About Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is a uniquely documented universal genius and an extremely cognitively advanced high-functioning prodigious savant. Daniella is specialized at solving advanced unresolved problems and innovating revolutionary solutions in a vast number of fields of knowledge and the only requisite is that Daniella is either interested in that field of knowledge or else simply interested in the issue at hand.

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Daniella Bartfeld is the Executive Director of the World Pan-Jewish Organization (WPJO) and is TEVEL Chief Liaison Officer with personal responsibility for coordinating international support for Kurdistan.

Daniella Bartfeld is a science journalist, a critical theorist and a social innovator in many fields of knowledge as focused on the broad fields of democracy, economics, prejudice and social engineering and committed to social change by means of conceptual innovation, including five books and two documentation projects.

22769911_10155972123443469_277194913684874439_oDaniella Bartfeld is a charismatic speaker and is endowed with exceptionally deep and broad capacity for empathy in importantly specializing in reconstructing how others genuinely think as pertaining both to individuals and collectives.

Daniella Bartfeld is an independent investigative journalist 1) in numerous fields of science journalism, 2) in studying and documenting the cross-cultural phenomenon of secrective religious societies as with focus on Middle Eastern Crypto-Judaism and does so precisely by means methods of investigative journalism and is also 3) specialized in investigative journalism in global intelligence affairs with Mideast focus in often deploying advanced, innovative, creative, spontaneous, ethico-political, yet always covert interrogation techniques. Daniella has pioneered daring investigative journalism into Crypto-Judaism in Kurdistan and beyond in the Middle East in publishing the first book ever providing a comprehensive overview in any language of the previously largely undocumented Alevism and doing so solely by means of investigative journalistic methods.

22792141_10155972123433469_4723882274106768642_oDaniella Bartfeld is an experienced and influential global diplomatic activist, including through the official diplomatic blog of the World Pan-Jewish Organization as focused on substantially affecting Middle Eastern diplomacy through social innovation in diplomacy. Daniella has a wide and growing network of international contacts as focused on the Middle East ever since as a Jewish student leader at Stockholm University having pioneering ethnic networking between Swedish Rabbinic Jews and largely pro-Israel ethnic minority communities with recent origins in the Middle East.

22770588_10155972123438469_8664963762245582925_oAs a Jewish student leader at Stockholm University did Daniella Bartfeld become involved in the intricate international politics between Israel, Free Kurdistan and the United States and has ever since served as a liaison in the triangular special relationship between Israel, Kurdistan and the United States. As a student leader did Daniella in 2004 successfully lead the effort to include the PKK movement into the Israeli-Kurdistani special relationship between the Jewish people and the Kurdish people and subsequently helped the PKK movement establish unofficial diplomatic ties with the United States in 2005. Daniella Bartfeld is TEVEL Chief Liaison Officer as personally responsible for ensuring international support in every way for Free Kurdistan and the Kurdistani liberation movement worldwide.

The TEVEL was originally Israel’s intelligence diplomatic corps with responsibility for maintaining diplomatic relations with governments that do not have official diplomatic relations with Israel and hence the Mideast focus of the TEVEL. The TEVEL is now however no longer Israeli as the TEVEL has become an international intelligence organization for pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike.

21950930_10155892342178469_1107864125444150891_o (1)Daniella Bartfeld is a specialist in the politics of the Middle East, feels profoundly at home in Middle Eastern cultures and is a specialist in worldwide language geography, including the many different human aspects of the worldwide distribution of human languages.

Daniella Bartfeld is a transgender lesbian female, a gender performance artist, a Queer and feminist theorist and a gender warrior. Daniella is an ethical vegan since 1997 and is committed to the highest standards of conduct and excellence in every field of life. Daniella does not shy away from any subject, neither due social taboo nor to contemporary controversy.

Screenshot 2017-11-05 at 19.07.19Daniella Bartfeld is a radical feminist performance artist who designs her own multiple social roles whether with respect to gender, age, ethnicity, class, accent or otherwise. Being genderfluid, agefluid, ethnofluid, classfluid, accentfluid etc. means freedom to semiotically express yourself in artistic sociofluidity as subversively tailored to social context.

Sociofluidity permits Daniella to engage in socially, politically and sexually subversive performance of herself that helps subversively deconstruct almost any social context in which she finds herself situated as an extremely sexually attractive polyamorous & panamorous transgender lesbian female.

Screenshot 2017-08-10 at 23.32.38Daniella’s life is one large feminist performance art project of applied gender science whereby she experimentally practices and applies her own theories in social context. Living feminism with as little hypocrisy as possible within the bounds of law in open society offers indeed vast potential for feminist subversion by means of Foucauldian semiotic warfare and feminist social/conceptual innovation yet also provokes tremendous resistance from patriarchy but surely that is the nature of the feminist struggle indeed.

Daniella Bartfeld lives in the southern Swedish coastal village of Saxemara where she once grew up and which is part of the Municipality of Ronneby, County of Blekinge, Kingdom of Sweden. Saxemara is adjacent to the Blekinge archipelago. Daniella is a dual citizen of Israel and Sweden.

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