About Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is a uniquely documented universal genius and an extremely cognitively advanced high-functioning prodigious savant. Daniella is specialized at solving advanced unresolved problems and innovating revolutionary solutions in a vast number of fields of knowledge and the only requisite is that Daniella is either interested in that field of knowledge or else simply interested in the issue at hand.

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Daniella Bartfeld is the Executive Director of the World Pan-Jewish Organization (WPJO) and is TEVEL Chief Liaison Officer with personal responsibility for coordinating international support for Kurdistan.

Daniella Bartfeld is a science journalist, a critical theorist and a social innovator in many fields of knowledge as focused on the broad fields of democracy, economics, prejudice and social engineering and committed to social change by means of conceptual innovation, including five books and two documentation projects.

22769911_10155972123443469_277194913684874439_oDaniella Bartfeld is a charismatic speaker and is endowed with exceptionally deep and broad capacity for empathy in importantly specializing in reconstructing how others genuinely think as pertaining both to individuals and collectives.

Daniella Bartfeld is an independent investigative journalist 1) in numerous fields of science journalism, 2) in studying and documenting the cross-cultural phenomenon of secrective religious societies as with focus on Middle Eastern Crypto-Judaism and does so precisely by means methods of investigative journalism and is also 3) specialized in investigative journalism in global intelligence affairs with Mideast focus in often deploying advanced, innovative, creative, spontaneous, ethico-political, yet always covert interrogation techniques. Daniella has pioneered daring investigative journalism into Crypto-Judaism in Kurdistan and beyond in the Middle East in publishing the first book ever providing a comprehensive overview in any language of the previously largely undocumented Alevism and doing so solely by means of investigative journalistic methods.

22792141_10155972123433469_4723882274106768642_oDaniella Bartfeld is an experienced and influential global diplomatic activist, including through the official diplomatic blog of the World Pan-Jewish Organization as focused on substantially affecting Middle Eastern diplomacy through social innovation in diplomacy. Daniella has a wide and growing network of international contacts as focused on the Middle East ever since as a Jewish student leader at Stockholm University having pioneering ethnic networking between Swedish Rabbinic Jews and largely pro-Israel ethnic minority communities with recent origins in the Middle East.

22770588_10155972123438469_8664963762245582925_oAs a Jewish student leader at Stockholm University did Daniella Bartfeld become involved in the intricate international politics between Israel, Free Kurdistan and the United States and has ever since served as a liaison in the triangular special relationship between Israel, Kurdistan and the United States. As a student leader did Daniella in 2004 successfully lead the effort to include the PKK movement into the Israeli-Kurdistani special relationship between the Jewish people and the Kurdish people and subsequently helped the PKK movement establish unofficial diplomatic ties with the United States in 2005. Daniella Bartfeld is TEVEL Chief Liaison Officer as personally responsible for ensuring international support in every way for Free Kurdistan and the Kurdistani liberation movement worldwide.

The TEVEL was originally Israel’s intelligence diplomatic corps with responsibility for maintaining diplomatic relations with governments that do not have official diplomatic relations with Israel and hence the Mideast focus of the TEVEL. The TEVEL is now however no longer Israeli as the TEVEL has become an international intelligence organization for pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike.

21950930_10155892342178469_1107864125444150891_o (1)Daniella Bartfeld is a specialist in the politics of the Middle East, feels profoundly at home in Middle Eastern cultures and is a specialist in worldwide language geography, including the many different human aspects of the worldwide distribution of human languages.

Daniella Bartfeld is a transgender lesbian female, a gender performance artist, a Queer and feminist theorist and a gender warrior. Daniella is an ethical vegan since 1997 and is committed to the highest standards of conduct and excellence in every field of life. Daniella does not shy away from any subject, neither due social taboo nor to contemporary controversy.

Screenshot 2017-11-05 at 19.07.19Daniella Bartfeld is a radical feminist performance artist who designs her own multiple social roles whether with respect to gender, age, ethnicity, class, accent or otherwise. Being genderfluid, agefluid, ethnofluid, classfluid, accentfluid etc. means freedom to semiotically express yourself in artistic sociofluidity as subversively tailored to social context.

Sociofluidity permits Daniella to engage in socially, politically and sexually subversive performance of herself that helps subversively deconstruct almost any social context in which she finds herself situated as an extremely sexually attractive polyamorous & panamorous transgender lesbian female.

Screenshot 2017-08-10 at 23.32.38Daniella’s life is one large feminist performance art project of applied gender science whereby she experimentally practices and applies her own theories in social context. Living feminism with as little hypocrisy as possible within the bounds of law in open society offers indeed vast potential for feminist subversion by means of Foucauldian semiotic warfare and feminist social/conceptual innovation yet also provokes tremendous resistance from patriarchy but surely that is the nature of the feminist struggle indeed.

Daniella Bartfeld lives in the southern Swedish coastal village of Saxemara where she once grew up and which is part of the Municipality of Ronneby, County of Blekinge, Kingdom of Sweden. Saxemara is adjacent to the Blekinge archipelago. Daniella is a dual citizen of Israel and Sweden.

More images of Daniella at the bottom of the page. More about Daniella’s Gender War here.

Daniella A to Z

ADHD of Daniella

Daniella has a non-psychopathic form of ADHD which provides her with very significant operational advantages as an elite MUST (Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service) intelligence operative. Since Daniella is able to subconsciously calculate an unlimited number of moves has she survived decades of extremely challenging intelligence missions in difficult operational environments. 80% of teenagers as diagnosed with ADHD develop antisocial personality disorders (i.e. psychopathy) as legal adults, yet 20% do not and Daniella (a committed ethical vegan for two decades now) certainly belongs to those 20%. Adults with non-psychopatic forms of ADHD are often automatically assumed to be psychopaths, yet this is nothing but despicable structural prejudice. It is rather an immense operational strength that Daniella never experiences operational or post-operational regret over her eliminating enemies, evildoers and confirmed traitors in full compliance with military law. Persons with non-psychopathic ADHD obviously have cognitive similarities with psychopaths despite the absense of negative traits as associated with psychopathy.

Aesthetics of Daniella

Daniella is a lady and a girl and loves hot female fashion in herself and in others. Daniella is a radical feminist performance artist who is sociofluid in artistically and ethico-politically designing and constantly redesigning her own social roles in every respect. Daniella is a lipstick lesbian and a lipstick feminist.

Affection of Daniella

As an elite MUST military intelligence operative is Daniella essentially behaviorally indifferent to dispatched enemy honey traps and Daniella furthermore has zero interest in pathological infatuation as constituting a form of parasitical zoological behavior. Daniella is turned on by sincerity, selfless loyalty, good intentions and genuine ethico-aesthetic self-expression and hence has Daniella increasingly developed what could be described as complete immunity to honey traps.

Ages of Daniella

Daniella has been an ethical vegan ever since 1997 and her skin has not visiblly aged since then although chronologically Daniella being in her forties. Daniella in being transage as well as transgender is psychologically a seven-year old girl albeit one with extremely high intelligence, has the body language of a seven-year old girl and is psychologically pre-pubescent and almost asexual; yet is as a lesbian female primarily interested in younger adult women as opposed to teenage girls above the age of consent and middle-aged women. Daniella is also attracted to teenage boys above the age of consent as belonging to genetic groups of the broader Middle East, to teenage girls above the age of consent and to young gay men who behave similar to females. While many persons fade in sexual attractivity as they age does Daniella (as once Hugh Hefner) become more and more sexually attractive as she advances in life – in slow ageing being an individual genetically based autistic feature hers. Daniella strictly and always in good faith respects the sexual age of consent (which in Sweden is 15) as regards lesbian making out in public space although coming home to Daniella requires being legally adult (which is 18 or more in Sweden). This is both a legal precaution and also because Daniella plans to create a socially innovative feminist collective which due to varying legal considerations will require a minimum age of 18 so as to avoid anti-LGBTQI police-organized sexual and other harassment.

