About Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is an extremely rare universal genius and extremely high-functioning prodigious savant endowed with a high IQ form of Savant syndrome. She is specialized at solving advanced unresolved problems and innovating revolutionary solutions in every field of personal interest and the very large number of fields of interest increases by the year. This website contains a significant number of highly innovative intellectual projects in a large number of intellectual fields as authored and published by Daniella.

Screenshot 2017-06-21 at 21.54.07Daniella is a critical theorist and social innovator as committed to social change by means of conceptual innovation. She is a charismatic speaker and is endowed with exceptionally deep and broad capacity for empathy in importantly specializing in reconstructing how others (both individuals and communities) do actually really think.

Daniella is an ethical vegan since 1997 and is committed to the highest standards of conduct and excellence in every field of life. She lives in the southern Swedish coastal village of Saxemara where she once grew up and which is part of the Municipality of Ronneby, County of Blekinge, Kingdom of Sweden. Saxemara is adjacent to the Blekinge archipelago. Daniella is a dual citizen of Israel and Sweden.

Daniella is a transgender lesbian gal; read more about Daniella’s gender, body and sexuality.