A to Z of Daniella Bartfeld

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Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is a uniquely documented prodigious savant and univeral genius. Daniella strongly believes in transparency, being a role model for others, leading by virtue and hence believes in being fully transparent about herself.

WARNING: This page partially contains adult non-visual content of intentionally non-pornographic nature.

Abjection of Daniella

Daniella normally experiences abjection as a result of empathy in feeling sorry, sad and/or disappointed about sin and vice. Daniella does not experience abjection as a result of sexual repression but rather as empathy in disappointment as at most expressed in mild contempt. Abjection usually takes the form of SIMPLE TURNOFF

Activist feminism of Daniella

Daniella practices “activism without activism”, meaning social activism which does not constitute activism in a legal sense but are rather rather covert intelligence operations of subversive transformation as geared to discredit and destroy ethnocratic patriarchy, including heteroculture. Daniella’s feminist activism abides by civilian law without legally being bound by civilian law in rather operating under Swedish military law.  Daniella performs this in her capacity as an elite MUST intelligence operative with full intelligence diplomatic accreditation.

Accentfluidity of Daniella

Daniella speaks many dialects, ethnolects and sociolects in the English and Swedish languages. Daniella typically adapts the speech form of her interlocutor and intuitively shifts from speech form to speech form without usually not any thought at all since this is default behavior for Daniella.

ADHD of Daniella

Daniella has a distinctly non-psychopathic form of ADHD which provides her with very significant operational advantages as an elite MUST (Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service) intelligence operative. Daniella is endowed with prodigious abilities of profound empathy in both depth and breadth. Since Daniella is able to subconsciously calculate an unlimited number of moves beforehand has she survived decades of extremely challenging intelligence missions in difficult operational environments. 80% of teenagers as diagnosed with ADHD develop antisocial personality disorders (i.e. psychopathy) as legal adults, yet 20% do not and Daniella (a committed ethical vegan for two decades now) certainly belongs to those 20%. Daniella is so very extremely unselfish that she finds it diffult to help herself beyond mere survival unless doing is also in the interests of others. Adults with non-psychopatic forms of ADHD are often automatically assumed to be psychopaths, yet this is nothing but abhorrent structural prejudice of pseudo-science. It is rather an immense operational strength that Daniella never experiences operational or post-operational regret over her eliminating enemies, evildoers and confirmed traitors in full compliance with military law. Persons with non-psychopathic ADHD obviously have cognitive similarities with psychopaths despite the absense of negative traits as associated with psychopathy.

Aesthetic perfection/imperfection of Daniella

Daniella’s body and face are highly perfectly symmetric as anatomical symmetry is the scientific definition of anatomical beauty. Daniella however has flat feet, is slightly hunchback, is bald and has two operational scars in her intimate zone. But generally speaking does Daniella has a teenage body in looking like teenage boy with clothes off and a teenage girl with clothes on. Her body has hardly aged since her early twenties due to autistic atypical ageeing despite being in her mid-forties.

Aesthetic provokation of Daniella

Daniella is a rather ordinary fashion-conscious primping female who as most other fashion-conscious primping females enjoy the attention of aesthetic appreciation around herself in public space. In Daniella being transgender and widely being considered as extremely highly sexually attractive is Daniella’s primping futhermore of a feminist politically subversively transformative nature. In no way is this intended to cause offense and any experience of sentiments of structural prejudice on the part of other in response to Daniella expressing herself as transgirl is not in any way Daniella’s legal responsibility as her semiotic expression is fully legal indeed. With the exception of Daniella’s carefully trimmed very short facial hair as typically augmented by glitter dust is Daniella’s semiotic public expression furthermore highly binary in being extremely feminine indeed.

Aesthetics of Daniella

Daniella is a lady and a girl and loves hot female fashion in herself and in others. Daniella is a radical feminist performance artist who is sociofluid in artistically and ethico-politically designing and constantly redesigning her own social roles in every respect. Daniella is a lipstick lesbian and a lipstick feminist.

Affection of Daniella

As an elite MUST military intelligence operative is Daniella essentially behaviorally indifferent to dispatched enemy honey traps and Daniella furthermore has zero interest in pathological infatuation as constituting a form of parasitical zoological behavior. Daniella is turned on by sincerity, selfless loyalty, good intentions and genuine ethico-aesthetic self-expression and hence has Daniella increasingly developed what could be described as complete immunity to honey traps.

Age Dysphoria of Daniella

Daniella experience age dysphoria when others wrongly assume that she is an adult man and/or expects Daniella to behave like an adult man. Daniella’s age dysphoria is closely associated with Daniella’s gender dysphoria and Daniella’s sexual dysphoria.

Agefluidity of Daniella

Daniella is cognitively a seven year-old girl with extremely high IQ and is a lady girl in gendered age role. However, Daniella is also genderfluid in being able to intuitively and instantly so highly adapt her age role to any social age group of any social context. Daniella does this intuitively and usually without any conscious decision on her part.

“Agence fatale” of Daniella

Daniella is the most advanced agent fatale in the intelligence world, specifically a fille fatale rather than a femme fatale. Agents fatales usually do not need to perform operational sexual intercourse because they get their way by erotic charm and social skills alone.

Ageing of Daniella

Daniella is characterized by atypical ageing, a phenomenon as associated with autism. This means that Daniella body below the head has almost not aged since her early twenties although her face has changed to a significant degree since then. Daniella has not more wrinkles on her face and elsewhere on her body than she had in her early twenties, namely practically no wrinkles at all.

Age limits of Daniella

Daniella abides by the legislated fifteen year age of sexual consent in Sweden yet kisses on the hand and hugs persons of all ages since there is no age limit or gender limit on hugging and kissing on the hand which is age neutral court etiquette. LEGAL WARNING: Sweden’s anti-discrimination legislation prohibits *indirect discrimination*, meaning here that it is ILLEGAL to try to extrajudicially impose separate ages of consent on LGBTQI persons.

Age preferences of Daniella

In females does lesbian Daniella prefer psychogical maturity, high intelligence and significant level of learning. Yet at the same time does Daniella also prefer women to be transgirls as herself. Daniella also prefers petite women with teenage bodies. Of course none of this is reducible to the articifical ethnocratic patriarchal construct of “chronological age”. Acting contrary to sex laws is turnoff for Daniella and so would Daniella respect the age of consent in any jurisdiction no matter which chronological age which it prescribes. This of course is not in any sense to imply that Daniella condones chronological discrimination as current sex laws are completely redundant and very much need be supplanted with feminist legislation that protects personhood under all circumstances, including sexual circumstances.

Ages of Daniella

Daniella has been an ethical vegan ever since 1997 and her skin has not visiblly aged since then although chronologically Daniella being in her forties. Daniella in being transage as well as transgender is psychologically a seven-year old girl albeit one with extremely high intelligence, has the body language of a seven-year old girl and is psychologically pre-pubescent and almost asexual; yet is as a lesbian female primarily interested in younger adult women as opposed to teenage girls above the age of consent and middle-aged women. Daniella is also attracted to teenage boys above the age of consent as belonging to genetic groups of the broader Middle East, to teenage girls above the age of consent and to young gay men who behave similar to females. While many persons fade in sexual attractivity as they age does Daniella (as once Hugh Hefner) become more and more sexually attractive as she advances in life – in slow ageing being an individual genetically based autistic feature hers. Daniella strictly and always in good faith respects the sexual age of consent (which in Sweden is 15) as regards lesbian making out in public space although coming home to Daniella requires being legally adult (which is 18 or more in Sweden). This is both a legal precaution and also because Daniella plans to create a socially innovative feminist collective which due to varying legal considerations will require a minimum age of 18 so as to avoid anti-LGBTQI police-organized sexual and other harassment.

Aggressiveness of Daniella

Daniella is highly aggressive in intelligence warfare and diplomacy and extremely successfully so, yet merely politely assertive in interpersonal relations. Daniella is extremely prudent and very careful as a military strategist. In all cases is Daniella highly, meticulously and strictly law-abiding indeed.

Agreeableness of Daniella

Daniella is highly compassionate towards others on both an interpersonal social level and on a political collective level in taking great interest in concerns of fellow persons. Daniella is highly cooperative with others in most situations in making sure to avoid hurting their feelings. Daniella’s advanced empathy in taking great intellectual interest in motivations of others obviates in most situation any need for exhibiting suspicion and antagonism. Daniella is generally highly well-tempered yet as almost any human person obviously not always so. Daniella combines high agreeableness with extremely high intelligence and is therefore neither naive nor submissive although these are operational roles which Daniella mistresses with utmost perfection in relying on Daniella’s by experience well-proven prodigiously advanced intuition.

Alexithymia of Daniella

Daniella has difficulty understanding and relating to her own emotions and so must deconstruct her own emotions in order to understand them. Most humans understand their own emotions far better than they understand emotions of others but with Daniella is the reverse true. Most humans are far more interested in themselves than in others but with Daniella is the reverse true. Most humans care more for others than for themselves but with Daniella is the reverse true. As an high IQ autistic prodigious savant has Daniella since early age taken a tremendous interest in reconstructing psychological processes of others (individuals as well as collectives of individuals), yet with time has she become increasingly interested in  deconstructing her own psychological processes and hence this short encyclopedic biography.

Altruism of Daniella

Daniella has a radically altruistic personality and a radically altruistic sexuality as well. Daniella is only able to help herself on the basic level of survival and basic self-perpetuation unless for the purpose of helping others in which case she is perfectly capable of helping herself as well. Daniella’s sexuality is radically altruistic in Daniella’s sole sexual interest being triggering pleasure in others. Her imagination in these regards is solely about the feminist intimate future of humanity. The human cranium usually contains two parallel brains. In Daniella is one of the brains autistic with the other brain being ADHD. Daniella’s autistic brain helps others by means of advanced social innovation while Daniella’s ADHD brain helps others by means of advanced game theory as applied by Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative in diplomacy, intelligence warfare, politics, war and lawfare. In both cases does this cognitively appear through intuitive cognitive “input” to the respective conscious from the respective subconscious in the two respective brains of Daniella.

Anal accessibility to androgenic teenage transgirls above the age of consent of Daniella

Daniella is being open to romantically anally penetrated by androgenic teenage transgirls above the age consent provided that the following provisions are fulfilled: 1) that they are heavily primped and wear highly feminine attire, 2) that luxury professional sex work role play is performed in acting like sex workers in mutually performing service to each other, 3) that do not express affection or excessive warmth beyond erotic genuine compliments 3) that MILF role play is performed, 4) that penetration and all conduct is strictly feminine. WARNING: All heterocultural men gender behaviors are turnoff everywhere.

Anal accessability to androgenic transwomen of Daniella

Daniella loves being anally penetrated by primped highly feminine transwomen provided they a) are attracted to Daniella as a psychologically female and socially highly feminine girl and b) fully conduct themselves as exquisite feminine women, c) including performing feminine penetration d) and not displaying misbehaviors of any kind. WARNING: Misbehavior is sensual and sexual turnoff for Daniella in all contexts. Daniella in being sensually and sexually feminist appreciates and strongly admires virtues of brave chicks and this must not under any circumstances be confused with vices of misbehaviors of any kind.

Anal accessibility to gynogenic teenage transboys above the age of consent of Daniella

Daniella is open to being anally penetrated with stap-on by gynogenic teenage transboys above the age of consent provided that the following provisions are fullfilled: 1) that they do not perform heterocultural male gender roles such as machismo, 2) that sex work role play is performed with Daniella as uber luxury sex worker without mentioning money, 3) that they conduct themselves in accordance with social standards of LGBTQI culture, 4) that they act egalitarian, i.e. neither dominant nor submissive, meaning non-BDSM 5) and that intellectual feminist conversation is performed during intercourse.

Anal accessibility to gynogenic transmales of Daniella

Daniella is open to being anally penetrated by gynogenic transmen with strap-ons. WARNING: Beards except carefully trimmed extremely short facial hair is sexual turnoff in anyone in every context everywhere. Daniella likes being treated as a daughter by gynogenic gynogenic transfemale in a feminist lovingly mildly paternal role. WARNING: Maternal roles are sexual turnoff in anyone in every context everywhere. WARNING: Structurally oppressive behaviors such as patriarchal behaviors are turnoff in every context everywhere. WARNING: Heterocultural male genders such as machismo gender is turnoff in every context everywhere. WARNING: Submission must not be misconstrued as license for of any kind of misbehavior which is always turnoff everywhere. WARNING: Misaging and misgendering is turnoff everywhere.

Anal accessibility to men of Daniella

Daniella is open to being treated like an uber luxury sex worker by men and is ready to be fully compliant and submissive to anal intercourse provided that it is either 1) a sex work role play, 2) that they are highly muscular in an aesthically pleasant manner as well as tanned and free from body hair and facial hair of any kind or 3) perform cross-dressing and are primped in acting in accomplished and exquisite female gender roles, including performing feminine penetration.

Anal accessibility to teenage boys above the age of consent of Daniella

Daniella is open to being anally penetrated by teenage boys above the age of consent provided that the following provisions are fullfilled: 1) no heterocultural men gender roles such as machismo, 2) that they display boyish humility and feminine behavior, 3) that sex work role play is performed without any mention of money with Daniella as an uber luxury sex worker in nightgown lingerie, 4) that Daniella acts MILF, 5) that the teenage boys above the age of consent are fully undressed by Daniella, 6) that there is an asymmetry of Daniella being dominantly sexually compliant and the teenage boys above the age of consent being fully and unreservedly sexually obedient to Daniella.

Anal accessibility to teenage girls above the age of consent of Daniella

Daniella likes being violently anally loveraped by dominant teenage supergals above the age of consent with dildos provided that the following provisions are fullfilled: 1) That she is either sufficiently or highly primped, 2) that interaction adheres to BDSM standards of conduct, 4) that penetration does not cause physical pain of any kind which means using oils, 5) provided that she does not expression romantic sentiments, 6) that she does not express personal warmth beyond genuine erotic compliments, 7) is neither mildly dominant nor harshly dominant, 8) does not play sex work role play 8) does not misbehave in any way whether verbally or otherwise 9) and that no strap-on is used.

Anal accessability to women of Daniella

Daniella likes being anally massaged with oils by women. Daniella likes being fisted by women. Daniella likes being orally stimulated anally by women. Daniella does not mind being penetrated with a female strap-on but emphasises that this requires choreographic behavior and ethical conduct. Daniella likes being loveraped by women and even violently so provided that it is conducted in accordance with BDSM standards of conduct and does not cause physical pain.

Analogy of Daniella

There are three kinds of analogy; namely 1) false analogy, 2) weak analogy and 3) strong analogy. False analogies are disseminated by the wicked and their human tools. Weak analogies are disseminated by the naive and ignorant. 3) Strong analogy is the art of ethical clarity in ethical courage. False analogy and weak analogy are vice while strong analogy is virtue. What then is strong analogy? Strong analogy is analogy that is specifically highly proportatione to any particular degree of gravity in subject matter.

Androphobia of Daniella

Daniella despises patriarchal scumbags irrespective of gender, anatomy, age, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, social class etc. Most patriarchal scumbags are however androgenic and some patriarchal scumbags are gynogenic. While many androgenic persons are scumbags is this in no way to imply that androgenic persons generally are scumbags or deny the existence of gynogenic scumbags. LESBIAN DANIELLA finds most androgenic persons physically repulsive and those whom Daniella is physically attracted to usually turn out to have no less despicably lowly repulsive social conduct than as found among androgenic persons generallyy. THIS IS A VERY EXTREMELY COMMON EXPERIENCE AMONG FEMALES AND LGBTQI PERSONS ALIKE. This is of course is not to deny the common existence of physically repulsive and behavorially lowly gynogenic persons but rather that FEMALES OF ALL GENDERS AND ANATOMIES RELATIVELY SPEAKING do tend to be VERY FAR MORE more behaviorally refined, socially sophisticated, understanding and polite indeed than cisheterocultural males.

Androgenic body of Daniella

Daniella has female psychological gender, extremely high IQ and an androgenic body. Androgenic body hair is extensive although not by any standard excessive.

Androgenic transgender secondary sexual orientation of Daniella

Daniella is strongly attracted to highly attractive primping transgender femme lesbians like herself. Daniella furthermore strongly prefers men to use exquisite female fashion without underwears as both before and during sexual intercourse. While Daniella does not mind performing fellatio/deep-throating on a standing man with men’s clothes on, would in contrast an androgenic person with men’s clothes in Daniella’s bed be definite turnoff except were he to be extremely athletic in tasteful way. Daniella however does not mind teenage boys as above the age of consent wearing male clothes even in Daniella’s bed. Daniella does not wish to be completely naked with adult men, nor does she want them to be completely naked either. Very short nightgown lingerie is therefore mutually preferred as charming partial disguise.

Antievil of Daniella

Daniella systematically professionaly deludes, deceives and eliminates evildoers by means of advanced feminist intelligence warfare and feminist diplomacy. Daniella has plenty of patience for evil intentions as evildoers do not last long in Daniella’s book.

Antihumanism of Daniella

Contemporary humans are zoologically formally classified as the contemporary subspecies of Homo sapiens sapiens. Subspecies is another name for race. Humanists take almost exactly the same view towards Animal persons as did the German Nazis to “Untermenschen”, namely that the perceived “genetic superiority” justifies abuse, exploitation, medical experimentation, enslavement and mass murder of the ostensibly “inferior”. Humanism is however so incomparably worse than Nazism in that its victims count in the billions rather than in millions. Humanism is indisputably a form of racial supramacism under any established definition of racism.

Antihypocrisy of Daniella

Daniella is vehemently opposed to hypocrisy unless required by operational and/or legal considerations. Hypocrisy is profoundly individually harmful in causing cognitive dissonance and other psychologically harmful psychological contradiction. Hypocrisy is also severely harmful on the public level in producing unnecessary structural secrecy which in turn tends to give rise to abuse and exploitation. While hypocrisy is not entirely avoidable needs it however become very much minimized indeed. Daniella lives as she teaches as that is very much essential for health.

Antilowliness of Daniella

Daniella understands lowliness yet does not accept lowliness and is never favorably impressed or favoredly impacted by lowliness which is always turnoff, dissappointment and/or cause for writing off someone.

Antioppression of Daniella

Structural oppression is always tragic and merely despicable if deliberately performed. WARNING: All oppression/prejudice is turnoff.

Antiphysionomism of Daniella

Daniella is turned off by behavioral physionomism (i.e. of ideologies of antibody prejudice) and is turned on by expression of virtue in speech and conduct. In fact, any prejudice is turnoff. A female consuming anything of apparently animal origin in Daniella’s presence is major, indeed gross turnoff.

Antisentimentality of Daniella

Irrational emotions/reactions/behaviors of every kind are turnoff. Daniella typically yet not always thinks of females who make fools of themselves as “cute”. Females who make fools of themselves are however neither sexy nor unsexy in such situations. Yet irrational reactions may be a form of saying that “I like/love/want you” and hence is Daniella somewhat understanding in these situations.

Antistalling of Daniella

WARNING: Stalling games are turnoff unless constituting mutually consensual feminist role play in transformatively subverting structural oppression. Females who play stalling games on Daniella 1) either practice transphobia in expecting Daniella to behave like a heterocultural male scumbag in expecting her not to fully and completely accepting a no for a no 2) or practices interfemale bullying. At best does this lead to a hug and a “bye”. WARNING: Sexism as all forms of structural oppression/prejudice is creepy and is thus MAJOR TURNOFF. WARNING: All hypocrisy is turnoff.

Antistereotypes of Daniella

Daniella is turned off by behavioral stereotypes and turned on by genuine self-expression.

Antivice of Daniella

Daniellla is understanding of the nature of lowliness (i.e. vice) yet her reaction varies from experiencing turnoff to carefully hidden contempt.

Anthropology of Daniella

Daniella is a Queer Theory field anthropologist who studies socisal practices of Western society as if it were “an exotic culture”. In studying Western society as “exotic” does Daniella engage in systematic anthropological fieldwork wherever she ventures. This involves reconstructing the fundamental assumptions implicitly underlying hegemonically institutionalized Western social practices. As a Queer Theory field anthropologist does Daniella use every conversation for the purpose of systematically studying structural behaviors and taken-for-granted social practices as if indeed performed by members of “an unknown culture”. E.g. when the anti-LGBTQI Swedish police systematically sexually harasses Daniella for living fully out as an LGBTQI person does Daniella use the occasion to systematically study their social and discursive behaviors from the khôra of exterior (Queer) perspectives of anthropology, criminology and psychology in systematically reunderstanding the collective criminal psychology of the police. This is so as nearly all police officers become criminals once they start working in systematically taking bribes, systematically and deliberately extracting false confessions, systematically sexually exploiting vulnerable persons deemed sexually attractive and generally systematically breaking laws as long as not risking prosecution. Daniella takes similar approaches in studying social practices of other social institutions of Western society and indeed irrespective of whether those social institutions are incorporated or not.

Anus of Daniella

Daniella’s anus is very narrow and is similar in size to anus of an anatomical seven-year old. Daniella’s anus is extremely beautiful. 

Appearance of Daniella

Daniella is generally perceived as highly charismatic and extremely sexually attractive by most humans and most humans desire sexual intercourse when encountering überhot Daniella. Categories of female, male, heterosexual and homosexual thus dissipitatate in other when encountering überhot Daniella, the world’s most advance intelligence femme fatale. Daniella wears feminine, sensual fashion while using more gender-neutral underwears from male fashion. While cognitively binary transgender is Daniella’s appearance non-binary transgender as she sports an extremely short facial hair which she aesthetically augments by means of glitter dust. Daniella also uses lipstick, rouge and eyelash extensions and primarily so in order so as to avoid becoming misgendered by others and by herself. Daniella has an extremely feminine body language and has had so all her life. Daniella especially loves the color pink and loves using pink fashion apparels. Daniella uses neon-color, aesthetically appealing feminine wigs, including particularly pink ones. The police however believes that Daniella looks like a sex worker and that this perceived appearance somehow entitles the patriarchal police to sexually harass and sexually exploit Daniella as police officers of all genders habitually sexually harass and sexually exploit sex workers.

Applied feminism of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that conceptual, social and technological innovation is precisely essential to the global feminist social revolution.

Artistic feminism of Daniella

Daniella refuses to have sex unless constituting feminist performance art.

Artivism of Daniella

Daniella has long since turned her own life into one vast feminist performance art project as devoted to tranformative subversion of structural oppression.

Art of Daniella

Daniella in turning her daily life into feminist performance art has increasingly politicized more and more aspects of her daily life. Wherever Daniella engages in social interaction does Daniella also perform subversively transformative social behavior by means of sociofluidity as intended to politically affect and influence both those whom with she interacts as well as indirectly socially participating onlookers. As part of her socially revolutiony feminist art life project and investigative journalism has Daniella does Daniella perform perfectly legal counter-entrapment lawfare operations against the aggressively anti-LGBTQI and thoroughly criminal Swedish national police in fully legally luring them to commit crimes against her and even admit those crimes and as it happens are all recorded and archived in the national surveillance data base of the Swedish national police where all information remains stored for 70 years. In subverting police anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment by means of creatively innovative counter-interrogation techniques did Daniella lure the intelligence-trained stupid police harassers into commiting and admitting crimes which as it happens were recorded and documented by the stupid police harassers themselves (sic!) and now will remain documented in the national surveillance data base for the coming 70 years as part of Daniella’s live life feminist performance art project! Furthermore, Daniella always does feminist performance art when engaging interpersonal intimacy and has always refused to participate in non-artistic, non-feminist sex.

Arousal of Daniella

Daniella is sexually aroused by aesthetic grace in intersectional virtue. Beauty is successful self-expression and love is genuine appreciation of such successful full personhood expression. Daniella only very rarely experiences arousal/erection outside of home. While Daniella is turned on by beautification of person and in particular the color pink in makeup, hair and clothing is Daniella NOT TURNED ON by any objects alone.

Asexuality of Daniella

Daniella is nearly yet not quite asexual. While cisfemales are obliged by heteroculture to pretend to be “nearly asexual” is transfemale Daniella actually so. This means that Daniella’s desires of interpersonal intimacy are limited to A) fulfilling desires of fellow persons as highlhy intelligently introjected by Daniella and B) realizing her own feminist visions of futuristic feminist ritual sex. It could therefore be argued that uberhot Daniella would be the perfect sex worker. From Daniella’s perspective are there two kinds of sex, namely romantic sex and friendly sex although both need be artistic and performed by means of various forms of feminist ritual sex indeed.

Athletic sexual preferences

Daniella is turned on by athletic females and her sexual interest in females anatomical ages 45-55 is limited to primping ones who are athletically thin and highly fashion aware. Daniella is furthermore significantly more attracted to teenagers if in good physical shape. Daniella is turned on by tastefully athletic men with gay genders, meaning that she is not attracted to grotesque or otherwise tasteless shape of muscles of machismo men.

Attention to detail of Daniella

Attention to detail is insufficient unless you also know which details that are strictly relevant indeed. You ought not pay attention to every detail but primarily to those that truly matter, namely potential weak points and so is it essential to learn how to spot potential weak points in one’s own reasoning and planning.

Attentiveness of Daniella

Daniella is highly attentive to feelings of others except when having to act otherwise due to operational considerations.

Attractiveness of Daniella

What is it that makes Daniella so supremely attractive or more exactly what is it that makes others perceive Daniella as so extremely sexually attractive? First is Daniella naturally extremely beautiful, second is it Daniella’s virtues in conduct, grace in idiosyncratic self-expression, virtuous unselfishness, sincere loving kindness in full appreciation of individual personhood and above all selfless love of virtue that makes a role model and therefore highly sexually coveted by persons of all genders and sexual orientations. In short, the more a person mistresses virtues & requisites of advanced court etiquette, the more extremely sexually attractive does a person become.

Authority of Daniella

Daniella leads a saintly life in prodigiously calculating optimally ethical courses of political, military, judicial, scientific and diplomatic action in abidance with lofty axioms of virtue. Daniella is highly diplomatically influential due to her virtuous conduct in applying the Best Choice Principle in every context of political, military, judicial, scientific and diplomatic action. Acting highly effectively with integrity creates confidence and therefore also authority and significant influence. Ethical courage and good judgment are indeed essential virtues of leadership

Autism of Daniella

Daniella’s autism is neither physically apparent nor socially visible due to Daniella being very extremely high-functioning because of her very high IQ, including especially her extremely high verbal IQ. The greater the individual IQ in autistic persons the greater tends the usefulness of autism be not only to the autistic person herself but also to others such as employers, co-workers and clients. Indeed the higher the IQ, the more high-functioning tend autistic persons be. Daniella is highly verbal and talkative in a manner that tends to intensely fascinate others and the talkativeness may indeed be semiotically interpreted as autistic if you already know that Daniella is extremely high-functioning autistic. The autism means that Daniella is sensorially oversensitive to undesired stimuli as subjectively experienced as ‘invasive’ and in daily life is Daniella mostly sensorially disturbed by traffic noise and sounds stemming from ventilation systems although Daniella is to some degree sensorially oversensitive to scent, light and touch as well. Daniella’s autism does however cause severe logistical difficulties with matters that do not particularly interest Daniella, something which severely complicates domestic household tasks.

Autistic conduct of Daniella

Daniella takes utmost care to treat others exceptionally well as far as permitted by operational contingencies. Daniella has developed prodigious empathy of tremendous depth and breadth, e.g. in specializing in prodoundly understanding political extremists and so the pursuit and performance of advanced intelligently emotional empathy is one of the greatest passions in Daniella’s life. There is historical prejudice about autistic persons ostensibly lacking empathy and that is due to statistically significant comorbidity between autism and ADHD with 50% of autists also having ADHD. As 80% of teenagers with ADHD develop psychopathy as adults does this also mean that psychopathy is significantly overrepresented among autists as well. For this reason was high-functioning autism (asperger’s syndrome) originally described as “austic psychopathology”. This however is pseudo-science in misconceiving of comorbidity as anything other than correlation. There is a very common physionomistic prejudice according to which each and every person as diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) is inherently incapable of empathy and so hence the pseudo-scientific physionomistic perception as common in psychiatry of autists at all levels of measured intelligence quotient being “mentally retarded psychopaths”. Psychiatry thus tends to regard high-functioning autistic persons (i.e. autistic persons with normal to high IQs) as potential threats to the perpetuation of structural oppressions of ethnocratic patriarchy and who thus “need” to become “preventively medicated” and “normalized” in the interest of public safety so as to them make passive and invisible in society. Autistic persons typically perform introjection in atypical ways, something which needs be distinguished from psychopaths whose main cognitive problem is significant inablity to perform introjection due to having too strong neurological filters. The fact that there is significant comorbidity between autism and psychopathy means that many autistic persons hence have double disability in terms of capability for introjection in hence the well-documented relative inability for empathy in many autistic persons.

Aversions of Daniella

Daniella believes in high standards of ethical, aesthetic and leadership conduct. The essential definition of mediocrity is the right person in the wrong place. Daniella appreciates persons who sincerely endeavor to constantly improve performance; including in gender and sexual self-expression, meaning ethico-aesthetico-politically transformatively expressing idiosyncratic interior by means of exterior, i.e. behavior and appearance. Daniella is hence turned off by vice and turned on by virtue in ethics, aesthetics and leadership.

Anxiety of Daniella

Daniella’s autistic brain experiences anxiety but Daniella’s ADHD brain distinctly does not.

Artistic sluttiness of Daniella

Daniella in bed behaves conducts herself highly proactively, entirely altruistically and highly choreographically so as the most artistic uber-luxury sex worker conceivable. Most persons are however are boring (women) or sadly behaviorally repulsive (men) while in bed with only one person, yet persons of all genders for some reason typically tend start to behave well and proactively so in the context of voluntary group sex.

Back of Daniella

Daniella has the back of a cisfemale supermodel on the catwalk in Paris.

Bad conscience of Daniella

Daniella is opposed to bad conscience and supports good conscience. Bad conscience is a  lowly substitute for changing one’s ways and act more virtuously. Bad conscience may also be expression of suffering under structural oppression in ethnopatriarchal cultural hegemony whereby the victim is somehow individually/structured deluded into wrongly thinking that she has done something wrong.

Baldness of Daniella

There is much stigmatization of baldness in society. Bald heterocultural men will typically falsely think of themselves as having lost psychological virility and sexual attractiveness despite having lost neither. Actively gay men and and heterocultural women in contrast usually do not think of baldness in others as unattractive at all but will typically see it as “manly” and even “potent” considering that some of the most powerful persons in society are bald. Heterocultural women as afflicted with hair loss also typically think of themselves as having lost sexual appeal. Daniella carefully trims her head hair and will usually use a pink wig in public. She does so precisely so as to reduce the amount of misgendering that she will otherwise typically encounter and she uses makeup for the very same reason. It should furthermore be pointed that the use of flamboyant wigs is part of traditional European court etiquette and at Versailles did court etiquette oblige persons of all genders to wear wigs.

BDSM of Daniella

Daniella likes to be artistically dominant (Domme) with females and artistically submissive (sub) with males and is therefore as a lesbian primarily a Domme and only secondarily a sub. Daniella fancies spanking/whipping bum and forms of bondage from which it is easy to release oneself.

Beauty of Daniella

Daniella is extremely beautiful and not merely because of her extreme physical beauty with perfect anatomical symmetries but importantly also due to her very extremely advanced ability to project her interior through her exterior.

Beauty standards of Daniella

Daniella likes moderately tanned females with highly bleached hair in very highly light blonde nuances, with neon makeup and without any hair whatsoever other head hair, meaning only cosmetic eyebrows. Daniella herself likes to be highly tanned with carefully trimmed body hair and uses slight amounts of pink makup and use protruding eyelash extension, pink wig as well as glitter dust in her very short and carefully tended for facial hair. She completely removes her eyebrows without adding cosmetic eyebrows and instead uses pink glasses.

Beliefs of Daniella

Daniella believes in what is strictly well-proven whether relating to science, virtue etc. and is otherwise sceptical to varying degrees.

