Gender, Body and Sexuality

Screenshot 2017-06-22 at 05.55.57Daniella Bartfeld is a lesbian (a female who is primarily attracted fellow females), a transfemale (a transgender female), a femme (a female with feminine lesbian gender), a feminist Domme (a female with a dominant female gender), a supergirl (an assertively feminine female), an extremely attractive hot chick and simply a gal (in the sense as a female with a girlish gender) who is also polyamorous which means being consensually non-monogamous. Daniella although being inclusively lesbian (lesbian but not exclusively so) is almost yet not quite asexual.

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 00.00.40Daniella is a panamorous (pansexual) lesbian in being turned off by sexist behaviors from persons of all genders and therefore has little intimate interest in most heterocultural cismen. Sexist behaviors in females as well is therefore obvously also turnoff for Daniella. She tends to find many gay males cute although rarely being turned on by males and is not gender-exclusive or anatomy-exclusive with respect to whom she would consider becoming intimate with. Becoming increasingly inclusive in terms of with whom to become intimate with is in fact increasingly the social norm within the LGBTQI community around the world.

Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 19.04.50Daniella is psychologically and sexually female with a youthful slenderly athletic body which is both quite male and rather girlish. Daniella’s body looks quite male with body hair yet her body as shaved looks essentially as one of a female supermodel although exhibiting male physical perfection as well. Daniella is neither a transvestite (crossdresser) nor a transsexual (seeking/undergoing/underwent surgical transition) but simply a transgender (i.e. not cisgender) lesbian female who every day lives female gender in every way, including wearing women’s fashion at all times except when undressed.

Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 10.23.23Daniella is psychologically a mischievous and spontaneous seven-year old girl albeit one with extremely high intelligence. Daniella therefore as a transgender female is a gal and specifically a girl. Daniella leads a teenage lifestyle and preferred gender pronouns are she and herAge roles are no less socially constructed than gender roles and both are thus potentially fully elective and therefore also potentially self-designed. No girl is born a “woo-man” which is a patriarchal social construction and a social class/caste indeed as a wooman is to paraphrase Irving Kristol a girl who has been mugged by reality; from the original “[a neoconservative] is a liberal who has been mugged by reality”. Daniella’s body is highly malleable as Daniella is an accomplished belly dancer.

Screenshot 2017-08-10 at 23.32.38Daniella as a femme is cognitively binary transgender, bodily/aesthetically non-binary transgender and in terms of outfit (fashion, makeup etc.) hot androgynous. Daniella is genderfluid (as is indeed increasingly common among contemporary beauty-conscious females) in experimenting with different gender styles and frequently transitions between different gender flavors. Daniella is not sexually interested in or attracted to anything that she opposes politically, is illegal or is otherwise unethical (that’s just complete turnoff!) as what is aesthetical and ethical is what is attractive to Daniella whether this is sexual or otherwise. Taboo sexuality is just simply not interesting.

Screenshot 2017-08-02 at 14.29.09Daniella is a lipstick lesbian and therefore loves primping (beautification) and is also (although not exclusively so) very much attracted to fellow primping females. Although attracted to fellow feminine females is Daniella attracted to both nicely socially dominant femmes and nicely socially non-dominant femmes. Beauty however at its basis is primarily a mathematical property of calculable visual anatomical symmetry. 

Daniella is a feminist gender bender (i.e. subverts conventional gender roles) social activist in private life in public space who does lesbian cruising, meaning that unlike typically gay and bisexual males, she cruises for social fun and emotional intimacy and therefore not primarily for sex. Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 20.25.38Lesbian cruising thus means socializing with many fellow females in public space with a view towards building interpersonal relations of genuine mutual appreciation that may or may not at a later stage involve sexual relations. Daniella is skilled at feminist lesbian pickup including at a very early stage in a conversation turning on and subsequently sexually arousing a fellow female in using the power of feminine sexuality, indeed typically accomplished almost instantly. Daniella seldom thinks about sex while doing lesbian cruising, yet when aroused is typically sexually aroused by the individual personhood in a fellow female. Daniella however loves sexually aroused females more than anything else. Daniella does feminist lesbian cruising virtually everywhere in public space.

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 00.28.42Daniella cruises on females on the entire bisexual spectrum from heterocultural to lesbian-stated above the legal age of consent. Although always having been very popular among females has Daniella become even more popular among females on the entire bisexual spectrum since coming out and living wholeheartedly as a transgender lesbian femme. So called “heterosexuals” and so called “homosexuals” are all part of the bisexual statistical spectrum of desire since it is impossible to prove that anyone is completely one or the other and especially so considering the existence of passable transgender persons and intersexed human beings with ambiguous intimate anatomy. Gendersexual identities and stated “sexual orientation” therefore rather express social wishes as literally no one controls whom s/he is individually attracted to.