Altruism of Daniella

Daniella has a radically altruistic personality and a radically altruistic sexuality as well. Daniella is only able to help herself on the basic level of survival and basic self-perpetuation unless for the purpose of helping others in which case she is perfectly capable of helping herself as well. Daniella’s sexuality is radically altruistic in Daniella’s sole sexual interest being triggering pleasure in others. Her imagination in these regards is solely about the feminist intimate future of humanity. The human cranium usually contains two parallel brains. In Daniella is one of the brains autistic with the other brain being ADHD. Daniella’s autistic brain helps others by means of advanced social innovation while Daniella’s ADHD brain helps others by means of advanced game theory as applied by Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative in diplomacy, intelligence warfare, politics, war and lawfare. In both cases does this cognitively appear through intuitive cognitive “input” to the respective conscious from the respective subconscious in the two respective brains of Daniella.

Anthropology of Daniella

Daniella is a Queer Theory field anthropologist who studies socisal practices of Western society as if it were “an exotic culture”. In studying Western society as “exotic” does Daniella engage in systematic anthropological fieldwork wherever she ventures. This involves reconstructing the fundamental assumptions implicitly underlying hegemonically institutionalized Western social practices. As a Queer Theory field anthropologist does Daniella use every conversation for the purpose of systematically studying structural behaviors and taken-for-granted social practices as if indeed performed by members of “an unknown culture”. E.g. when the anti-LGBTQI Swedish police systematically sexually harasses Daniella for living fully out as an LGBTQI person does Daniella use the occasion to systematically study their social and discursive behaviors from the khôra of exterior (Queer) perspectives of anthropology, criminology and psychology in systematically reunderstanding the collective criminal psychology of the police. This is so as nearly all police officers become criminals once they start working in systematically taking bribes, systematically and deliberately extracting false confessions, systematically sexually exploiting vulnerable persons deemed sexually attractive and generally systematically breaking laws as long as not risking prosecution. Daniella takes similar approaches in studying social practices of other social institutions of Western society and indeed irrespective of whether those social institutions are incorporated or not.

Appearance of Daniella

Daniella is generally perceived as highly charismatic and extremely sexually attractive by most humans and most humans desire sexual intercourse when encountering überhot Daniella. Categories of female, male, heterosexual and homosexual thus dissipitatate in other when encountering überhot Daniella, the world’s most advance intelligence femme fatale. Daniella wears feminine, sensual fashion while using more gender-neutral underwears from male fashion. While cognitively binary transgender is Daniella’s appearance non-binary transgender as she sports an extremely short facial hair which she aesthetically augments by means of glitter dust. Daniella also uses lipstick, rouge and eyelash extensions and primarily so in order so as to avoid becoming misgendered by others and by herself. Daniella has an extremely feminine body language and has had so all her life. Daniella especially loves the color pink and loves using pink fashion apparels. Daniella uses neon-color, aesthetically appealing feminine wigs, including particularly pink ones. The police however believes that Daniella looks like a sex worker and that this perceived appearance somehow entitles the patriarchal police to sexually harass and sexually exploit Daniella as police officers of all genders habitually sexually harass and sexually exploit sex workers.

Art of Daniella

Daniella in turning her daily life into feminist performance art has increasingly politicized more and more aspects of her daily life. Wherever Daniella engages in social interaction does Daniella also perform subversively transformative social behavior by means of sociofluidity as intended to politically affect and influence both those whom with she interacts as well as indirectly socially participating onlookers. As part of her socially revolutiony feminist art life project and investigative journalism has Daniella does Daniella perform perfectly legal counter-entrapment lawfare operations against the aggressively anti-LGBTQI and thoroughly criminal Swedish national police in fully legally luring them to commit crimes against her and even admit those crimes and as it happens are all recorded and archived in the national surveillance data base of the Swedish national police where all information remains stored for 70 years. In subverting police anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment by means of creatively innovative counter-interrogation techniques did Daniella lure the intelligence-trained stupid police harassers into commiting and admitting crimes which as it happens were recorded and documented by the stupid police harassers themselves (sic!) and now will remain documented in the national surveillance data base for the coming 70 years as part of Daniella’s live life feminist performance art project! Furthermore, Daniella always does feminist performance art when engaging interpersonal intimacy and has always refused to participate in non-artistic, non-feminist sex.

Autism of Daniella

Daniella’s autism is neither physically apparent nor socially visible due to Daniella being very extremely high-functioning because of her very high IQ, including especially her extremely high verbal IQ. The greater the individual IQ in autistic persons the greater tends the usefulness of autism be not only to the autistic person herself but also to others such as employers, co-workers and clients. Indeed the higher the IQ, the more high-functioning tend autistic persons be. Daniella is highly verbal and talkative in a manner that tends to intensely fascinate others and the talkativeness may indeed be semiotically interpreted as autistic if you already know that Daniella is extremely high-functioning autistic. Daniella does however have disabilities as stemming from both autism and ADHD. The autism means that Daniella is sensorially oversensitive to undesired stimuli as subjectively experienced as ‘invasive’ and in daily life is Daniella mostly sensorially disturbed by traffic noise and sounds stemming from ventilation systems although Daniella is to some degree sensorially oversensitive to scent, light and touch as well. Daniella’s ADHD does however cause severe logistical difficulties with matters that do not particularly interest Daniella, something which severely complicates domestic household tasks.

Body of Daniella

Daniella has a mildly athletic body with the body shape of a female supermodel with healthy weight and the physique of a male ballet dancer. Daniella’s has an androgenic intimate anatomy and androgenic body hair which she carefully trims. Daniella’s body height is 189 centimeters and her body weight is 90 kilos yet her mildly athletic body is slim. Daniella’s body whether as appearing male as naked or female with clothes on is extremely beautiful and most humans experience strong sexual attraction when encountering Daniella and irrespectively of them identifying (or not identifying) as male, female, heterosexual, homosexual etc. Daniella as a transfemale in the past considered surgical transition yet has instead trained herself to increasingly appreciate her own beautiful body and has come to increasingly conceive of her own intimate anatomy as female indeed. Daniella’s body combines male aesthetic perfection as nude with female aesthetic perfection as dressed.

Brains of Daniella

There are two very similar and parallel brains in the cranium which however develop distinctively over time. Daniella as most other humans was also born with two brains with separate and parallel consciouses and subconsciouses. The existence of double sets of consciouses and double sets of subconsciouses in most humans is the cause of most psychological problems in causing cognitive contradictions such as cognitive dissonance and conflicts of priority such as procrastination and indecision. When a human person speaks do the two brains take turns in controlling speech, sometimes it is the one brain and sometimes it is the other, meaning that humans have dual/twin conscious personalities. Both of Daniella’s two brains inside Daniella’s very large cranium are extremely prodigious but only one developed autism. The autistic one of Daniella’s two brains is highly associative and focuses on advanced resolution of problems while the non-autistic brain of Daniella is highly systematic and focuses on mostly subconsciously applied game theory in being able to subconsciously calculate an unlimited number of moves in advance. One brain is thus a universal genius in innovatively devising extremely advanced, yet usually very simple solutions while the other brain is an extremely advanced universal genius in tactics and strategy. The autistic brain is the leading brain while the non-autistic brain is the controlling brain; meaning that the leading brain is the main personality of Daniella while the controlling brain precisely whenever it deems necessary takes charge and so subordinates the leading brain. The leading brain is more introjective and interpersonal while the controlling brain is more projective and targeted. The controlling brain is also highly advanced in excercising Command and Control (C2) in relation towards others while the leading brain is highly advanced in its extremely profound capacity for deep and broad, highly rational intelligent empathy with individual persons and collectives of persons alike. The leading brain is an extremely cognitively advanced scientist with an artistic mind while the controlling brain is an extremely cognitively advanced leader in the fields of politics, intelligence affairs, war and life itself.

Bravery of Daniella

Daniella believes that ethical courage is what ultimately defines a human person in ethical terms as practicing ethical courage (e.g. ethical veganism) importantly is essential for psychological well-being in preventing painful cognitive contradictions such as cognitive dissonance. There is only one direction for Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative and that is “Acharai!” (after me) and “Kadima!” (forward) as Israeli sub-officers yell, whisper, utter, sign, text or otherwise convey before literally leading their troops into battle. Fear is only a property to become operationally exploited in enemy combatants as Daniella never experiences fear during operations but only relative discomfort which makes her immune to honey traps and other operational temptations.