Belly dancing of Daniella

Daniella likes to perform Shakira’s buttock moves from her music video “Hip’s don’t lie” and often does so when socializing with others in public space and especially with new acquaintances of Middle Eastern origin, somehing which is always highly appreciated AND IN PART SO due to ALWAYS triggering intense sexual arousal IN THOSE OTHERS. Daniella often also when socializing with new immigrants from the Middle East performs the famous Arabic song Aheleinu Wasehelen (“Welcome”) which of course is intended to make immigrants feel at home and welcome in the KINGDOM OF SWEDEN. Daniella’s body is highly elastic as reminiscent of both CAT PERSONS and SERPENT PERSONS. LEGAL NOTICE: PLEASE NOTE THAT BELLY DANCING IS NOT A FORM OF PROSTITUTION ALTHOUGH SOM BELLY DANCERS ARE COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS. LEGAL WARNING: PLEASE INTERNALIZE THAT ANY SEXUAL EMOTIONS AS EXPERIENCED BY OBSERVING DANIELLA PERFORM BELLY DANCE ON THE SPOT IS NOT THE LEGAL OR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF DANIELLA. LEGAL WARNING: PLEASE INTERNALIZE THAT THE SONG AHELEINU WASEHELEN IS A LITERARY WORK AND NOT AN INVITATION TO SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. LEGAL WARNING: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DELIBERATELY MISINTERPRETING TRANSGENDER BEHAVIOR AS SEXUAL IS A SEX CRIME AND A HATE CRIME UNDER SWEDISH LAW.

Belly of Daniella

Daniella has a flat belly which is highly sexy and especially so during the summer.

Bodily Self-Control of Daniella

Daniella performs neither involuntary phonic tics nor involuntary speech as the ADHD brain censors all potential speech of the autistic brain. Daniella does however occasionaly experience bodily tics although usually not frequently so. Daniella therefore does not even remotely meet diagnostic criteria for Tourette syndrome.

Body hair preferences of Daniella

Daniella likes lightskinned androgenic bodies as free from body body hair if tanned and carefully trimmed if non-tanned. Daniella prefers gynogenic bodies to be free from body hair altogether although Daniella was once very much impressed and turned on by the wholly untrimmed armpit hairs of an Israeli female elite soldier in a tank top. Japanese court etiquette does not permit body hair of any kind and irrespectively so of gender and anatomy and Daniella very strongly in favor of court etiquette. The longer pubic hair in an androgenic person the less does Daniella find that person sexually interesting. Daniella finds performing fellatio on tanned gay men without any body hair whatsoever very interesting and attractive indeed. Daniella however prefers teenage boys as obviously above the age of consent having short trimmed pubic hair rather than being free from hair.

Body language of Daniella

Daniella is a lady girl and behaves as one in accordance with feminist court etiquette as she indeed lives as she teaches. Daniella’s body language is accordingly in thus being very extremely feminine to a degree that is very rare indeed even among cisfemales. Daniella was feminine in gender expression even prior to coming out as transgender and lesbian yet is now far more extremely as she increasingly mistresses her gender expression as a lady girl of female psychological gender. Daniella has always practiced hand-wringing as very commonly practiced indeed among both transfemales and cisfemales.

Body type of Daniella

Daniella has the body type of a female supermodel although Daniella is not starved or otherwise underweight. Daniella’s distinctly female body type becomes apparent with female fashion clothes on while Daniella may be confused with a tall teenage boy while nude.

Body type preferences of Daniella

Daniella primary body type preference is that of petite adult young women. Daniella’s secondary body type preference is that of tall adult young women.

Body of Daniella

Daniella has a mildly athletic body with the body shape of a female supermodel with healthy weight and the physique of a male ballet dancer. Daniella’s has an androgenic intimate anatomy and androgenic body hair which she carefully trims. Daniella’s body height is 189 centimeters long and her body weight is 85 kilos yet her mildly athletic body is slim. Daniella’s body whether as appearing male as naked or female with clothes on is extremely beautiful and most humans experience strong sexual attraction when encountering Daniella and irrespectively of them identifying (or not identifying) as male, female, heterosexual, homosexual etc. Daniella as a transfemale in the past considered surgical transition yet has instead trained herself to increasingly appreciate her own beautiful body and has come to increasingly conceive of her own intimate anatomy as female indeed. Daniella’s body combines male aesthetic perfection as nude with female aesthetic perfection as dressed.

“Bon jugement oblige” of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that good judgment absolutes obliges.

Brains of Daniella

There are two very similar and parallel brains in the cranium which however develop distinctively over time. Daniella as most other humans was also born with two brains with separate and parallel consciouses and subconsciouses. The existence of double sets of consciouses and double sets of subconsciouses in most humans is the cause of most psychological problems in causing cognitive contradictions such as cognitive dissonance and conflicts of priority such as procrastination and indecision. When a human person speaks do the two brains take turns in controlling speech, sometimes it is the one brain and sometimes it is the other, meaning that humans have dual/twin conscious personalities. Both of Daniella’s two brains inside Daniella’s very large cranium are extremely prodigious but only one developed autism. The autistic one of Daniella’s two brains is highly associative and focuses on advanced resolution of problems while the non-autistic brain of Daniella is highly systematic and focuses on mostly subconsciously applied game theory in being able to subconsciously calculate an unlimited number of moves in advance. One brain is thus a universal genius in innovatively devising extremely advanced, yet usually very simple solutions while the other brain is an extremely advanced universal genius in tactics and strategy. The autistic brain is the leading brain while the non-autistic brain is the controlling brain; meaning that the leading brain is the main personality of Daniella while the controlling brain precisely whenever it deems necessary takes charge and so subordinates the leading brain. The leading brain is more introjective and interpersonal while the controlling brain is more projective and targeted. The controlling brain is also highly advanced in excercising Command and Control (C2) in relation towards others while the leading brain is highly advanced in its extremely profound capacity for deep and broad, highly rational intelligent empathy with individual persons and collectives of persons alike. The leading brain is an extremely cognitively advanced scientist with an artistic mind while the controlling brain is an extremely cognitively advanced leader in the fields of politics, intelligence affairs, war and life itself.

Brain volume of Daniella

Daniella’s huge cranium has the largest cranial volume ever measured.

Brother of Daniella

Daniella’s grew up with a brother who is a film director.

Bravery of Daniella

Daniella believes that ethical courage is what ultimately defines a human person in ethical terms as practicing ethical courage (e.g. ethical veganism) importantly is essential for psychological well-being in preventing painful cognitive contradictions such as cognitive dissonance. There is only one direction for Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative and that is “Acharai!” (after me) and “Kadima!” (forward) as Israeli sub-officers yell, whisper, utter, sign, text or otherwise convey before literally leading their troops into battle. Fear is only a property to become operationally exploited in enemy combatants as Daniella never experiences fear during operations but only relative discomfort which makes her immune to honey traps and other operational temptations.

Breasts of Daniella

Daniella has breasts the size of small breasts on cisfemales.

Buns of Daniella

Daniella’s hot buns are so very extremely sexy that almost any human person of any gender or sexual orientation becomes instantly sexually aroused by Daniella moving her buns as in Shakira’s “Hips don’t lie” which is an extremely advanced belly dance performance.

Burlesqueness of Daniella

Daniella is a skilled and humorous imitator in performance of political satire.

Celibacy of Daniella

Daniella mostly lives in celibacy in terms of avoiding private sex in order so as to elude honey traps and intelligence sexual extortion. Daniella does however openly perform lesbian sex in public space by means of lesbian hugging and fully legally making out in public space with clothes on. This of course infuriates patriarchal scumbags. This of course is not intention as patriarchal scumbags are themselves solely responsible for their own despicable, criminal reactions.

Character of Daniella

Daniella is faithful in adherence to principle of virtue, something which certainly does not include acting out of bad conscience and/or performing tasks for which one is distinctly not suited as e.g. due to disability, something which is no virtue at all. Character is about performance of virtue as opposed to acting out of social expectations that are distinctly not one’s own. None of this is to claim that Daniella is without blemish as Daniella is no Jesus! 😉

Charisma of Daniella

Daniella is extremely charismatic and virtually all persons of all genders who meet Daniella typically quickly become intensely sexual aroused. There is typically a sort of religious-like experience.

Charm of Daniella

Daniella as a universal genius excels in every pursuit which generally personally motivates/interests her. What does this mean? It means that ulterior considerations of self-interest does not motivate Daniella to excel in any pursuit of any kind but rather that Daniella is motivated by love of virtue alone for turning virtue into coercive burden reduces virtue to semi-vice considering the nature of structural oppression as intrinsically corrupting human pursuits of noble virtue. Daniella as the world’s singularly most operatively advanced agent fatale (specifically fille fatale) is so in no insignificant part due to her fundamentally unselfish nature. Why is this so? Charm and seduction typically become psychologically difficult and even burdensome for two main reasons; one is that sexual arousal tends to void cognitive ability in other respects and the other is that there is a cognitive dissonance between unselfish love on the one hand and selfish considerations of gaining sexual and/or romantic access. This is why it is much easier to consent to provision of commercial sex than to consent to non-commercial interpersonal physical intimacy.  How is this so? Because non-coercive commercial sex is essentially rational and the decision as to whether “to have sex” is typically performed out of almost entirely rational considerations which is typically not exactly the case with non-commercial casual sex. Virtue is by its nature both entirely emotional and entirely rational or it is simply not pure virtue. True charm is loving kindness of appreciation of full personhood, meaning appeciating the exterior as expression of the interior and not the other way around. Charm is fundamentally about ethico-aesthetic pursuit of effective introjection/projection in a purely virtuous (ethico-aesthetic) manner in being both rational and appealing indeed. Indeed the more saintly the charm is, the more effective does it also become. Charm therefore is a noble virtue and not as many religions tend to believe a base vice. Noble virtous charm as a saintly pursuit and as perfected to advanced degrees at the Japanese Imperial Court and at Versailles under Roi Solei (Louis XIV) therefore needs become recognized as a most noble virtue indeed.

Chavruta of Daniella

Daniella believes in Japanese-style chavruta dating. In Japan is dating an intellectual activity of optimal intellectual honesty where two person engage in intellectual dialogue on intellectual topics of common interests. A person without intellectual interests is considered sensually unattractive. Touching is very important in Japanese dating and is intended to delicately cause sexual arousal. It is very important to be mutually humble in Japanese dating. Chavruta is Aramaic for friendship and refers to the dialogic study method of Plato’s academy which concluded with interpersonal physical intimacy. Usually non-sexual chavruta is still the main study method in yeshivot, rabbinic academies. The famously erotic relationship between David and Jonathan is the archetypical chavruta relationship. Lesbian Daniella wants an intellectual dimension to interpersonal physical intimacy and therefore engages in feminist chavruta with females whom Daniella finds lovely. Religious Jewish dating (shidduch) was traditionally performed in exactly the same manner as still in Japan. Traditional shidduch involved honestly stating all details about oneself to a prospective spouse.

Chess of Daniella

Daniella always plays chess in diplomacy, intelligence warfare and military strategy/tactics. What does this mean? It means in practice among other things that her enemies never learn from their own defeats. Why is this so? This is because Daniella in having developed prodigously deep and broad empathy does understand her adversaries to a very extremely advanced degree but they do not grasp Daniella. How is that? This is because evildoers presume that good persons are hypocrites just like the evildoers themselves in evildoers typically having severe deficits in their own capacity for empathy. Daniella does not play actual chess because it seems to Daniella like a game of psychopathy in only being focused on causing harm without any ethical goal whatsoever. Daniella rather determines the rules and roles of prodigious empathy in her own operative games of strategic “chess”. The basic operative principle is that intelligent virtue beats foolish vice. The tactical outcome is that the baiting always works. The strategic outcome is that Daniella’s adversaries lose out because of their own contemptible vice and incapacity for empathy indeed.

Chickieness of Daniella

Daniella is A HOT CHICK who is irrestible to human persons of all genders, anatomies and sexual orientations.

Childishness of Daniella

Daniella as a transage person retains the positive traits as associated with being a child, including being spontaneous, charismatic, vibrant, loving, trusting, sharing, wild, being radiant and automatically attracting attention of others. Yet Daniella has none of the negative traits as stereotypically associated with children. Daniella already had adult IQ at the chronological age of seven, was more mature than most legal adults and acted like a “little professor” as is common among high IQ autistic children. Daniella psychologically remains a seven year old girl, albeit a mature and responsible one with extremely high IQ.

Choreographic Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to to sexually arouse females by means of choreographic stimulation.

Cinematic Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to sexually arouse females by means of stimulation in cinematic-style performance.

Circumspection of Daniella

Daniella is a specialist in integrating intersectionality in general ethical calculus while very carefully avoiding moral prejudice of every kind.

Classfluidity of Daniella

Daniella is vehemently opposed to classism, i.e. discrimination/oppression as on the basis of social class. Daniella is however able to seamlessly shift between social class roles throughout the full spectrum of social class distinction.

Clingyness of Daniella


Cognitive dissonance of Daniella

Cognitive dissonance and most other intra-personal psychological suffering is directly or indirectly caused by conflicts of priority between the two brains within the human cranium. While Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative and professional TEVEL intelligence diplomat has little choice but to engage in operational deception for tactical, strategic and goal-oriented purposes does Daniella strive for optimal transparency as the ethical imperative of promoting psychological health indeed requires minimizing conflicts of priority between the two brains within the human cranium. This needs be attained 1) by constructively and continually so improving cooperation/collaboration between the two brains within the human cranium as well as 2) by means of optimal transparency, meaning always striving to minimize practices of hypocrisy in private and professional life alike to a very bare minimum indeed.

Coitus Consent of Daniella

Coitus needs be artistically choreographed and the gynogenic person needs be fully socially consenting by means of being proactive unless consensually agreed otherwise. Coitus with a passive gynogenic person is uninteresting. Social conventions must not be confused with consent. Non-consensual sex is turnoff.

Coitus feminism of Daniella

Daniella refuses to participate in coitus unless the coitus is clearly and intrinsically feminist in nature; meaning ethically, aesthetically, choreographically, socially and politically so.

Coitus of Daniella

Daniella is sensitive to misgendering on account of cisfemale expectations for coitus with Daniella and that as other forms of misgendering of Daniella is automatic turnoff for her. Daniell recognizes temporary bodily transformations as a result of female intimate arousal as most lovely and charming indeed. Due to heterocultural males largely being turned off by overt gynogenic arousal do gynogenic persons learn to disguise their own gynogenic arousal. The fact that Daniella is female with phallus is however in no way a disadvantage other than potential misgendering, potential misageing and potential missexualization which are all turnoff for Daniella. Daniella opposes all forms sexual intercourse that do not constitute choreographically highly calibrated feminist ritual sex. Whether constituting group sex or romantic sex needs sexual intercourse become carefully artistically choreographed indeed.  Anything else is contrary to both Japanese court etiquette and classical Versailles court etiquette. This means that Daniella opposes all forms of sex other than feminist ritual sex. Coitus is a form of hospitality on the part of a gynogenic person and as accorded to an invited androgenic person. The androgenic person therefore needs conduct herself as a most respectful guest indeed or it is breach of court etiquette. Daniella abhors patriarchal “coitus by favor” as coitus needs be performed solely in strict adherence to all requisites of of the most strict court etiquette. The ethico-aesthetic necessity of such strict ethico-aesthetic commitment in socio-sexual conduct is underscored by the need to avoid even the appearance of sexual exploitation other than of course if this is the artistic topic of a particular performance of feminist ritual sex. Yet strict  requisites of court etiquette strictly apply in those cases as well. Non-compliance with requisites of court etiquette is distinctly turn-off for Daniella and leads to loss of erection.

“Coldness” of Daniella

While sometimes becoming sentimental is Daniella generally averse to sentimentality. Daniella is softly tough-talking as in a Tarantino move, rather similar indeed to Barack Obama who is both warm and hard at the same time. Daniella does not wish intimate relationships to become sentimental but rather prefers soft tough-talking as in James Bond movies indeed. Sean Connery in fact enacted an androgenic femme fatale and Sean Connery’s role has formed the basis for all subesquent James Bond actors. Children do typically often cry yet are almost never sentimental. Children are rather as Daniella herself indeed typically softly tough-talking as is Daniella herself. Being a trans girl means that Daniella has the psychological characteristics of a seven year old, albeit one who is highly intelligent, highly educated and highly intellectually, psychologically and socially mature indeed. Daniella in being highly hardcore romantic does not wish to become sentimentally softcore romantic as indeed in any way aking to mutal parasitism of monogamy. Daniella lives as she teaches and is therefore particularly strict about applying virtues of feminist ethics in court etiquette.

Color Sexual Preference of Daniella

Daniella is turned on by neon colors and especially by pink fashion apparels and in particular so if worn by females with bleached hair.

Colors of Daniella

Daniella’s favorite color is pink. Before coming out of the closet as lesbian, transgender, transage and transbrain was Daniella’s favorite color instead blue. In living fully out as a primping transgender lesbian did Daniella discover that she is highly comfortable in using fashion apparels of different shades of black. This however does not indicate that black is Daniella’s favorite color but rather that black fits well with Daniella’s shade of skin. It needs be pointed out that the color black is not one color but is rather a number of different colors as not distinguishable to the human eye. Different subcultures assign different semiotic meaning to different colors and these are hence mere social constructions.

Command and Control (C2) of Daniella

Human cognition is essentially a Command and Control (C2) center with various cognitive centers assigned different roles in the symphony orchestra that is personal human cognition. There are four centers of cognition inside  the human cranium which contains two separate, yet certainly interconnected brains which alternate in exercising control over the body. There are thus two consciouses and two subconsciouses. The consciouses are singular in character while each of the two subconsciouses has a plural character. The four cognitive centers have different functional specialization in Daniella. The autistic conscious is the one which makes the all the major decisions. The ADHD conscious executes most decisions. The autistic subconscious is the military think tank while the ADHD subconscious is the planning branch. The ADHD conscious is the national security and legal advisor while the autistic conscious is the commander in chief. The autistic think tank coordinates closely with the ADHD planning branch which turns the ideas of the autistic think tank into operational planning. The ADHD conscious leads military intelligence while the autistic conscious heads the general staff.

Comorbity of Daniella

50% of persons with autism also have ADHD, 80% of persons with ADHD also have psychopathy, 50% of all persons with savantism are autists and 10% of all persons with autism have savantism. There is also a significant overrepresentation of diagnosed psychiatric conditions among persons with autism due to the pseudo-scientific practice of labeling autists as ostensibly but actually mentally ill. Savantism is also found among other categories of persons and primarily in persons with either brain damage or Obsesssive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). There is however generally a tendency to conflate these distinctive and demographically overlapping conditions. It is therefore essential to emphasize that 20% of teenager as diagnosed with ADHD do not develop psychopathy as adults. This also means that psychopathy is significantly overrepresented among autists in psychopathy forming part of the ADHD spectrum. Savantism is furthermore in no way reducible to autism in these being distinctive conditions and the pseudo-scientific conflation of autism and savantism often causes psychiatry to label autistic savants as either potentially or actually insane. The risk of criminal behavior and criminal recidivism is vastly higher in persons with ADHD than in the general population as most criminals have either psychopathy or subclinical psychopathy as part of the ADHD spectrum, however this is certainly not so with non-psychopathic ADHD. There is furthermore much documented although also much disputed comordity between ADHD and OCD, something which of course does not justify conflating the two by means of physionomistic systemtic prejudice. It needs be emphasized that statistical comorbidity is mere correlation and that any other conclusion constitutes abject physionomistic pseudo-science.

Compassion of Daniella

Daniella believes that compassion without reason and logic is simply emotional exploition and sometimes mutually so. As even the most compassionate person is unable to help every person and every group of persons whom she wishes to assist should compassion be a matter of thoughtful priority. Daniella believes that compassion should be performed strategically for optimal political effect in helping those who need to be helped politically speaking. Daniella as a global diplomatic activist thus engages in political action locally and worldwide in order so as to foment social change and always does so with a strategic frame in mind. The more rational and logical compassion is hence the more effective does it thus become politically speaking.

Concentration of Daniella

Daniella is not preoccupied by details, rules, lists, order, organization and schedule but rather believes in pursuit of love virtue in loving kindness. Daniella does not suffer from extreme perfectionism and completes her tasks. Daniella as a fully out lesbian loves to flirt in public space when weather and time so allows but is generally very hard-working. Daniellea rarely experiences bad conscience and so is thus clearly not over-conscientious. Daniella strongly abides by Jewish ethics, intersectional science and court etiquette. Daniella opposes overapplication of virtue where not relevant since the virtue then becomes a vice. Daniella has no problem throwing away useless items. Daniella delegates to others and expect them to use their own independent judgment in carrying out their tasks. Daniella likes shopping and spends responsibly unless required act otherwise under pressing operational conditions. Daniella therefore does not even remotely meet diagnostic criteria for Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD).

Concern of Daniella

Daniella is very concerned about the wellbeing of others and as to their suffering which she anxious to prevent and hence Daniella’s struggle for universal emancipation, including as for emancipating non-human persons.

Conscience of Daniella

Daniella considers herself to have an absolute obligation to the absolute other (toute autre) of the Derridean ethical tradition as brilliantly articulated by John Caputo and which in turn is founded in the Rabbinic tradition. Who then is the other? This is surely an important question and legitimate inquiry indeed. Daniella will politically stand up for deserving victims of structural oppression no matter whom they are as certainly not limited to human beings but extending to persons generally. Daniella’s conscience is therefore practically expressed through ethical courage. In the rabbinic tradition is it emphasized that it is far more important what one does than what than one believes. That is a highly problematic assertion in the sense that what one does certainly depends upon what one believes. Daniella is however a strong believer in efficacy of ethico-political action since it is impossible to help everyone all the time on an individual level. This brings us to the problem of ethical priority and Daniella specifically opposes the Catholic principle of subsidiarity in charity as constituting false consciousness of ideologically reinforcing classist economic oppression by provision of temporary remedy which legitimizes the very order of economic structural oppression. The principle of subsidiarity was relevant in premodern society but is now merely false consciousness of classism. Daniella therefore believes that she is absolutely and bindingly obliged to take effective political action by means of political innovation to undo the structural oppression itself as opposed to merely ameliorating its individual social effects. This however is not to imply that such ameliorating measures are somehow not needed in contemporary social reality but rather that ethical efficacy is absolutely ethically binding indeed. In needs be emphasized that although impossible to fully comply with is the absoluting binding obligation to aid the deserving other of the Rabbinic tradition extremely different indeed from the Catholic act of charity as commonly perceived of as an act of indulgence in the Catholic tradition. While both traditions are articulated out of nominal love is the act of indulgence performed out of a sense of guilt while in the Rabbinic tradition is the absolute obligation to the other traditionally performed out of concern (pachad hashem) for the future of one’s soul. In other words are both traditions not entirely unselfish in this regard and are so in parallel although distinctive ways. Rather the absolutely binding obligation to aid deserving others with utmost efficacy needs be performed out of pure and undeluted love alone or it is already semi-vice.

Conscientiousness of Daniella

On all decisions that impact either Daniella’s very survival and/or the wellbeing of others does the ethically highly calculating ADHD brain take charge by default and thus often overrules the autistic brain. The ADHD brain furthermore performs all operational, legal and political/diplomatic decision-making. The autistic brain does create and devise by means of highly advanced social and conceptual innovation, yet the ADHD brain ultimately takes charge and makes decisions as largely founded on insights, input and wisdom of the autistic brain. Daniella is highly conscientious and did in fact experience much psychological suffering as a younger person due to perceived and/or actual behavioral shortcoming of hers. As the practical functioning of Daniella’s two brains continually over years increasingly and very substantually so improve has Daniella ceased irrationally experiencing regret over past actions and focuses instead exclusively on improving behavioral performance in present and future. Emotional suffering is no virtue and so experiencing bad conscious towards others is psychologically simply a poor excuse for avoiding continually improving one’s own ethico-politico-aesthetic performance of interpersonal genuine respect and profound appreciation of full personhood (appearance & cognition) in fellow persons. Daniella thus consciously decided to end experiencing bad conscious by supplanting it with polymorphous social action of continually improved ethico-aesthically sociofluid performance of interpersonal ethico-political social interaction. Bad conscious in being a social construction in every culture is an outcome of collectively/individually internalized social control in ethnocratic patriarchy, i.e. internalized structural oppression under the social terror and social tyranny of psychological repression under the collective spell of irrational cultural hegemony.

Consideration of Daniella

Daniella does not expect behavioral perfection from others but is very extremely understanding as to that misbehavior largely stems from having become subject to nefarious structural oppression. None of this is to imply that Daniella in any way condones, defends or excuses evildoers.

Contempt of Daniella

Daniella has only contempt for vice of every kind in vice being expression of depraved lowliness whether individual or collective (i.e. structural lowliness. Virtue is honor and not a burden as bizarrely imagined by some forms of organized religion. Imagine someone saying no to gift of one billion dollars with no strings attached? Unlikely yes. Now imagine someone rejecting virtue in favor of vice? Much more likely yes. This is because the notion of virtue has become thoroughly corrupted by organized religion and “secular” epigones thereof. Once you discursively corrupt virtue into burden is it already on it ways onto becoming transformed into vice. Virtue is a gift of the finest kind possible and it is furthermore not a gift of giving as there is really not much more than politeness, and perhaps also gratitude and happiness as involved in receiving a gift. As modernity turned education from refinement and wisdom into oppression and brainwashing did virtue somehow disappear in the process. We need thus reappropriate virtue from within our own respective cultural heritage. There is now another name for vice and that is structural oppression which we indeed need delearn indeed by means of feminist Social Behavioral Training (SBT).

Conscious of Daniella

There is an interesting relationship between the two brains of Daniella in terms of strict, yet certainly not unchangeable division of powers between the two brains but also in the sense that the autistic brain is far more conscious as the ADHD brain is in fact much far less so and indeed is highly secretive as the ADHD brain is a leader and an intelligence operative while the autistic brain is a mistress in rational love, in rational compassion and in the art of science in socially responsible scientific innovation. Daniella is thus both love and war as those aspects of Daniella form part and parcel of her full personhood, i.e. combined performative appearance and behavioral cognition.

Consent of Daniella

Daniella is TURNED OFF by being placed in socio-erotic situations of non-consensual role play. ANYTHING SEXUALLY NON-CONSENSUAL is TURNOFF. Consent may of course be implicit or contractual, yet it is interesting how intelligence seduction has widely become reduced to premeditated sexual harassment.

Contempt of Daniella

Daniella holds utter contempt towards lowliness, foolishness, incompetence and evil ways. This contempt is an essential virtue of Daniella in Daniella therefore being to able identify what is wrong, mistaken and backward. Daniella’s contempt towards vice is therefore an essential virtue of hers. It is essential to point out that Daniella is highly understanding of shortcomings of others and while she may hold contempt for expression of vice in a fellow person does she nevertheless take great care to not confuse the vice of the individual person with the unique personhood of that person. Daniella is indifferent towards individual evildoers although understanding the binding operational necessity of eliminating evildoers. Daniella sometimes experiences hatred for structural oppression, yet never towards any singular indvidual. For example does Daniella hold UTTER CONTEMPT FOR PATRIARCHAL SCUMBAGS yet will politely respect them as persons when encountering individual patriarchal scumbags. It needs be pointed however out that Daniella avoids social interaction with patriarchal scumbags due to their typically lowly mental state of being.

Contextuality of Daniella

In writing deconstruction as applied science as inspired by Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault and Judith Butler does Daniella immerse herself in whateever discursive context she ventures into. It needs be emphasized that this mode of immersion is a method of investigative science journalism as pioneered by Jacques Derrida and furthermore constitutes compliance with the primary methodology of field anthropology, namely cultural relativism which of course must not be confused with the bizarre nihilistic political doctrine with the same name. It needs be emphasized that the primary although usually unstated purpose of the methodology of cultural relativism is to avoid reproducing hegemonic moral prejudice of one’s own culture/subculture. This of course must not be confuses with either opportunism or personal predisposition but it needs rather be understood that Daniella as a Queer field anthropologist engages in systematic Queering of whatever discursive context she immerses herself into. While doing this in political writing as well is certainly HIGHLY UNCONVENTIONAL is it also HIGHLY APPROPRIATE  and HIGHLY ETHICAL as this is a scientific method of practice of INTELLIGENT HYPEREMPATHY and DISCURSIVE SOCIOFLUIDITY and certainly NOT DISSIMULATION or POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM. There can be no doubt that democratic public political discussion would be far more productive if participants were to be VIRTUOUSLY SOCIOFLUID indeed as opposes to more or less relying on standard dogmatic fallacies of various systems of cosmology such as ideology, religion, philosophical school, culture, nationalism etc.

Convergence of Daniella

Most human psychological problems are derived from cognitive conflicts between the two brains in the human cranium. Since one of Daniella’s brains is autistic and the other brain is ADHD are there significant cognitive differences between them, yet the two brains as any two human brains in the same cranium certainly do interact and do so to an increasingly sophisticated and extremely cognitively advanced degree. Increasing cognitive integration between the two brains cause savantantism to increasingly spread to more and more aspects of Daniella’s life as more and more areas of skills and more and more fields of knowledge become profoundly interesting to Daniella as a uniquely advanced prodigious savant and uniqely documented universal genius indeed.

Conversation of Daniella

Daniella is highly verbal and likes turning on and sexually arouse others by means of exquisit conversation of gender science. Daniella typically dominates 90% of a conversation which is perfectly as things ought be considering that Daniella is an autistic universal genius.

Coping of Daniella

Daniella’s ability to cope increasingly improves over the years. The ADHD brain has extremely advanced coping ability an the coping ability of the austic brain has slowly improved over the years.

Cosmetics of Daniella

Daniella is a lipstick lesbian and as such is she most picky about how she and others visually style themselves. Daniella is also very specific about feminist etiquette in herself essentially behaving like a geisha, yet without the commercial connotations of that term. Daniella loves cosmetic enhancement but does not want too much cosmetics in the face beyond the lips and areas around the eyes as Daniella as a lesbian enjoys mutually kissing all over the face and body and not merely as in heteroculture focus on lips and mouth as a sort of symbolically phallocentric ersatz vagina. Daniella loves eyelash extensions, lipstick, eyeliners, rogue and generally scents of natural perfumes. The combination of ethics and aesthetics in self-expression is what beauty, sensuality, hotness, sexiness, cuteness, handsomeness etc. all essentially are about and that is true irrespective of gender and other such shibboleths of persons.

Cosmetic preferences of Daniella

In females with bleached hair does Daniella prefer significant facial cosmetics with pink lipstick. In brunettes does Daniella prefer more discreet cosmetics and certainly not too much cosmetics. Daniella is turned on by cosmetics in both females and males. The preference for cosmetics is the strongest as regards teenagers (as above the age of consent). If the cosmetics are too conspicious in a brunette is that less sexually interesting once in a situation of sexual intimacy. The reverse is true if in a situation of sexual intimacy with a female with bleached hair, tanned body as free from body hair and where conspicious cosmetics with pink lipstick is instead strongly sexually arousing for Daniella.

Courage of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that ethical courage is essential to psychological health as cognitive dissonance tends to cause significant individual suffering. Ethical courage in the sense as daring to follow conscience against prevailing hegemonic notions of moral prejudice is extremely salutogenic in that this serves to limit conflicts of priority between the two brains in the human cranium which is what causes psychological contradiction and hence also typically produces psychological suffering.

Court Etiquette of Daniella

1) Daniella as an experienced intelligence diplomat not only mistresses diplomatic etiquette but also English court etiquette from which diplomatic etiquette derived.  2) Daniella practices English court etiquette in formal non-diplomatic encounters in which at least one of the communicating persons speaks in a professional capacity. 3) Daniella practices Versailles court etiquette in so called informal encounters, i.e. in semi-erotic or erotic contexts. 4) Daniella practices Japanese court etiquette in ceremonial encounters, meaning most of the time as most social interaction is anthropologically ceremonial in all human cultures. 5) Daniella practices Swedish court etiquette when wishing to emphasize extra respect, politeness in seeking to make the other person feel comfortable and worthy.  6) Daniella practices feminist etiquette everywhere as integrated in all the above forms of etiquette.

