Feminist Performance Art

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Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is a radical feminist performance artist who designs her own multiple social roles whether with respect to gender, age, ethnicity, class and accent. Being genderfluid, agefluid, ethnofluid, classfluid and accentfluid means freedom to semiotically express yourself as subversively tailored to social context.

Sociofluidity permits Daniella to engage in socially, politically and sexually subversive performance of herself that helps subversively deconstruct almost any social context in which she finds herself situated as an extremely sexually attractive polyamorous & panamorous transgender lesbian female.

Daniella’s life is one large feminist performance art project of applied gender science whereby she experimentally practices and applies her own theories in social context. Living feminism with as little hypocrisy as possible within the bounds of law in open society offers indeed vast potential for feminist subversion by means of Foucauldian semiotic warfare and feminist social/conceptual innovation yet also provokes tremendous resistance from patriarchy but surely that is the nature of the feminist struggle indeed.