Screenshot 2017-08-11 at 01.33.52As most (although of course far from all) heterocultural cismales are de facto scoundrels (and mostly so due to absence of appropriate socialization) who engage in parasitical and otherwise structurally sevely oppressive behaviors towards females is living lesbian both a social choice and a feminist political statement for Daniella rather than as conventionally a statement expressing adherence to the 19th century ideology/mythology of exclusionary sexological taxonomy. It is indeed very much possible to learn to appreciate participation in many different forms of sexuality. Indeed, merely because a cismale is hot and attractive obviously does not mean that he is not a scoundrel seeking a sexually, socially and economically parasitical lifestyle with a female (whether cisgender or transgender) turned into an exploited home prostitute, a prostitute being a partly or entirely involuntary sex worker.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 16.28.31Although in the past Daniella considered surgical transition has Daniella learned to appreciate her own beautiful body including her own attractive intimate parts by means of being physically fit and physically active. While surgical transition is a legitimate personal choice should society (including fashion and advertisement) help transgender people learn to appreciate their own native physical anatomies by means of embracing transgender people as we are. It would be illogical however for Daniella to undergo surgical transition since that would statistically speaking in today’s culture make her relatively less attractive to fellow females.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 16.34.08Daniella’s socio-sexual polyamorous interest agewise is in fertile-age, youthful and at least reasonably fit females, at least above the legal age of consent which of course varies between different jurisdictions. Daniella feels especially comfortable with and is extremely popular among teenage girls although when cruising and otherwise – indeed meticulously legally adhering to Sweden’s legal age of consent which is age 15. Daniella when doing lesbian cruising is often treated as a if she were a rockstar by teenage girls in public space.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 16.31.43Daniella’s primary initial socio-sexual interest therefore is in human females ages 15-45 and only rarely ages above that. Daniella herself is psychologically a seven-year old girl albeit one with extremely high IQ and she considers it extremely important to treat everyone well irrespective of age. Daniella lives and psychologically behaves as young female human person. Daniella thinks, lives, behaves and dresses as the very extremely intelligent cognitive 7-year old girl whom she is. Daniella as is the tendency in Western culture tends to think that females reach their age-peak of attractiveness at about age 23. Daniella therefore is cognitively a 7-year old female with very extremely high IQ whose most strongest sexual attraction agewise tends to be to approximately 23-year old human females, in other words a cognitive girl who is attracted to women. As a pioneer in applied gender studies does Daniella make it a point to self-design her own gender roles, her own age roles and her own sexual roles as social behaviors of gender, age and sexuality are socially constructed indeed.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.05.14While generally attracted to females of all human genetic origins is Daniella especially attracted to persons from genetic groups of the broader Middle East and although Daniella could therefore be described as actually bisexual with respect to those genetic groups is lesbianism Daniella’s social preference. Daniella is a specialist in worldwide language geography and is therefore familiar with many cultures and ethnicities worldwide and Daniella is hence very much attracted to ethnicity generally. Attraction however is a spectrum spanning from social attraction over emotional attraction and physical attraction to sexual attraction. Daniella’s sexual attraction is however almost only to fellow females and so it is accurate in every way to describe Daniella as lesbian although she experiences social attraction, emotional attraction and physical attraction to humans generally to varying degrees and especially so to humans of and from the broder Middle East of varying genders. However she finds most males worldwide unattractive and since most are scoundrels anyway so why waste intimate time on males, most of whom act as if they were somehow stupid and have no clue whatsoever with respect to ethically appropriate feminist gendered behavior?