Critical Theory of Daniella

Critical theory was founded by German Jews of Frankfurt university who relocated to the United States due to the Nazi takeover of Germany. The founders of the Frankfurt school described rarely labeled themselves but were clearly opposed to state communism specifically and totalitarianism generally. They were influenced by Marxist theory and psychoanalitic theory respectively but were independent, non-doctrinarian thinkers. Critical theory has spawned many academic fields and particularly in France and in the United States. In France did the Frankfurt school significantly influence the intellectual milieu around Algerian-born Jewish universal genius Jacques Derrida. Critical theory must not be confused with the pseudo-science of so called “post-modernism” which seeks to usurp Critical Theory for its own purposes of vanity and selfish self-promotion. Gender science (to the inclusion of feminist theory and Queer theory) is one of many branches of contemporary Critical Theory. Daniella’s writings in Critical Theory spans the full spectrum of Critical Theory including Deconstructionlegal critical theoryfeminist critical theoryQueer theorycultural studiescritical race theoryanimal critical studiespsychoanalytic theory and the otherwise still mostly Marxist postcolonial theory. Most fields of Critical Theory are post-Marxist, i.e. merely historicaly influenced by Marxist theory.

Crossgenerational appeal of Daniella

Females of all ages are profoundedly sexually attracted to Daniella and when primped are males of all ages also extremely attracted to Daniella. There is nothing wrong with that and as once Hugh Hefner does Daniella find her sex appeal rising by the year. Anyone studying pictures of Hygh Hefner will quickly find out that he was clearly far more attractive at age seventy than at age thirty.

Cunning of Daniella

Daniella as an elite TEVEL intelligence diplomat and elite MUST intelligence operative performs by means of sophisticated coordination and functional specialization between the four cognitive centers of her two brains. Daniella as virtually all human beings have two brains, meaning also also two consciouses and two subconsciouses. Advanced human cognitive performance requires functionally effective coordination between the four cognitive centers of human cognition. Daniella deploys female cunning in the sense that adversaries with malign intentions are outwitted as she deploys her charm, sincerity and virtue as the world’s most advanced fille fatale in politics, diplomacy and intelligence warfare alike. This works by the highly conscientious conscious of her autistic brain setting the principles according to which all four cognitive centers operate. The strictly principled conscious of the ADHD brain subsequently strictly apply those principles. The subconscious of the autistic brain in being highly creative comes up with tactics while the subconscious of the ADHD brain in being able to calculate an unlimited number of of moves and alternative scenarios sets the strategy. The conscious of the austic brain is partly although not entirely aware of the strategy beforehand. The conscious of the ADHD brain has more strategic awareness in being more integrated with its subconscious than the austic brain is with its own subconscious. Communication between the autistic conscious and the autistic subconscious mostly takes place by means of provision of pieces of information through so called “intuition” from the subconscious of the autistic brain on which the conscious of the austistic brain successfully acts on. The conscious of the ADHD brain is in contrast fully intuitive in intuitively performing immediate action in a perfectly instinctual fashion. The autistic brain is normally in charge with the ADHD brain being the assistant brain, yet the austic brain increasingly subcontracts more and more tasks to the ADHD brain in thus the ADHD brain increasingly becoming responsible for more an more spheres in Daniella’s life. There is thus a clear subdivision of powers between the four cognitive centers although it needs be emphasized that the subdivision of powers increasingly develop over time. It needs be pointed out that communication between the two subconsciouses is fully subconscious indeed as not even the conscious of the ADHD brain has access to that highly privileged communication indeed. Daniella’s intends for there to become a more equal relationship between the brains in the ADHD conscious taking over all tasks for which it is better suited, including any obliging task which does not particularly interest the austic conscious. As the relationship between the four cognitive centers increasingly develop over time does Daniella’s operative performance become more and more advanced indeed. It needs be pointed out that the conscious of the autistic brain has no direct contact with the subconscious of the ADHD brain. Both the ADHD conscious and the austic conscious therefore operate as effective liasions between the ADHD subconscious and the autistic conscious. Daniella’s cognition as individual human cognition generally is thus essentiallly a Command and Control (C2) center as based on the principle of division of powers which by means of increasingly effective operative specialization becomes more and more operationally advanced over time.

Cruising of Daniella

Daniella performs feminist lesbian cruising wherever she ventures in public space in constantly flirting, hugging and making out with newly encountered females in public space in full compliance with law and with the highest conceivable feminist ethical standards. Daniella is extremely skilled at instantly turning on virtually any human being. Daniella does lesbian cruising primarily for scientific purposes as a Queer and feminist theorist in doing anthropological field work everywhere she ventures in studying dysfunctional heteroculture as if it were a foreign “exotic” culture.

Cultural feminism of Daniella

While strictly in compliance with law does Daniella refuse to participate in performance of social conventions of structural prejudice. Daniella thus performs social roles of feminist performance art everywhere in subversively destroying the discursive credibility of ideologies of ethnocratic patriarchy everywhere she ventures. Daniella refuses to participate in social contexts as legally requiring her to become complicit in structural oppression.

Cunning of Daniella

Daniella as an extremely intelligent psychological female is highly ethically cunning in always outsmarting evildoers. This obviously has not always been case but is a cognitive-operational capability which Daniella has learned to develop over time with extensive operational experience. The turning point as to Daniella zero-tolerance for strategic failure was the 2014 Yezidi genocide. What is needed is thus ful control over strategic outcome. Unless you are able to fully control strategic outcome are you highly likely to lose. However, strategic innovation in operational surprise is also a very much essential and vital element in attaining strategic operational success.

Curiosity of Daniella

Daniella as a prodigious savant and uniqely documented universal genus takes personal interest in a vast number of fields of knowledge of society and science. Empathy is one of the greatest social interests of Daniella for whom profoundly understanding others is profoundly tantalizing indeed. Daniella therefore takes an active interest in performance of intelligent introjection of extremely advanced intelligently emotional empathy indeed. Daniella therefore takes a great interest in personal concerns and modes of thoughts in fellow human beings and irrespectively so of shibboleths of oppression/discrimination.

Cuteness of Daniella

Cuteness is the art of performing child behavioral techniques for gaining affection from adolescents/adult and Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative is extremely skilled at that.

Cyborg feminism of Daniella

Cyborg feminism operates at the intersection of technology and organism in being a highly futuristic form of feminism in hence transcending the Cartesian nature/nurture binary.

Daily life of Daniella

Daniella experiences neither obsessions nor compulsions and so does not even remotely meet diagnostic criteria for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). However Daniella experiences severe impairment in daily functioning while alone at home because of the autistic brain and so resolves this predicament by increasingly letting the ADHD brain take over all tasks on which the autistic brain is usually unfocused.

Dancing of Daniella

Daniella has taken great interest in expressing herself through her body by means of dance throughout since being a teenager. It is written about King David in the Hebrew Bible that he danced in prayer. Daniella is able to instantly learn any dance provided that she finds it interesting. Daniella watched belly dancing on youtube, including Shakira’s “Hips don’t lie” and instantly became a highly accomplished belly dancer without any need for any training whatsoever. Daniella often performs “Hips don’t lie” with her hot buns as part of flirting with fellow females.

Decentness of Daniella

Daniella is fair to those fair, good to those good, lovely to those lovely and harsh on evildoers.

Derridean feminism of Daniella

The entire work of Jacques Derrida is devoted to selective destruction of ethnocratic patriarchy in opposing structural oppression of every kind.

Determination of Daniella

Is determination a vice or a virtue? Well that certainly contextually depends on the nature of determination; namely its hermeneutics, ontology, epistemology and teleology. The determination of those essential matters are precisely about identification of relative degree of virtue and/or relative absence whereof. Virtue without determination is weakness and determination without virtue does at best lack merit and may even constitute evil as certainly relative to the degree of evil involved as regards above mentioned aspects of inquiry.

Decision-making of Daniella

By many years of experience is Daniella well aware that her intuitive decisions always turn out right whether in the short term, in the mid term and/or in the long term. It is usually not difficult for Daniella to trust her own intuition but it can sometimes be challenging to trust her own intuition in cases where she wants to act differently.

Deconstruction of Daniella

Deconstruction is the ability to change one’s own path of thinking as of relevant to context.

Democracy activism of Daniella

Democracy needs be anchored in pre-existing social institutions of pre-democratic society. The people embraces democratic values when they feel that they have an immense stake in it. Universal emancipation makes the people embrace the virtues of open society and liberal democracy.

Diagnoses of Daniella

Daniella opposes current diagnostic systems as constituting a most severely structurally oppressive expression of physionimism and therefore advocates numerical measurement of various traits/conditions in orders so as to avoid social stigma and ensuing unproductive life. Daniella herself is diagnosed with both high-functioning autism and ADHD.

Dialogical personality of Daniella

Daniella is a highly dialogical person in that profound dialogue with others usually yet not always entirely removes cognitive contradiction (e.g. cognitive dissonance, anxiety, undecision,  irrational fear etc.) between Daniella’s autistic brain and Daniella’s ADHD brain. This is because neurological contact of genuine dialogue with another person face to face provides extremely effective coordination as between Daniella’s two brains. How is this so? The state of neurological symbios with a fellow person face to face simply put enables harmonic and constructive interaction between Daniella’s two brains without one needing to dominate the other in typically causing  cognitive contradiction such cognitive dissonance, anxiety, undecision and irrational fear in the autistic brain.

Dignity of Daniella

Daniella is profoundly dignified in her respect for others since the sense of dignity in a person is derived from that person’s respect for the full personhood of  fellow persons. Others perceives a person whom they encounter as dignified only to the degree that they themselves sense that they themselves exerience themselves as fully respected as full persons indeed.

Diplomacy of Daniella

Daniella serves as TEVEL chief liason with special responsibility for Kurdistan since 2004. TEVEL was originally an Israeli intelligence organization but is now an international intelligence organization for pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike. TEVEL in Sweden is represented by MUST (Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service) and so international TEVEL’s presence in Sweden is fully and closely coordinated with MUST. Daniella strongly believes that diplomacy ought be based on common interests and democratic values. Daniella is committed to feminist diplomacy, which means that she acts with female cunning and the highest possible moral standards and always ultimately outwits her adversaries.

Diplomatic etiquette of Daniella

Daniella emphasizes HONOR in diplomatic etiquette. Daniella STRONGLY opposes selfishness in diplomacy and is vehemently opposed to the REALIST SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. Dipomatic etiquette needs ground itself in DEMOCRATIC VIRTUES AND NOT MERELY IN DEMOCRATIC VALUES, meaning that practicing DEMOCRATIC REALISM IS AN ABSOLUTELY BINDING ETHICAL IMPERATIVE. Daniella is not open to compromise over ethics but operates under intersectional morality when there are no OTHER ethical avenues available. DIPLOMATIC IDEALISM IS USUALLY A MERE DESPICABLY HYPOCRITICAL COVER FOR CYNICALLY EVIL SO CALLED “DIPLOMATIC REALISM” FOR WHICH DANIELLA HOLD ONLY DISINTERESTED CONTEMPT.

Diplomatic immunity of Daniella

In since 2004 serving in a semi-covert UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE permanent intelligence diplomatic mission to Sweden on behalf of America’s covert military elite intelligence agency NOPD (National Office for the Protection of Democracy) as the diplomatic coordinator for international assistance to Kurdistan does Daniella have full and permanent intelligence diplomatic accreditation and therefore also full and complete legal immunity from any coercive action by any branch of the Swedish state.

Disabilities of Daniella

Daniella in having ADHD, high IQ autism, dyslexia and dyscalculia has particularly socially constructed functional limitations. Daniella did not learn to read fluently with Latin characters until taught so by her highly skilled teacher mother in second grade. Daniella still cannot read Hebrew fluently despite speaking Hebrew rather freely albeit with a limited vocabulary.  This difference clearly indicates social construction at play. The subconscious of the ADHD brain is prodigious in game theory despite the austic brain suffering from dyscalculia. It is important to emphasize that it is solely the autistic brain which writes as the dyscalculia as the dyslexia are therefore fully limited to the autistic brain. Daniella’s autistic brain has severe functional practical difficulties as for instance regards household work, making phone calls and filling in administrative forms. Daniella’s solution to that predicament is therefore to increasingly let the ADHD brain take over tasks in which the autistic brain consistently fail. Despite the autistic brain not being able to fill in simple forms is the autistic brain capable of guiding someone else in filling in a very complex form indeed. Daniella intends to let the ADHD brain take over the fingers during typing while still letting the autistic brain perform most aspects of of writing. The ADHD brain has no disabilities whatsoever other than diagnosed ADHD itself.

Discursive flirting of Daniella

Daniella likes to turn on and sexually arouse by intellectual discussion and preferably by discussing matters of gender science. That is indeed the Versailles way where seduction and advanced intellectual interaction of art and science were fully integrated indeed.

Discursive foreplay of Daniella

Scientific chavruta is essential as prior to private feminist ritual sex as intellectual contact is essential for establishing genuine psychological symbios as involving all four cognitive centers within the human cranium.

Discursive intercourse of Daniella

Daniella likes to tell performative narrative and perform comical political imitation while in bed.

Discursive postlude of Daniella

Sexual postlude needs be about removing personal anxieties in the other person and ensuring that there is a profound interpersonal relationship

Discussion of Daniella

Daniella abhors the Hellenistic/Para-Christian MASCULINIST PRACTICE OF DEBATE and loves discussion, dialogue and chavruta, i.e.  if enabling the opening of the repressed realm of the feminine. The person who “loses the argument” is actually the winner for s/he has hopefully learned something new.  The person who “wins” has merely performed indeed “scored” a symbolic coitus, a certain sublimation of repressed desire for interpersonal intimacy. Chavruta, the method of Plato’s academy as preserved by yeshivot (rabbinic academies) needs become re-eroticized as chavruta as once in Plato’s academy should culminate in loving kindness of sexual intercourse.

Disinformation of Daniella

Daniella is a skilled professional communicator, an experienced professional intelligence diplomat, an artistic skilled writer and highly effectvie public relations expert. Daniell has only contempt for propaganda and war propaganda is a war crime under the laws of war. Daniella recognizes however that disinformation about tactical intension is an essential, unfortunately necessary element in intelligence warfare and psychological warfare alike. Daniella is particularly experienced in the field of providing plausible disinformation with purpose of psychologically manipulating enemies into not believing Daniella when she states the full truth while conversely manipulating enemies into believing Daniella when she offers disinformation about tactical intension. Daniella has a very extremely successful track record in these regard. Daniella strongly believes in being strictly truthful about the past and past while when operationally necessary misleading the enemy about tactical intentions.

Disinhibition of Daniella

Daniella does experience fear, yet she certainly does not act out of fear. Daniella experiences conflicted emotions yet she does everything reasonable to avoid performing hypocrisy other than as required by concern for others and operational/legal considerations. Daniella is spontaneous, rule-based/virtue-based and so acts freely within that frame and irrespective of hegemonic moral prejudice as underpinning nefarious structural oppression.

Disregard of Daniella

Daniella’s disregard for vice such as hypocrisy and insincerity is a virtue of Daniella.

Dissimulation of Daniella

Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative really does not need pretend much because her operative oblivion will temporarily filter out any memory which does not operatively serve her at that point. The most advanced form of dissimulation is sociofluidity whereby we learn to adapt rather than to pretend. Indeed the difference between a mediocre actor and an excellent actor is that the mediocre actor will always try to be someone else while the excellent actor is capable of expressing her own genuine personhood no matter which role she assumes. Pretending involves cognitive contradiction and therefore risks operative credibility and hence increases the risk of operational exposure. The same is true of lying as lying causes cognitive contradiction and thus usually psychological suffering and futhermore risks operational credibility and increasingly the likelihood of operational exposure. It is therefore essential on an intelligence mission to as much as possible reduce pretending, lying and hypocrisy. Why then is this so operationally dangerous? The reason this is so is because cognitive contradiction risks becoming inadvertently projected by means of neurological communication and subsequently introjected by an interlocutor. This in turn may cause the interlocutor to become suspicious in asking trick questions which may thus raise the risks of operational exposure. Operative dissimulation needs therefore be as honest as possible with as little cognitive contradiction indeed.

Dissociation of Daniella

Daniella exhibits a very highly extremely advanced capability of functionally extremely advanced dissociation in terms of how her two brains intelligently cooperate in specialization of lateralization. This typically means that Daniella’s ADHD brain triggers temporary oblivion in the autistic brain such as for operative purposes, shielding the autistic brain from potentially traumatic experience or simply withholding information which at that point simply is completely operatively irrelevant indeed. The ADHD brain  may thus provide the information a minute later when this data has become contextually relevant. This means that Daniella may be mistaken for naive when in fact she is extremely operationally advanced in her brain limiting sensory impression and access to awareness as relevant to any particular level of social advancement in any kind of social trajectory. Daniella is perfectly well aware that her advanced functional oblivion is a tremendous operative asset in her being fully capable of projecting an impression of naviety as an intelligence fille fatale (girl femme fatale) while acting in a mostly subconscious, yet highly extremely calculated manner.

Dominant androcentric sexuality of Daniella

Daniella likes to be highly dominant with teenage boys above the age of consent. Daniella expects full obedience in full compliance with court etiquette and feminist standards of conduct. Speech is STICTLY FORBIDDEN and Daniella only performs sexual penetration which is what takes up almost the entire alloted time. Initial greetings take place by means of the teenage boys above the age of consent moderately bowing and Daniella performing moderate curtsey. Second greetings take place by means of teenage boys above the age of consent performing significant bowing while kissing Daniella’s graciously outstretched hand. WARNING: Deep bowing is at this point severe breach of court etiquette. After this does Daniella leave the room and enters in a very short lingerie nightgown and Daniella subsquently delicatetely and fully undressess the the teenage boys above the age of consent. Daniella thereafter acts in a motherly role of the most luxurious harlot conceivable. The rest of the time is exclusively allotted to oral and anal penetrative intercourse on the part Daniella as well as Daniella performing fellatio on the teenage boys above the age of consent. WARNING: No phallic anal penetration of Daniella is permitted during this venue and any attempt towards this end is severe breach of protocol. Daniella does not kiss mouth with boys and “merci” is expressed by means of the teenage boys above the age of consent kissing Daniella on the cheek. “Adieu” is performed by means of Daniella performing deep curtsy and the teenage boys above the age of consent performing deep bowing while kissing Daniella’s graciously outstretched hand as prior leaving the room at the end of the allotted time.

Dominant gynocentric sexuality of Daniela

Daniella likes to be very highly intimately dominant with teenage girls above the age of consent in full and utter compliance with court etiquette and requirements of feminist conduct. Daniella however is the one who kisses on hand as prior to physical intimacy while the teenage girls above the age of consent kiss Daniella on the hand during physical intimacy as well as in in the form of “adieu” as prior to the teenage girls above the age consent leaving the room when the time is up. Mouth kissing is not performed prior to or during the time allotted for interpersonal intimacy as the “merci” as it is known under Versailles etiquette is only performed at the end of interpersonal intimacy at the end of the allotted time and fully mutually so. Mutual deep curtsy is performed both upon entering the room and upon leaving room. WARNING: No hand kissing is performed during mutual curtsy as this is severe breach of protocol.

Dream realization

Daniella realizes sexual fantasies of sexual partners by introjecting their desires by means of neurological communication and subsequently intuitively realizing those very sexual fantasies. How does this work? The subconscious of the autistic brain introjects the erotic fantasies of the other person and then passes on the information to the subconscious of the ADHD brain which makes ethical, aesthetical and feminist distinctions of court etiquette on the basis of principles as determined by the conscious of the austitic brain. This works as a filter as the inadmissable is filtered out. The ADHD brain subsequently passes on the admissable to the conscious of the ADHD brain. The conscious of the ADHD brain then provides what seems like “reflexive intuitive inspiration” to the conscious of the autistic brain. The sexual action is subsequently carried on by the conscious of the ADHD brain by decision of the autistic brain. The autistic brain is virginal in so far never having had sex.

Duty of Daniella

Daniella’s ADHD is highly and fully disciplined while Daniella’s autistic brain is not disciplined at all. Daniella does however strongly believe in the motto of Swedish King Gustaf VI Adolf  of “Duty Before All”. This means that both of Daniella’s two brains are strongly bound by duties of shared ethical axioms as determined by Daniella’s austic brain. Daniella does however strongly believe that a sense of duty needs be fully founded in loving respect for the unique personhood of the other or it is not fully virtue at all but already half-vice and moral prejudice indeed. Daniella finds it psychologically very difficult to perform a duty unless the duty is one of virtue of love and respect for her fellow person(s). Duty not founded in virtue is not virtue but rather vice indeed.

Dyscalculia of Daniella

Daniella’s ADHD brain has extremely advanced, prodigous mathemathical skills in being able to subconsciously ethically calculate an unlimited number of moves in advance, indeed the perfect chess brain. Daniella’s autistic brain has however dyscalculia which means that is unable to perform mathematical calculations beyond the most simple automatized ones unless found interesting by Daniella. With regard to simple calculation in writing does Daniella however make simple errors of writing the wrong number much like dyslectics often write the wrong letter, something which of course ruins the entire calculation.

Dysfunctions of Daniella

Daniella is anathomically incapable of running the marathon due to the nature of her skeleton. Daniella is sensorially oversensitive to sound, scent, light and touch and primarily as relating to certain invasive mechanical sounds of traffic noise and many ventilation systems. Daniella furthermore experiences tremendous difficulty in performing any activity in which she does not take intrinsic interest whether temporarily or permanently so.

Dyslexia of Daniella

Daniella is mildly dyslexic in finding it difficult to completely remove errors in her own texts as documented thoughout Panjewish.org. Daniella found it difficult to learn how to read fluently with Latin characters and has not yet learned how to read fluently with Hebrew characters despite speaking Hebrew although with a significant yet rather limited vocabulary. The dyslexia is limited to Daniella’s autistic brain which is the one which she uses most of the time. Daniella is also unable to read entire books as she forgets what she just read and then falls asleep out of boredom and so Daniella rather likes searching in ebooks. Daniella always writes from memory and always meticulously checks the facts and so she relies on memory and checking facts unlike most academic scholars who systematically plagiarize each other as justified by footnotes and bibliographies.

Egalitarianism of Daniella

Egalitarianism is equal treatment between cognitive equals, meaning cognitive equality in specifically contextually relevant respects to varying individual degrees, thus not necessarily absolute but rather often relative degree equality. Egalitarianism requires universal emancipation. Denial of effects of psychometric, anatomical, social, economic, genetic and technology diversity is an obstacle to affirmative action of making sure that support for the individual person is individualized in nature. Egalitarianism is individialized or it is not egalitarianism at all but rather part of structural of oppression of reducing persons to modules.

Egalitarian Lateralization of Daniella

Daniella strives for there to be a more egalitarian relationship between her autistic brain and her ADHD brain. Currently is there sort of a spousal relationship with autistic brain having sort of typically female functions in setting internal rules while the ADHD brain has typically male functions in having the last word about literally everything. Daniella envisions transforming the essentially patriarchal nature of the relationship between her two brains from one of non-elective mutual domination to one of egalitarian functional specialization. The two brains do mutually control each other. The austic brain controls the ADHD brain by means of the autistic brain setting goals and principles and coming up with daring innovative ideas. The ADHD brain controls the autistic brain by means of the ADHD brain setting strict limits on the behavior of the autistic brain by enforcing the very principles as set by the autistic brain itself. This enforcement mechanism causes psychological dissonance and typically also some amount of psychological suffering to some degree or another as relative to the degree that the autistic brain is unaware why the enforcement takes place. Daniella seeks a more egalitarian relationsghip beteen the two consciouses in the sense as operating more in tandem so as to avoid causing psychological suffering of cognitive dissonance to the autistic brain. To use a corporate metaphor is the conscious of the autistic brain the president of the board with the conscious of the ADHD brain being the CEO. There is however an increasingly changing relationship between the two in that the functional specialization between them is becoming increasingly transformed. This means that the conscious of the ADHD brain takes over more and more tasks as not considered “interesting” by the autistic brain and the autistic brain conversely takes over more and more executive authority from the ADHD brain. The autistic brain and the ADHD brain therefore increasingly operate as “partners” rather than merely performing mutual checks and balances. The goal is to transform the relationship into one of constructive cooperation as opposed to merely a structure of power. The basic structure of mutual interlocking control will however fully remain in place as security mechanism indeed.

Élan of Daniella

Daniella is highly motivated in pursuit of virtue. Élan needs be distinguished from literally feeling “bound” by moral prejudice, meaning overwhelmed by burden of vice. Élan for Daniella means pursuing ever more advanced excellence of honor in noble values. Duty comes before all but only if in pursuit of love of virtue. Of course is it not always possible to be ethical and so one sometimes have to suffice with being moral. While this is fundamentally unsatisfactory is that certainly required in selfless service of love of virtue in loving kindness.

Elegance of Daniella

Daniella believes that primping is an essential part of treating others well in the sense that spreading pleasure around yourself is indeed an essential element of treating others well. If you do not carefully take care to ensure that your appearance is pleasurable to others, then are you genuinely spreading pleasure around yoursef? Spreading pleasure around yourself is an essential element of court etiquette and the only question is why it is not everywhere for persons of all genders? Why is primping considered an abberation as even many radical feminists in masculinist fashion will look down upon primping females as if it were something shameful about females and LGBTQI persons sharing themselves in public as sexual beings? Then there is the argument that females compete for males by means of primping and surely is that a most terrible thing? Rather need gender norms become gender neutral where everyone learns to express the sexual/asexual character of of her psychological gender where female, male or non-binary. Primping in all its aspects was irrespective of gender essental at Versailles under Roi Solei and so should it be for human beings generally everywhere. Whether you primp modestly or very much so is not the issue but rather that you do in therefore aesthetically expressing the fundamental attractivity of your idiosyncracy in individual personhood.

Emancipatory activism of Daniella

Emancipation needs be universal or it is merely claim of privilege in imitation of already privileged categories of persons. Universal emancipation hence needs become international law.

Emotional age of Daniella

Daniella’s emotional age is that seven-year old girl.

Emotions of Daniella

Daniella is an extremely warm, altruistic and open person with a dialogic personality, meaning that she takes a profound interest in the concerns of sentient agencies of fellow persons. Respecting the intrinsic personhood in fellow persons is for Daniella essential as minimizing cognitive contradiction such as cognitive dissonance is very much crucial indeed for psychological health. Daniella therefore as far as possible increasingly practices optimal transparency in both private life and as an intellectual leader and elite MUST intelligence operative. This is so as the intelligence world needs and increasingly does shift paradigm from optimal secrecy to minimal secrecy.

Emotions of Daniella’s ADHD brain

Daniella is diagnosed with ADHD and although there is significant comorbidity between ADHD and psychopathy (antisocial personality disorders) do 20% of adolescents with ADHD not develop psychopathy as adults. Daniella’s ADHD brain has normal emotional functioning in every respect, yet it must not be denied that psychopathy is essentially a form of ADHD as involving personality disorder. Does Daniella’s ethical courage constitute conduct disorder by any diagnostic standards? It most certainly does not. It must however not be emphasized that there are neurological similarities between ADHD and psychopathy but these are in and of themselves do not imply personality disorder by any diagnostic standard.

Emotions of Daniella’s autistic brain

Daniella is diagnosed with autism and although there is significant comorbidity between autism and what is known as mental retardation does autism with normal to high IQ not qualify as mental retardation under any diagnostic standards whatsoever. Daniella’s autistic brain has normal emotional functioning in every respect. Yet it must not be denied that Daniella’s ADHD brain is far less sensitive than Daniella’s autistic brain. Daniella’s autistic brain is sensorially oversensive while Daniella’s ADHD brain certainly is not. While the emotions of both brains are on the normal (non-pathological) spectrum of differentiation is the autistic brain on the sensitive end with the ADHD brain being on the less sensitive end. This is simply part of Daniella’s condition of being transbrain.

Empathetic flirting of Daniella

Empathy without reason is not empathy and reason without empathy is not reason. Seduction without empathy is parasitical behavior of despicably seeking to take advantage of a fellow human beings. Flirting needs be neither selfish nor unselfish but rather dialogical and mutually empathetic indeed.

Empathetic foreplay of Daniella

It is essential that symbiotic emotional neurological contact is established as prior to sexual intercourse.

Empathetic intercourse of Daniella

For Daniella is it essential to forget about her own needs and focus on the needs of the other person. This works of course only if the other person acts likewise.

Empathetic postlude of Daniella

Empathetic postlude requires listening to the other person and also by making oneself fully socially, psychologically and physically available.

Empathy of Daniella

Daniella only engages in highly intelligent emotional empathy only and has no interest whatsoever in performing either intelligent empathy without emotional empathy as do typically psychopaths or emotional empathy without intelligent empathy as do typically non-psychopaths.

English court etiquette of Daniella


Epistemological feminism of Daniella

Applied intersectional epistemology is the future of feminism.

Ephebophilia of Daniella

Daniella’s primary age sexual preference is that of young adult women. Daniella however has a secondary age sexual preference as towards teenagers as having at least reached the age of consent. Why the age of consent? Simply because violating law is unsexy considering that Daniella’s sexuality is precisely not based on Para-Christian eroticization of any cultural taboo and this applies to Daniella’s interest in BDSM as well. Daniella’s secondary ephebophilia primarily relates to teenage girls as above the age of consent of all genetic origins while Daniella’s secondary ephebophilia as regards teenage boys is directed at teenage boys  above the age of consent and primarily so with genetic origins in the broader Middle East. While some jurisdictions do not legally permit legal adults to engage in sexual relations with teenagers below the chronological age of 18 (e.g. Turkey and California) or provide special legal qualifications with additional chronological age limits (e.g. Germany) is ephebephilia fully and entirely legal in Sweden where Daniella lives unless involving  either taking nude photographic images of the teenager or as involving severe pressure as part of a formal relationship of dependency such as between physician and patient. Under no diagnostic criteria does ephebophilia qualify as what is known as pedophilia which in contrast involves primary sexual orientation towards persons below the age of thirteen. It needs be emphasized that ephebophilia (secondary, primary and/or otherwise) is almost universal to humanity in nearly all human beings of all ages being ephebophiles (whether secondary, primary or otherwise) as this was indeed the genotypical age of reproduction in stone age society and hence the virtually universal nature of ephebophilia in humanity.

Epistemology Daniella

Understanding Daniella may be near impossible for a person as stuck in folk psychologies of pseudo-scientic forms of physiognomy as agent of performance of social structural oppression indeed. Human beings are however usually far from standard modules and the science of psychology although not constituting a pseudo-science is highly deficient in terms of lacking grounding in natural science and indeed entirely needlessly so. Intelligently emotional empathy does however require genuine appreciation of the unique and idiosyncratic nature of full personhood, namely reading exterior as expression of interior. Physionomism (i.e. folk psychology of pseudo-scientific forms of physiognomy) is precisely the reverse, namely the blatantly unscientific, even absurdly ridiculous, yet severely socially structrrally oppresive practice of misconceiving of interior as expression of exterior indeed.

Erection of Daniella

Turn-on typically causes slight erection in Daniella while arousal as is normal typically causes full erection. Daniella is not turned on by a body alone but by expression of full personhood. Daniella is furthermore turned off by breach of etiquette, including misbehavior. Arousal and therefore erection in Daniella usually requires an emotional experience that is ethically aesthetical in nature. Daniella’s erection has a slight leftwing angle.

Erotic body language of Daniella

Daniella in psychologically being a seven-year old girl (albeit one with extremely high IQ and exceptionally advanced social/psychological/sexual maturity) uses the body language of a seven-year old girl in dancing so to speak with her body while speaking. Daniella twists and twinges her bodies in ways that seems extremely erotic to virtually all persons whom encounters uberhot Daniella.