Cognitive dissonance of Daniella

Cognitive dissonance and most other intra-personal psychological suffering is directly or indirectly caused by conflicts of priority between the two brains within the human cranium. While Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative and professional TEVEL intelligence diplomat has little choice but to engage in operational deception for tactical, strategic and goal-oriented purposes does Daniella strive for optimal transparency as the ethical imperative of promoting psychological health indeed requires minimizing conflicts of priority between the two brains within the human cranium. This needs be attained 1) by constructively and continually so improving cooperation/collaboration between the two brains within the human cranium as well as 2) by means of optimal transparency, meaning always striving to minimize practices of hypocrisy in private and professional life alike to a very bare minimum indeed.

Compassion of Daniella

Daniella believes that compassion without reason and logic is simply emotional exploition and sometimes mutually so. As even the most compassionate person is unable to help every person and every group of persons whom she wishes to assist should compassion be a matter of thoughtful priority. Daniella believes that compassion should

be performed strategically for optimal political effect in helping those who need to be helped politically speaking. Daniella as a global diplomatic activist thus engages in political action locally and worldwide in order so as to foment social change and always does so with a strategic frame in mind. The more rational and logical compassion is hence the more effective does it thus become politically speaking.

Conscientiousness of Daniella

On all decisions that impact either Daniella’s very survival and/or the wellbeing of others does the ethically highly calculating ADHD brain take charge by default and thus often overrules the autistic brain. The ADHD brain furthermore performs all operational, legal and political/diplomatic decision-making. The autistic brain does create and devise by means of highly advanced social and conceptual innovation, yet the ADHD brain ultimately takes charge and makes decisions as largely founded on insights, input and wisdom of the autistic brain. Daniella is highly conscientious and did in fact experience much psychological suffering as a younger person due to perceived and/or actual behavioral shortcoming of hers. As the practical functioning of Daniella’s two brains continually over years increasingly and very substantually so improve has Daniella ceased irrationally experiencing regret over past actions and focuses instead exclusively on improving behavioral performance in present and future. Emotional suffering is no virtue and so experiencing bad conscious towards others is psychologically simply a poor excuse for avoiding continually improving one’s own ethico-politico-aesthetic performance of interpersonal genuine respect and profound appreciation of full personhood (appearance & cognition) in fellow persons. Daniella thus consciously decided to end experiencing bad conscious by supplanting it with polymorphous social action of continually improved ethico-aesthically sociofluid performance of interpersonal ethico-political social interaction. Bad conscious in being a social construction in every culture is an outcome of collectively/individually internalized social control in ethnocratic patriarchy, i.e. internalized structural oppression under the social terror and social tyranny of psychological repression under the collective spell of irrational cultural hegemony.

Conscious of Daniella

There is an interesting relationship between the two brains of Daniella in terms of strict, yet certainly not unchangeable division of powers between the two brains but also in the sense that the autistic brain is far more conscious as the ADHD brain is in fact much far less so and indeed is highly secretive as the ADHD brain is a leader and an intelligence operative while the autistic brain is a mistress in rational love, in rational compassion and in the art of science in socially responsible scientific innovation. Daniella is thus both love and war as those aspects of Daniella form part and parcel of her full personhood, i.e. combined performative appearance and behavioral cognition.

Convergence of Daniella

Most human psychological problems are derived from cognitive conflicts between the two brains in the human cranium. Since one of Daniella’s brains is autistic and the other brain is ADHD are there significant cognitive differences between them, yet the two brains as any two human brains in the same cranium certainly do interact and do so to an increasingly sophisticated and extremely cognitively advanced degree. Increasing cognitive integration between the two brains cause savantantism to increasingly spread to more and more aspects of Daniella’s life as more and more areas of skills and more and more fields of knowledge become profoundly interesting to Daniella as a uniquely advanced prodigious savant and uniqely documented universal genius indeed.

Cruising of Daniella

Daniella performs feminist lesbian cruising wherever she ventures in public space in constantly flirting, hugging and making out with newly encountered females in public space in full compliance with law and with the highest conceivable feminist ethical standards. Daniella is extremely skilled at instantly turning on virtually any human being. Daniella does lesbian cruising primarily for scientific purposes as a Queer and feminist theorist in doing anthropological field work everywhere she ventures in studying dysfunctional heteroculture as if it were a foreign “exotic” culture.

Decision-making by Daniella

By many years of experience is Daniella well aware that her intuitive decisions always turn out right whether in the short term, in the mid term and/or in the long term. It is usually not difficult for Daniella to trust her own intuition but it can sometimes be challenging to trust her own intuition in cases where she wants to act differently.

Diplomacy of Daniella

Daniella serves as TEVEL chief liason with special responsibility for Kurdistan since 2004. TEVEL was originally an Israeli intelligence organization but is now an international intelligence organization for pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike. TEVEL in Sweden is represented by MUST (Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service) and so international TEVEL’s presence in Sweden is fully and closely coordinated with MUST. Daniella strongly believes that diplomacy ought be based on common interests and democratic values. Daniella is committed to feminist diplomacy, which means that she acts with female cunning and the highest possible moral standards and always ultimately outwits her adversaries.

Emotions of Daniella

Daniella is an extremely warm, altruistic and open person with a dialogic personality, meaning that she takes a profound interest in the concerns of sentient agencies of fellow persons. Respecting the intrinsic personhood in fellow persons is for Daniella essential as minimizing cognitive contradiction such as cognitive dissonance is very much crucial indeed for psychological health. Daniella therefore as far as possible increasingly practices optimal transparency in both private life and as an intellectual leader and elite MUST intelligence operative. This is so as the intelligence world needs and increasingly does shift paradigm from optimal secrecy to minimal secrecy.

Empathy of Daniella

Daniella only engages in highly intelligent emotional empathy only and has no interest whatsoever in performing either intelligent empathy without emotional empathy as do typically psychopaths or emotional empathy without intelligent empathy as do typically non-psychopaths.

Erudition of Daniella

Daniella is the Sherlock Holmes of science in having trained herself in Derridean deconstruction and thus performs extremely advanced social innovation in more and more fields of knowledge. In having become a scientific Sherlock Holmes does Daniella abhor paradigm in the knowledge that difficult scientific problems are best resolved beyond paradigm.

Ethical Courage of Daniella

Daniella opposes identities as identities are detrimental to psychological health in essentially constituting traumas which promote collective non-thought. Yet, ethical courage is also essential to psychological wellbeing as refraining from performing ethical courage typically causes painful cognitive contradictions such as cognitive dissonance and bad conscience. Daniella endeavors to perform ethical courage in a strategic manner, meaning for optimal political effect.

Ethics of Daniella

Daniella is committed to the articulation,  development and subversively transformative performance of feminist etiquette in living feminist ethics with not more lifestyle hypocrisy than as required by responsible legal precautions. Daniella is strictly law-abiding in understanding that being strictly law-abiding is essential for the global feminist revolution to prevail and succeed indeed as breaking laws unless absolutely ethico-politically required is a particularly stupid and self-defeating thing to do. Feminist ethics for Daniella means integrating Intersectionality with general ethical considerations in a manner that is subversively transformative indeed. Daniella is opposed to identities of all kinds since identities make persons stop think for themselves and instead produce intellectual inertia. Daniella believes that love (including sexuality) is unselfish or else it is not love at all but rather psychological parasitism.

Ethnicity of Daniella

Daniella comes from a Sabbatean family of Rabbinic Jews of mixed Mizrahi and Ashkenazi ethnic origins and is very strongly personally attached to both Israel and Kurdistan. Daniella is a citizen of Israel and Sweden; her first language is Swedish yet she is generally more comfortable in English which is her language of work. Daniella furthermore feels more comfortable in the United States than in Sweden where she experienced so much demeaning racialization while growing up although she feels singularly most comfortable in Israel.

Exercise of Daniella

Daniella as an austic person in being sensorially oversensitive to many mechanical sounds (e.g. traffic noise) very much enjoys the sensorial calm of the rural night. Daniella therefore physically exercises by taking nocturnal walks after dark in the evening and night in her village. This leaves Daniella with a sense of becoming refreshed rather than exhausted as after daytime walks in her village of Saxemara, Blekinge County, Kingdom of Sweden.

