of Individualization
Cognitive Contradiction
Cognitive Science
Corporate Intelligence Abuse
Cybernetics of Intuition
Deconstructing Autism
Deconstructing Diagnosis
Deconstructing Savantism
Deconstructing Socialism
Deconstructing the Body
Disability Prostitution
End of Heterosexualism
Epistemology of Age
Epistemology of Child Abuse
Epistemology of Deprivation
Epistemology of Evilization
Epistemology of Fear
Epistemology of Friendship
Epistemology of Girlhood
Epistemology of Historical Materialism
Epistemology of Insanity
Epistemology of Intimate Anatomy
Epistemology of Justice
Epistemology of Love
Epistemology of Normality
Epistemology of the Para-Christian
Epistemology of Pedophobia
Epistemology of Prostitution
Epistemology of Psychiatry
Epistemology of Rape
Epistemology of Religion
Epistemology of Sexualization
Epistemology of Sex Work
Epistemology of the Subconscious
Epistemology of the Zombie
Epistemology of Sublimation
Eroticism of Sincerity
Extra-Judicial Persecution of Perceived Minorities of Desire
Feminist Eugenics
Feminist Intelligence Training
Feminist Neuropsychology
Frankist Sects of Totalitarianism
Gender Biology of Monogamism
Gender Politics of Intelligence World
Hips don’t lie – Physiognomy of Coitus
History of Psychiatric Abuse
Identity Therapy
Intelligence Entrapment Methods
Intelligence Psychiatric Abuse
Intelligence Psychology
Intelligence Science
Intelligence Science of Seduction
Intelligence Warfare
Intersectional Applied Psychology
Modern History of Sexual Harassment against the LGBTQI Community
Multilogy – Science of Diversity
Natural Science of Cognition
Neuro-Behavioral Re-Automatization
Neurological Enslavement
Neurography of Genius
Neurological Enslavement
Neuropsychiatry of Crime
Nobility in Virtue
Ontology of Gender
Patriarchal Police vs. Ethical Courage
Performative Ontology of Gender
Persecution in Democracy
Persecution of Desire
Physical Warfare
Physics of Psychology
Physiognomy of Age
Physiognomy of Gender
Physiognomy of Interage
Physiognomy of Love
Physiognomy of Psychiatry
Physiognomy of Reproductive Prostitution
Physiognomy of Semiotic Contamination
Physiognomy of Sexuality
Physiognomy of Transbrain
Police and Intergenerational Desire
Police Anti-Activist Persecution
Police Intelligence Judicial Harassment
Police Intelligence Medical Abuse
Police Psychiatric Abuse
Politics of Forensic Psychiatry
Politics of Functionality
Politics of Polymorphism
Politics of Sexuality
Politics of Sociofluidity
Psychiatric Anti-LGBTQI Abuse
Psychology of Doubt
Psychology of Gender
Psychometric Mass Matching
Question of Interpersonality
Question of Sanity
Riddle of Religion
Science of Evil
Science of Suffering
Shelter Prostitution
Social Behavioral Training
Social Services Prostitution
Teleology of the Para-Christian
Teleology of the Subconscious
Terror of Pedophobia
Trajectory of Psychiatric Intelligence
Transage and Transgender
Typology of Psychological Genders
Veil of Color
Zombie Sexuality
Zoology of Cognitition

Psychological profile of Daniella Bartfeld.