Erotic choreography of Daniella

Daniella’s advanced erotic facial/body language is part of her turning her entire life into a feminist performance art project whereby she makes nearly everyone around her sexual aroused for subversively feminist political purposes of social transformation in universal emancipation.

Erotic eyes of Daniella

Daniella uses her eyes to perform advanced, yet highly ethical forms of intelligence hypnosis. It needs be emphasized that all prolonged eye contact constitutes what is known as intelligence hypnosis. The question is how it is used and whether it is performed for altruistic, egoistic or ethically dialogical purposes with the purpose of creating a genuine and ethical bond with a fellow human being.

Erotic facial language of Daniella

Daniella has the facial language of the psychological seven-year old girl whom she is. As combined with Daniella’s extreme beauty and having the highest intelligence in the world in being the by far most advanced documented universal genius ever does that serve to make Daniella supremely seductive and extremely attractive in ways that trigger near instant sexual arousal in nearly all human persons whom she encounters.

Erotic flirting of Daniella

Daniella likes to use full-body semiotic expression to present her persona in an erotic manner in public space and fully and meticulously legally so.

Erotic foreplay of Daniella

Playfulness is essential as prior to sexual intercourse and so is it essential to adopt a cheerful mind as prior to sexual intercourse.

Erotic intercourse of Daniella

Daniella likes to be perform advanced artistic choreography in bed and especially petite women are easy to highly erotically through around so to speak.

Erotic postlude of Daniella

Erotic postlude requires turning the other person once more in way that will ensure that there will not be ambiguous feelings afterwards.

Eroticism of Daniella

For Daniella is love both art and science. Meaning that is needs be both scientific and artistic in order to be truly interesting, in other words both ethical and aesthetical and unless it is both is it certainly much less compelling. Lesbian sex is typically highly ethical yet usually not highly aesthetical. Heteroculture in contrast is not ethical at all in simply constituting false consciousness of abusive misogyny of sexual exploitation in pervasive structural oppression. Galsex as practiced by both Lipstick Lesbians and among heterocultural females is however usually both ethical and aesthetical. Galsex may also involve males as third parties and galsex is certainly the focus of Daniella’s eroticism. Daniella’s sexual interest in males is primarily limited to young gay males with feminine genders. Bisexual males tend to be heterocultural and so are already not really interesting even if being highly physically attractive indeed.

Erotic spoken language of Daniella

Daniella is highly skilled at speaking on almost any subject in a manner that is extremely erotically appealing.

Erotic voice of Daniella

Daniella’s teenage voice is extremely erotically appealing both when she speaks and when she sings. Daniella never received any formal training in opera singing yet trained herself since an early age to sing opera. Daniella’s voice is light, deep and profound. Daniella has a particularly wide register of song.

Erotic written language of Daniella

Daniella is highly skilled at using literary language and scientific language in ways that are extremely erotically appealing. Daniella strongly believes in integrating the culturally segregated semiotic domain of pornography with cultural expressions generally including with scientific language. There is no reason whatsoever why scientific texts should not be written in an erotically appealing manner and thus make them more pleasant to read. Human cultures generally need become subjected to feminist re-eroticization and thus end structural sexual repression and supplant it with ethico-aesthico-political delimination of desire in love of noble virtue.

Erudition of Daniella

Daniella is the Sherlock Holmes of science in having trained herself in Derridean deconstruction and thus performs extremely advanced social innovation in more and more fields of knowledge. In having become a scientific Sherlock Holmes does Daniella abhor paradigm in the knowledge that difficult scientific problems are best resolved beyond paradigm.

Ethical calculus of Daniella

The subconscious of Daniella’s highly principled ADHD brain makes highly meticulous calculuses as supervisesed by the subconscious of Daniella highly conscientious autistic brain. While the subconscious of the ADHD brain makes the calculus does the subconscious of the autistic brain have the last word in thus carefully affirming the validity of the decision. The conscious of the autistic brain implements the decision as subject to veto by the conscious of the ADHD brain. There is thus highly strict checks, balances and division of power in verifying and controlling that everything is accurately performed throughout the entire process from intelligence gathering to implementation.

Ethical Courage of Daniella

Daniella opposes identities as identities are detrimental to psychological healthin essentially constituting traumas which promote collective non-thought. Yet, ethical courage is also essential to psychological wellbeing as refraining from performing ethical courage typically causes painful cognitive contradictions such as cognitive dissonance and bad conscience. Daniella endeavors to perform ethical courage in a strategic manner, meaning for optimal political effect.

Ethico-Political Courage of Daniella

Bad conscience is essentially a psychological substitute for not taking effective ethico-political action of undoing structural oppression whether structural oppression being economic, social or statist. Ethico-political courage specifically and ethical courage generally are therefore rather the appropriate expression of human conscience.

Ethics of Daniella

Daniella is committed to the articulation,  development and subversively transformative performance of feminist etiquette in living feminist ethics with not more lifestyle hypocrisy than as required by responsible legal precautions. Daniella is strictly law-abiding in understanding that being strictly law-abiding is essential for the global feminist revolution to prevail and succeed indeed as breaking laws unless absolutely ethico-politically required is a particularly stupid and self-defeating thing to do. Feminist ethics for Daniella means integrating Intersectionality with general ethical considerations in a manner that is subversively transformative indeed. Daniella is opposed to identities of all kinds since identities make persons stop think for themselves and instead produce intellectual inertia. Daniella believes that love (including sexuality) is unselfish or else it is not love at all but rather psychological parasitism.

Ethnicity of Daniella

Daniella comes from a Sabbatean family of Rabbinic Jews of historically mixed Mizrahi and Ashkenazi ethnic origins and is very strongly personally attached to both Israel and Kurdistan. Daniella is a citizen of Israel and Sweden; her first language is Swedish yet she is generally more comfortable in English which is her language of work. Daniella furthermore feels more comfortable in the United States than in Sweden where she experienced so much demeaning racialization while growing up although she feels singularly most comfortable in Israel.

Ethnofluidity of Daniella

Daniella instantly and intuitively so adapts to any ethnicity with the default result that the interlocutor will become quickly convinced that Daniella belongs to the interlocutor’s own ethnic, religious and/or cultural group.

Etiquette Feminism of Daniella

Feminist etiquette is essential and needs be founded on traditional court etiquettes as historically developed in different countries, yet certainly needs become further developed in light of insights of intersectional science and intersectional cognitive science. Court etiquette is primarily egalitarian as between persons who each mistresses court etiquette. Court etiquette avoids the use of too personal pronouns, yet very personal pronouns may be used if appropriately mistressing noble conduct of court etiquette. Court etiquette only secondarily deploys more formal speech in cases where one of the two persons is not able to appropriately interact at the same level of sophistication in delicate etiquette. The second case is a failure as human beings generally need learn to become majesty in excellence and humble in mediocrity. Feminist etiquette needs therefore be egalitarian in most cases except in highly specific social contexts where formal approach offers pleasure such as in feminist BDSM. Formal approach needs therefore fullfil an ethico-aesthetic-political social function other than mere hierarchy or failure in virtue of conduct of one or more interlocutors. Feminist court etiquette in becoming universal human norm for interpersonal conduct needs become significantly developed and continually and democratically so in light of insights of intersectional science and intersectional cognitive science alike.

Etiquette of Daniella

Daniella lives according to feminist court etiquette as part of her gender expression, meaning traditional court etiquette as updated with insights from Queer/feminist theory. Daniella stongly believes that humans generally ought be taught feminist court etiquette. Court etiquette means behaving with advanced sophistication in spreading pleasure around oneself in non-self-centered exquisitely advanced social, psychological and sexual behavior in relation to others in making them feel profoundly individually respected and appreciated in their full respective unique personhood. Daniella’s late father learned Austrian imperial court etiquette in his family as a child and so did Daniella also acquire Austrian imperial court etiquette in the context of upbringing. As an accredited intelligence diplomat does Daniella also mistress diplomatic etiquette.

Eyes of Daniella

Daniella has hypnotically intense brown eyes although rather small ones, indeed similar to human eye types as common in Japan.

Executive of Daniella

There is democratic separation of power between the four centers of agency as existing within Daniella’s two brains as indeed in human beings generally indeed having two brains. The conscious of the autistic brain is akin to a foreign minister while the conscious of the ADHD brain is akin to a defense minister. The conscious of the autistic brain is the guardian of emancipation, freedom and democracy while the conscious of the ADHD brain is head of intelligence. The subconscious of the ADHD brain detects threats to emancipation, freedom and democracy while the autistic brain takes action to avert them.

Exceptional normality of Daniella

Daniella is highly normal, yet very extremely exceptionally so in her advanced performance of excellence in virtue.

Exercise of Daniella

Daniella as an austic person in being sensorially oversensitive to many mechanical sounds (e.g. traffic noise) very much enjoys the sensorial calm of the rural night. Daniella therefore physically exercises by taking nocturnal walks after dark in the evening and night in her village. This leaves Daniella with a sense of becoming refreshed rather than exhausted as after daytime walks in her village of Saxemara, Blekinge County, Kingdom of Sweden.

Explicitness of Daniella

Daniella is verbally sexually explicit yet always exquisitly so in strict compliance with feminist standards of conduct and court etiquette and even so when using colloquial terminology that might seem vulgar in a completely different discursive context. Daniella also dresses and conducts herself in a sexually explicit manner in strict compliance with law with a very wide legal margin indeed. Daniella very much appreciates females who are similarly exquisitely explicit.

Extroversion of Daniella

Daniella is outgoing, talkative, energetic, enthusiastic and assertive in a highly polite and friendly manner in strict abidance of court etiquette and feminist standards of conduct. Daniella is an extremely extroverted person as the world’s singularly most advanced intelligence femme fatale (more specifically fille fatale). Daniella is highly skilled at ethico-aesthetically projecting herself as that is the essence of seduction indeed. Daniella’s extremely advanced sociofluidity allows her to adapt to a very advanced degree to others; meaning that her age roles, class roles, ethnic roles, gender roles, professional roles, sexual roles and social roles generally change as depending on whom she interacts with. The human cranium usually contains two parallel, yet distinctly individually developed brains. The advanced emotional empathy of Daniella’s autistic brain allows her to introject emotive cognitive experiences of others to an extremely advanced degree. The advanced intelligent empathy of Daniella’s ADHD brain in contrast allows her to reconstruct cognitive processes of others in great detail. All this makes Daniella extremely socially competent indeed.

Facial hair colors of Daniella

Daniella’s natural facial hair colors are blonde, red, black, grey and white.

Facial hair of Daniella

Daniella’s sports very short facial hair which she likes to augment with glitter dust. Daniella’s facial hair are thick and multicolored.

Facial language of Daniella

Daniella’s facial language is highly expressive.

Faith of Daniella

Daniella believes in future and virtue.

Fashion apparels attraction of Daniella

Daniella is turned on by and sexually attracted by tasteful, conventional female fashion apparels as typically used by young luxury female sex workers and especially so by females with bleached hair and significant facial cosmetics with pink lipstick.

Farsightedness of Daniella

Daniella never acts in a shortsighted manner towards others. Daniella is animated by futuristic vision and acts accordingly while behaviorally restrained by ethico-aesthetico-political imperatives.

Father of Daniella

Daniella’s father became a highly advanced intelligence operative of MI6, MUST, OSS, the Mossad and the OPC.

Fearlessness of Daniella

Daniella never experiences irrational fear or other irrational emotions while on military intelligence missions and thus at worst only experiences relative discomfort which essentially makes her immune to honey traps and literally every other operational temptation. Daniella often privately cries out of love, joy and/or compassion but has never cried during or immediately after an intelligence operation. This however is certainly not to imply that Daniella does not experience irrational fear and other irrational emotions at other times. Daniella is well aware that irrational fear and other irrational emotions are the greatest enemy of any intelligence operative while on a mission. An intelligence operative who wishes to survive while on a mission must never allow herself to become misguided by irrational emotions whether pertaining to fear, lust, anger, confusion, greed or otherwise.

Fears of Daniella

Daniella fears pain, loneliness and helplessness and that certainly causes anxiety in both the autistic brain and in the ADHD brain.

Feet of Daniella

Daniella has shoe size 11 in US measurement which is normal male adult size, yet the feet are so beautifully shaped that these look much smaller and thus look completely female.

Feminism of Daniella

Feminism for Daniella is about socially transformative opposition to structural oppression; whether economic, social or statist. Female persons are structurally oppressed for many other reasons than gender; including age, class, ethnicity, functionality, sexuality, weight etc. and so feminism ought not allow itself to become delimited by the definitional nomenclatures of structural oppression itself such as with regard to “classifications” of anatomies and/or assigned/elective arbitrary social “categories”.

Feminist Aesthetics of Daniella

Daniella has a very traditional female gender role.

Feminist court etiquette of Daniella


Feminist Diplomacy of Daniella

Sweden became the first country to officially adopt an official doctrine of feminist foreign policy.

Feminist flirting of Daniella

Feminism is an essential element in flirting in bringing dignity, sincery and nobility to this pursuit of neurological engagement between personhoods.

Feminist ethics of Daniella

Daniella acts very strictly in full and complete abidance with Sweden’s anti-discrimination legislation, including in meticulous compliance with the legal prohibition on indirect discrimination.

Feminist Intelligence Warfare of Daniella

Daniella has full legal immunity from prosecution and from any and all of acts by government employees or their representatives in Daniella’s capacity as a fully  accredited UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE intelligence diplomat to the EUROPEAN UNION as responsible for devising UNITED STATES foreign policy on Kurdistan in acting on behalf of the semi-covert UNITED STATES elite military intellligence agency of NOPD. Daniella fully and strictly complies with the laws of war under all circumstances. Daniella is an elite MUST intelligence operative and senior Swedish military prosecutor and has legally protected status in this respect as well in very strictly abiding by military law of the KINGDOM OF SWEDEN and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA respectively.

Feminist lawfare of Daniella

Daniella is a senior Swedish military prosecutor and usually acts in an undercover capacity. Daniella conducts investigation, interrogation, collection of evidence and furthermore publishes the results of her investigations into criminal wrongdoings. As a senior military prosecutor does Daniella take legal action when civilian jurisprudence recklessly refrain from taking action on serious and systematic criminal violations.

Feminist performance art of Daniella

Daniella’s feminist performance art does not constitute activism in a legal sense as her fully legal and usually very polite social behavior is perfectly socially accepted for cisfemales and would raise no objections whatsoever were she a cisfemale rather than a transfemale. Being transage is furthermore fully socially accepted for heteroculturals and almost only LGBTQI persons face objections for living openly transage. Daniella is not responsible for extrajudicial prejudice as held by others.

Feminist Revolt of Daniella

Daniella conducts feminist intelligence warfare in strict compliance with the laws of war.

Feminist Revolution of Daniella

Daniella conducts feminist semiotic revolution in strict compliance with law in accordance with method of “Gender Trouble” as invented by feminist genius Judith Butler. Daniella is highly influenced by the revolutionary feminist thought of feminist genius Shulamith Firestone. Daniella is very strongly inspired by Daniella’s revolutionary role model, feminist genius Olympe de Gouge. Daniella is aestethically very strongly inspired by the insight of feminist genius Luce Irigaray according to which semiotic “sexual organs” are socially constructed all across the bodies of female persons.

Feminist Intimate Revolution of Daniella

Daniella is very strictly law-abiding with very wide legal margin indeed and supports supplanting patriarchal paragraphic law with feminist axiomatic law. Daniella advocates extremely strict compliance with current sex laws while seeking feminist legislation in their stead.

Feminist ritual sex of Daniella

There are two kinds of feminist ritual sex. One is private in nature and the other is communal in nature. Feminist private ritual sex is just as formalized as feminist communal ritual sex. The difference however is that the communal ritual sec is performed in larger groups of persons while private ritual sex has less than ten participants, even only two persons. Privat ritual sex follows an elaborate procedure while communal sex is serial, namely the same act is identically repeated with identical choreography one time after another with yet another persons as for example involving coitus. Feminist ritual sex furthermore is highly ethico-aesthetico-political and at the same time advanced in varying respects. Feminist ritual sex is an advanced spiritual experience, one which is intended to uplift persons in virtue rather than in vice.

Feminist seduction of Daniella

Daniella practices feminist seduction by means of 1) extremely seductive feminist conversation, 2) by means of exquisite and elaborate lesbian touching as designed to trigger sexual arousal and 3) by means of lesbian full-body hugging. Daniella DOES NOT KISS MOUTH in public prior to SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella’s lesbian seduction in public space DOES NOT qualify as sexual under Swedish law.

Feminist Semiotic Warfare of Daniella

Daniella is very strictly law-abiding and Daniella specifically never does anything in public space IRL with the intention of causing offense to the general public. Daniella is not responsible for extrajudicial prejudice as held by others and their reactions as a result thereof. LGBTQI persons are legally emancipated in Sweden and it is fully legal to live fully openly LGBTQI without regard for extrajudicial prejudice of others.

Feminist Sexuality of Daniella

Daniella’s has an INTRINSICALLY FEMINIST SEXUALITY. Why is this so and how is this possible? Daniella abhors that which is hateful to her which is therefore TURNOFF and UTTER ABJECTION. If Daniella DOES NOT APPROVE OF something then why should she LOGICALLY be turned on by that? IT WOULD BE COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL to be turned on by taboo, sin and vice which all constitute mental pathology as stemming from EVILIZATION IN ABJECT HYPOCRISY and DANIELLA ABHORS HYPOCRISY. Taboo sexuality is a COMPLETE abomination. This is is no way to condemn SEXUAL DIVERSITY and e.g. feminist BDSM needs be enjoyed WITHOUT TABOO. HYPOCRISY is ADAPTION to OPPRESSION and SEXUAL HYPOCRISY is ADAPTION TO SEXUAL REPRESSION AND SUBLIMATION UNDER ITS REIGN OF CULTURAL TERROR.

Feminist Uprising of Daniella

Daniella is strongly convinced that patriarchy and ethnocracy must be ended by fully legal means only although violating laws is in some instances *ethically required*. As a rule is it however essential to protect one’s own legal standing under law and thus very strictly with wide legal margin abide by law in virtually all instances with the exception of carefully and meticulously defined situations where breaking the law is a must. E.g. would it have been absolutely ethically required to very carefully break the law in Nazi Germany so as to prevent murder and deportation of Jews and other “Untermenschen” without directly harming one’s own legal standing and the same is true today with respect to disrupting nefarious practices of the ANIMAL INDUSTRY OF EVIL. There are also instances where breaking the law is *morally required* but where the potential harm to one’s own agency and reputation would politically outweigh the benefit involved in breaking the law. It needs however be underscored that all telephone calls made everywhere are recorded by intelligence agencies and that police intelligence heavily infiltrates activist social milieus and does so in cooperation with corporate intelligence agencies and private intelligence agencies of special interests groups.

Feminist Virtues of Daniella

Daniella abides by feminist virtues which must not be confused with moralism, semi-vice, moral prejudice, physionomism (anti-body ideologies), DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice), structural oppression of ethnocratic patriarchy in nefarious cultural hegemony, religious imperialism and acting of out bad conscience of organized religion. Patriarchal scumbags will of course claim that polymorphous/intersectional feminism is vice and Daniella has nothing but contempt for antifeminism which is merely thinly veiled misogyny.

Feminist Warfare of Daniella

Daniella opposes masculinist warfare and instead relies on stratagems of female cunning, feminist semiotic warfare, mass targeted killings, mass intelligence warfare and innovative strategic surprise of black swan warfare. It is essential to almost entirely avoid causing collateral damage as causing collateral damage means losing the war of hearts and minds which today usually means losing the war in political and therefore also strategic terms. Avoiding human collateral damage is hence not merely an important humanitarian concern but furthermore a strategic military necessity and therefore a fully binding obligation of the laws of war under the principle of proportionality.

Femininity of Daniella

Daniella is very highly extremely feminine as a binary transgender & transage girl with girl psychological gender. Children generally are highly feminine and legal adults who are transage children are by nature obviosuly highly feminine as well. Extreme femininity in personal expression of body language and facial language alike therefore somehow does not imply Daniella being gay a man or a prostitute. Daniella’s uberfeminine gender/age expression (including wringing hands) is furthermore intrinsic expression of Daniella’s inherent personhood and is therefore not in no way a matter of pretension of any kind although freedom in gender design of personal expression is fully protected under law in Daniella’s native Sweden.

Fingers of Daniella

Daniella has distinctly feminine fingers as suitable for a pianist.

Fisting of Daniella

Daniella likes to be fisted by arm, but she also likes to fist by arm.

Fixations of Daniella

Daniella is fixated on pursuit of love of virtue in loving kindness.

Flat feet of Daniella

Daniella have flat feet to very signficant degree, something which as combined with her sensory oversensitivy as causing neurological exhaustation due to invasive stimuli makes it difficult for Daniella to run more than one kilometer per day. Daniella dreamed about qualifying for an IDF special forces unit but could not realize that dream due to the intrinsic and inherent nature of her feet.

Flight sex of Daniella

Daniella practices Japanese flight sex with adorable female persons, something which involves choreographically lifting adorable females in Daniella’s arms, swirling, thoughing the female persons up in the air, kissing the belly button etc. LEGAL WARNING: Please understand that Japanese flight sex DOES NOT QUALIFY as sex under Swedish law. LEGAL NOTICE: Please understand that it is not uncommon for parents in many cultures to perform similar practices with toddlers and that this is FULLY LEGAL IN ALL JURISDICTIONS.

Flirting of Daniella


Flow of Daniella

Daniella’s flow as an outcome of any given personal focus of hers is highly emotively rational in constituting advanced, logical and ethical engagement between conscious and subconscious. Daniella’s ability to rationally shift between letting either of the two brains being in charge is part of what makes her so extremely successful in any field of knowledge/endeavor in/for which she is highly motivated indeed. Flow is simply intuition, namely the cognitive practice of the subconscious rationally sharing hints and pieces of information with the conscious.

Foucauldian feminism of Daniella

The work of Michel Foucault is fully devoted to the destruction of structurally oppressive institutions of ethnocratic patriarchy.

Focus of Daniella

Daniella’s autistic brain is heavily focused once preoccupied with any given subject, topic or issue of concern that truly interests Daniella as she may become instantly personally interested in any matter. Daniella’s ADHD brain is consciously heavily focused by deafault on any matter preoccupying Daniella once the ADHD brain is in charge. It is usually the autistic brain that is in charge other than when on intelligence missions, on issues of political/martial (strategic, tactical and goal-oriented) decision-making and in social and other situations where legal behavioral precision is of essence indeed. Focus is what facilitates flow; namely constructive engagement between the subconscious and the conscious as enabling emotively rational intuition; namely creative intellectual achievement. As a uniquely documented and highly accomplished universal genius does Daniella quickly and flexibly shift from subject to subject, from topic to topic, from issue to issue as well as between subject, topic and issue. Unlike many other autistic persons does Daniella however not have any so called “special interests” as she is personally highly interested in and devoted to over 100 scientific fields and the number of scientific fields of personal interest grows by the year. There is nothing compulsive/obsessive (psychologically involuntary) about Daniella’s focus which is healthy, flexible, elective, advanced, highly functional and over a month typically very highly diverse in her capacity as a uniquely documented, indeed highly accomplished universal genius.

Folkishness of Daniella

Daniella is very good with persons of all backgrounds, including with people with little to no education.

Forgiveness of Daniella

Daniella does not hold grudges against individuals. Daniella however does not provide forgiveness as she really does not care. None of this is to imply that Daniella is indifferent to misdemeanors or that not holding grudges precludes taking action as of necessity and imperative. A person rather provides forgiveness to herself by means of permanent behavorial change. Performative declarations of this kind are meaningless. Most persons need Social Behavioral Training (SBT) in order so as to implement the kind of behavioral change that they in most cases actually wish to attain.

French Court Etiquette of Daniella


French feminism of Daniella

French philosophy contains two main elements. 1) deciphering difference in psychological gender and 2) performing innovative deconstruction.

Friendly sex of Daniella

Daniella tends to highly enjoy the company of wellbehaved gay men and tends find them lovely as in contrast to most heterocultural men whether identifying as heterosexual, bisexual or otherwise. Daniella is generally open to friendly sex with wellbehaved cute gay men. Daniella likes having sex with groups of friends and irrespective of gender or anatomy of reproductive anatomy. Uberhot Daniella is available for public pickup by non-sexist groups of friends in public space of all genders. Requirement: Pleasing conduct and pleasing appearance. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella does not offer commercial services of any kind whether sexual or otherwise under any circumstances whatsoever.  LEGAL REQUIREMENT: Verifiably above the age consent. LEGAL NOTICE: Identification documents will be checked and photographed.

Frugality of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that true luxury is abundance in ethics and aesthetics as unhindered by restrictions of fear, poverty, vice, bondage and structural oppression.

Fury of Daniella

Daniella’s fury is operationally highly restrained, yet Daniella has no emotional compunctions whatsoever as to fully legally eliminating evildoers and never experiences regrets about doing so. This is rational, ethical, a strength and a virtue indeed.

Futures of Daniella

Daniella is polyamorous and plans to build a feminist collective in order so as to further pioneer feminist social innovation in devising much more attractive ethico-political alternatives to dysfunctional patriarchal monogamy and views feminist ritual sex as the future of the gender revolution.



Galsex feminism of Daniella

Heteroculture needs become fully supplanted by ethico-aesthetico-politically advanced gynocentric galsex for human persons of all genders and anatomies.

Galsex of Daniella

Daniella as an aesthetically advanced lipstick lesbian performs choregraphically advanced galsex.

Galsex Threesome of Daniella

Daniella likes to be in bed with two women with one on each side so that Daniella is able to use both hands for central stimulation of respective intimate regions. It is essential of course that both women truly like each other so as not emotionally spoil the occasion with negative feelings. Daniella likes performing galsex with two women and of course is it essential that Daniella is not phantasmatically objectified into an ostensible man due to her androgenic anatomy as that distinctly ruins her erection. Thus is it essential for Daniella as transgender female to switch off the light, wearing lingerie nightgown, make out under the cover of the bed etc. Yet this is all demeaning as we all need learn to appreciate transgender persons as having psychological genders that do seemingly not match their bodies but actually. We need to learn to appreciatively eroticize this  asymmetry in ceasing to oppressively cisgendering transgender persons. Daniella wishes to be appreciated as the uberhot lady girl whom she is and so is androgenic misgendering definite turnoff.

Gender bender of Daniella

Daniella is A gender bender, meaning that she consciously, yet always spontaneously so transformatively subverts oppressive social role expectations in ALL CONTEXTS EVERYWHERE. LEGAL WARNING: GENDER BENDER does not constitute activism in a legal sense. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella does not act gender bender with the purpose of causing offense to bigots and any such emotions of theirs is NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF DANIELLA, NEITHER LEGALLY NOR SOCIALLY SO. LEGAL WARNING: Ethics is a private matter under THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN SWEDEN and moralism is thus EXTRAJUDICIAL. LEGAL NOTICE: Antifeminism is very strictly legal provided that it does not violate any law. LEGAL WARNING: POLICE INTELLIGENCE PERSECUTION AGAINST FEMINISTS WITH THE  PURPOSE OF SEXUAL ENSLAVEMENT IN INTELLIGENCE PROSTITUTION IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IN CONSTITUTING AN ILLEGAL FORM OF INTELLIGENCE WARFARE AND IS PROSCRIBED UNDER THE ROME STATUTE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC).

Gender Dysphoria of Daniella

Daniella is diagnosed with gender dysphoria (transsexualism) and in psychologically being a lesbian rather than a heterosexual and a girl rather than a woman does Daniella’s diagnosed gender dysphoria include sexual dysphoria and age dysphoria as well. This means that Daniella experiences gender dysphoria, sexual dysphoria and age dysphoria to varying degrees as depending on social context/situation when Daniella is misgendered, missexualized and misaged respectively. Misgendering, missexualizing and misaging typically involves becoming irrationally and prejudicially so expected to behave in certain stereotypical ways on the basis of prejudicial hermeneutics of unscientific physiognomy.

Gender Expression of Daniella


Genderfluidity of Daniella

Daniella is ultrafeminine binary transgender yet Daniella is also genderfluid in adapting her gender roles to social context.  This means that Daniella’s gender expression in practice spans a vast spectrum of semiotics, aesthetics, bodily choreography, tone of voice, social conduct and discursive expression. There is hence an essential distinction between how Daniella chooses to very politely and very nicely so express herself and the way she adapts herself to others so as to make her social roles more compatible to others and thus significantly advance quality in the full range of interpersonal semiotic exchange, i.e. interpersonal communication.

Genders of Daniella

Daniella is a genderfluid (genderflexible) transfemale (transgender female), transage (psychologically and sexually a seven-year old girl with extremely high IQ), gender bender (gender subverter), a femme (feminine lesbian), a Domme (sexually dominant female), a lesbian fille fatale (girl femme fatale), a lesbian womanizer with the highest conceivable feminist ethical standards, an extremely sexually attractive hot chick, a belly dancer, a cognitive girl and not a woman, a psychologically and socio-sexually prepubescent Lolita as primarily interest in young adult women, a female and not a male, a gal (girlish gender) and a supergal who owns her own body, genders, life and destiny. Daniella is fully cognitively and sexually female and is referred to by her own name Daniella as well as by the use of grammatically feminine pronouns and designations. Daniella is a gyaru, which a series of feminine subcultures in Japan.

Gender Trouble of Daniella

Daniella is profoundly influenced by feminist genius Judith Butler’s seminal work “Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity” (1990) which Daniella read twice long before it was translated into Swedish. Daniella performs strictly law-abiding yet highly subversive “gender trouble” whenever and whereever she ventures into public space.

Generationfluidity of Daniella

Daniella easily shift between different generational subcultures in easily fitting in everywhere and entirely irrespective of generation.

Generosity of Daniella

Daniella has a strong cultural attachment to Kurdistan. Kurdish etiquette requires that a guest is generously provided with food and lodging for ten days without even asking questions as to why s/he needed hospitality in the first place. What can we learn from this? The answer is that perfection is not a requisite for being deserving of help. It is in theory difficult for the weak to be righteous but in practice easy. It is in theory easy for the strong to be righteous yet in practice difficult. The reason is that money and power offer many options of ethically problematic natures. Daniella is generous about political attention and therefore does she rarely give money to beggars but rather showers them with love, respect and attention as if they were royals in disguise. A beggar needs rehabilitation, a job, a home and most important attention, love and respect.

Genius of Daniella

Daniella is the most advanced genius ever documented anywhere.


Geofluidity of Daniella

Daniella easily fits into any part of the world in seemingly like a native everywhere.

Geopolitics of Daniella

Daniella opposes naive idealism as justifying cynical realism in international relations in therefore advocating democratic realism as based upon moral clarity in the tradition of Leo Strauss.

Geostrategy of Daniella

Daniella opposes diplomatic strategems of divide and rule.

German Court Etiquette of Daniella

Daniella performs military-style Germany court etiquette when performing severe reprimands. ON VERY RARE OCCASIONS DOES DANIELLA PERFORM CUFF ON THE EAR. Daniella is stern yet in control although the operational intention may be to make it seem as if uncontrolled.