Extroversion of Daniella

Daniella is an extremely extroverted person as the world’s singularly most advanced intelligence femme fatale (more specifically fille fatale). Daniella is highly skilled at ethico-aesthetically projecting herself as that is the essence of seduction indeed. Daniella’s extremely advanced sociofluidity allows her to adapt to a very advanced degree to others; meaning that her age roles, class roles, ethnic roles, gender roles, professional roles, sexual roles and social roles generally change as depending on whom she interacts with. The human cranium usually contains two parallel, yet distinctly individually developed brains. The advanced emotional empathy of Daniella’s autistic brain allows her to introject emotive cognitive experiences of others to an extremely advanced degree. The advanced intelligent empathy of Daniella’s ADHD brain in contrast allows her to reconstruct cognitive processes of others in great detail. All this makes Daniella extremely socially competent indeed.

Fearlessness of Daniella

Daniella never experiences irrational fear or other irrational emotions while on military intelligence missions and thus at worst only experiences relative discomfort which essentially makes her immune to honey traps and literally every other operational temptation. Daniella often privately cries out of love, joy and/or compassion but has never cried during or immediately after an intelligence operation. This however is certainly not to imply that Daniella does not experience irrational fear and other irrational emotions at other times. Daniella is well aware that irrational fear and other irrational emotions are the greatest enemy of any intelligence operative while on a mission. An intelligence operative who wishes to survive while on a mission must never allow herself to become misguided by irrational emotions whether pertaining to fear, lust, anger, confusion, greed or otherwise.

Feminism of Daniella

Feminism for Daniella is about socially transformative opposition to structural oppression; whether economic, social or statist. Female persons are structurally oppressed for many other reasons than gender; including age, class, ethnicity, functionality, sexuality, weight etc. and so feminism ought not allow itself to become delimited by the definitional nomenclatures of structural oppression itself such as with regard to “classifications” of anatomies and/or assigned/elective arbitrary social “categories”.

Flow of Daniella

Daniella’s flow as an outcome of any given personal focus of hers is highly emotively rational in constituting advanced, logical and ethical engagement between conscious and subconscious. Daniella’s ability to rationally shift between letting either of the two brains being in charge is part of what makes her so extremely successful in any field of knowledge/endeavor in/for which she is highly motivated indeed. Flow is simply intuition, namely the cognitive practice of the subconscious rationally sharing hints and pieces of information with the conscious.

Focus of Daniella

Daniella’s autistic brain is heavily focused once preoccupied with any given subject, topic or issue of concern that truly interests Daniella as she may become instantly personally interested in any matter. Daniella’s ADHD brain is consciously heavily focused by deafault on any matter preoccupying Daniella once the ADHD brain is in charge. It is usually the autistic brain that is in charge other than when on intelligence missions, on issues of political/martial (strategic, tactical and goal-oriented) decision-making and in social and other situations where legal behavioral precision is of essence indeed. Focus is what facilitates flow; namely constructive engagement between the subconscious and the conscious as enabling emotively rational intuition; namely creative intellectual achievement. As a uniquely documented and highly accomplished universal genius does Daniella quickly and flexibly shift from subject to subject, from topic to topic, from issue to issue as well as between subject, topic and issue. Unlike many other autistic persons does Daniella however not have any so called “special interests” as she is personally highly interested in and devoted to over 100 scientific fields and the number of scientific fields of personal interest grows by the year. There is nothing compulsive/obsessive (psychologically involuntary) about Daniella’s focus which is healthy, flexible, elective, advanced, highly functional and over a month typically very highly diverse in her capacity as a uniquely documented, indeed highly accomplished universal genius.

Futures of Daniella

Daniella is polyamorous and plans to build a feminist collective in order so as to further pioneer feminist social innovation in devising much more attractive ethico-political alternatives to dysfunctional patriarchal monogamy and views feminist ritual sex as the future of the gender revolution.

Gender Dysphoria of Daniella

Daniella is diagnosed with gender dysphoria (transsexualism) and in psychologically being a lesbian rather than a heterosexual and a girl rather than a woman does Daniella’s diagnosed gender dysphoria include sexual dysphoria and age dysphoria as well. This means that Daniella experiences gender dysphoria, sexual dysphoria and age dysphoria to varying degrees as depending on social context/situation when Daniella is misgendered, missexualized and misaged respectively. Misgendering, missexualizing and misaging typically involves becoming irrationally and prejudicially so expected to behave in certain stereotypical ways on the basis of prejudicial hermeneutics of unscientific physiognomy.

Genders of Daniella

Daniella is a genderfluid (genderflexible) transfemale (transgender female), transage (psychologically and sexually a seven-year old girl with extremely high IQ), gender bender (gender subverter), a femme (feminine lesbian), a Domme (sexually dominant female), a lesbian fille fatale (girl femme fatale), a lesbian womanizer with the highest conceivable feminist ethical standards, an extremely sexually attractive hot chick, a belly dancer, a cognitive girl and not a woman, a psychologically and socio-sexually prepubescent Lolita as primarily interest in young adult women, a female and not a male, a gal (girlish gender) and a supergal who owns her own body, genders, life and destiny. Daniella is fully cognitively and sexually female and is referred to by her own name Daniella as well as by the use of grammatically feminine pronouns and designations.

Idiosyncrasy of Daniella

Attractiveness is essentially the ability to ethico-aesthically project one’s interior by means of one’s exterior. Love is conversely the ability to appreciate such ethico-aesthetic expression in others. Attraction and love are thus essentially ethico-aesthetic expression and personal appreciation respectively of idiosyncratic personhood. Daniella is highly skilled and indeed extremely advanced in both ethico-aesthetic self-expression and appreciation of ethico-aesthetic self-expression in others.

Interests of Daniella

Daniella in being a highly advanced prodigious savant is able to excel at very extreme levels of performance in any area of knowledge/skills which genuinely interests her. If something does not genuinely interest Daniella is she as an autistic person in contrast quite incompetent. What interests Daniella and what does not interest Daniella of course have varied over time. Prior to first grade in school was there no such thing as “boring” in Daniella’s life except “doing nothing”. At school did Daniella come to think of certain things as “boring” due uninspiring teachers and uninspiring teaching materials. The performative experience of some things as “boring” in school functionally disabled Daniella as an autistic person in some respects and now is Daniella’s life increasingly on a trajectory of (re)discovering the interesting nature of more and more fields of knowledge and areas of performance. Daniella thus increasingly reverts to her psychological state of being prior to first grade, meaning that she accepts herself in socially expressing herself as a girl and finds more and more domains in life interesting. In being a very rare universal genius does Daniella have over 100 fields of scientific personal interest and thus unlike many other autistic persons has no obsessive “special interests” whatsoever as she rapidly moves from one discipline to another without looking back or experiencing obsession of any kind.

Interpersonality of Daniella

The human cranium usually contains two parallel brains. In the case of Daniella is one of the brains autistic while the other brain is ADHD. Daniella’s autistic brain generally functions much better in neurological contact with other persons than alone. Daniella’s ADHD brain however in contrast conversely functions much better on its own than in dialogue with fellow persons. This means that the ADHD brain enjoys the sensorial calm of nocturnal rural life while her autistic brain substantially benefits from urban social interaction and daytime dialogue of neurological cognitive contact with fellow sentient agencies of cognition in fellow persons. There is sometimes a conflict between the two brains with regard to interpersonality in terms of one brain seeking calm with the other brain seeking constructive social interaction.

Introjection/Projection of Daniella

The human cranium typically contains two parallel brains in constituting two highly similar bodily organs much like most humans have two lungs, two kidneys, two hands and two feer. In Daniella is one brain autistic and the other brain is ADHD. The autistic brain is highly introjective while the ADHD brain is highly projective. While most humans have significant cognitive capacity for introjection/projection is Daniella’s capacity for introjection/projection exceptional and very extremely advanced indeed. Daniella in engaging in advanced applied empathy easily reconstructs cognitive processes of individuals and collectives alike and learns to herself apply those very cognitive processes of others and then applies them in a completely different field than in the one in from which she gathered the procedure. The essence of seduction is successful psychological projection of your own emotions onto another person in thus triggering turn-on, sexual arousal and orgasm so that your fellow person will experience your affectional conscious emotions and affectional subconscious emotions as if these were her own. Daniella performs such advanced projection spontaneously in social interaction with others as do in fact commonly and habitually many other highly sexually attractive females indeed. Yet Daniella in being the singularly most operationally advanced femme fatale (or more specifically fille fatale) in the global intelligence world does so in a manner that produces instant and physically apparent orgasm in the other person while she converses with Daniella in public space and that surely is remarkable, exceptional and completely unique indeed.