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.19.17Although being inherently cognitively female does Daniella not however have a gender identity or a sexual identity as she is politically opposed to identities unless an identity has a high degree of ethico-political social utility. She therefore has only two conscious identities, namely the very political identities of being a Jew and an Animal, indeed a Political Animal although of course Daniella is many other things as well. Gender for Daniella is not about expressing identity but rather about idiosyncratically expressing individual personhood, i.e. one’s own individual cognitive profile. Writing and publishing applied feminist theory and applied Queer theory is one of Daniella’s greatest passions in life.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 16.26.31Daniella as a lipstick feminist (feminism that embraces femininity and enhanced beauty) and pro-sexual socially separatist radical feminist (socially revolutionary feminism) abhors and is turned off by behavioral sexism, social/psychological/sexual expectations for behavioral sexism, imposed boyfriends/husbands and other imposed oppressive social norms and more generally by behavioral antics of contemporary culturally hegemonic heteroculture. In conclusion therefore is Daniella in terms of social  and sexual preferences quite an ordinary lesbian female.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.22.38Daniella as revolutionary, yet meticulously law-abiding radical feminist considers “welfare feminism” (merely seeking to improve current conditions) wholly insufficient and therefore opposes not merely current oppressive social norms and institutionalized discrimination with regard to shibboleths of structural oppression/discrimination such as gender, sexuality, age, functionality but also seeks to overturn the structurally oppressive current order by all ethico-legal means available. Daniella therefore actively supports the feminist revolution in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) which has very successfully established the first feminist state in world history.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.28.45As a transgender female lesbian radical feminist is Daniella – who is considered very extremely visually, sexually, socially, psychologically and intellectually attractive – particularly offended when anyone of any gender expects her to behave according to heterocultural, ciscultural and androtypical sexual, gender, age and functional norms. Daniella strongly believes that as long as she treats others well (whether directly or indirectly such as practing ethical veganism) and meticulously abides by law is she and everyone else for that matter precisely entitled to behave as she desires and pleases and so she seeks to practically/socially overturn any all unethical (i.e. structurally oppressive) social conventions/practices by precisely refusing to perform and participate in them and instead engaging in ethico-political behavioral social innovation. Indeed, in a free society can we legally speaking do anything we like as long as we don’t break the law as currently interpreted by the courts.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.14.03Daniella suffers constant sexual harassment in public space both by criminal gangs of adolescent males of recent Mideast origin trying to gangrape her and drag her into prositution and by transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic officers of the Blekinge county police department which systematically spreads malicious rumors about Daniella and encourages others (security guards, shop clercs etc.) to harass Daniella for her overtly lesbian lifestyle and deliberately doing so in a manner which although clearly illegal is unlikely to lead to prosecution or other consequences against the harassers. Daniella has no criminal record whatsoever, yet the transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic local police department and their collaborating partners systematically treat Daniella as if it were a crime to be openly lesbian, openly transgender, openly feminine, openly female, openly girlish as well as openly and strictly so abide by the legal sexual age of consent and every other legislation pertaining to social and sexual interaction.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.08.11Overtly non-binary highly sexually attractive transgender females are systematically sexually harassed by police officers in almost every country in the world, including here in Sweden, a country which prides itself on a relatively more advanced degreee of gender equality. It is remarkable how foolish and incompetent most police officers seem to be even when openly commiting crimes against LGBTQI citizens. The adolescent harassers of recent Mideast origins are however only very rarely transphobic or homophobic and actually fully accept Daniella as a female, yet systematically sexually harasses her as such in public space in seeking sexual intercourse with her.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.03.35Daniella endeavors to build a conceptually & socially innovative feminist collective IRL as free from androcentric oppressors of any genders and anatomies. Ending current oppressive social norms requires not merely critique of oppressive social structures but crucially also innovating and building new highly functional feminist societal units IRL in place of current severely structurally oppressive ones.

This is particularly essential with respect to what is known as “family” which importantly needs to be supplanted by innovative feminist frameworks by means of social innovation and as crucially able to socially, economically, psychologically and sexually outcompete current structurally oppressive familial structures of patriarchy whether patriarchal or in mere imitatative adaption to patriarchal structures. These innovative feminist societal structures crucially need to respond to and sastify deeply held needs for social, psychological, sexual and economic security as well as providing appropriate frameworks for advanced, yet innovative feminist sexuality, feminist childraising and feminist entrepreneurship indeed.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.11.28In being nearly asexual is Daniella’s sexuality mostly altruistic in nature and so she is mostly interested in enacting profound desires in the other person. Although it is common for females to be sexually altruistic is this in Daniella’s case combined with near asexuality. This does not infer that Daniella is not interested in interpersonal intimacy but rather that she as a person interested in profoundly understanding others is more interested in satisfying the longings of the other person than her own longings which she barely knows. Daniella is usually not more interested in the other person than the other person is overtly interested in Daniella. Daniella’s interest in adult cultural expression is limited to adult material with artistic value in being aesthetic and ethical and anything else is simply not of interest.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.17.53Daniella has an explicitly feminist sexuality as she has has successfully designed her multiple social roles; multiple gender roles, multiple sexual roles, multiple ethnic roles and multiple age roles since coming out IRL in May 2016. It is indeed possible to redesign one’s socially constructed behavioral patters and humans thus need to learn to redesign their own behavioral patterns. Daniella is genderfluid, ethnofluid, agefluid and increasingly sexually-fluid as well as sociolect-fluid & dialect-fluid and so she changes social roles as depending on social context and even typically customizes her own respective social roles to those whom she socially interacts with. Daniella is thus naturally a human chameleon although being quite transparent about it as indeed with other aspects of her life.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 17.09.41Beauty, attraction and charisma are all about self-empowerment in self-expression. When we genuinely like/love other persons is it that unique core in another person which we appreciate indeed in her. Sharing oneself in self-expression is thus the only way to become genuinely appreciated by others as a unique person. There is no way of getting love (whether by “buying” or manipulating) as we can only share ourselves and thus help inspire others to share themselves as well. Daniella is considered very, very extremely attractive by most human beings as most indeed wish to have sex with Daniella and so categories of gender, sexual orientation and age somehow dissipate when others see or encounter divinely überhot Daniella.

Daniella Bartfeld is an accomplished prodigious savant and the world’s sole documented contemporary universal genius. Read more about Daniella Bartfeld.