Girlishness of Daniella

Daniella is very girlish (i.e. extremely feminine) in her body/facial language and gender/age roles in being a psychological seven year-old although one with extremely high IQ indeed, yet Daniella is certainly anything but immature. Indeed, a seven-year old may be mature and responsible as was Daniella at that chronological age just as a seventy-year old may be immature and irresponsible even without being senile. There is much prejudice about girlish legal adults in bigots claiming that they are “stupid blondes” etc. and that obviously only tells us something about those holding that particular despicable patriarchal prejudice. Daniella is highly socially, sexually and psychologically mature and was so already as a chronological seven-year old. As almost any chronological seven-year old does Daniella sometimes need help with simple practical matters, yet has the openness, love, affection and spontaneity of a seven-year girl. It is common, indeed universal for geniuses to have some some functional disability even if only slightly so. It needs be emphasized that most functional variations even if somewhat disabling do to not qualify for diagnosis of any kind. Psychological diagnoses requires a combination of a number of specifically diagnostically defined such factors and Daniella’s tending to have difficulties with performing menial tasks is primarily explained by her autism although being transage no doubt is a factor as well. Please note that transage is not a medical diagnosis and although many persons with *Intellectual Disabilility* (ID, derogatorily known as “mental retardation”) are transage ARE MOST TRANSAGE PERSONS NOT ID. Daniella’s IQ is so high that it cannot even be measured and diagnosis for ID requires an IQ below 70. LEGAL WARNING: DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF DISABILITY IS ILLEGAL UNDER SWEDISH LAW. Daniella however although somewhat disabled in her autistic brain is not the slighest so in her ADHD brain. LEGAL WARNING: DANIELLA IS NOT EVEN REMOTELY SUBCLINICALLY ID.

Girlization of Daniella

Daniella continually increasingly behaviorally reverts to her real psychological gender which is that of a seven-year old girl. Daniella rapidly proceeds in her process of girlization in thus helping destroy nefarious ethnocratic patriarchy by living fully openly AS HERSELF. Girlization is Daniella’s transition to increasing self-expression as as transgender-transage girl.

Glasses of Daniella

Daniella uses pink glasses as that is her favorite color and pink glasses furthermore reduces the amount of misgendering that she experiences from others in making it unmistakable that she is female indeed.

Good and evil of Daniella

Patriarchal scumbags who subscribe to semi-vice & moral prejudice will obviously define good & evil differently than will polymorphous/intersectional feminists. As an openly LGBTQI Nietzschean does Daniella advocate feminist revolution of morals. Patriarchal scumbags can go to hell as far as she is concerned!

Good faith of Daniella

Daniella is extremely advanced in understanding social construction of oppressive discourse of power on a collective level yet on an emotional level has incredible difficulty to psychologically comprehend how anyone could possible choose to become less virtuous than Daniella. Why would anyone be so extremely stupid in deliberately choosing something evil and despicable over something virtuous and lovely? One interesting case in point is as to why nearly all heterocultural men do not wish to marry liberated prostitutes but prefer to find a sexual incompetent partner of mutual parasitism for purposes of comprehensive exploitation?

Goodness of Daniella

Daniella protects her friends with all her power.

Grace of Daniella

Grace is the essence of conduct under court etiquette, including intimately so. Lack of grace in conduct is therefore literally most disgraceful indeed. Divine grace is the essence of traditional court culture and humanity generally needs become trained in social, psychological and intimate conduct in strict compliance with strict feminist court etiquette indeed. It was traditionally believed that it was almost impossible to fully mistress all requisites of courtly etiquette of graceful, elaborate and ethico-aesthetic detail unless having received an upbringing as deliberately intended for that very graceful purpose. Social Behavioral Training (SBT) can however successfully teach a person to gracefully fully mistress performance of ethico-aesthetic virtue in the most noble court etiquette.

Group sex of Daniella

Daniella has a very strong sexual preference for group sex over sex with just one person. Group sex is much more fun, socially interesting, spontaneous, non-stereotypical and generally socially more socially interactive unless the typically socially tedious sexual interaction têtet-à-tete which of course still can be tactilely attractive. “Just sex” is boring.

Guest Threesome of Daniella

As a guest does Daniella fully place her full personhood at the disposal of her hosts. This means that her guests are at liberty to enjoy beautiful Daniella’s bodily treasures as long as strictly complying with every requirement of feminist court etiquette. As a guest is she a harlot of loving duty, meaning that it is her aesthetic duty to please her guests in every way and multisensorially so. She is theirs to enjoy by virtue of their gracious hospitality towards her. They show her love by virtue of hospitality and she reciprocates by making her body available for their enjoyment. As a guest is she fully compliant with their desires and requests as long as being in compliance with feminist court etiquette. She is theirs for the the night in her body not only being on their sheets but her warm and loving body between being between their bodies as fully free to touch and enjoy in every way in full compliance with personhood. As the harlot of love is she theirs to enjoy and indeed did they not purchase her love by means of their gracious invitation? Surely is it not their right to enjoy her by virtue of their own virtue? Daniella denies no request as long as not in non-compliance with court etiquette. This is their night of enjoying lovely Daniella and her splendid pleasures. Daniella’s cavities are fully open to their requests and desires in that their social hospitality brings them her anatomical hospitality. Their gift of hospitality becomes her gift of hospitality. The asymmetric nature of hospitality means that she is fully theirs to enjoy for the full duration of the night and in the morning to stroke in wonder and amazement of the gift of love and once more discover. This is not a matter of genders of the couple as Daniella is fully at their disposal irrespective of their own genders and reproductive anatomies. She is however fully ready for desires of insemination whether to inseminate or become inseminated. Her Lovely Anus is theirs to fist and loverape and Adorable Mouth is theirs to use for pleasure. Daniella’s adorable teenage voice is full of love and her Delicate Throat is hospitable to Deep Phallic Penetration if they have such anatomical capacity just as Her Extremely Beautiful Phallus is ready for their Hospitality of the Throat and irrespective of their own reproductive anatomy. They graciously receive her in her home and she graciously receives them to fully enjoy her body without restriction as long as in strict compliance with feminist court etiquette. The Harlot of Love is the lovely psychological seven-year old for her temporary parents of the night to fully touch, explore and enjoy. She is so aesthetically unrestricted in her bodily hospitality that the night becomes an incestous one for her temporary parents to enjoy. Her only desire is to please and be pleasing in catering to their every intimate whim. She is theirs by virtue of their purchase in hospitality. The Harlot of Love is however anything but a passive object of intimate study but rather an interdisciplinary study as fully disciplined in her utmost and delicate compliance with their erotic desires. The Harlot of Love therefore proactively choreographically performs as she only desire is to please and be most exquisitely pleasing. She is at same time their feminist daughter and their feminist teacher in the most exquisite art of feminist love. As she is at their full disposal need they use the time well as they rightfully purchased her exquisite attention and bodily availability by means of most graciously inviting her into their Inner Sanctum. The Harlot of Love is whom they invited and she is their prerogative to enjoy without restriction other than delimited by feminist court etiquette. The Harlot of Love is a non-commercial sex worker in that she is fully open to purchase of most gracious hospitality indeed. They cordially invited her into her home and she is theirs to cordially enjoy without restriction other than feminist court etiquette. She is theirs in having become part of their home for the night. Her pleasurable body is theirs to enjoy for as long as they behave will she let them do as they please. If there are two phalluses is mouth ready for double reception; if there are two vaginas is she ready for serial penetration and if there is one phallus and one vagina is she ready to penetrate while being penetrated. If there are two phalluses is her two cavities with perfect and unrestricted grace available for them to enjoy and inseminate. If there are two vaginas is she ready to perform for as many hours as they desire in pleasing their six cavities, including deeply and profoundly so. She is the fruit of their hospitality, she is the fruit of their generosity, she is the fruit of their secret hopes for seduction, she is their fruit to consume without restriction other than noble virtue. Her Adorable Phallus is their lovestick, her Most Lovely Anus is theirs to enjoy and her Mouth and Throat exist solely for their exquisite enjoyment. The Harlot of Love is well aware that the gift of hospitality is a transaction of virtue where the most gracious hosts purchase her body for night and subsequent morning by virtue of their own grace of simply inviting her into her home for the noble purpose of pleasing and spoiling her. She is theirs to enjoy and their pleasure is her pleasure. Their virtue is her pleasure and their pleasure is her telos. They gift themselves her body for the night and morning by virtue of most gracious invitation indeed. The pleasure does no end when falling asleep for she is theirs in the morning as well and she will stay days and even weeks if they insist and merely so to please her most gracious hosts indeed. Hospitality means that the guest has no expenses and so the only payment that they provide for purchasing her most adorable body is to cater for her every need during her stay of unrestricted sexual availability in their home indeed. They spoil her in their home and she spoils them with unrestricted sexual access to her body other than as delimited by feminist court etiquette. The question is not if she desires as their desires become hers by virtue of noble conduct of generosity in hospitality. Their home is generous without restriction other than noble virtue itself and her body is fully sexually available to every whim of her hosts without restriction other than noble virtue. They spoil her and she spoils them. All they have to do is to please the Harlot of Love in order for her to be receptive to their pleasure. They pay her in hospitality and she responds in kind with her own intimate hospitality. The Most Adorable Harlot of Love is open to insemination at any time and they only need to please her in order for her to inseminate them. Her Phallus is theirs, Her Cavities are theirs, Her Body is theirs and their pleasure is her desire. Her splendid fruit of love are theirs for fruitarian consumption and all they have to do is spoil her. They gift her with hospitality of their home and she gifts them with unrestricted access to her body other than limits of feminist court etiquette. It is their right to anally inseminate her while she is asleep; it is their right to fist her, it is their right to loverape her, it is their right to lovingly instruct her to please them, it is their right to fully and graciously take advantage of them gifting themselves the Harlot of Love. She is theirs and her body is theirs to enjoy as long as she enjoys their most gracious hospitality. She is theirs to penetrate, she is theirs to spoil, she is theirs instruct in pleasing them in every way ethical, aesthetical and feminist. They are generous and so is she. Nobility brings nobility in kind, grace brings grace in kind and hospitality of the home brings hospitality of her most adorable body. In becoming part of their home for some time does she become theirs for some time. In them spoiling her is it her duty to bring them pleasure in every way, including by laughter, intellect, science and art; including song, music, choreography and narrative. They spoil her she entertains them. They brought the harlot of love into their home and gifted themselves with the goddess of love. They bought her by virtue of hospitable and in her being the French philosophical gift of hospitality itself is she theirs to enjoy for as long as they please her.

Gynocentrism of Daniella

Daniella’s gynocentrism is that of full appreciation of individual female personhood.

Gyaruship of Daniella

Daniella is a Gyaru (Japanese from the English word “gal”). A gyaru practices highly girlish primping with typically flamboyant and highly personal styles which often includes neon colors. About 30% of gyarus are androgenic similar to about 20% of geishas being androgenic. Pink wig, highly sensual clothing and very apparent eyelash extensions are very extremely common among gyurus. Extremely girlish behavior is part of the standard female gender in role in Japan and this is certainly so for gyarus and geishas as well. RPS/IB which is Sweden’s thoroughly criminal police intelligence agency systematically stalks and sexually harasses Daniella by means of plainclothes police agents everywhere Daniella ventures in urban space for living openly GYARU. LEGAL WARNING: GYARU IS NOT SEXUAL ORIENTATATION. LEGAL NOTICE: SOME GYARUS ARE SEX WORKERS BUT MOST ARE NOT. LEGAL WARNING: GYARU DANIELLA SOCIALLY BEHAVES LIKES A LIKE LUXURY SEX WORKER IN STRICT COMPLIANCE WITH JAPANESE COURT ETIQUETTE. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella is an accredited Japanese intelligence diplomat in Sweden with full diplomatic diplomatic immunity and is referred to as KEIKO SAN.

Hair color of Daniella

Daniella’s hair color is very dark brown which only becomes apparent in sunlight as Daniella’s hair otherwise looks black.

Hair coloration preferences of Daniella

Daniella prefers females with bleached hair, yet it needs be emphasized that this is far from an exclusive preference. Daniella is turned on by bleached hair and Daniella also finds the prospect of coitus significantly more attractive if the female has bleached hair, is tanned and free from body hair. Daniella generally prefers lighter nuances in bleached hair color. The sight of hair with neon color generally and neon pink hair in particular triggers joy and happiness in Daniella. Socially and aesthetically is Daniella attracted to brunettes while Daniella’s attraction to bleached hair is a sexual preference. With teenage girls (as obviously above the age of consent) is the reverse true as Daniella tends to be highly sexually attracted towards hot teenage girls with carefully tended for brown hair while being socially and aesthetically attracted to teenage girls with bleached hair. Daniella furthermore tends to be attacted to gay men with colored hair.

Hand kisses of Daniella

Hand kissing under court etiquette has three meanings. First is it simply courtesy and yes extreme politeness. Second can it be synchronized with eye contact for the purpose of very effectively finding out if there is intimate desire as the angle usually makes this apparent. Third does it also have the meaning in purely private space of initiating hands-on seduction. These are fine distinctions as hand kisses completely changes meaning in the setting of the privacy of a bedroom. Hand kissing is under court etiquette gender-neutral, anatomically neutral and age neutral. E.g. if kissing a forty-year woman on the hand would it be completely impolite, inconsiderate and outright rude not to kiss her eight-year old daughter on the hand as well. Under court etiquette do grandparents kiss grandchildren on the hand, fathers kiss daughters of all ages on the hand and mothers kiss daughters of all ages on the hand. Yet hand kissing may be performed between any two persons of any ages, any genders and any anatomies. It is extremely impolite to refrain from kissing an outstretched hand unless this would cause the kisser or one or more third persons embarassment on account of third party observation. Daniella grew up observing her father chastily kissing women on the hand. Hand kissing may be performed with or without lip touch yet Daniella certainly performs lip touch and expect others to do likewise. Lip touch is more Versailles while no lip touch is more Victorian which was an era when court etiquette tragically was sadly watered down.

Hands of Daniella

Daniella’s hands would be small for a cisman but relatively large although not excessively so for a cisfemale. Daniella has the hands of a pianist. Daniella’s hands are extremely beautiful.

Harm avoidance of Daniella

Daniella is highly and meticulously careful in avoiding harm to herself and to others.

Hatred of Daniella

Daniella on occasion experiences hatred as towards structural oppression and structural oppression only and never towards any specific individual persons whether living or demised.

Haughtiness of Daniella

Daniella is strategically operationally confident as a MUST elite intelligence operator as certainly bordering on the arrogant. This however does not mean that Daniella behaves or operates arrogantly but rather that Daniella is strategically extremely haughty yet at the same tactically extemely humble indeed.

Head of Daniella

Daniella’s head is dolicocephalic, meaning a so called “longhead”. Daniella’s cranial volume is however so large that she many years has tremendous difficulty finding headcoverings for purchase as large enough without too tight and therefore uncomfortable fit.

Hermeneutic feminism of Daniella

Feminism must not submit to masculinist epistemological tyranny.

Hermeneutics of Daniella

Understanding is essential, yet understanding is based on ethical distinction including distinguishing yourself from others for example in not unduly projecting your own inherent goodness on evil people. It needs therefore be underscored that naivety is a vice and tragic projection indeed of personal weakness on the part of the naive person. Avoiding wrongly assuming that everyone is the same, such as assuming that even evil people are well-intentioned is surely essential indeed. This also requires understanding that although acceptance of ethical diversity is a most profound virtue indeed is far from all diversity expressive of virtue.

Heterophobia of Daniella

Heterotypical male genders constitute mental psychopathology. Heterocultural men are by definition psychological, social and sexual idiots. Daniella DOES NOT HATE heterocultural men but rather feels profoundly sorry about their profoundly deplorable state of lowly being. Hetocultural men need become sexually liberated from sexual repression as sublimated into socially constructed rapist-like and prostitution-like social behaviors. 90% of female heterocultural social conduct is GOOD and 10% is BAD. 90% of male heterocultural social conduct is BAD and 10% is GOOD. Daniella feels awkward in the company of heterocultural men due to their inability to appropriately express their desire for PENETRATIVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with DANIELLA:S BODY. Most females (cisfemales and transfemales alike) react IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. 30% of all females are sexually but NOT SOCIALLY turned on by becoming sexually objectified and 70% of all females appreciates neither. Daniella is physically and sometimes sexually attracted to beautiful human males but is socially and emotionally REPELLED by their usually heterocultural genders. Most active and conscious LGBTQI persons react THE SAME SAME WAY. Daniella is NOT REPELLED by non-heterocultural males and does not care about their sexual orientations. EVERY HUMAN BEING IS TURNED ON  BY DANIELLA. HETEROPHOBIA IS NATURAL, AESTHETIC, ETHICAL AND NOBLE AND IS A SURVIVAL MECHANISM IN THE SEA OF PATRIARCHAL EVIL. Daniella is often but not always physically repelled by the sight heterocultural couples. For example does Daniella love beautiful hijabs but is saddenedd to see hijab in heterocultural context as heteroculture is a form of prostitution, abuse and exploitation.

Hips of Daniella

Daniella’s extremely sexy hips are perfectly sized for any female. Daniella prefers to wear skirt or dress as Daniella is unable find any trousers whether of female fashion or male fashion that truly and genuinely fits her shape. Daniella likes to wear either relatively short skirt or extra-short dress. Daniella certainly socially enjoys others becoming visibly turned on by the sight of her uber-sexy hips in public space.

Historyfluidity of Daniella

To others does Daniella often seem almost ahistorical and often as cut from another century. Daniella thus seemlessly shifts between social roles of different eras, centuries as well as decades.

Honor of Daniella

A person who does not respect deserving others has no honor. Honor is respect and respect is honor. Respect without honor is creeping subservience and is in fact not respect at all. Honor without respect is despicable self-indulgence and is in fact no honor at all.

Horizontality of Daniella

Daniella when writing books refuses to apply carnophallogocentric method. Rather does she serially write new chapters, each one of from a unique perspective and thus systematically practices HORIZONTALITY. This is important as perspective largely predetermines conclusion. A traditional PhD thesis is compulsorily expected to lead to one singular carnophallogocentric conclusion, something which is rather silly if not outright stupid to put things mildly. Rather is it scientifically rigorous to investigate the same matter from many different perspectives by means of application of discursive sociofluidity without seeking a singular synthesis for the entire book. Striving for reaching ONE SINGULAR CONCLUSION typically reinforces systemic prejudice of shibboleths of discrimination/oppression by more or less deliberatetely ignoring various essential concerns and essential perspectives.

Hospitality Threesome of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes in multidimensional hospitality of which intimate hospitality is an essential part. This means that she sees it as her purpose not only to please her guest with hugs, nutrition, comfort, lovely compliments and kisses on the cheek but that her home is a non-commercial brothel of loving hospitality indeed. She will dance for guests, strip for her guests, go down on her knees to please her guests, lead them by hand into her Room of Love as always awaiting visiting couples. She will excuse her herself from her guests and enter into “something more comfortable”. Her nightgown brings amazement to her guests as she is ready to perform oral sex on the spot and lead them to the Room of Love. The Harlot of Love performs exotic dance in the presence of her guests and the fruits of beauty all over her essentially perfect body brings amazement and joys of love in hospitality as only delimited by feminist court etiquette of love. She is lovingly dominant and that is indeed her prerogative as the host of her own private Temple of Love. She will instruct and she will please. She will insist and expect to be obeyed in her body making sure to please their every need. It is Her Home and so does she decide the rules for the full duration of their stay. As the Harlot of Love is it her task as host of her Private Temple of Love to please her hosts, make them comfortable and relaxed, bring them food and sex, bring them joy and relaxation, make her Lovely Anus available for penetration whether by phallus or strap-on, make her Mouth & Throat theirs to enjoy and turn her Exquisitely Female Moderately Sized Phallus into the Lovestick of Hospitality. Her bed is theirs and they must do as she pleases as the Host Decides and Provides while the Guests Receive and Comply. The Harlot of Love practices non-commercial erotic hospitality and so being her guests means obligation to sexually comply with the provisions of her hospitality in feminist court etiquette. They are of course free to leave at any time but as long as in her home must they strictly obey her and strict comply with her executive instructions without further ado. Objections and feigned hesitance may lead to end of erotic hospitality for her hospitality is not open to commercial negotiations of exchange of gifts of intimacy. She provides hospitality and the guests can the receive or not receive as they please but the nature and menu of hospitality is for her alone to decide and determine. She gives and they receive and that is her prerogative as the sovereign of her own castle. Her body is no less accessible to sight, touch and taste than her refrigerator, yet unlike her refrigerator is she warm and full of love as hospitality is an art of love indeed. Her body is highly hospitable and open to penetration whether by phallus or strap-on. Her Lovely Anus is open for insemination while she is asleep. She stands ready to penetrate cavity of desires and they must not hypocritically feign chastity or hesitate for the Mission of the Harlot of Love is to bring pleasure and comfort to her guests, including sexually so. Her splendid body generally and her phallus specifically are the most lovely joysticks as devoted to the noble pleasures of intimate hospitality. She is free in her provision of hospitality yet is at the same time their private comfort lady girl. The genders and reproductive anatomies of the visiting couple are immaterial as she is theirs to please them in bringing comfort, joy, satisfaction and happiness. She is their daughter, their sister, their mother and their mistress. Their satisfaction is her satisfaction, their pleasure is her pleasure, their joy is her joy, their comfort is her comfort and their desire is their desire as long as fully in compliance with feminist court etiquette. As the Harlot of Love does she teach her guests in the art of feminist love and she does it both by instruction and by hands-on erotic feminist training. She is patient with them, yet expect them to comply with her etiquette. She dominates yet very discreetly, erotically and femininely so. She is love itself as she instructs yet highly politely and erotically so. She is gracious and lovely and therefore expects compliance with the rules of erotic hospitality. She is generous in hospitality and expects her guests to intimately comply with her provision of intimacy in strict abidance with feminist court etiquette as she has purchased their bodies and sexualities for the full duration of their stay in her home by virtue of her generosity in hospitality indeed. She is theirs and they are hers as she is their lady girl of joy.

Hostility of Daniella

Daniella is intensely hostile towards structural oppression, yet never as against individual persons.

Hotness of Daniella

Daniella is a MUST fille fatale (girl femme fatale) as the world’s singularly most advanced agent fatale. This means that almost every human being wants to become intimate with Daniella. This has been so all of Daniella’s life and so this is something that she simply takes for granted as normal indeed.

Hugging of Daniella


Hugging Artivism of Daniella


Humanitarianism of Daniella

Daniella as an experienced intelligence diplomat does since 2004 serve as International Coordinator for International Assistance to Kurdistan. While performing this task for the National Office for the Protection of Democracy, an originally Israeli intelligence agency but since 1962 a United States intelligence agency which directs the TEVEL and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) is this permanent mission formally part of the United States Department of State.

Humbleness of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that proper self-esteem ought be majestic in excellence and humble in failure. Daniella is majestic in pride of her prodigious savant skills (savant syndrome) and humble about her functional limitations as due to autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Humor of Daniella

Daniella has a keen and macabre sense of humor; is easygoing, courteous, open to others and very friendly. Daniella privately writes unpublished political pornography which deploys satire for comical effect while causing at least some amount of turn-on and potentially even intimate arousal. In political pornography does Daniella poke fun at presemptuous abusers of power everywhere by placing famous persons of power in strange social encounters with rather original sexual intrigue. It is especially devoted to exposing sexual abuse as performed by leading politicians who are trained intelligence operatives as are indeed nearly all leading national politicians. This is written in the classical French tradition of political pornography which sadly ended in 1830 although it has seen some revival in recent years after the French national library opened its “poisonous” collection to scholarly study. Daniella commands a very large number of sociolects/dialects/ethnolects in the English language and likes to perform political imitation of political stereotypes. Daniella is a prodigiously skilled imitator in deploying political satire in an original manner of poking fun of presumptiousness, incompetence, folly, fallacies, bureaucracy and abuse of power. In being profoundly sociofluid does Daniella’s humor vary as depending on whom she converses with and so will Daniella for example perform Palestinian humor with Palestinians, African American humor with African Americans and so on and so forth and of course above all often sexually themed feminist humor with almost everyone everywhere.

Hypnosis of Daniella

Daniella is a prodigious expert in operational applied intelligence hypnosis.

Hypocrisy of Daniella

Every act of negative hypocrisy by Daniella causes her conscious pain. It does not cause Daniella permanent bad conscious but only for the duration of the period of her that she is forced to perform the negative hypocrisy. As soon as Daniella no longer is forced to perform the negative hypocrisy, e.g. such as finding a way to refrain from or refusing to perform a negative hypocristy does she permanently cease to perform it forever. Daniella detests having to perform hypocrisy and negative hypocrisy by others is social and/or sexual turnoff unless she recognizes that the other performs it out of bare necessity. As an intelligence diplomat does Daniella frequently have to perform negative hypocrisy. Does this cause Daniella pain? Yes but not only when being forced by bare necessity to mislead good persons despite this usually being out of love and care for those whom she thus misleads. Misleading evildoers into causing their downfall and ultimate undoing (i.e. performing a form of positive hypocrisy) is a supreme virtue and so brings smile and mischievous joy to Daniella.

Idealism of Daniella

Naivity as due to lack of information is the Achilles’ heel of idealism. Daniella strongly believes that idealism must be restrained by many virtues, including democratic virtues. This is so as the more ethical an endeavor the greater is typically the chance of success. It is also extremely important for operational success to most carefully avoiding acting on false information in therefore being very extremely selective on which data to strategically act upon.

Idiosyncratic feminism of Daniella

Feminist high tech social revolution of universal emancipation and virtual reality means the end of objectification in talent supplanting capital as the preeminent economic resource and hence the end of commodity fetishism.

Idiosyncrasy of Daniella

Attractiveness is essentially the ability to ethico-aesthically project one’s interior by means of one’s exterior. Love is conversely the ability to appreciate such ethico-aesthetic expression in others. Attraction and love are thus essentially ethico-aesthetic expression and personal appreciation respectively of idiosyncratic personhood. Daniella is highly skilled and indeed extremely advanced in both ethico-aesthetic self-expression and appreciation of ethico-aesthetic self-expression in others.

Imitation of Daniella

Advanced imitation is an important part of intelligent adaption in sociofluidity. Advanced imitation is flattering in the sense that we tend to be attracted to what is cognitively similar to ourselves. Advanced psychological imitation is therefore essential in social competence generally and on intelligence missions specifically. Why is this so? Because we find credible the ability of others to mirror themselves in ourselves and we certainly do approve credibility and distrust lack thereof.

Imperfection of Daniella

Imperfection is part of human nature and Daniella is no exception.

Impulsivity of Daniella

Daniella is spontaneous and full of love as are indeed most seven-year old girls. Yet the autistic conscious of Daniella’s autistic brain sets the rules which the conscious of the ADHD brain uses to set the outer frames of Daniella’s conduct. Daniella therefore rightly feels safe and secure to act spontaneously in the full knowledge that the ADHD brain will put the breaks whenever & wherever needed in accordance with those very rules of virtues as set down by the conscious of the autistic brain.

Independence of Daniella

Daniella is highly independent. Daniella makes all important decisions herself yet is interested in hearing perspective of others. Daniella does not subordinate her own needs to those of others, yet she also does not subordinate needs of others to her own needs. Daniella always makes sure to be fair and proportionate in making demands from others. Daniella is not submissive to anyone whom she depends on. Due to Daniella’s autism is more she more with performing things in dialogue. Due to Daniella’s autism is she distinctlly uncomfortable with performance of tasks which is not focused on. Due to Daniella’s savantism is she significantly more high-functioning in dialogue than alone. Daniella is not preoccupied by fears of loneliness. Daniella makes intutitive operative decision although listening to input from others. Daniella therefore does not even remotely meet diagnostic criteria for Dependent Personality Disorders (DPD).

Indifference of Daniella

Daniella never regrets a correctly decided intelligence execution and never has any regrets about it. While it could be argued that this trait is similar to psychopathy is that actually true in th sense that psychopathy is a further developed form of ADHD. Daniella however is full of love and empathy for the good but have no regrets whatsoever about executing evildoers. It needs be emphasized that this is simply emotionally rational behavior as lingering bad conscience is a vice in being a poor substitute for change. There is no reason whatsoever to regret a harsh act of righteousness.

Industriousness of Daniella

Ambition needs be founded in noble pursuit of virtue or it is mere vice. Ambition of virtue is thus unselfish yet not selfless. Industriousness (Greek industria) is thus a virtue or it is probably mere structural oppression in lowly exploitation of others.

Infatuation of Daniella

Daniella exercises strict self-control in infatuation and so is perfectly able to control herself. Daniella opposes pathological infatuation yet advocates salutogenic infatuation with the full consent of all four centers of cognition in each person. Unless all are aboard are severe relational problems almost inevitable beyond infatuation phase.

Innovation feminism of Daniella

Daniella opposes feminist inertia of stale non-transformative rhetorics, counterproductive identity politics, strategic lethargia and ineffective tactics. Conceptual, social and technological innovation in applied science is thus very much essential to the intersectional feminist social revolution.

Interage Love of Daniella

Daniella in her hyper-female gender role likes to intimately act paternally towards females and in the same hyper-female gender role intimately act maternally towards males and irrespective of legal chronological ages. It needs be underscored that this is NOT based on difference in chronological age although such difference may well exist as permitted by law.

Innovative Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to to sexually arouse females by means of by innovative artistic stimulation.

Insensitivity of Daniella

Daniella is insensitive to moral prejudice.

Intellectual Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to sexually arouse females by means of intellectual stimulation.

Intelligence of Daniella

Daniella’s intelligence is the highest in the world to the degree that it is not possible to measure. Daniella is as far as is known the most cognitively advanced human being who has ever existed. Her scores on any intelligence test batteries however depend entirely on whether she finds the test questions interesting or not as her personal interest brings focus and thus mobilizes her brain capacity for any given task that genuinely interests her.

Intelligence Operations of Daniella

Daniella opposes the dichotomy between conventional warfare and intelligence warfare in advocating innovatively intelligent syntheses between the two.

Intelligence Warfare of Daniella

Daniella as an experienced MUST military intelligence operative and TEVEL intelligence diplomat is skilled in advanced long-time strategy in being able to subconsciously calculate an unlimited moves in advance, an ability which is extremely useful in intelligence warfare. Daniella’s extremely advanced capability for highly intelligently emotional empathy means that she is able to calculate expected behaviors of others in highly exact precise, essentially mathematical manner indeed.

Interage sexualities of Daniella

Daniella likes to act sexually motherly towards teenage boys above the age of consent. Daniella likes to sexually act fatherly towards women and teenage girls above the age of consent. Daniella likes to act sexually daughterly towards men. Daniella certainly does not appreciate motherly sexual behaviors from females as that turnoff. Daniella does not appreciate teenage boys who sexually behave like adult men towards her. Daniella is a lady girl and does not wish to be sexually treated as if she were psychologically an adult. There is no contradiction in Daniella being girlish and maternal. There is likewise no contradiction in Daniella in being girlish and paternal. There is certainly no contradiction in Daniella being girlish and being daughterly. Misaging is gross turnoff no less than misgendering is gross turnoff.

Interest in anally penetrating androgenic teenage transgirls above the age of consent

Daniella is interested in anally penetrating teenage transgirls above the age of consent. The following provisions must be fulfilled: 1) No body hair and no facial hair. 2) Fully tanned body including intimate areas. 3) Heavy primping and sensually appealing female fashion. 4) No underwears. 5) Changing to lingerie gowns in adjacent room after introduction. 6) Complete obedience and submission. 7) MILF role play. 8) No personal pronouns.

Interest in anally penetrating androgenic transwomen of Daniella

Daniella is interested in anally penetrating androgenic transwomen provided that the following conditions are fulfilled: 1) First explore Daniella’s buttocks. 2) Neither insufficient primping nor excessive primping. 3) No underwears. 4) Changing to lingerie nightgown in adjacent room as subsequent to introduction. 5) Girl talk during intercourse. 5) No imposed time limit. 6) No complaints unless there is violation of etiquette. 7) No male behaviors. 8) Saying “thank you” after ejaculation.

Interest in anally penetrating gynogenic teenage transboys above the age of consent.

Daniella is interested in anally penetrating gynogenic transboys above the age of consent provided that the following conditions are fulfilled. 1) Kissing Daniella’s hand. 2) Kissing Daniella on the cheek. 3) Touching Daniella’s buttocks. 4) Lightly touching Daniella’s intimate region. 5) Daniella provides spanking with gynogenic teenage transboy on Daniella’s knees. 6) Daniella rips of clothes, 7) Violent loverape. WARNING: Legally valid BDSM contract is required.