Intuition of Daniella

Daniella as a prodigious savant has extremely sharp and accurate intuition and her savant skills as a universal genius are precisely very extremely advanced intuition indeed. Intuition is essentially direct input from the subconscious to the conscious and so has Daniella very much learned to trust her intuition and with perfect success act on it. The human cranium contains two interconnected parallel brains much like humans typically have two hands, two lungs, two kidneys and two feet. One of Daniella’s two brains is ADHD and produces highly ethically calculated behavior on the basis of highly accurate game theory from the ADHD brain’s subconscious while the other brain is autistic and produces highly advanced social innovation as direct input from the subconscious. When conversing with others does Daniella typically within seconds figure out what the other person intends to tell and she gathers that through paradigm analysis and advanced introjection, i.e. interpersonal intution of psychological neurological contact.

Journalism of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that sciences and social institutions (e.g. the aggressively anti-LGBTQI police) need become deconstructed by means of investigative journalism as journalism needs become more scientific and science needs become more journalistic. As virtually all citizens need become trained citizen journalists does Daniella pioneer investigative journalism everywhere where she ventures as part of her live life feminist performance art project. Daniella is both an investigative science journalist in many fields of science and an investigative intelligence journalist as focused on uncovering and exposing structural abuse in social institutions generally.

Jurisprudence of Daniella

Daniella is constantly sexually and otherwise illegally harassed by the Swedish National Police (RPS, i.e. Swedish police intelligence as parallel to the FBI in the US), including by constant illegal sexual entrapment operations and illegal prosecutor-approved mock interrogation harassment for living fully openly LGBTQI and living the fully law-abiding feminist revolution as a fearless advocate of the fully law-abiding Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM, a.k.a. the “PKK” movement) in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world. Daniella in being strictly law-abiding with a very wide legal margin has never been prosecuted for or convicted of any crime and never will despite intense and constant patriarchal police heteronormative/cisnormative efforts to discredit her ever since she came out fully openly as transfemale lesbian in May 2016. At every opportunity does Daniella perform counter-entrapment operations and counter-interrogation operations so as to lure the stupid, incompetent and criminal police into self-incriminating themselves on record in the national surveillance database of the Swedish Nation Police (RPS), namely the thoroughly criminal Swedish police intelligence, the Swedish equivalent of the FBI which is also a police intelligence agency. As an investigative intelligence journalist does Daniella systematically document practices of systemic police abuses and shares this with the general public as part of her commitment to clean and honest journalism. Daniella is very, very strongly and very, very robustly committed to the universal abolition of the oppressively patriarchal police worldwide to be fully supplanted with government-salaried YPJ-style feminist defense forces as already in FLM Rojava (West Kurdistan North Syria), the first feminist state in world history.

Learning of Daniella

Learning is generally an art of wisdom in having a discerning eye in being able to identify “the relevant” and specifically through Derridean deconstruction in identifying the missing pieces, in a sense becoming a Sherlock Holmes of science. Daniella has long since no patience for reading entire books, yet does very much enjoy searching in e-books. In third grade did Daniella’s mother read the entire Iliad as bedtime reading during the course of a year. As a young person in fifth and sixth grade did Daniella often pretend to be ill and instead spent the time at home away from school in three times fully reading a 15 volume illustrated comprehensive contemporary series of world history which her mother had purchased. Daniella spent much time reading encyclopedias as well. In hindsight was this time very well spent and so did Daniella often manage to escape school bullying and the utter mediocrity of the Swedish compulsory system of education. In eight grade did Daniella read the entire Hebrew Bible within the course of a few weeks. In eight grade did Daniella lose the ability to read entire books and so has reading entire books been painfully difficult ever since. Daniella therefore never graduated from university since she found it almost impossible to concentrating on reading books. Her main field at university was Islamology which had fascinated her since seventh grade and in that she excelled. As part of her studies in Islamology did Daniella interview an Alevi Dede in Stockholm and that is how she first discovered that Alevism and Bektashism are in fact Alevi-Bektashi Median Judaism. The Internet as it developed become the perfect locus for Daniella finding “missing pieces”, resolving difficult scientific problems and performing advanced social innovation indeed.

Lifestyle of Daniella

Daniella leads the lifestyle of a teenage girl in being highly concerned with beauty, fashion, appearance and female social life while having the body language, psychology  and cognitively pre-pubescent sexuality of a seven-year old girl as combined with very high IQ. Daniella is a transage girl with Lolita gender whose sexual orientation are young women. Daniella leads a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle in endeavoring to make as ethical consumer choices as possible in purchasing from companies who are serious about ever-improved advancement in ethical conduct. Daniella however does not buy clothes and shoes online which means that she is limited to products in physical stores as she is concerned with ensuring perfect fit.

Love of Daniella

Daniella is characterized by selfless love including importantly sexually so. Daniella is thus primarily interested in triggering pleasure in others and she herself exeriences pleasure as a result. Daniella believes that interpersonal love is either selfless or it is simply despicable parasitism. Daniella is full of love for fellow persons and believes that love is based on profound interpersonal respect in genuine friendship of appreciation for idiosyncratic personhood or it is not love at all. As a moderately radical feminist and highly influential person in the the world’s largest feminist movement (FLM/PKK) is Daniella a vehement opponent of patriarchal ideologies such as cisnormativity, heteronormativity, monogamism, masculinism, sexism, carno-phallogocentrism and indeed other forms of physionomism. Daniella unlike most Western feminists lives as she teaches and always in strict abidance with law.

Malleability of Daniella

Daniella is a living human chameleon in her being highly malleable in adapting herself to other persons, social contexts and environments. While most humans are capable of developing elective sociofluidity is Daniella not merely electively sociofluid but furthermore spontaneously sociofluid by default. This means that she will appear as if a psychologist with a psychologist, as if an economist with an economist, as if a teacher with a teacher etc. Daniella similarly very substantially changes age roles, class roles ethnic roles, gender roles and social roles generally as depending on whom she interacts with. It is sometimes suggested that the essence of intelligence is the capacity to adapt to different environments/situations and so could it be argued that Daniella’s extreme malleability is expressive of her very extremely high intelligence. Daniella’s elective sociofluidity is however also an advanced savant skill as expressive of Daniella’s profoundly deep and broad intelligent-emotional empathy, i.e. her very advanced ability to reconstruct cognitive processes of individuals and collectives alike as a world-leading intelligence analyst.

Morality of Daniella

As a committed Foucauldian and Nietzschean is Daniella generally opposed to morality in usually prejudicially ethnocratic, oppressively patriarchal, generally structurally oppressive, severely antiquated and generally highly unethical. Ethics in terms of its establishment in society so far largely belongs to the future while morality is mostly prejudice of the past and present. Practicing futuristic intersectional polymorphous feminist ethics by means of polite sociofluidity while opposing moral prejudice of the present is thus at the core of Daniella’s life. Daniella furthermore strongly believes that performing ethical courage is very much essential for the psychological wellbeing of human animals generally. Systematic police sexual harassment against Daniella has only strengthened her in her mission to terminate ethnocratic patriarchy by means of strictly law-abiding global feminist social revolution. Sometimes however are ethical choices practically speaking unavailable and so Daniella sometimes therefore has little choice but to perform optimal morality despite her general opposition to morality in favor of futuristically inclusive feminist ethics.

Motivation of Daniella

Daniella as a uniquely documented universal genius is the world’s singularly most cognitively advanced human being. This means that Daniella has significant capacity for assisting others and that is something that certainly obliges. Daniella’s purpose in political life is to help those deserving others who need her help in Daniella assisting them to enable them to help themselves in their own lives and thus themselves become able to assist yet further deserving others.

Motor skills

Daniella’s two brains have different and distinctive motor skills. While the ADHD brain have gender-neutral motor skills of an elite soldier is the autistic brain easily neurologically exhausted and indeed vulnerable to neurological fatigue due to subjectively experienced invasive stimuli and particularly traffic noise and sounds of ventilation systems. In the absensce of psychological focus does the autistic brain thus typically experience trouble sitting, walking and keeping an upright posture while subjected to such invasive stimuli. The ADHD brain however has no such problems in being highly resilient to challenges of every kind.