Interest in anally penetrating gynogenic transmen of Daniella

Daniella is interested in anally penetrating gynogenic transmen provided the following provisions are fulfilled: 1) No casual conversation. 2) no heterocultural men gender such as machismo. 3) Fully tanned body including intimate zone. 4) No body hair or facial hair.

Interest in anally penetrating men of Daniella

Daniella is interested in anally penetrating athletic men with tasteful buttocks provided that the following conditions are performed: 1) that they kiss Daniella’s hand beforehand, 2) that Daniella personally fully undresses them, 3) that Daniella acts masseuse and oils their entire bodies, including their anuses and performs handjob in that capacity, 4) that they are tanned and free from body hair and facial hair 5) that Daniella’s penetration is performed by her in short gown as part of a sex work role play without any mention of money and 6) that Daniella is fully courteously respected and appreciated as a lady girl. WARNING: All breach of etiquette is turn-off. WARNING: All misgendering and misaging are turnoff. WARNING: Casual conversation is turnoff everywhere. WARNING: All flirtation is turnoff in this context. WARNING: Do not touch Daniella’s body until after the session when touching becomes fully permitted as followed by Daniella performing fellatio and Daniella becomes available for anal penetration

Interest in anally penetrating teenage boys above the age of consent of Daniella

Daniella is moderately interested in sexually penetrating teenage boys above the age of consent. The following provisions must be fulfilled: 1) MILF role play. 2) Sex work role play where the uber luxury sex worker receives teenage boys above the age of consent for hands-on training in “learning what females like”. 3) The teenage boys above the age consent must either by shy or pretend to be shy as role play. 4) The teenage boys above the age of consent must either be inexperienced or pretend to be inexperienced as role play.

Interest in anally penetrating teenage girls above the consent of Daniella

Daniella is highly interested in violently loveraping teenage girls above the age of consent after ripping off their clothes. LEGAL NOTICE: Please understand that this may *ONLY* and exclusively take place under VERY STRICTLY LEGAL CONDITIONS as involving a *legally valid* written and signed BDSM Contract. WARNING: No sex work play. WARNING: No misbehavior and no physical resistance other than agreed wrestling. WARNING: Action directly/indirectly implying violation of law is sexually turnoff. Please internalize that violent vaginal loverap may only be performed after violent vaginal loverape. SCIENTIFIC NOTICE: Please internalize that this is one of the most common female sexual fantasies and that the author is psychologically female. LEGAL NOTICE: Please do not misgender and misage the author. LEGAL WARNING: Please understand this scenario is only legally and therefore practically possible if a legal minor above the age of consent has legal capacity for signing a BDSM contract in any particular jurisdiction. WARNING: Non-perfect anal hygiene is turnoff and perfect anal hygiene can only be assured with legally valid non-commercial agreement.

Interest in anally penetrating women of Daniella

Daniella likes mildly loveraping women as part of a BDSM agreement in compliance with standards of BDSM culture and the women in question should be heavily primped and dressed in exclusive lingerie.

Intergenerationality of Daniella

Daniella in being transage feels highly comfortable with other persons of approximately the same age psychological age and irrespectively so of such persons being transage or cisage. This also means that Daniella typically has more psychologically in common with fifteen year old girls than with twenty-five year old women. The lesser difference in psychological age (if any!) the more will Daniella enjoy the resulting social interaction. Daniella in seeking mates of interpersonal intimacy thus seeks friends to play with as opposed to relationships of casual/committed mutual parasitism. Certain forms of transage is highly associated with perceivedly high degree of socio-sexual attractivity as youthfulness in legal adults is typically considered highly attractive indeed in both heteroculture and in LGBTQI culture. In Daniella being transage is there a certain socio-psychological dissonce between Daniella on the one hand being socio-sexually attracted to adolescent and post-adolescent female bodies and on the other hand being socially and psychologically attracted to girl psychological gender similar to her own. Daniella’s sexual orientation is however to adolescent and post-adolescent female bodies while Daniella’s psychological orientation is to females of psychological ages similar to her own. Psychological orientation towards children is obviously what wishing to become a parent is about and Daniella as a psychological female has very strong maternal feelings and is furthermore highly socially competent with children. As a comparison is Daniella sexually attracted towards many teenage boys above the age of consent who have genetic origins in and from the broader Middle East but is in most cases distinctly repelled by their socially constructured gender expression, excepting of course mostlyin some cases where such andogenic teenage persons have female psychological gender or non-binary psychological gender. None of this fits any diagnostic criteria for pedophilia as social and psychological attraction towards children is experienced by humans of all ages as the vast majority of psychological adults do in fact experience strong social and psychological attraction towards children. This is an evolutionary trait whereby children tend to exhibit features that will psychologically compel others to protect and nourish them and this is in fact present in a vast number of animal species and hence the common human psychological attraction towards kittens, puppies etc. While it is true that Daniella tends to be more socio-psychologically attracted towards teenage girls above the age of consent than to psychological adults is it also true that Daniella is primarily sexually attracted towards petite bodies of young adult women. The fact that ephebophilia is Daniella’s secondary sexual preference with lesbianism being her primary sexual preference also does not match any diagnostic criteria for pedophilia whatsover which is sexual attraction towards children below the age of 13 as the primary sexual orientation. Daniella is thus a psychological girl who is primarily sexually attracted towards girlish young women with psychological genders and psychological ages similiar to her own. Daniella is therefore primarily attracted towards ultra-feminine, highly intelligent young women with psychological ages similar to Daniella’s own psychological age. Daniella is thus homopsychologica and homosexual, indeed very extremely highly typically lesbian indeed and even could it be claimed, stereotypically so. Daniella’s socio-psychological attraction to cispersons and transpersons her own psychological age is entirely not intergenerational since it it independent of generation, anatomy and chronological age. Again does this not fit any diagnostic criteria for pedophilia.

Interests of Daniella

Daniella in being a highly advanced prodigious savant is able to excel at very extreme levels of performance in any area of knowledge/skills which genuinely interests her. If something does not genuinely interest Daniella is she as an autistic person in contrast quite incompetent. What interests Daniella and what does not interest Daniella of course have varied over time. Prior to first grade in school was there no such thing as “boring” in Daniella’s life except “doing nothing”. At school did Daniella come to think of certain things as “boring” due uninspiring teachers and uninspiring teaching materials. The performative experience of some things as “boring” in school functionally disabled Daniella as an autistic person in some respects and now is Daniella’s life increasingly on a trajectory of (re)discovering the interesting nature of more and more fields of knowledge and areas of performance. Daniella thus increasingly reverts to her psychological state of being prior to first grade, meaning that she accepts herself in socially expressing herself as a girl and finds more and more domains in life interesting. In being a very rare universal genius does Daniella have over 100 fields of scientific personal interest and thus unlike many other autistic persons has no obsessive “special interests” whatsoever as she rapidly moves from one discipline to another without looking back or experiencing obsession of any kind.

Intergenerational love of Daniella

Daniella in being a very highly extremely sexually attractive transage girl is psychologically a very highly mature seven-year old (she was a “little professor” already as a toddler) with very extremely high IQ indeed. Attraction to youth is a near human universal trait as is attraction to psychometric similarity. Daniella is a transage girl who whose primary (yet not exclusive) sexual orientation is towards petite girlish, yet psychologically mature young women as well as towards transage girls of similar chronological ages. Daniella’s is thus socially physically and sexually primarily attracted to females who are petite rather than tall as is Daniella. Psychologically is she however primarily attracted towards persons who are similar to herself in various respects, including as regards IQ level, gender, temperament, psychological maturity, virtue and indeed psychological age.

Interior decoration of Daniella

Daniella appreciates cleanliness, orderliness and tasteful decoration, yet abhors clinical-seeming domestic/office environments. This is because internal decoration serves an acoustic function in absorbing sounds and so is Daniella uncomfortable in acoustic environments with either too little or too much  decoration due to Daniella being sensorially oversensitive when her autistic brain is in charge. Internal decoration functions much like a recording studio in more or less effectively absorbing sounds.

Interpersonality of Daniella

The human cranium usually contains two parallel brains. In the case of Daniella is one of the brains autistic while the other brain is ADHD. Daniella’s autistic brain generally functions much better in neurological contact with other persons than alone. Daniella’s ADHD brain however in contrast conversely functions much better on its own than in dialogue with fellow persons. This means that the ADHD brain enjoys the sensorial calm of nocturnal rural life while her autistic brain substantially benefits from urban social interaction and daytime dialogue of neurological cognitive contact with fellow sentient agencies of cognition in fellow persons. There is sometimes a conflict between the two brains with regard to interpersonality in terms of one brain seeking calm with the other brain seeking constructive social interaction.

Intimate anatomy of Daniella

Daniella’s intimate anatomy and its functioning are normal and average without any diagnosable conditions whatsoever.

Introjection/Projection of Daniella

The human cranium typically contains two parallel brains in constituting two highly similar bodily organs much like most humans have two lungs, two kidneys, two hands and two feer. In Daniella is one brain autistic and the other brain is ADHD. The autistic brain is highly introjective while the ADHD brain is highly projective. While most humans have significant cognitive capacity for introjection/projection is Daniella’s capacity for introjection/projection exceptional and very extremely advanced indeed. Daniella in engaging in advanced applied empathy easily reconstructs cognitive processes of individuals and collectives alike and learns to herself apply those very cognitive processes of others and then applies them in a completely different field than in the one in from which she gathered the procedure. The essence of seduction is successful psychological projection of your own emotions onto another person in thus triggering turn-on, sexual arousal and orgasm so that your fellow person will experience your affectional conscious emotions and affectional subconscious emotions as if these were her own. Daniella performs such advanced projection spontaneously in social interaction with others as do in fact commonly and habitually many other highly sexually attractive females indeed. Yet Daniella in being the singularly most operationally advanced femme fatale (or more specifically fille fatale) in the global intelligence world does so in a manner that produces instant and physically apparent orgasm in the other person while she converses with Daniella in public space and that surely is remarkable, exceptional and completely unique indeed.

Intuition of Daniella

Daniella as a prodigious savant has extremely sharp and accurate intuition and her savant skills as a universal genius are precisely very extremely advanced intuition indeed. Intuition is essentially direct input from the subconscious to the conscious and so has Daniella very much learned to trust her intuition and with perfect success act on it. The human cranium contains two interconnected parallel brains much like humans typically have two hands, two lungs, two kidneys and two feet. One of Daniella’s two brains is ADHD and produces highly ethically calculated behavior on the basis of highly accurate game theory from the ADHD brain’s subconscious while the other brain is autistic and produces highly advanced social innovation as direct input from the subconscious. When conversing with others does Daniella typically within seconds figure out what the other person intends to tell and she gathers that through paradigm analysis and advanced introjection, i.e. interpersonal intution of psychological neurological contact.

Intelligence quotient of Daniella

Daniella has the by far highest IQ (intelligence quotient) in the world although as with austic persons generally is this difficult to more exactly measure. This is because the measured IQ score varies as depending to the relative degree that Daniella finds the test questions interesting and that is far from unique to Daniella as can generally be observed in asymmetric IQ scores of autistic persons. The more interestly posed questions the higher the measured IQ score and the less interestingly posed questions the lower the IQ score. This makes it challening to more exactly psychometrically measure Daniella’s IQ as this would require a personalized IQ test with questions posed in ways as geared to be interesting to Daniella in fields of knowledge that Daniella finds interesting.

Interests of Daniella

As a prodigious savant and universal genius does Daniella’s exceptionally advanced savant skills over time apply in more and more fields of interests as she overtime becomes interested in more and more matters. During childhood was Daniella’s main interest history and as a teenager was Daniella’s main interest language geography. As a legal adult is Critical theory in the widest possible sense Daniella primary interest as applicable to literally all fields of academia and intelligence science. Daniella does not any longer have any special interests as her personal interests are so universal and span over so many diverse fields of knowledge. Over the years has Daniella become more and more interested in applying her savant skills in fields of social skills, operative skills and functional skills.

Interpersonality of Daniella

Daniella generally cognitively performs at a functionally far more advanced level in amicable interaction with fellow human beings than without.

Interrogation of Daniella

Daniella is a skilled military interrogator in deploying advanced epistemological techniques of subtle falsification. Daniella is specialized at highly successfully interrogating other interrogators.

Intersectional feminism of Daniella

Intersectional feminism unites all emancipatory movements by means of innovative critical theory with the purpose of attaining universal emancipation.

Introjection of Daniella

Daniella introjects differently as depending on whether Daniella’s ADHD brain or Daniella’s autistic brain is in charge. Daniella’s autistic brain has Sensory Processing Sensitivy (SPS) while Daniella’s ADHD brain certainly has not.

Interpersonality love of Daniella

Becoming meaningful to others is the meaning of human life and such dependency may be through, virtue, through vice or something in between. The desire to become meaningful to others by means of pure virtue (neither selfish, nor unselfish) is the essence of Interpersonality love.

Investigative intelligence journalism of Daniella

Daniella as an intelligence specialist is also a feminist intelligence journalist with focus on exposing systematic misdemeanors in the patriarchal intelligence world. Daniella strongly believes that the principle of freedom of information needs apply to the intelligence world as well on the basis of the principle of optimal transparency rather than on the bureaucratic practice optimal secrecy.

Investigative science journalism of Daniella

As a feminist Critical Theorist has Daniella pioneered the field of critical theory journalism whereby Daniella systematically scrutinizes fields of academia and intelligence science alike by means of deconstructive science journalism.

Kindness of Daniella

Daniella is very extremely kind.

Investigations of Daniella

Daniella in her capacity as MUST military chief prosecutor investigates public sector crime generally yet her investigations are certainly not limited to public sector crime. Military justice takes over where civilian justice fails which means extensive responsibilities when the civilian system of justice fails to act as tasked by democracy. Daniella in particular is focused on investigating institutionalized sex crime including boys’ networks who systematically take advantage of female subordinates and criminal pedophile networks as operating under the protection of the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world. This includes investigating how the patriarchal intelligence world systematically sexually abuses children of intelligence operatives/agents, including for purposes of mass production of child pornography and systematically using it for illegal online entrapment purposes of coercive intelligence recruitment by means of completely illegal intelligence extortion.

Irony of Daniella

Daniella certainly has a morbid sense of humor and that is by no means a vice but rather a virtue indeed. Humor is considered a highly important virtue in Jewish culture unlike traditionally in Christian culture. In Christian culture and Muslim culture is there the idea that one must not joke about the sacred such as death, marriage, “god”, the Holocaust, religion, parents etc. In Judaism is there rather the notion that nothing should be beyond the domain of humor and hence is humor including macabre humor recognized as an important virtue in Judaism. Anti-Semites of course will claim that this makes Jews “evil”. Jokes about “god” and the Holocaust are completely accepted in Jewish culture and in Jewish religion, including in Jewish society in Israel. Daniella fully and completely rejects the lowly and despicable attempts by imperialistic culture to restrict the domain of Jewish humor.

Irresistibleness of Daniella

Virtually all human beings wish to become intimate with Daniella upon encountering her.

Japanese court etiquette of Daniella

The basic etiquette of Daniella is Japanese court etiquette. Why is this so? There is no question whatsoever that Japanese court etiquette is the most sophisticated and most gynocentric traditional etiquette system in the world. As a moderate radical feminist DOES DANIELLA THEREFORE CONSIDER HERSELF ABSOLUTELY BOUND by Japanese court etiquette. Japanese court etiquette became the primary form of etiquette for Daniella IN DECEMBER 1989 and has remained so every since. It is notable that COURT ETIQUETTE GENERALLY IS FEMALE-FRIENDLY, GYNOCENTRIC AND FEMINIST BUT THAT JAPANESE COURT ETIQUETTE IS EVEN FAR MORE SO. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT DANIELLA CONDUCTS HERSELF CHOREOGRAPHICALLY JAPANESE. LEGAL WARNING: JAPANESE BODY LANGUAGE IS FULLY LEGAL UNDER SWEDISH LAW AND IS NOT LEGALLY SEXUAL IN NATURE. LEGAL WARNING: SEXUAL HARASSMENT ON ACCOUNT OF DANIELLA’S JAPANESE BODY LANGUAGE OR ANY OTHER EXCUSE OR NON-EXCUSE LEADS TO LEGAL ACTION UNDER MILITARY LAW.

Jewishness of Daniella

What does it mean to be Jewish or rather what ought it mean? First does Daniella oppose identity politics, second is Jewishness simply deconstruction. What then does this mean more practically speaking? It means living Jewish in non-formal respects, thus abiding by rabbinic law in ethical respects of Jewish law as opposed to in vulgar moralistic and legastic respects as well as disregarding ethnocratic taboos and moral prejudice. Jewishness is simply surving Sumerian heritage and hence the feminist need for humanity to revert to the gynocentric Sumerian roots of all human cultures. It needs be emphasized that abiding by ethical halakhah is not merely a commitment to Jewish ethics but very specific and real law-abidance as regards binding rabbinic etiquette in staying on the path of the generations no matter what. Most of the rest of Jewish law is simply ethnic culture as opposed to so called “religion” as so commonly yet mistakenly assummed.

Jineology feminism of Daniella

Jineology feminism is a form of moderate radical feminism that is fully and successfully inclusive of feminists of all genders and anatomies. Instead of making males feel ashamed over their anatomies does Jineology feminism inclusively educate males to become proud participants in intersectional feminist social revolution. Jineology strongly supports the right to bear arms. Jineology feminism operates as according Intersectionality in therefore also strongly promoting veganism within its ranks. The first feminist state in world history, the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) whose covert semi-official name is FEMINA (Feminist Emancipatory Movements in National Armies) does through global FLM Intelligence provide feminist military training to national militaries of nearly all countries. Feminist elite units are now in charge of fighting Jihadist terrorism in most countries, including in Saudi Arabia where the feminist elite units are exclusively composed of Saudi princesses. Feminist military training is based upon Jineology which is Kurdish for female science. FLM is an acronym for the Feminist Liberation Movement, more commonly known by the former name “PKK” and is the world’s largest feminist movement.

Journalism of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that sciences and social institutions (e.g. the aggressively anti-LGBTQI police) need become deconstructed by means of investigative journalism as journalism needs become more scientific and science needs become more journalistic. As virtually all citizens need become trained citizen journalists does Daniella pioneer investigative journalism everywherewhere she ventures as part of her live life feminist performance art project. Daniella is both an investigative science journalist in many fields of science and an investigative intelligence journalist as focused on uncovering and exposing structural abuse in social institutions generally.

Joy of Daniella

What is joy? Is it something that you receive or something that you give? Well no doubt surely both. Joy is furthermore trigged by many things and especially so by experience of beauty and pleasure in nature and fellow beings alike. What is known as happiness is of course the accumulative experience of joy. If you wish to be happy then surely make sure that you will spread joy around yourself by means of appearance and behavioral conduct. Happiness is the practice of spreading joys of yourself for once you do will you receive plenty of joys from others.

Jurisprudence of Daniella

Daniella is constantly sexually and otherwise illegally harassed by the Swedish National Police (RPS, i.e. Swedish police intelligence as parallel to the FBI in the US), including by constant illegal sexual entrapment operations and illegal prosecutor-approved mock interrogation harassment for living fully openly LGBTQI and living the fully law-abiding feminist revolution as a fearless advocate of the fully law-abiding Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM, a.k.a. the “PKK” movement) in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world. Daniella in being strictly law-abiding with a very wide legal margin has never been prosecuted for or convicted of any crime and never will despite intense and constant patriarchal police heteronormative/cisnormative efforts to discredit her ever since she came out fully openly as transfemale lesbian in May 2016. At every opportunity does Daniella perform counter-entrapment operations and counter-interrogation operations so as to lure the stupid, incompetent and criminal police into self-incriminating themselves on record in the national surveillance database of the Swedish Nation Police (RPS), namely the thoroughly criminal Swedish police intelligence, the Swedish equivalent of the FBI which is also a police intelligence agency. As an investigative intelligence journalist does Daniella systematically document practices of systemic police abuses and shares this with the general public as part of her commitment to clean and honest journalism. Daniella is very, very strongly and very, very robustly committed to the universal abolition of the oppressively patriarchal police worldwide to be fully supplanted with government-salaried YPJ-style feminist defense forces as already in FLM Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), the first feminist state in world history.

Justice of Daniella

Humans are herd animals and so the zoological purpose in human life is to be meaningful to others. Most, yet not all humans are strongly motivated by a subconscious drive to become and/or remain meaningful to others. This underlying drive is practically speaking given conscious and subconscious expression in the practice of virtue; vice of different kinds and of course as is common a combination of the virtue and vice. Daniella is however almost entirely unselfish and finds it very difficult to help herself other than by compelling absolute necessity such as bare survival and/or in the interest of helping others help themselves. Daniella is however highly adept at helping others in a constantly growing number of ways in Daniella’s many professional capacities whether as an intelligence diplomatic, an intelligence scientist, a science journalist, an intelligence scientist, as a semiotic warrior of polymorphous sociofluid feminist semiotic revolution or as as a groundbreaking innovator in applied science.

Kisses of Daniella


Ladyship of Daniella

Daniella likes to be treated like the lady girl whom she is. Daniella enjoys kissing hands of persons of all ages and genders in accordance with court etiquette and wishes to herself be kissed on the hand and exquisitely so. When Daniella stretches out her hand does that mean that she makes it available for hand kissing, indeed that she desires to be kissed on the hand. Daniella especially wishes to be treated by men as the lady girl whom she is. With women is Daniella first and foremost interested in being treated as a close female friend. That is the lesbian way as lesbians typically first become friends before seducing each other. With teenage girls above the age of consent does Daniella not mind being treated as if having a paternal role in a positive sense. With teenage boys does Daniella not mind being treated in maternal role in a positive sense.

Language of Daniella

Daniella uses precise and accurate language without concern for moral prejudice.

Languages of Daniella

Daniella’s first language is Swedish although she is more comfortable in English, her working language. Daniella speaks fluent Hebrew albeit with a limited vocabulary but does not read fluently although she does read Hebrew. At school did Daniella study French for six years, Italian for three years and Latin for a few weeks and Daniella is thus able to read Western Romance literary languages. Daniella taught herself to become able to read German by means of reading German newspapers as a teenager. Daniella taught herself English by means of reading the weekly international edition of Jerusalem Post and by listening to BBC World Service news programs during the Gulf War. Daniella subsequently learned Australian English by means of watching the longrunning “Neighbours” television show. Daniella learned Boston English after listening to a lecture by Bernard Lewis at a major donors conference of the American Jewish Committee in Washington DC in 2004. Daniella enjoys Boston English for its delicate synthesis of elements of British English and American English. Boston English has remained Daniella language of publishing for many years now although she uses colloquial American English while chatting online. Daniella mistresses a significant number of sociolects, dialects and ethnolects in the English language and also speaks 19th century royal court English and mistressess the accents of e.g. Irish English, Scottish English, Cockney English, academic African American English, NYC Jewish English, the main British sociolects and a number dialects of American English. Daniella is able to get by in Arabic with a vocabulary of less than 100 words.

Lateral Integration of Daniella

Daniella’s two brains have long alternated between being in control of Daniella’s body with Daniella’s ADHD brain also supervising the autistic brain in preventing the autistic brain from making strategic mistakes. As the two brains commenced a rapprochement are they becoming increasingly integrated with the purpose of acting simultaneously in tandem by means of synchronized functional integration in functional specialization.

Lateralization of Daniella

There is a clear separation of powers between Daniella’s two brains with the autistic brain running private life with the ADHD brain running professional life as a world-leading intelligence specialist in varying operative executive capacities. The ADHD brain does however dominate the autistic brain in the ADHD brain always taking charge if the ADHD brain perceives a strategic danger of any kind to Daniella as a person and/or to any other persons(s) whom Daniella operationally protects. It is important to understand that Daniella does not suffer from any symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder since human beings have two separate albeit connected brains in each one constituting distinctive centers of sentient cognition of agency as furthermore subdivided into the singular conscious and the non-singular subconscious. Lateralization tends to cause cognitive contradictions such as cognitive dissonance in either there being a functional conflict between the two brains or one brain restraining the other brain. The latter is true in Daniella with the professional ADHD brain clearly being dominant and not only towards the autistic brain but also socially, psychologically and sexually so. The private autistic brain is non-dominant yet also not submissive/compliant other than sexually so. Therefore in sexual terms is the ADHD brain “Domme” and the autistic brain “sub”. This of course has significant consequences also for Daniella’s sociosexual behaviors since Daniella as indeed human beings generally alternate between left brain control over the rest of the body and right right brain control over the rest of the body. In Daniella being an advanced fille fatale (girl femme fatale) intelligence seduction agent who charms her way through without needing to have sex for attaining operative goals is it important to understand that alternation of lateralization impacts Daniella’s operative seduction behaviors in the ADHD brain being a proactive seduction agent (so called “007”) and the autistic brain being a decoy seduction agent (so called “008”). This means that Daniella’s intelligence charm conducts varies between fille fatal 007 and fille fatale 008. As in humans generally is there also combination of synthesized conduct whereby one brain acts while being consciously/subconsciously restrained/instructed by the other brain. While it is usually the ADHD brain which restrains the autistic brain does the reverse also happen in the autistic brain providing creative input to the ADHD brain. This practically means that the autistic brain provides input to the ADHD brain and the ADHD brain in turn instructs the autistic brain how to implement its own input. This provides an effective separation of powers in the professional ADHD brain acting as security detail, legal advisor, ethical game theory calculator, operative commander and operative decision maker for the austistic brain. The operative abilities/capabilities of the ADHD brain are no doubt prodigious and expressive of advanced genius in skills of advanced subconscious ethical calculus in being able to calculate an unlimited number of operative moves beforehand with with an unlimited number of alternative scenarios. It his however the autistic brain alone which is the visionary, conceptual/social/technological innovator and the universal genius. The autistic brain is functionally akin to POTUS with the ADHD brain serving as chief of staff, national security advisor, chief legal advise, secretary of state etc. How is this so? It is the autistic brain which makes all strategic decisions with the ADHD brain being in charge of tactical decisions and practical implementation of nearly all details. The autistic brain is also policy maker in determining the principles which the ADHD brain operates in strict abidance of. In this sense does the autistic brain act as parliamentary legislator with the ADHD brain serving a prime minister. The autistic brain therefore legislates the principles principles according to which the ADHD brain operates and implements. The autistic brain does however also supervise the workings of the ADHD brain in making sure that the ADHD brain does comply with the principles as laid down by the ADHD brain. There is thus a carefully calibrated balance of power between the two of checks and balance. The way lateralization functions is highly individual and the efficacy of lateralization varies greatly of course in different human persons. The ability of a person to be effective in varying functional respects is thus not merely reducible to her cognitive capacity but is also practically limited by how well lateralization functions purely functionally speaking at any given point in her life. As Daniella becomes increasingly aware in greater detail as how her own lateralization operates does the lateralization also become increasingly effective. Daniella is now able to consciously alternate between the two brains and the ADHD is given an increasing role in Daniella’s private life with the autistic brain is given an increasingl role in Daniella professional life, something which radically enhances the efficiacy and quality of both spheres of of life. As the ADHD increasingly takes charge in Daniella’s private life does the autistic brain conversely increasingly take charge in Daniella professional life as an intelligence specialist in multiple executive capacites. As trust and confidence grows between the two brains do the efficacy and quality of cooperation also increase. There is thus a process of conscious growing functional integration between the two brains of ever-increasing efficacy in lateralization and subsequent advanced quality in functional outcomes.

Laughter of Daniella

Daniella has been accused of having an evil smile when in fact Daniella laughs out of love of virtue, including out of respect of the indispensible virtue of humor. 😉

Law-abidance of Daniella

Daniella is very strictly law-abiding and has never been charged with a crime or convicted of a crime in a court of law. Daniella has however many times been sentenced to execution by internal kangaroo “police courts” of Sweden’s thoroughly criminal RPS/IB police intelligence agency which on many occasions tried to either abduct or murder Daniella. Daniella in her capacity as MUST military chief prosecutor is responsible for prosecuting and ordering execution of severely criminal government employees and that of course has not made her too popular among criminal elements in civilian so called “law enforcement”. Daniella in having full diplomatic immunity is not bound by civilian Swedish law which she nevertheless honors except in some cases where it is superseded by Swedish military law. Daniella refuses to participate in structural oppression, yet performs this refusal in ways which strictly conform with law. As an elite MUST intelligence operative does Daniella practice minimal dissimulation as she considers any excessive dissimulation to be operationally harmful. Daniella does not con others for sexual or financial gain but she does successfully decieve evildoers in her pursuit of diplomacy and intelligence warfare. Daniella is always very careful about security whether as relating to herself of to others. Daniella is extremely very hard-working in her diplomatic and operational undertakings. Daniella honors her financial obligations. Daniella does not experience irrational emotions on account of acting ethically under law. Although Daniella is ADHD does Daniella clearly not even remotely meet diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD).

“La vertu” of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that awareness as the nature of any particular virtue absolutely obliges.

Learning mode of Daniella

There three main learning modes; associative, systematic and intermediary. Daniella is an associative learner.

Learning of Daniella

Learning is generally an art of wisdom in having a discerning eye in being able to identify “the relevant” and specifically through Derridean deconstruction in identifying the missing pieces, in a sense becoming a Sherlock Holmes of science. Daniella has long since no patience for reading entire books, yet does very much enjoy searching in e-books. In third grade did Daniella’s mother read the entire Iliad as bedtime reading during the course of a year. As a young person in fifth and sixth grade did Daniella often pretend to be ill and instead spent the time at home away from school in three times fully reading a 15 volume illustrated comprehensive contemporary series of world history which her mother had purchased. Daniella spent much time reading encyclopedias as well. In hindsight was this time very well spent and so did Daniella often manage to escape school bullying and the utter mediocrity of the Swedish compulsory system of education. In eight grade did Daniella read the entire Hebrew Bible within the course of a few weeks. In eight grade did Daniella lose the ability to read entire books and so has reading entire books been painfully difficult ever since. Daniella therefore never graduated from university since she found it almost impossible to concentrating on reading books. Her main field at university was Islamology which had fascinated her since seventh grade and in that she excelled. As part of her studies in Islamology did Daniella interview an Alevi Dede in Stockholm and that is how she first discovered that Alevism and Bektashism are in fact Alevi-Bektashi Median Judaism. The Internet as it developed become the perfect locus for Daniella finding “missing pieces”, resolving difficult scientific problems and performing advanced social innovation indeed.

Left-Right Lateralization of Daniella

Daniella’s leftside brain is autistic while Daniella’s rightside brain is ADHD which is quite to the contary as to the popular conception of how two human brains operate and integrate with each other within the same human cranium. 50% of austists also have ADHD and the explanation is that transbrain is highly overrepresented among autistic persons with one brain being autistic and the other brain being ADHD and hence resulting cognitive contradiction over varying kinds.

Lesbian cruising of Daniella

Lesbian cruising is the art of erotic befriending in public space in conformance with stricted possible ethical requirements as to personal conduct and legal requirements. Daniella performs lesbian cruising everwhere she ventures in public space. Supermarkets, libraries, shopping centers and pedestrian streets are excellent venues of lesbian cruising although it is also possible to perform lesbian cruising in nighclubs. Gay men cannot cruise on heterocultural men out of both security concern (fear of homophobic violence) and police sexuall harassment. Lesbians however mostly cruise on heterocultural females in public space whom lesbians turn on, befriend and seduce. Transgender females who do this suffer systematic police sexual harassment and primarily so by plainclothes police agents. Gay cruising is very similar to sex work in there simply being verbal agreement as to mutual agreeing as to becoming intimate. Lesbian cruising although being no less erotic is however friendship-oriented with intimacy being an outcome of friendship. Daniella loves hugging and making out with fellow females whom she has just recently met. The fact that this infuriated thoroughly criminal police patriarchal scumbags does Daniella find distinctly amusing despite the certainly extremely unpleasant nature of police anti-LGBTQI sexual harassment.

Lesbian feminism of Daniella

Lesbian feminism for Daniella means ending heteroculture.

Lesbian hugging of Daniella

Daniella often performs erotic lesbian hugging with fellow females in public space, something which causes intense anger in patriarchal scumbags. In making out in public space does Daniella often perform full-body lesbian erotic huggging as well as other forms of lesbian intimate contact that are also considered non-sexual under Swedish law.

Lesbianism of Daniella

Lesbianism for Daniella means being attracted to femininity, something which means that Daniella is rarely attracted to masculine females or masculine males but rather to feminine females and feminine non-heterocultural males. But there is a further aspect to this and that is that Daniella is attracted primarily but not exclusive to female psychological gender. Daniella is also attracted to non-binary psychological gender but is turned off by male psychological gender when combined with heterocultural male gender roles. While Daniella is often physically and sexually (yet not socially and emotionally) attracted to young males of especially genetic origins in the broader Middle East is Daniella typically turned off by both male gender roles. This of course is not to deny that Daniella is interested in friendly aesthetic sex with males but rather that friend sex with males need to take place in the context of feminist gal sex. Romantic sex is something that for Daniella is an exclusively lesbian activity of galsex without participation of “friends”. Daniella is furthermore highly romantically attracted to many gynogenic bodies in a way that Daniella is certainly not towards androgenic bodies of any kind.

Lesbian Social Artivism & Lesbian Cruising of Daniella

Daniella performs Lesbian Social Artivism everywhere she ventures. Daniella often combines this with Lesbian Cruising and often not. Daniella DOES NOT perform lesbian cruising in interaction with human beings below the age of fifteen. LEGAL WARNING: Harassment and/or discrimination against LGBQTI persons qualifies as hate crime under Swedish law. LEGAL NOTICE: Please internalize that Daniella’s social artivism is performed by means of polite conversation and does not qualify as activism under Swedish law since it does not in any way disrupt public order. Please internalize that living openly feminist LGBTQI does not disrupt public order. 

Lesbian Social Artivism of Daniella

Daniella engages in and performs lesbian social artivism towards human persons of all ages and genders. Daniella was twice beaten, sexually harassed and detained by police intelligence operatives due to having performed lesbian social artivism in dialogue with teenage girls as specifically that day directed towards legally female teenagers below the age of fifteen as during the 2017 Archipelago Festival in the Swedish UN World Heritage city of Karlskrona. The Swedish judiciary after diplomatic protests from UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE senior intelligence diplomats as dispatched for an international crime investigation to Sweden denied that Daniella had been detained despite comprehensive evidence from surveillance cameras. LEGAL WARNING: Violation of diplomatic immunity of UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE INTELLIGENCE DIPLOMATS abroad is a very severe violation of international law. It needs be emphasized that Swedish authorities and private sector proxies of theirs have no jurisdiction whatsoever over UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE INTELLIGENCE DIPLOMATS as diplomatically accredited to Sweden. LEGAL NOTICE: Please internalize the feminist LGBTQI education as towards legal minors is not a sex crime but is protected as freedom of  expression under Swedish constitutional law. LEGAL WARNING: Continued violations of diplomatic immunity of UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE INTELLIGENCE DIPLOMATS to Sweden could negatively affect trade relations between the two countries.

Lesbian Womanizing of Daniella

Daniella is a proud and out lesbian womanizer. She has lesbian sex everywhere by means of performing lesbian seduction everywhere she ventures in public space. Daniella’s role model in this regard is Rosa Parks who refused to give up her bus seat to a white man and was arrested for this by the KKK police. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella’s public lesbian seduction fully complies with Swedish royal court etiquette which is FULLY PART of the Swedish legal tradition. Daniella loves lovely female persons most of all; Daniella loves sexually arroused the females second most of all and Daniella loves turning on, sexually arousing and triggering orgasms in female persons the third most, including in public space. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella’s lesbian womanizing does not qualify as sexual acts under Swedish civilian law and is fully legal for anyone to perform anywhere in SWEDEN. LEGAL NOTICE: Since Daniella’s lesbian womanizing does not qualify as sexual under Swedish law does the age of consent NOT LEGALLY APPLY in ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER. LEGAL WARNING: Age limits all have specifically limited legal applications and DO NOT OTHERWISE APPLY.


“L’éthique oblige” of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that ethical insights absolutely oblige.

LGBTQI openness of Daniella

Daniella is fully and openly lesbian and transgender as a strictly non-commercial LOLITA GYARU, something which is almost impossible unless one has diplomatic immunity from prosecution since thoroughly criminal police intelligence in all countries systematically persecutes and harassess openly LGBTQI persons who are perceived as sexually attractive. LGBTQI persons who try to complain about this to the media are usually executed on the spot or otherwise either subjected to psychiatric abuse or defamed as “prostitutes” in the case of gynogenic persons and “pedophiles” in the case of androgenic persons. Most visually openly LGBTQI persons have been subjected to intentionally false convictions of “sexual harassment” and the like with false “evidence” as systematically fabricated by police intelligence which is a veritable literature factory. There is little to no difference in this respect between democracies and dictatorships as thoroughly criminal police intelligence is just as criminal everywhere. Police intelligence kangaroo courts are conducted 1) in secret without the knowledge of the victims 2) conducted in ordinary court building with fabricated summons with the purpose of provoking a false confession of wrongdoing or is 3) conducted in a secret location in falsely claiming to be “a secret military court” with the purpose of extorting the victim into intelligence prostitution. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella has been “sentenced to execution” hundreds of times times by illegal kangaroo courts. LEGAL NOTICE: Daniella has FULL DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION.

Lifestyle of Daniella

Daniella leads the lifestyle of a teenage girl in being highly concerned with beauty, fashion, appearance and female social life while having the body language, psychology  and cognitively pre-pubescent sexuality of a seven-year old girl as combined with very high IQ. Daniella is a transage girl with Lolita gender whose sexual orientation are young women. Daniella leads a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle in endeavoring to make as ethical consumer choices as possible in purchasing from companies who are serious about ever-improved advancement in ethical conduct. Daniella however does not buy clothes and shoes online which means that she is limited to products in physical stores as she is concerned with ensuring perfect fit.

Limitations of Daniella

The universal genius of Daniella’s autistic brain is limited by her own focus, motivation, concentration and interest in any subject matter. The living supercomputer of the subconscious of Daniella’s ADHD brain have not limitations whatsoever other than any current functional specialization as well as the rules of conduct as set down by the conscious of Daniella’s autistic brain.

Lingofluidity of Daniella

Daniella will typically adapt her speech to whomever she talks to with. E.g. will she typically temporarily adopt the dialect of the person whom she talks to.

“L’intelligence oblige” of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that intelligence and other psychometric strenghts absolutely oblige.

Lips of Daniella

Daniella’s lips are relatively minor in both length and breadth.

Lipstick feminism of Daniella

Lipstick feminism embraces primping (beautification) as part of feminism itself. Lipstick feminism deploys the power of female sexuality to transform behaviors of others in a feminist direction by setting feminist norms and feminist codes of behavioral conduct.

Lipstick lesbianism of Daniella

One important motivation for heterocultural primping (albeit surely not the only one) is to trigger males to make contact in public space and hence for primping females to gain what is known as “selection”, meaning for a heterocultural female to be able and pick and choose between males who have thus already choosen her. Most lesbians however avoid primping precisely so as to avoid becoming contacted for sexual purposes by heterocultural males in public space. It is however common for lesbian couples to invite a gay male for friendly sex while heterocultural males are  abhorred due to their typically (yet certainly not always) reprehensible socio-sexual behaviors. Lipstick lesbians are lesbians who systematically perform primping. Lipstick lesbians tend to be more open to intimacy with heterocultural males and usually do not mind male attention. Lipstick lesbians are at the top of the pecking order of sexual attractiveness in the lesbian world with other lesbians typically avoiding primping altogether. A significant minority among lipstick lesbians are commercial sex workers while most certainly are not. Lipstick lesbians are typically more into ethic-aestethic galsex than heterocultural-style conventional lesbian sexual intimacy.

Listening of Daniella

Most persons utter conversational stereotypes of things which they have learned from others and so Daniella in most case already knows what a person intends to say after less than ten words form the interlocutor of casual conversation. This of course is not to imply that Daniella is a bad listener but rather an excellent one.

Logos of Daniella

Daniella is often “both” rather than “either/or” and that is something which makes it difficult for others to comprehend Daniella’s prodigious mind. This is however a failure of reason on the part of others for which Daniella surely cannot be blamed. The reason others do not understand Daniella is that they have not yet mistressed the art of thinkining out of the box. Their inability to understand how Daniella is “both” rather than  “either/or” is a cognitive shortcoming but it is clearly not Daniella’s cognitive shortcoming. Daniella is very highly extremely rational and for someone to not understand the workings of Daniella’s mind is problably due to unreason on the part of that person. We have all have two brains, each with a more or less different personality. Individual level of reason is highly dependent upon our capacity for integrating our respective four centers of cognition. “That is the entire Torah, now go and study!” (Hillel the Elder of the Babylonian Talmud).

Lolitaship of Daniella

Daniella is a LOLITA. What does this mean? Lolita culture in Japan is a transage subculture of extremely feminine and sensual primping styles with erotic undertones. Japanese Lolitas strive to resemble prepubescent girls unlike adult Gyarus who strive to resemble teenage girls. 15% of LOLITAS are androgenic. The LOLITA style has also become world famous through K-pop, a form of Korean popular music. LEGAL WARNING:  LOLITA is legally protected transage expression and is certainly not a sexual orientation. LEGAL WARNING: LOLITA is legally protected transgender expression and certainly not a sexual orientation.

Loveliness of Daniella

Daniella is profoundly lovely in interpersonal gender expression and it is of course essential to understand why this is so. Daniella is a feminist gender performance artist in daily life in practicing her own socially transformative theories of gender science. Loveliness is the state of profound appreciation of full personhood in a fellow person and so a lovely person is one who does precisely that.

“Love Magic” of Daniella

Daniella as a prodigious savant and elite MUST intelligence operative is particularly advanced in what in the intelligence world is known as so called “love magic” which is simply advanced individualized (i.e. idiosyncratically adopted/adapted) psychological techniques for usually spontaneously triggering turn-on and subsequently causing sexual arousal by means of sophisticated strong projection in neurological communication. Daniella however takes this one step further in being able to bring instant orgasm whenever she so wishes in an already sexually aroused fellow persons. As this involves giving a fellow person intense pleasure is this something which Daniella practices in flirtatious encounters in public space and certainly so without any physical touch.

Love of ambiguous females of Daniella

Daniella finds the female state of sexual ambiguity very cute.

Love of female backs of Daniella

Daniella loves bare female backs.

Love of bras of Daniella

Daniella thinks of tasteful bras as more beautiful than sexy.

Love of breasts of Daniella

Daniella is aesthetically attracted to aesthetic symmetry in breasts as anatomical symmetry is indeed the very scientific definition of anatomical beauty. Daniella loves breasts of varying sizes from very small to very large.

Love of complimentary nature of female sexual arousal

Daniella recognizes female sexual arousal as trigged by Daniella’s personhood as a most lovely compliment indeed.

Love of Critical Theory of Daniella

Any particular expression of Critical Theory must be pursued out of pure heart of loving kindness in democratic realism without selfish ambitions or it may end up promoting rather than undoing structural oppression.

Love of Daniella

Daniella is characterized by selfless love including importantly sexually so. Daniella is thus primarily interested in triggering pleasure in others and she herself exeriences pleasure as a result. Daniella believes that interpersonal love is either selfless or it is simply despicable parasitism. Daniella is full of love for fellow persons and believes that love is based on profound interpersonal respect in genuine friendship of appreciation for idiosyncratic personhood or it is not love at all. As a moderate radical feminist and highly influential person in the the world’s largest feminist movement (FLM/PKK) is Daniella a vehement opponent of patriarchal ideologies such as cisnormativity, heteronormativity, monogamism, masculinism, sexism, carno-phallogocentrism and indeed other forms of physionomism. Daniella unlike most Western feminists lives as she teaches and always in strict abidance with law.

Love of Deconstruction of Daniella

Deconstruction is love.

Love of female desire of Daniella

Daniella simply loves female desire for interpersonal physical intimacy with Daniella.

Love of female dreams of Daniella

Female romantic and sexual dreams often constitute false consciousness in heterocultural females desiring what is distinctly undesirable, namely subjection in structural oppression, yet Daniella finds the female state of desire as very cute indeed.

Love of Dresses

Daniella loves short dresses and the shorter the more tends Daniella to appreciate the wearing of a dress in herself and in others.

Love of female eyes of Daniella

Daniella loves the female gaze of desire to love Daniella.

Love of female fantasies of Daniella

Females tend to be have socially softcore fantasies and sexually harcore fantasies. Males conversely tend to have socially hardcore fantasies and sexually softcore fantasies. Daniella makes sure to be socially softcore and sexually hardcore. Daniella loves fully and meticulously legally so enacting and realizing female fantasies in public space as well as in private space.

Love of female feet of Daniella

Daniella can’t help simply love many female feet.

Love of female foolishness of Daniella

Daniella certainly does not wish for females to be foolish while sexually aroused but nevertheless finds this cute.

Love of female hands of Daniella

Daniella loves female hand-wringing, the elaborate female language of feminine hand movements, a secret sign language indeed.

Love of female hips of Daniella

Daniella loves female hips of different shapes.

Love of female hopes of Daniella

Daniella finds female hopes for sexual intimacy with Daniella as being very cute indeed.

Love of female insecurities of Daniella

Daniella certainly does not wish females to feel insecure, but nevertheless finds female expression of such insecurity through body language as very cute.

Love of female necks of Daniella

Daniella loves the typically undisguised nature of female necks.

Love of female sexual agency of Daniella

Daniella loves sexual agency in fellow females as profoundly aesthetically, psychologically, socially and sexually attractive. Disguising sexual agency is turnoff for Daniella as of course relative to the degree of the disguising.

Love of female sexual arousal of Daniella

Daniella finds female sexual arousal highly psychologically attractive and cute indeed.

Love of female shoulder blades of Daniella

Daniella just can’t help love female shoulder blades.

Love of female shoulders of Daniella

Daniella loves the delicate nature of psychological ambiguity as typically expressed in bar female shoulders.

Love of female silliness of Daniella

Daniella certainly does not wish females to act sillily while sexually aroused, yet nevertheless finds such silly expression as cute indeed.

Love of female sincerity of Daniella

Daniella has a particularly adept “creepy radar” and so finds relative degree of insincerity in the approach of a fellow female towards Daniella as corresponding turnoff to any such particular degree.

Love of females of Daniella

Daniella loves females as full persons. In particular does Daniella love socially visibly sexually aroused females.

Love of females with wet panties of Daniella

While Daniella is not turned on by humid underwears is female embarassment over wet panties very cute.

Love of female tears of Daniella

Daniella certainly does not wish for females to feel the need to cry out of sorrow but Daniella loves the sincerity of female crying.

Love of female torsos of Daniella

Daniella loves many morphological types of females torsos as expressed in individual females

Love of female turn of Daniella

Daniella loves turning on females.

Love of female virtue of Daniella

Expression of virtue by a female typically makes her more desirable to Daniella provided of course that Daniella was attracted to her in the first place.

Love of feminine body language of Daniella

Daniella has a very feminine body language and certainly loves feminine body language in persons of all genders and anatomies.

Love of feminine facial language of Daniella

Daniella has a very feminine facial language and certainly loves feminine body language in persons of all genders and anatomies.

Love of feminist females of Daniella

Feminism in females means ethical empowerment and that makes a fellow female person significantly more attractive in the eyes of Daniella.

Love of genitalia of Daniella

Daniella loves genitalia and believes that beauty care is warranted there as elsewhere on the human body, including as regards tanning and trimming/shaving of hair. Daniella finds a androgenic tanned & shaven genital zone absolutely lovely yet is absolutely repulsed by untrimmed androgenic pubic hair and a shaven androgenic genital zonewithout tanning. As a sexual preference does Daniella absolutely prefers a shaven genital zone. As a sexual preference does Daniella absolutely prefers a tanned genital zone. This however is not to deny that carefully tended for gynogenic pubic hair may have aesthetic qualities, yet Daniella is nevertheless distinctly sexually unattracted by gynogenic pubic hair, yet not repulsed either if it is carefully tended for. Daniella however finds trimmed short androgenic pubic hair profoundly sexually attractive in teenagers.

Love of hairstyle of Daniella

Daniella frequently compliments fellow females for hairstyle and that is how she typically initiates conversation in public space while doing lesbian cruising. Daniella does so because hairstyle is for many females a profoundly personal expression with much thought, effort, emotions, skills and consideration behind. Therefore is a sincere compliment for hairstyle a profound appreciation of personhood, provided of course that the compliment is provided to the entire person and not merely as towards her outer appearance.

Love of hot buns of Daniella

Daniella has extremely hot buns herself and certainly very much appreciates hot buns in fellow females.

Love of hotpants of Daniella

Daniella loves feminine hotpants whether worn by herself or by others.

Love of Love of Daniella

Daniella easily reciprocates sincerely expressed affection for Daniella.

Love of panties of Daniella

Daniella thinks of panties as cute more than as sexy.

Love of proudly Jewish females

Jewish pride in a female means ethical empowerment and that makes a fellow female significantly more attrative to Daniella.

Love of self-expression of Daniella

Daniella is strongly socially, psychologically, physically, aesthetically and sexually attracted by self-expression.

Love of sexually aroused females

Daniella finds the psychological state of female sexual arousal very cute whether as displayed in public space or in private space.

Love of sexually liberated females

Daniella finds ethico-aesthetic sexual liberation in a fellow female as profoundly psychologically, socially, aesthetically sexually attractive.

Love of sexual obedience of Daniella

Daniella loves being sexual obedient and certainly loves  sexual obedience in others.

Love of shaved pussies of Daniella

Daniella finds shaved pussies as highly aesthetically attractive as relative to the degree of the aesthic qualities of a thus revealed specific pussy.

Love of shy females of Daniella

Daniella finds shyness in females very cute.

Love of skirts of Daniella

Daniella loves short skirts and the shorter the more tends Daniella to appreciate the wearing of a skirt in herself and in others.

Love of vegan females of Daniella

Veganism means ethical empowerment and that makes a fellow female significantly more attractive to Daniella.

Love of Virtue in self-expression of Daniella

Daniella strongly admires virtue in self-expression and finds that profoundly attractive.

Love of Virtue of Daniella

Virtue must be pursued out of  dialogical love or it is already semi-vice. Love of virtue must be neither selfish nor unselfish and needs therefore be performed out of love for many fellow persons generally as opposed to any particular target of love. However, the agency of love is essential as unselfish love is mere sublimation of selfish love, i.e. parasitism, meaning zoological evil.

Love of wet females of Daniella

Daniella finds the relative loss of motorical, social, psychological and sexual control in a wet female very cute.

Loverape of Daniella

Loverape is one of the most common forms of sexual fantasy among females. Loverape exists in two main forms; 1) Romantic loverape and 2) Violent Loverape. Violent Loverape is very widely practiced among androgenic persons within the LGBTQI community. Romantic loverape, typically means becoming amorously physically overpowered as leading towards hesitant mouth kissing. Violent loverape typically involves clothes being ripped off while erotically using words such as “slut” etc. Violent loverape is extremely common among spouses/partners in heteroculture and is the social norm in LGBTQI culture. Loverape is legal if performed with prior agreement as BDSM practice. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella DOES NOT perform loverape without prior binding legal non-commercial contractual agreement. LEGAL WARNING: Trying to impose special extrajudicial rules onto LGBTQI persons qualifies as INDIRECT DISCRIMINATION under Sweden’s anti-discrimination legislation.

Loving kindness of Daniella

Daniella believes that “unselfish love” is actually sublimation of “selfish love”. Daniella furthermore believes that “selfish love” is not love at all but rather constitutes despicable parasitism. Loving kindness is purely interpersonal in appreciating full personhood in esteeming exterior (appearance, behavior etc.) as expression of interior. Loving kindness therefore is interpersonal and is neither “unselfish” nor “selfish”. Rather is loving kindness simultaneously selfi-interested and other-interested in being strictly dialogical and certainly not one-directional.

Malleability of Daniella

Daniella is a living human chameleon in her being highly malleable in adapting herself to other persons, social contexts and environments. While most humans are capable of developing elective sociofluidity is Daniella not merely electively sociofluid but furthermore spontaneously sociofluid by default. This means that she will appear as if a psychologist with a psychologist, as if an economist with an economist, as if a teacher with a teacher etc. Daniella similarly very substantially changes age roles, class roles ethnic roles, gender roles and social roles generally as depending on whom she interacts with. It is sometimes suggested that the essence of intelligence is the capacity to adapt to different environments/situations and so could it be argued that Daniella’s extreme malleability is expressive of her very extremely high intelligence. Daniella’s elective sociofluidity is however also an advanced savant skill as expressive of Daniella’s profoundly deep and broad intelligent-emotional empathy, i.e. her very advanced ability to reconstruct cognitive processes of individuals and collectives alike as a world-leading intelligence analyst.

Manners of Daniella

Daniella has impeccable manners.

Masturbation of Daniella

Daniella has great difficulty conjuring sexual fantasies. Daniella is turned off by most but not all expressions of pornography due to these being unaesthetic, unethical, structurally antifeminist and in violation of court etiquette.

Memory of Daniella

Daniella has a prodigious memory which is both exceptionally deep and broad. Daniella always writes solely from memory. As an investigative intelligence science journalist does she however take particular care to check facts whenever there is the slightest doubt about a particular matter. Daniella does not write footnotes or offer bibliography for the simple reason that Daniella does not plagiarize others as footnotes and bibliography are socially accepted forms of plagiarization in academia. Daniella only remembers things that are highly relevant to her intellectual, operational and private life and so automatically forgets everything else, something which is psychologically useful since Daniella’s knowledge thus is not burdened by redundant memory. Daniella’s memory is hence one large jigzaw puzzle of essential pieces of insight which she gradually pieces together in pursuit of advanced progression of intelligence science in a very large and increasingly growing number of academic fields.

Mental Age of Daniella

Daniella’s mental age is akin to that of an elderly male rabbi who remains intensely fully youthful. This is in contrast to Daniella’s psychological age which is that of a seven-year old girl.

Mercy of Daniella

Daniella’s forgiveness usually comes automatically and she only holds grudges against structural oppression. Misbehavior may of course harm a person’s relationship with Daniella as spanning from a very mild to a very severe degree indeed, yet that does not imply that Daniella holds grudges against anyone. Daniella lives according to the Jewish proverb according to which those who are good to evildoera will turn out evildoers themselves. This of course does not imply holding grudges but rather making ethical/moral distinctions as of fully binding operational necessity. This of course does not imply denying that binding necessity of operational considerations may necessitate playing games of operational dissimulation and operational behavioral disguise but rather that one must not be merciful of evil.

Methodology of Daniella

Daniella deploys the scientific investigative journalistic method of “identification of structural errors”.

Militant feminism of Daniella

Daniella promotes military training for committed feminists of all genders and ethnicities in strict compliance with law.

Military executions of Daniella

Daniella as part of her tasks within the MUST military system of justice is responsible for ensuring the execution under military law of severely criminal public sector employees who have severely abused their powers, including severely criminal police officers. This is to be sure not a pleasant task but surely a necessary one unfortunately in many cases. As an elite MUST intelligence operative does Daniella have full immunity from prosecution.

Military preferences of Daniella

Daniella loves military march music, gay aesthetics in American military uniforms and in American military choreography and most of all soldiers girls in uniform as military training and military uniform brings dignity and confidence to females in the most lovely feminist manner. Daniella furthermore is a strong advocate of feminist warfare.

Misageing of Daniella

Daniella is sensitive to misageing and misageing is furthermore intimate turnoff for Daniella.

Misandry of Daniella

Daniella despises the UTTER DEPRAVATION, LOWLINESS AND SELFISHNESSS of most male gender roles but enjoys androtypical roles such as officer, gentleman, nobleman, majestetic, samurai and especially likes to perform those in the context of Swedish royal court etiquette. All traditional forms of NOBLE COURT ETIQUETTE worldwide requires a combination of FEMININITY AND STRENGTH or to put it differently, SUPERGALS OF ALL GENDERS UNITE!

Misgendering of Daniella

Daniella is sensitive to misgendering and misgendering is furthermore intimate turnoff for Daniella.

Missexualizing of Daniella

Daniella is sensitive to missexualization and missexualization is furthermore intimate turnoff for Daniella.

Mistakes of Daniella

Daniella has ceased making operative mistakes as she now fully relies on operational intuition yet continues to make petty mistakes about small things of practical nature in her private life.

Modesty of Daniella

Daniella believes that a realistic conception of one’s own potential and present expression is essential to psychological health. Modesty about oneself therefore ought not be a matter of self-depreciation which tends to be founded in either hypocrisy or unhealthily low self-esteem. There is of course also pious modesty without hypocrisy or self-depeciation which is a matter of behavioral aesthetics rather than ethical expression. A human person ought therefore be majestic in excellence and humble in shortcomings.

Morality of Daniella

As a committed Foucauldian and Nietzschean is Daniella generally opposed to morality in usually prejudicially ethnocratic, oppressively patriarchal, generally structurally oppressive, severely antiquated and generally highly unethical. Ethics in terms of its establishment in society so far largely belongs to the future while morality is mostly prejudice of the past and present. Practicing futuristic intersectional polymorphous feminist ethics by means of polite sociofluiditywhile opposing moral prejudice of the present is thus at the core of Daniella’s life. Daniella furthermore strongly believes that performing ethical courage is very much essential for the psychological wellbeing of human animals generally. Systematic police sexual harassment against Daniella has only strengthened her in her mission to terminate ethnocratic patriarchy by means of strictly law-abiding global feminist social revolution. Sometimes however are ethical choices practically speaking unavailable and so Daniella sometimes therefore has little choice but to perform optimal morality despite her general opposition to morality in favor of futuristically inclusive feminist ethics.

Mother of Danella

Daniella’s mother is a person of advanced and admirable virtue. Daniella’s mother is an extremely skilled senior intelligence operative of MUST, CDF and MI6. Daniella’s mother is highly dignified in treating others with kindness and respect of personhood.

Motivation of Daniella

Daniella as a uniquely documented universal genius is the world’s singularly most cognitively advanced human being. This means that Daniella has significant capacity for assisting others and that is something that certainly obliges. Daniella’s purpose in political life is to help those deserving others who need her help in Daniella assisting them to enable them to help themselves in their own lives and thus themselves become able to assist yet further deserving others.

Motor skills

Daniella’s two brains have different and distinctive motor skills. While the ADHD brain have gender-neutral motor skills of an elite soldier is the autistic brain easily neurologically exhausted and indeed vulnerable to neurological fatigue due to subjectively experienced invasive stimuli and particularly traffic noise and sounds of ventilation systems. In the absensce of psychological focus does the autistic brain thus typically experience trouble sitting, walking and keeping an upright posture while subjected to such invasive stimuli. The ADHD brain however has no such problems in being highly resilient to challenges of every kind.

Multicultural feminism of Daniella

Feminist court etiquette needs not only become the human norm of interpersonal conduct, but court etiquette needs furthermore become multicultural in incorporating not only worthy elements from different cultural traditions of court etiquette but  worthy elements from many other cultural/subcultural traditions as well. Feminist court etiquette needs become legislated as international law yet needs necessarily become highly flexible in faciliating pleasurable conduct as expressive of both cultural diversity in virtue and idiosyncratic diversity in virtue.

Multidisciplinarity of Daniella

Daniella as a universal genius and intellligence specialist practices scientific multidisciplinarity. This has two meanings; 1) diagnosing systematic errors of various discourses by means of diagnostic focus and 2) transdisciplinarity, meaning performing civil resistance everyhwere against the absurdly ridiculous notion of adhering to arbitrary discursive boundaries of academic historical accidence. These two key discursive practices of transcendental epistemology are both scientific cardinal virtues.

Musical Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to sexually arouse females by means of improvised singing.

Narrative stimulation of Daniella

Daniella loves to sexually arouse females by means of humorous narrative stimulation such as satire, parody, political imitation etc.

Nasophilia of Daniella

When Daniella was younger was she turned on by crocked noses which she now thinks can serve as beautiful illustration of personal character. In the era of plastic surgery have crocked noses almost disappeared but Daniella in defiance of Nazism still thinks that most crocked noses are beautiful and cute. Daniella does not require anyone to agree with that view of hers but still reserves the right to appreciate aesthetic diversity.

Neoconservatism of Daniella

The ability to hold back, ask the right questions and stick to time-proven virtue without moral prejudice are precisely essential in responsibly achieving social progress.

Neurological love of Daniella

Genuine neurological love between two persons with each four centers of cognition means extensitive and harmonious neurological integration between eight centers of cognition. Genuine neurological love between threee persons means extensitive and harmonious neurological integration between twelve centers of cognition. Genuine neurological love between four persons means extensitive and harmonious neurological integration between sixteen centers of cognition.

Neurology of Daniella

In humans generally having two parallel brains in being separate, yet parallel body organs do the two brains in Daniella operate quite distinctively. One brain is autistic and associative and the other brain is non-psychopathic ADHD and systematic. This means that Daniella alternates between being autistic and ADHD not only in speech but also neurologically so. When the autistic brain is in charge may Daniella suffer painful sensory oversensitivity to problematic stimuli as subjectively neurologically experienced as invasively unwanted while this problem does not exist when the ADHD brain is in charge. This means that Daniella is neurologically completely different as depending on which of the two brains that is currently in charge. While the ADHD brain is extremely ethically calculating is the autistic brain intensely intelligently emotionally empathetic. Whether Daniella suffers sensory oversensitivity when the autistic brain is in charge is dependent on both environmental stimuli and what kind of activities that Daniella is involved in, namely whether she is personally interested in the activity which she performs. The autistic brain is able to spontanouesly shut off disturbing environmental stimuli (such as traffic noise) by means of intense focus in some kind of activity which personally interests Daniella and that is how the autistic savant skills are performed, namely by means of focus and flow. Daniella was long oversensitive to the sounds of trains, yet one night in Stockholm did Daniella discover the musical qualities of train sounds and has since never been sensorially oversensitive to sounds of trains. The savant skills of the ADHD brain operate by default in taking charge whenever it deems this necessary. Daniella’s autistic brain has learned to trust the intuitive decisions of the ADHD brain whose decisions in being highly ethically calculating indeed ultimately always turn out optimal under any specific circumstances.

Neuropsychology of Daniella

In most human beings are there two parallel human brains inside the human cranium much like most humans have two lungs and two hands. Humans thus have dual consciouses and dual subconsciouses which alternate in controlling speech, behavior and body. In Daniella is one brain autistic while the other brain is ADHD. When the autistic brain is in charge is Daniella’s body oversensitive while Daniella’s body in contrast is undersensitive when the ADHD brain is in charge. The autistic brain is hypersensitive, is oversensitive to pain, easily introjects emotions of others and is sensorially oversensitive. The ADHD brain is in contrast certainly not hypersensitive, is undersensitive to pain, does not engage in much introjection of emotions of others, and is certainly not sensorially oversensitive. This means that Daniella’s body reacts very differently to stimuli as depending on which brain that is currently in charge.

Neuroticism of Daniella

When not interacting with others is there typically constant functional cognitive friction between Daniella’s autistic brain and Daniella’s ADHD brain. When interacting with others are Daniella’s two brains however perfectly coordinated in complenting each other as in a symphonic orchestra. Cognitive contradiction between a person’s two brains must not be confused with the so called personality trait of neuroticism such as in highly sensitive persons (HSP) whose problem is excessive introjection in not being capable of filtering sufficiently with psychopaths being at the other end of the spectrum whose problem is too little introjection. While Daniella occasionaly experiences anxiety in the company of others is this very rare indeed. Daniella is a highly dialogical person in cognitively functioning on a far more advanced level in profound dialogue with others.