Neurology of Daniella

In humans generally having two parallel brains in being separate, yet parallel body organs do the two brains in Daniella operate quite distinctively. One brain is autistic and associative and the other brain is non-psychopathic ADHD and systematic. This means that Daniella alternates between being autistic and ADHD not only in speech but also neurologically so. When the autistic brain is in charge may Daniella suffer painful sensory oversensitivity to problematic stimuli as subjectively neurologically experienced as invasively unwanted while this problem does not exist when the ADHD brain is in charge. This means that Daniella is neurologically completely different as depending on which of the two brains that is currently in charge. While the ADHD brain is extremely ethically calculating is the autistic brain intensely intelligently emotionally empathetic. Whether Daniella suffers sensory oversensitivity when the autistic brain is in charge is dependent on both environmental stimuli and what kind of activities that Daniella is involved in, namely whether she is personally interested in the activity which she performs. The autistic brain is able to spontanouesly shut off disturbing environmental stimuli (such as traffic noise) by means of intense focus in some kind of activity which personally interests Daniella and that is how the autistic savant skills are performed, namely by means of focus and flow. Daniella was long oversensitive to the sounds of trains, yet one night in Stockholm did Daniella discover the musical qualities of train sounds and has since never been sensorially oversensitive to sounds of trains. The savant skills of the ADHD brain operate by default in taking charge whenever it deems this necessary. Daniella’s autistic brain has learned to trust the intuitive decisions of the ADHD brain whose decisions in being highly ethically calculating indeed ultimately always turn out optimal under any specific circumstances.

Neuropsychology of Daniella

In most human beings are there two parallel human brains inside the human cranium much like most humans have two lungs and two hands. Humans thus have dual consciouses and dual subconsciouses which alternate in controlling speech, behavior and body. In Daniella is one brain autistic while the other brain is ADHD. When the autistic brain is in charge is Daniella’s body oversensitive while Daniella’s body in contrast is undersensitive when the ADHD brain is in charge. The autistic brain is hypersensitive, is oversensitive to pain, easily introjects emotions of others and is sensorially oversensitive. The ADHD brain is in contrast certainly not hypersensitive, is undersensitive to pain, does not engage in much introjection of emotions of others, and is certainly not sensorially oversensitive. This means that Daniella’s body reacts very differently to stimuli as depending on which brain that is currently in charge.

Nutrition of Daniella

Daniella became a health vegan in 1987 in her early teenage years and was health vegan in periods on and off until as a highly conscientious person permanently becoming an ethical vegan in 1997 after realizing the immense similarities between the logistics, ideology, economy and other practices of the Holocaust and those of the Animal Industry of Evil. Daniella loves fruits and vegetables (including peeled raw potatoes!) and consumes large amounts of healthy olive oil without as a result gaining weight. Daniella was extremely thin as a teenager with the appearance of a low-weight female supermodel. In 2017 did Daniella devise coldfood veganism and became one herself in 2018 as she realized that eating warm food is unnatural and a healthwise detrimental indirect outcome of invented social practices of human cannibalism, namely the practice of human animals parasitically and irrationally consuming boiled, fried and grilled body parts of non-human fellow persons. Vegan coldfood ought be primarily raw (vegan rawfood), yet may be complimented to a limited extent by highly select healthy, cold cooked/processed food such cold tofu and cold cooked beans.

Operative roles of Daniella

Daniella’s late father was an elite MUST (Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service) intelligence operative and so Daniella was literally born into the MUST family. Daniella is the most operationally advanced femme fatale (or more specifically actually fille fatale) in the global intelligence world and is the by far most cognitively and operationally advanced elite operative within the MUST family. Daniella is an advanced MUST specialist in global intelligence gathering and global intelligence analysis and has long experience in “cleaning” operations including frequently fully legally ordering executions of traitors in meticulous adherence to the jurisprudence of military law and its jurisdiction. Daniella in being adamantly patriotic (although opposed to nationalism) and fiercely loyal to MUST was never recruited to any other intelligence agency of Sweden, Israel or any other country although Daniella holds dual Swedish and Israeli citizenships. In serving as TEVEL Chief Liaison since 2004 does Daniella serve in an international humanitarian capacity with obviously full knowledge and full consent of MUST which is a full participating member of the TEVEL international intelligence organization. Daniella in having been born into MUST never signed an agreement of confidentiality, never had an intelligence handler and is fully committed and fully entrusted in the mission of bringing optimal transparency and minimal secrecy to the global intelligence world. Daniella is a highly influential person within and serves in a senior capacity with responsibility for defense and diplomacy within the Feminist Liberation Movement or FLM (more commonly known as the “PKK movement”) without any personal connection to any organization wrongly listed as “terrorist” by Sweden, the United States or the European Union. Daniella’s service to the noble cause of the liberation of Kurdistan is fully and meticulously legal under Swedish, Israeli, European and international law, including the laws of war.

Personality of Daniella

Daniella is a universal genius and prodigious savant as due to her exceptionally and extremely high intelligence and savantism (savant syndrome). Daniella has an autistic personality type yet is very extremely socially competent, very far beyond that of most non-autistic people. Daniella’s has non-psychopathic ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and is diagnosed with gender dysphoria (transsexualism) which she experiences to varying degrees when misgendered by others or even sometimes by herself. Daniella has extremely advanced, broad and deep prodigious capacity for empathy. Daniella combines compassionate female intuition with female cunning of logico-rational ADHD ability to understand cognitive processes of individuals and collectives alike. Daniella is however psychologically a mischievous and spontaneous seven year-old girl, albeit one with very high intelligence.

Politics of Daniella

Humans are herd Animals and so our psychological teleology (so called “purpose in life”) is zoologically speaking to help others help themselves. We do not become happy from being loved (ask any international pop star!) but rather from sharing ourselves in making ourselves ethico-politically helpful to others. Human politics in being a complex expression of human zoology brings out the best and the worst in us. If you wish to become a political leader need you also learn to become a saint in order so as not become a monster. A political leader crucially needs develop political wisdom and culture of an essentially unselfish (yet certainly not selfless) disposition.

Prose of Daniella

Daniella authors and publishes texts in the ancient Great Tradition of the Art of Writing although she usually writes rather accessibly. Maimonides and Leo Strauss are famous for rather openly writing about this ancient art of semi-secretive writing. Nietzsche and Derrida were the by far greatest thinkers in this tradition during the course of the 20th century. Most great feminist theorists who were inspired by Derrida also write in this profound tradition. Plato and Machievelli have for centuries been misunderstood in most readers having assumed that they wrote manuals of tyranny when in fact these works were written for satirical effect for those who were learned enough to be able to understand. The Great Tradition of the Art of Writing practices semi-secret writing for both pedagogic effect and for purposes of political dissimulation so as to elude political persecution in for instance avoiding ruining one’s academic career. It is common for scientists in the humanities and some social sciences to be initiated into the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing during doctoral studies. This enables scientists to implicitly include crucial insights which are far beyond current paradigms and they thus avoid ruin their respective academic careers due to openly operating beyond the irrational tyranny of the reigning paradigm of the day. One common way of semi-secretely hinting something is to leave an error in the text. Reading Machiavelli’s “The Prince” (Italian Il Principe) is rather instructive. One needs essentially only identify the deliberate errors left in the text in order to understand its barely disguised satirical nature. The pedagogic purpose of the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing is to train yet other minds into perhaps themselves potentially becoming independent, original and innovative thinkers/writers in the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing. If one finds a portion of a page difficult to read should one simply read twice or even multiple times until one simply learns to truly understand it. So called ‘neoconservatism’ is a highly accessible genre of contemporary political writing in the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing. Despite these humbly Straussian writers (they refuse to evoke Leo Strauss for purposes of legitimizing their own texts) writing usually quite easily intelligible texts are hints nevertheless added beyond the exoteric.

Psychology of Daniella

Humans generally have two brains within the human cranium. Daniella has dual personalities as expressive of her two cognitively distinctive brains. Her ADHD brain has a non-psychopathic ADHD personality in being highly ethically calculating on a prodigious level. Daniella’s autistic brain has in contrast an autistic personality with prodigious savant skills in advanced social innovation. Daniella’s autistic brain is usually her main brain while her ADHD brain tend to serve in an auxilliary support capacity to her autistic brain in a civilian context. While on military intelligence missions as an elite MUST intelligence operative is in contrast Daniella’s ADHD brain her main brain with her autistic brain serving in an auxilliary position. Daniella’s autistic brain is hypersensitive while her ADHD brain certainly is not. Daniella’s autistic brain is psychologically soft and warm while her ADHD brain is hard and tough. Daniella’s autistic brain is extremely rationally compassionate while her ADHD brain is more emotionally detached. Daniella does not qualify for Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) since she does not suffer from memory lapses and suffers no known negative effects in terms of the significant disparity betwen her two personalities. The two human brains of the human cranium may be similar and distinctive to varying degrees in different persons as ranging from very similar to very different. Daniella having two distinctive personalities, one of each brain is anything but pathological since the two brains work together like clockwork in relation to other persons and cause no known inconvenience whatsoever to herself or to others in social life. However, the cooperation between the two is most effective in eluding enemy traps on military intelligence missions and defeating adversaries in intelligence warfare, politics, war, diplomacy and lawfare alike. Daniella’s autistic brain is a brain of love while her ADHD brain is brain of war. Love and War are thus the dual personalities of Daniella.

Queerness of Daniella

Daniella is extraordinary in every area of skill and field of knowledge that genuinely interests her and in which she therefore excels once she takes an active interest. In being Queer in many ways is Daniella best described as both fully normal and completely and utterly extraordinary. Daniella has often throughout her life faced bullying and her mother taught her not respond to anger with anger. Her mother in grade one taught Daniella basic self-defense techniques which were very useful in Daniella physically defending herself from violence from other pupils. The bullying has continued as the criminal Swedish police intelligence (RPS/IB) has persecuted her for many years now ever since she become influential over the FLM/PKK movement in 2004 and RPS/IB have so tried everything possible to turn her life into hell. Since being bullied is a normal condition for Daniella has she as an elite MUST intelligence operative developed increasing stoicism in simply disregarding lowly bullies.

Savantism of Daniella

Daniella has the most advanced form of savantism ever recorded in any individual anywhere in Daniella being a most uniquely documented universal genius indeed. This is so as Daniella as a universal genius is able to develop any kind of savant skills in any field of knowledge and/or area of functionality. E.g. has Daniella developed a cognitive equivalent of Google Street View in her mind being able to travel in rather detailed environmental memory through familiar streets and familiar roads. Daniella developed this particular savant skill after having developed personal interest in Google Street View and so created her own cognitive equivalent. Daniella regularly develops further savant skills in more and more fields of knowledge and areas of skills in continually  becoming more and more cognitively advanced over the years. Daniella as a universal genius is primarily motivated by concern for assisting and aiding others in resolving unresolved problems by means of advanced social innovation and that is typically what now propels her to develop personal interest in a subject matter and subsequently advanced savant skills indeed.

Science of Daniella

Daniella believes that the central claims of scientific, political, cultural, social and institutional discourse needs become continuously deconstructed by means of investigative journalistic methods in enabling ethico-political conceptual, social and technological innovation in every field of life and hence increasingly substantial and rapid social progress indeed. Science is for Daniella a toolbox for conceptual, social and technological innovation with the purpose of improving the lives of deserving others.

Seduction of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that seduction must be highly etically feminist or it is not seduction at all but rather abuse, exploitation and rape. Daniella furthermore believes that feminist seduction must be non-instrumental or it is not feminist at all, meaning that seduction must not be a process of pretending to like someone else in order to attain penetration since that in fact is mere exploitation and tragically even self-humiliation. Daniella is the world’s most operationally advanced intelligence femme fatale (most specifically fille fatale) and is as such not only able to easily trigger turn-on and sexual arousal in almost any human person but is furthermore so very extremely operationally advanced that she is fully capable of easily triggering orgasms in others. This is completely unique as no other femme fatale in the intelligence world is known to be able to quickly trigger instant orgasms and serial orgasms at will in others. While this is certainly exceptional is it perfectly normal for Daniella to develop uniquely and extremely advanced savant skills in precisely any field which interests her.

Self-appreciation of Daniella

Daniella is exceptionally cognitively advanced, exceptionally intellectually accomplished and exceptionally politically influential. Yet Daniella’s sense of self-esteem is based on her ability to 1) assist deserving others politically and 2) bring joy to others by means of refined social interaction. The ethical character of any human being is indeed relative to the degree that her life is selflessly devoted to bringing joy to the lives of deserving fellow persons.

Self-control of Daniella

Daniella has with time developed exceptional self-control. Daniella first developed negative behavioral self-control which has helped her survive almost innumerable honey traps. Daniella believes that perfect sexual self-control is essential in order to survive as a combatant in intelligence warfare. Ever since Daniella came out fully as lesbian and transgender in May 2016 has Daniella increasingly developed positive self-control in the sense as becoming a mistress of her destiny in developing increasing sociofluidity which permits her to (re)design her own self-expression in varying social roles in varying social contexts. Daniella’s positive behavioral self-control is now as advanced as her negative behavioral self-control. One should simply never let oneself become misguided by emotions of unreason.

Semiotics of Daniella

Daniella as a non-hypocritical radical feminist is committed to the global feminist revolution in private life no less than in public life. Feminist life for Daniella means deploying subversively transformative sociofluidity in every social context in which she directly or indirectly partakes, including in public space. Daniella has always had a typically female body language and now when she lives fully out as lesbian and transgender does she fully semiotically express herself as the fille fatale (girl femme fatale) whom she is.

Senses of Daniella

Daniella has extremely sharp senses and is often able to consciously identify other human persons by body scent. The human cranium usually contains two brains and in Daniella is one brain autistic and the other is ADHD. The autistic brain produces sensorial oversensitivity and hypersensitiviy when the autistic brain is on. The ADHD brain relies on complex subconscious logical calculations in being able to to calculate an unlimited number of moves in advance in e.g. love, war, diplomacy, politics, lawfare and intelligence warfare. The ADHD brain is however unlike the autistic brain not extraordinarily creative and so the ADHD brain solves problems by means of logics (i.e. subconscious game theory) while the autistic brain does so through social innovation. The combination of the two brains is so perceptive that Daniella usually already knows in detail what another person plans to say after only a few words from that person.

Sexuality of Daniella

Daniella has the lifestyle of a teenage girl and the near asexual predisposition of a seven-year old pre-pubescent girl, yet Daniella is sexual orientation are younger adult women, but is also to some extent attracted to teenage girls above the age of consent, young gay men who behave like females, teenage boys above the age of consent as belonging to genetic groups of the broader Middle East, non-binary transgender persons and youthfully transage middle-aged females. Daniella is almost yet not fully asexual and is turned on by pleasant appearance, good manners and ethico-aesthetic self-expression. Daniella’s sexuality is very extremely typically female in an extremely attractive manner and she only has galsex despite having an androgenic intimate anatomy. While being lesbian is a matter of tendency in attraction and living lesbian is a feminist political choice for Daniella is she nevertheless panamorous (pansexual) as well polyamorous (consensually non-monogamous) in opposing monogamy as an oppressive patriarchal social construct indeed. Daniella’s intimate desire is intrinsically altruistic in being more concerned with satisfying the intimate desires of an appreciated other as Daniella in being nearly asexual has few sexual desires of her own and these mostly pertain to her futuristic visions of feminist ritual sex. Daniella thus has an intrinsically feminist sexuality indeed. Daniella always produces feminist performance art when engaging in interpersonal intimacy and has never ever voluntarily participated in any non-feminist or non-art sex.

Sexual history of Daniella

Daniella was highly sexually active as a child in kindergarten, yet was also raped many times by staff due to her exceptional beauty. Daniella entered celibacy prior to entering school in grade one and has since then mostly lived in celibacy and exclusively so as in order to avoid honey traps and sexual abuse of coercive inteligence recruitment such as operational rape. The fact that Daniella as a unique universal genius is the world’s most cognitively advanced human being leaves Daniella particularly vulnerable to attempted coercive intelligence recruitment considering that Daniella’s father was an elite MUST intelligence operative. Daniella did think of most of her girlfriends as “close female best friend” rather than as partners, a perception which is common among lesbians. Daniella lived in Israel in 1994-1997 during which she pretended to let herself become recruited by an intelligence brothel in Tel Aviv into serving as a luxury gigolo. On a different and later occasion during the years in Israel did she order a callgirl in order to gain a better understanding of the nature of prostitution. Daniella became profoundly shaken by the utter sadness and fear of the enslaved female prostitute and so this profoundly formative experience meant that Daniella’s life changed direction entirely in Daniella becoming an ethical vegan and leading the lifestyle of a saint. Daniella experienced gender dysphoria throughout her life due to others misgendering, misageing and missexualizing her, including expecting Daniella to behave like an adult heterosexual cisgender man and in the fall of 2015 did she come out on Facebook as a lesbian and transgender female. In May 2016 did she come out IRL as transgender and lesbian in living fully out everywhere, something which meant that she became subjected to constant police-organized sexual and other illegal harassment. In 2017 did Daniella come out as transage as a girl primarily interested in women. In transitioning from radical feminist boy gender over tomboy gender to radical feminist fille fatale (girl femme fatale) gender did Daniella extensively train herself into becoming an extremely effective and irresistible seductress. Daniella plans to build a feminist lesbian collective free from patriarchal oppressors of every kind as she as a radical feminist is opposed on principle to monogamy as a patriarchal or at least in a lesbian context patriarchal-style social institution.

Subconscious of Daniella

The two human brains are each subdivided into a conscious and a subconscious. While each conscious could be described as usually relatively unitary (i.e. integrated in itself) is each of the two subconsciouses anything but unitary. A subconscious has agency of sentient cognition and is essentially trapped so to speak “within” the conscious and so may experience frustration as experienced as various seemingly irrational emotions by the conscious. The subconscious is a repository, indeed archive of all sentient agency of cognition as ever experienced since the human embryo typically develops sentience at the fifth or sixth week of gestation in the uterus. The subconscious is also an archival metaphorical ‘corridor’ of increasing psychological repression with indeed progressive degrees of repression, i.e. performative but not actual oblivion since no experience, i.e. received information is ever erased from the subconscious. Since Daniella’s two brains work differently although both are powered by uniquely advanced savant syndrome are there also distinctive respective relationships between the subconscious and the conscious in each of the two brains. The autistic brain operates by highly intelligent and usually highly accurate intuition, i.e. the subconscious provides input to the conscious in therefore assisting the conscious in ways distinctly helpful to the conscious and particularly so in socially responsible scientific innovation. The conscious of the ADHD brain has a much higher degree of integration with its subconscious in having access to many of its operative functions such as being able to calculate an unlimited number of moves in advance in game theory, yet the ADHD brain is mostly experienced as “subconscious” by the autistic brain. In fact are the conscious workings of the ADHD brain largely subconscious in relation to the autistic brain. This is not unique as relative degrees of disconnect between the two brains is common in humans generally and is typically experienced as cognitive dissonance, frustration, fear, indecision, procrastination, neurosis etc; all examples of cognitive contradiction betweeen the two human brains in the cranium. There is however a distinctive asymmetry in Daniella’s ADHD brain being far more advanced in its internal integration than is the autistic brain. This assymetry does cause cognitive contradiction as do generally psychological asymmetries between the two human brains in the human cranium. Constructive cooperation/collaboration/integration between the four main parts together constituting the two human brains is thus very much essential for psychological health including intelligently constructive focus and intelligently constructive flow.

Symbiosis of Daniella

Daniella easily and instantly enters symbiosis with fellow persons by means of introjecting their respective emotive cognition. Daniella thus almost instantly profoundly connects with fellow persons whom she has just met. The human cranium usually contains two parallel brains and in Daniella is one brain autistic and the other brain ADHD. While the autistic brain strongly introjects the emotive experiences of others does the ADHD brain reconstruct in great detail how others reason. Advanced sociofluidity allows however Daniella to adapt to others to an extremely advanced degree. Daniella believes that she has something to learn from almost every human being whom she encounters and she thus deploys her deep, broad and profound intelligent-emotional empathy as the world’s most operationally advanced intelligence femme fatale (more specifically fille fatale) to instantly connect with almost any human being (or even a friendly non-human person) in establishing virtually instant psychological symbiosis. As an extremely advanced intelligence fille fatale is Daniella also extremely advanced in projecting herself and is therefore able to easily trigger sexual arousal and uniquely so even instant orgasm in fellow persons by sheer interpersonal non-physical neurological contact in public space as part of emotive interpersonal encounter. Ethico-aesthetic projection of idiosyncratic personhood is indeed the essence of seduction and love is simply mutual emotional symbiosis.

Truthfulness of Daniella

Truthfulness is about honesty and transparency. Yet it is rationally speaking not possible to practice full honesty and full transparency in any sector of society or indeed in any aspect of human life considering the pervasively structural, hypocritically performative character of irrationally oppressive cultural hegemony. Yet one should certainly at all times ethico-politically strive towards performing optimal honesty and optimal transparency. What does this mean? It certainly does not mean that we ought be reckless in disclosure and/or insensitive/indifferent to psychological sensitivies in fellow persons in performance of disclosure, but rather that although disclosure is never complete (as there are always further undisclosed subconscious aspects/dimensions) are honesty and transparency essentially epistemological practices of social/discursive interaction. At an ontological level however is being true to oneself indeed a prerequisite for being true to others as well and so being honest and transparent to oneself is a prerequisite indeed for performing honesty and transparency towards fellow persons as well.

Upbringing of Daniella

Daniella was an exceedingly polite girl who only very rarely broke any rules although she always vocally opposed incompetent teachers as beginning in fourth grade without however in the process ever breaking any rules whatsoever. Daniella’s mother taught her self-defense in first grade as Daniella constantly had to physically defend herself from bullies at school. Daniella spent her childhood years studying history and her teenage years studying language geography. Daniella’s teenage life only commenced when coming fully out as transgender and lesbian in 2016 and as transage in 2017.

Virtues of Daniella

Daniella leads an essentially saintly life in being highly ethically calculating at a prodigious level and in an intuitive manner and so the advanced ethico-political calculus is thus subconscious to a highly varying degree. While displaying human virtues to an extreme extent is Daniella essentially “non-human” as a prodigous savant in her advanced logico-emotional deployment of highly creative initiative in strategic, tactical and conceptual aspects of military affairs, dipomacy and politics alike. Daniella’s advanced intuitive cunning is due to her combination of extremely high intelligence with non-psychopathic ADHD while at the same time advanced logico-emotional extreme (i.e. broad and deep) empathy with individuals and collectives alike being one of the greatest interests and passions of Daniella’s life as systematically deployed in an applied manner in her capacity as an autistic prodigious savant and Political Animal indeed. In particular is she intensely interested in the collective psychology of extremists of all kinds. While conceivably some ill-intentioned persons out of jealousy and spite might want to confuse those advanced savant skills with narcissism does Daniella have a high IQ autistic personality type which is focused on the needs of others rather than those of her own in e.g. Daniella being nearly asexual and extremely sexually altruistic indeed. Daniella loves helping others for the sake of others and certainly not out of psychological self-gratification (helping others does not make Daniella feel good about herself) yet she finds it psychologically difficult due to her autistic ADHD to help herself beyond mere survival in being unselfish yet not entirely selfless. For Daniella is everything involving others intrinsically political and so she makes it a point to recognize the respective unique idiosyncratic/individual personhood in her fellow persons whom she encounters. Daniella displays an advanced degree of self-understanding, yet is humble and selfless in ethico-politically focused like a chess champion in her advanced pursuit of applied ethico-political calculus indeed.

Warfare of Daniella

Daniella devised the successful military strategy against the Islamic State Caliphate (DAESH) which saw comprehensive defeat for DAESH by means of female cunning and the highest possible moral standards through feminist warfare. The tremendous success of the FLM-commanded Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in defeating DAESH is now studied by national militaries around the world. Feminist warfare is rapidly becoming unofficially integrated into military doctrines of national militaries in liberal democracies which as militaries in many other countries now train their own feminist elite forces in close cooperation with global FLM intelligence. Daniella strongly believes that intelligent morality is absolutely essential to victory in contemporary warfare. Daniella operates with the highest possible moral standards in intelligence warfare as well, yet is utterly ruthless although not cruel against unrepentant adversaries who do not last long once Daniella has decided on eliminating them.

Feminist Polymorphous Beauty

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