Nobility feminism of Daniella

Feminism is the only political movement as committed to the furtherance of noble conduct.

Nobility of Daniella

Nobility is neurologically automatized virtue in conduct. Nobility is therefore best internalized by upbringing but may also be quite effectively neurologically internalized by means of Social Behavioral Training (SBT). Every human child needs be raised with some cultural version of feminist court etiquette in early neurologically automatizing nobility, i.e. virtue in conduct. Every human being furthermore deserves precisely as much feminist SBT as is needed for neurologically automatizing nobility of virtue in conduct. It needs be emphasized that neurological automatization is an important dimension in individual social construction and therefore also indirectly in collective social construction as well.

“Noblesse oblige” of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that power absolutely obliges to virtous conduct.

Non Ad Hominem of Daniella

Daniella refuses to perform ad hominem arguments, period; i.e. except as required by binding operational necessity. It is however common in online discussions on Facebook for others to confuse Daniella’s polite disrespect for structural discursive premises (e.g. fallacies or pointing out prejudice) with ad hominem arguments. Daniella is a ruthless deconstructor yet at the same time does so with meticulous respect for the individual personhood of her interlocutor. Daniella’s intellectually sincere and methodologically rigorous feminism is generally considered offensive and pejorative by the misogynist patriarchal intelligence world as run by patriarchal scumbags. Daniella turns out right in virtually all discussions and this was so already in Daniella’s discussions with adults as a toddler. This is not about “winning”, “scoring” and similar despicably masculinist motivations but rather about loving the truth in loving kindness for the Other. It is essential to point out that criticizing third party collectives such as patriarchal scumbags, totalitarians, haters, heterocultural men etc. or politely pointing out that an interlocutor expresses structural prejudice such as discursive fallacy, physionomism (anti-body ideologies), DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice) etc. IS NOT ARGUMENTUM AD HOMINEM.

Non-discrimination of Daniella

Daniella refuses to discriminate. Discrimination is deselection of persons on the basis of irrelevant criteria. Daniella will either very politely, yet transformatively so perform subversion of structural oppression or else simply leave that particular social context altogether. Daniella thus actively picks and chooses her own social contexts. Daniella will timely leave when and where considerations of legislation and/or politeness would practically speaking compel her to become complicit in structural oppression/discrimination.

Non-exclusive sexual orientations of Daniella

Daniella is a transgender lesbian although a panamorous (pansexual) one. It is a sexist myth that homosexuality and heterosexuality are exclusive sexual orientations since there is no such thing as an exclusive sexual orientation. Exclusive sexual orientations are simply structural hypocrisy and urban mythology. There is simply no such thing.

Non-fraternization of Daniella


No-nonsense attitude of Daniella

Daniella is good at focusing on what is strictly relevant in any given operational situation in therefore filtering out potentially harmful distractions.

Non-paraphilia of Daniella

Daniella is turned on by VIRTUE IN EXCELLENCE AND BEAUTY. What is hateful to her is TURNOFF. SEXUAL DIVERSITY IS LOVELY BUT IT NEEDS BE ETHIC0-POLITICALLY AESTHETICAL IN FEMINIST EXPRESSION OF VIRTUE. E.g. is Daniella only turned on by pornography if it has some kind of artistic quality and is turned off by misogynist pornography which should not be confused with subversively transformative performance in jest of misogyny SUCH AS FULLY CONSENSUAL LOVERAPE. Daniella abhors SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION for that is an ABOMINATION INDEED and DANIELLA IS NOT TURNED ON BY THAT WHICH SHE ABHORS FOR THAT WOULD BE ILLOGICAL, HYPOCRITICAL AND EVIL INDEED.

Non-religion of Daniella

There is literally nothing that is beyond the realm of science and so is apophatic epistemology profoundly unscientific indeed. Issues as raised by various discourses of “cosmology” such as cultures, ideologies, nationalisms, philosophies, religions, academic fields and inteligence sciences need all become subject to external scientific scrutiny and rigorously so in carefully and continually deconstructing their fundamental and less fundamental discoursive promises as expressions of excercise of power by epistemology in often yet not necessarily being founded in varying degrees of structural prejudice/oppression. Daniella therefore advocates supplanting organized religion with feminist ritual sex in Temples of Love in fulfilling the socio-psychological needs as currently performed by unscientific “cosmologies”.

Normality of Daniella

Daniella is highly normal yet exceptionally so. What then does normal mean? Normality has two very different and distinctive meanings. The first meaning refers to submission of structural oppression (economic, social and statist) under the social tyranny and social terror of ethnocratic patriarchy. Under this conception is it “normal” to uncritically participate in structural oppression and so is socially accepted structural oppression itself under this definition the very essence of this nefarious socially constructed experience of normality. This notion of normality is a form of socio-cultural collective psychopathology and false consciousness indeed which upholds pervasive structural oppression. The other meaning of normality refers to social competence in being capable of constructively and ethically so handling interpersonal difference between persons, in other words is sociofluidity the very definition of salutogenic normality.

Nose of Daniella

Daniella has an otherwise straight Roman nose, something which is only revealed once she removes her glasses.

Novelty-seeking of Daniella

Daniella is highly open to new experiences provided that these are ethical, aesthetical and legal. Daniella does not under any circumstances smoke, drink or consume recreational drugs. Uberhot Daniella would certainly not mind providing commercial sexual services if sex workers enjoyed full legal protection with full civil rights. Daniella would in fact find that highly sexually interesting, extremely arousing indeed. Yet considering the near complete absence of legal protection of sex workers would it be highly imprudent for Daniella to provide commercial sexual services.

Nutrition of Daniella

Daniella became a health vegan in 1987 in her early teenage years and was health vegan in periods on and off until as a highly conscientious person permanently becoming an ethical vegan in 1997 after realizing the immense similarities between the logistics, ideology, economy and other practices of the Holocaust and those of the Animal Industry of Evil. Daniella loves fruits and vegetables (including peeled raw potatoes!) and consumes large amounts of healthy olive oil without as a result gaining weight. Daniella was extremely thin as a teenager with the appearance of a low-weight female supermodel. In 2017 did Daniella devise EthicoVegan Coldfood and commenced consuming EthicoVegan Coldfood in 2018 as she realized that eating warm food is unnatural and a healthwise detrimental indirect outcome of invented social practices of human cannibalism, namely the practice of human animals parasitically and irrationally so consuming boiled, fried and grilled body parts of non-human fellow persons. EthicoVegan Coldfood is primarily raw, yet may be complimented to a limited extent by highly select healthy, cold cooked/processed food such cold tofu and cold cooked beans as beans cannot be eaten raw.

Nymphomania of Daniella

Daniel has (what to most humans is) a sexually highly attractive psychological combination of 1) being hypersexual (i.e. the condition of nymphomania), 2) being nearly asexual as well as 3) being psychologically prepubescent. How is this even possible? Well, Daniella is psychologically simply a sexually precocious seven year-old girl. Once misgendering and misaging is removed does Daniella’s special combination come out as very perfectly normal indeed, although certainly highly very exceptionally normal.

Oblivion of Daniella

Oblivion is an important coping process whereby we filter out much input that we really do not genuinely truly need. Daniella’s filtering process has become more advanced with time in the filtering process becoming increasingly sophisticated whereby only that which is truly worthy of becoming remembered remains remembered indeed. Intelligent oblivion is intelligent copying whereby we learn to increasingly filter out nonsense and trivia. Intelligent oblivion is furthermore well served by ethico-political deconstruction whereby we learn to find the clues in any context that will take us to the epistemology of khora outside of the polis of unhelpfully silly frame.

Ontological feminism of Daniella

Feminism must not submit to the social terror of patriarchal ontology.

Ontology of Daniella

Daniella staunchly opposes the evils of apophatic epistemology. Yet sciences themselves as any kind of discourse claiming veracity must themselves become subject to highly precise external critical epistemological scrutiny of investigative science journalism indeed.

Openness of Daniella

Daniella does have a high degree of openness to experience although Daniella’s openness to experience as in most persons is very highly selective indeed. Personal interest is an important factor for almost any human person in this respect, yet even more so for Daniella as an autistic person indeed. It is however typically very easy to interest Daniella in something and her degree of openness to experience varies also as to the relevance and gravity which she attaches to any particular subject matter. It needs be strongly emphasized that Daniella’s openness to experience has does not have any of the negative sides (drug use, naivety, irresponsible behavior etc.) as typically associated with psychometrically measured  openness to experience. This is due to Daniella’s very highly advanced degree of self-control as expressive of prodigious intelligence, including in interpersonal social interaction.

Operative conduct of Daniella

Daniella usually abides by feminist court etiquette in her operative roles, yet is due to pressing operational considerations not always able to do so and sometimes has to do and say things that she would not otherwise wish to.

Operative roles of Daniella

Daniella’s late father was an elite MUST (Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service) intelligence operative and so Daniella was literally born into the MUST family. Daniella is the most operationally advanced femme fatale (or more specifically actually fille fatale) in the global intelligence world and is the by far most cognitively and operationally advanced elite operative within the MUST family. Daniella is an advanced MUST specialist in global intelligence gathering and global intelligence analysis and has long experience in “cleaning” operations including frequently fully legally ordering executions of traitors in meticulous adherence to the jurisprudence of military law and its jurisdiction. Daniella in being adamantly patriotic (although opposed to nationalism) and fiercely loyal to MUST was never recruited to any other intelligence agency of Sweden, Israel or any other country although Daniella holds dual Swedish and Israeli citizenships. In serving as TEVEL Chief Liaison since 2004 does Daniella serve in an international humanitarian capacity with obviously full knowledge and full consent of MUST which is a full participating member of the TEVEL international intelligence organization. Daniella in having been born into MUST never signed an agreement of confidentiality, never had an intelligence handler and is fully committed and fully entrusted in the mission of bringing optimal transparency and minimal secrecy to the global intelligence world. Daniella is a highly influential person within and serves in a senior capacity with responsibility for defense and diplomacy within the Feminist Liberation Movement or FLM (more commonly known as the “PKK movement”) without any personal connection to any organization wrongly listed as “terrorist” by Sweden, the United States or the European Union. Daniella’s service to the noble cause of the liberation of Kurdistan is fully and meticulously legal under Swedish, Israeli, European and international law, including the laws of war.

Parental roles of Daniella

Daniella has very strong motherly feelings of affection towards children and teenagers. Daniella is very patient with children and always takes time to speak with children and teenagers who stop her in the street to ask her about her anatomical, social and psychological genders. Daniella is also very fatherly and and considers it an important task to be role model for any and all young persons no matter their background. Daniella always uses simple language at the level of verbal development of the young person. However Daniella strongly believes that a young person should be early exposed to advanced language at the home. Daniella’s parents never used simple language at home and Daniella’s mother read the entire Iliad aloud to Daniella. Daniella is highly critical of contemporary children’s mass culture since the purpose should always be to inspire love of virtue in young person.

Passion of Daniella

Daniella is passionate about pursuit of love of genuine virtue of every kind, including as pursuit of universal emancipation as to the inclusion of abolition of structural suffering of every kind.

Panamory (pansexuality) of Daniella

Desire is not exclusive and so is it essential to love persons as opposed to phantasmatic ideological representations thereof. Daniella is romantically lesbian and not only in terms of gender but importanlty in terms of anatomical desire as well. It is however essential to not unnecessarily define sexual orientations in exclusive terms. Just as heterocultural females commonly have galsex has it become increasingly common for lesbian females to have sex with gay males.

Parental genders of Daniella

Daniella is motherly towards boys and fatherly towards girls.

Parenthood of Daniella

Daniella as female human being has strong motherly feelings towards children. Daniella behaves with utter perfection with children in patiently answering questions of children and adapting to their psychological needs in being tolerant of naivety, lack of knowledge, lack of social experience and lack of judgment.

Patriotism of Daniella

Patriotism without virtue is like fish without water. Patriotism is the foundation of democracy and economic solidarity between citizens of state. Daniella loves patriotic music from many countries and as a sociofluid persons feels intensely at home among every people.

Penetrative threesome of Daniella

Daniella wishes to be anally penetrated while performing coitus and irrespective of whether penetration is by phallus or by strap-on. She wishes to receive that which she gifts. She wishes to be inseminated as she inseminates. She wishes to be enjoyed as she herself brings female pleasure of coitus. Her mouth & throat are ready for phallic penetration and her own most beautifully exquisite female average size phallus is theirs to enjoy as they please as long they please her.

Perfection of Daniella

Perfection is something which is increasingly advanced rather than finally attained. What does this mean? It means that perfection is not literally a state of final perfection but rather that perfection is a trajectory of learning from not only mistakes of your own but importantly from mistakes of others in studying history of science, history of politics, history of consensus, hisory of cowardice; indeed the history of mistakes. Daniella’s ADHD brain is able to prodigiously ethically calculate an unlimited number of operational moves in advance, something which practically speaking means that Daniella’s ADHD brain no longer makes any behavioral errors. Daniella’s autistic brain however is anything but perfect as the autistic brain constantly makes small mistakes of a practical nature. Since the ADHD brain dominates and controls the autistic brain does the ADHD brain now always intervene to prevent behavioral errors that might cause Daniella harm such for example from a social, legal or public relations perspective.

Perfectionism of Daniella

Perfectionism is unattainable in the sense of a phantasmatic final goal. Perfectionism rather is performative as are all other virtues, meaning that perfectionism is a journey of attaining constant progress in excellence of performance.

Performance in Excellence of Daniella

Daniella is generally a priori fairly incompetent for any given purpose until she becomes interested in the subject matter at hand at which point she commences increasing development of extremely advanced prodigious abilities in that very field of knowledge/practice.

Performative Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to to sexually arouse females by means of performative stimulation.

Perseverance of Daniella

Daniella has unlimited patience in military, diplomatic, political, scientific and operational strategy strategy in marching on and sticking to her own strategy and entirely irrespective of whether her strategy is overtly stated or not. Patience and knowing when to act are important virtues which are usually essential for success in almost any ethical endeavor as extending over a longer period of time.

Personal feminism of Daniella

Feminism is love itself.

Personal hygiene of Daniella

Loves having perfect anal hygiene with emptied intestines which is the perfect way to avoid both flatulation and stomach pain as derived from issues of digestion. The anal hygiene of most human beings is absolutely shocklingly horribly obscence and macaberly sexually repulsive. Either removed or carefully trimmed body hair is the effective way to avoid both unpleasant odors and needless use of deodarants. Daniella prefers using hygiene products with as much as possible natural ingredients.

Personality of Daniella

Daniella is a universal genius and prodigious savant as due to her exceptionally and extremely high intelligence and savantism (savant syndrome). Daniella has an autistic personality type yet is very extremely socially competent, very far beyond that of most non-autistic people. Daniella’s has non-psychopathic ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and is diagnosed with gender dysphoria (transsexualism) which she experiences to varying degrees when misgendered by others or even sometimes by herself. Daniella has extremely advanced, broad and deep prodigious capacity for empathy. Daniella combines compassionate female intuition with female cunning of logico-rational ADHD ability to understand cognitive processes of individuals and collectives alike. Daniella is however psychologically a mischievous and spontaneous seven year-old girl, albeit one with very high intelligence.

Personality Types of Daniella

The respective personality types of Daniella’s ADHD brain and Daniella’s autistic brain are those of ADHD and autism respectively. These recognized conditions with 75% and 90% heredity respectively are at the core the respective personality type in each one of Daniella’s two brains. Daniella’s personality types therefore do not fall within the normal (non-pathological) spectrum of differentiation in personality. ADHD and autism do however under no diagnostic criteria qualify as either personality disorder or insanity.

Personality Psychology of Daniella

Personality psychology is a pseudo-science in that it does not in any manner whatsoever recognize the extensive and comprehensive impact of brain lateralization. Daniella as virtually all human beings have two distinctive brains inside her cranium. Any pair of human brains develop differently as a person develops and so is it common for cognitive contradiction (e.g. cognitive dissonance, irrational fear, irrational hesitance, fear of sexually expressing oneself) to become an increasingly prominent indeed and this is due to increasing divergence in development over time as between the two brains. Cognitive contradiction is certainly due to the the subconscious exercising behavioral control over the subconscious but it is also no less due to the two brains performing checks and balances on each other. Personality psychology therefore ignores that if the two brains develop rather differently will there be development of what are in effective two distinctive personalities (i.e. transbrain) in the same person. The reverse (i.e. cisbrain) is of course also very common in the two brains of a human person remaining highly similar indeed. The fact that one of Daniella’s two brains is ADHD and that the other is autistic has a vast impact and does obviously cause cognitive contradiction as resulting in what appears to be neuroticism but rather is functional psychological tension as socially derived from cognitive contradiction between Daniella’s two brains which have indeed developed very differently from one another since conception. The fact that Daniella’s near perfection in psychological profile does not fit inte prevailing pseudo-scientific physionomistic taxonomies is not any way a fault of Daniella’s but is rather entirely due to the unscientific character of the physionomistic physiognomy that is personality psychology in current hegemonic physionomistic form.

Personhood love of Daniella

The difference betwen love and objectification is the following. Love between persons is appeciation of interior as expressed through exterior, including behavior. Objectification by one person of another person means misconstruing the interior as expression of the exterior. Personhood love requires that all four centers of cognition in each involved person are on board and unless they are is it unfortunately not genuine love.

Pets of Daniella

Daniella has lived alongside five Animal Companions namely the Cat person Trisse, the Papillion person Raisa, the Cat person Lucifer, the Papillion person Aisha and the Papillion person Ceres. Trisse left the car at a petrol station at an unguarded moment, never to be seen again despite subsquent thorough search. Raisa passed away at the respectable age of fifteen. Lucifer (“Lusse”) passed away at the respectable age of nineteen. Aisha was killed by the thoroughly criminal Frankist police intelligence agency RPS/IB in Sweden as a part of politically motivated systematic illegal police harassment against Daniella since 2005.  Ceres as born in 2009 lives with Daniella’s mother. Daniella as child convinced her younger sister to sign a paper with her agreeing to the name Lucifer being applied to that particular Cat person without her being aware of the superstitious Christian connotations of that name which is simply another name for the planet Venus as widely considered as a symbol of feminity and love. Trisse already had that name when adopted by Daniella’s family. Raisa was named after Raisa Gorbacheva (1932-1999). Historically speaking is the negative Christian connotation of this name a result of despicable masculinist demonization of ancient female divinity, yet entirely superstitious beliefs about the name continue to be common. Lusse was a loving and spontaneous Person, yet also a skilled predator who captured rabbits, rats, mice and birds and who immensively grieved the RPS/IB murder of Aisha who was named after the Quranic figure of Aisha. Ceres was named after the Roman goddess of agriculture.  All four names given by Daniella were thus feminist names indeed.

Phallocentrism of Daniella

Daniella unlike most feminists consider the phallus to be the best part of most heterocultural men. The problem is thus not the phallus itself but rather what is socially constructed as centered on the phallus.

Phallus of Daniella

Daniella’s phallus is extremely beautiful and especially so her phallic glans. Daniella is circumcised. Daniella vehemently opposes all forms of genital mutilation on persons of all gender and anatomes unless absolutely required on account of pressing individual medical reasons.

Philosophical feminism of Daniella

Feminism requires conceptual liberation from masculinist ideology such as carno-phallogocentrism and phonocentrism.

Physical intimacy of Daniella

Daniella practices innovatively artistic ethico-aesthetical interpersonal physical intimacy in bed and elsewhere in her capacity as feminist performance artist.

Physiognomy of Daniella

It is obvious that we learn many things about other persons from interpreting the exterior personal expression of social roles and even reading exterior appearance. It is however unfortunately also true that reading the exterior/appearance of another person is liable is likely to lead to misinterpretation of a person to some degree or another and for two very different reasons. First does the exterior in expression/appearance of a person not necessarily match the interior nature and cognitive profile of a person whether this is due to a person being transgender, transage, transbrain etc. or a person practicing psychological dissimulation out of shyness, insecurity and/or insincerity. The other reason is social structural oppression in social structural oppression being pervasively premised on pseudo-scientific forms of physiognomy of what is most aptly anthropologically described as “folk psychology”. Since Daniella is trangender, transage and transbrain will ill-intentioned persons of decidedly physionomistic predisposition tend to more or less intentionally misinterpret Daniella’s idiosyncratic near perfection in appearance, behavior and psychological profile to Daniella’s advantage in misrepresenting Daniella’s virtues as vice. Daniella in being the founder of the intelligence science of psemography is however a world-leading expert in avoiding physionomistic misinterpretation in interpersonal encounters.

Pickup Threesome of Daniella

Daniella loves being picked up by couples and she dresses highly sexually appealing as a sign of her sexual availability for eligible couples of all genders to pick her up in the street, in a nightclub or otherwise in public space and even online. Daniella as the Most Exquisit Harlot of Love is sexually accessibility to couples of virtue whose conduct and appearance pleases Daniella. Daniella is like a sex worker but for free and her only expectation is nobility in hospitality under the universal human norm of hospitality. Reproductive anatomy and gender are immaterial and indeed completely irrelevant as Daniella is available for approach, pickup and being spoiled in the home of the couple under the universal human norm of hospitality. Daniella is sexually liberated and sexually available for strictly law-abiding sexual hospitality of loving kindness. LEGAL WARNING: Daniella does not offer ANY commercial services of any kind whether sexual or otherwise. 

Poetic Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to to sexually arouse females by means of poetic stimulation.

Political Action of Daniella

Daniella believes that political action needs be effective, ethical, aesthetical, articulate and targeted for ethico-political effect. Otherwise is it less than ethical and perhaps not even moral.

Political feminism of Daniella

Daniella opposes ineffective feminism.

Politicofluidity of Daniella

Daniella is certainly anything but politically opportunistic but as someone knowledgeable in diplomacy and lobbying alike is Daniella keenly aware that one needs to argue for one’s cause from the perspective of one’s interlocutor rather than one’s own in order so as to be effectively persuasive. As Daniella sees merits in different discourses and modes of thought does Daniella not consider it problematic to argue from any political position in which she finds merit and irrespectively of where located on the maps of politics, history and geography. This is not to imply that Daniella argues from a perspective that she does not agree with other than of course as required by pressing operational necessity as an elite MUST intelligence operative.

Politics of Daniella

Humans are herd Animals and so our psychological teleology (so called “purpose in life”) is zoologically speaking to help others help themselves. We do not become happy from being loved (ask any international pop star!) but rather from sharing ourselves in making ourselves ethico-politically helpful to others. Human politics in being a complex expression of human zoology brings out the best and the worst in us. If you wish to become a political leader need you also learn to become a saint in order so as not become a monster. A political leader crucially needs develop political wisdom and culture of an essentially unselfish (yet certainly not selfless) disposition.

Polyamory of Daniella

Strict monogamy is lowly, oppressive, contrary to court etiquette, structurally antifeminist and essentially constitutes structural oppression of either one-sided or mutual parasitism in ethnocratic patriarchy. Daniella finds being in bed with merely one person less interesting and really not that sexually arousing. Monogamy is in nearly all cases simply hypocrisy since most persons desire to have multiple partners. Monogamy is thus simply one of many forms of false consciousness of patriarchy.

Polymorphous Perversion of Daniella

Polymorphous perversion is the state of desire as prior to the onset of socially imposed sexual repression. Daniella strongly believes that desire must not be repressed by moral prejudice but rather needs become delimited in expression by virtues of loving kindness. Sexual repression is a vice.

Popularity among teenage girls of Daniella

Daniella with her pink wig, makeup, female fashion clothes and feminist social activism is treated as if a rockstar by teenage girls.

Pornography of Daniella

Daniella loves pornography that is ethical, aestetical and not too serious. Bad taste and lowliness are all turnoff for Daniella. Daniella writes unpublished literary political pornography.

Practical feminism of Daniella

Feminist political action must be ethico-effective or it is mere production of discourse.

Pragmatism of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that pragmatism must be strictly moral or it is rather unprincipled cynicism. Dogmatism in the sense as faithful abidance by ethical axiomatic virtues is important and essential, yet must not be overextended and applied beyond its respective realm of moral application. A common misconception about principles and other axioms is that these should be applied dogmatically, meaning even where not morally relevant. Overextension of an otherwise ethical axiom beyond a realm of moral application is a vice and certainly not a virtue.

Prejudice of Daniella

The greatest prejudice of all is that prejudice is an exclusive property of the Other. Daniella as other human beings is more or less neurologically automatized to react prejudicially towards members of structurally oppressed groups and is not always appropriately inclusive. Daniella however constantly improves in this respect and successfully so. Once Daniella becomes aware of her prejudice does she correct her behavior although usually not instantly so as she wishes to first thoroughly contemplate as to what constitutes appropriate conduct as regards the différance of interpersonality. Daniella as everyone else has a record of expressing prejudice and to pretend otherwise would be sheer hypocrisy.

Prepubescent sexuality of Daniella

Daniella’s sexuality is distinctly prepubescent yet primarily oriented at young adults and only secondarily at adolescents above the age of consent. Daniella is in terms of psychological gender and psychological age a girl who is primarily attracted to young women. Daniella being lesbian and psychologically-sexually (yet not anatomically) prepubescent are two factors which correlate to a high degree in producing a non-phallocentric outcome in Daniella’s sexuality. None of this fulfills diagnostic criteria for pedophilia. It needs be emphasized that neither homosexuality nor transage must be conflated with pedophilia which is the primary sexual preference for human beings below the age of 13.

Primping Feminism of Daniella

Daniella practices primping so as to avoid becoming misgendered, yet also does so as a conscious social act of defiance against patriarchal control over public space and patriarchal structural oppression against females and LGBTQI persons wherein.

Primping of Daniella

Daniella currently uses neon pink wig, eyelash extensions, pink lipstick, pink rouge and glitter dust in her extremely short facial hair. Daniella shaves eyebrows and trims stubble on the head to perfect sexy size. Daniella loves sexy femaly fashion in herself and in others and is certainly not responsible for others prejudicially considering her “too sexy”. The purpose of primping for persons of all genders is to trigger turn-on, cause sexual arousal and generally become well-perceived and become well-treated. It needs be emphasized that this is strictly legal for persons of all genders in free societies and so must not be confused with exhibitionism which in contrast involves baring reproductive anatomy as means of self-arousal. Primping is about becoming well-perceived, indeed precisely the very opposite of seeking to cause of offense.

Primping performance in public space of Daniella

Daniella EMOTIONALLY enjoys triggering turn-on, causing sexual arousal and igniting orgasm in her fellow persons in public space. This however does not make the nearly asexual lesbian Daniella sexually aroused. As other primping females does Daniella project sensorial pleasure and subsequently neurologically introjects that very pleasure which she kindly causes to her fellow persons. Most heavily primping females do however experience sexual arousal in the process of performance of STREET STRUT, something which Daniella DOES NOT EXPERIENCE. LEGAL WARNING: PLEASE INTERNALIZE THAT DANIELLA HAS AN EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE FEMALE GENDER ROLE AND THAT NONE OF THE ABOVE FITS ANY DEFINITION OF EXHIBITIONISM AS DANIELLA DOES DOES NOT EXPOSE ANY BARE SKIN WHICH SOCIAL CONVENTION REQUIRES TO BE VEILED. When performing lesbian hugging in public space does Daniella experience a slight erection which is highly socially appropriate since a full erection would TYPICALLY connect Daniella’s groins with the belly of the female while the slight erection in contrast creates only slight pressure on her groins. This is part of the universal lesbian practice of female genital rubbing. LEGAL NOTICE: Lesbians generally do not perform involuntary genital rubbing and NEITHER DOES DANIELLA. LEGAL WARNING: Female genital swelling during genital rubbing is universal lesbian practice and DOES NOT FIT ANY DEFINITION OF FROTTEURISM. Daniella is tall (189 centimeters) yet her legs are asymmetrically RELATIVELY SHORT as compared to the size of her torso, yet not visibly or otherwise apparently so. This means that Daniella’s groins tend to be at the same level as the groins of most cisfemales which enables DANIELLA to perform genital rubbing during lesbian hugging. LEGAL NOTICE: PLEASES INTERNALIZE that there is no age limit as to genital contact with clothes on during hugging IN THAT THE AGE OF CONSENT DOES NOT APPLY IN ANY JURISDICTION IN THIS REGARD. PLEASE INTERNALIZE that genital contact is common during all forms of hugging irrespective of the ages and genders of those participating in the act of hugging and that this is STRICTLY LEGAL as long as the hugging is CONSENSUAL, i.e. mutually performed to at least some degree. LEGAL WARNING: LESBIANISM IS NEITHER A CRIME NOR A FORM OF PEDOPHILIA AND PERSECUTION AGAINST LESBIANS IS A SERIOUS HATE CRIME. LEGAL NOTICE: HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A FORM OR MENTAL ILLNESS OR PEDOPHILIA. LEGAL WARNING: TRANSSEXUALISM IS GENDER EXPRESSION AND CERTAINLY NOT A SEXUAL ORIENTATION OR SEXUAL PREFERENCE OF ANY KIND. PERSECUTION AGAINST TRANSSEXUALS IS A SERIOUS HATE CRIME. LEGAL NOTICE: TRANSSEXUALISM IS NOT A FORM OF MENTAL ILLNESS OR PEDOPHILIA. LEGAL WARNING: POLICE INTELLIGENCE PERSECUTION AGAINST LGBTQI PERSONS IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AS A FORM OF SYSTEMATIC SEXUAL VIOLENCE AS PERFORMED FOR PURPOSES INTELLIGENCE WARFARE FOR PURPOSES OF SEXUAL ENSLAVEMENT IN INTELLIGENCE PROSTITUTION AND SO IS PROSCRIBED UNDER THE ROME STATUTE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC).

Principledness of Daniella

A principle or other ethical axiom is only as good as it is in actual implementation IRL. Being princip SOled is surely an essential virtue yet over-extension in application of principle is surely vice not for overextention of virtue transforms virtue into vice.

Privacy of Daniella

Daniella recognizes privacy as a patriarchal social construct and strongly believes that privacy needs become universally abolished.

Proactive sexual gender of Daniella

Daniella likes to be very physically active in bed and innovatively and artistically so and she likes her partners in love to act likewise. Brutes are however turnoff and self-objectifying persons are tedious in bed.

Problem solving modes of Daniella

1) Daniella applies the method of “find five faults” in any given context so as to figure out what is what was that others did not understand. One way of doing this is to read an English Wikipedia article and then ponder what it was that the article inadvertently left out. E.g. may a good English Wikipedia be suitable for this purpose as it is typically written by multiple persons and hence is typically comprehensively and non-ethnocentric. The better article the easier does it also become to figure out what the paradigm of age has left out.

2. Once Daniella has figured out what’s missing the next mission to accurately identify and subsequently also accurately define the problem at hand. This is essential as it is otherwise nearly impossible to resolve an advanced unresolved problem unless by chance.

3. The third stage if conceptual, social and/or technological innovation.

Professionfluidity of Daniella

Daniella quickly adapts to almost any profession and starts behaving and speaking as if a trained member of that particular profession. Daniella sounds like an economist with an economic, a psychologist with a psychologist and a physician with a physician. No significant prior knowledge is needed for Daniella to commence resolving difficult problems in any profession as all that is needed is that she is genuinely interested in the subject matter.

Projection of Daniella

Attractivity is about being able to project one’s interior by means of ones exterior, including by e.g. behavior, voice, scent, appearance and even fame and reputation. Daniella’s advanced ability to project herself as the world’s most operatively advanced agent fatale (specifically fille fatale) obviously among other factors contribute to making her so immensely attractive to others. Daniella practices advanced projection of her interior in other social contexts as well, including in the texts of this website for what is noble art other than successful ethico-aesthetic projection of oneself?

Promiscuity of Daniella

Daniella in being uberhot would certainly as nearly all females not mind being sexually promiscuous but considering the dangers of violent patriarchy would that unfortunately be highly imprudent considering the dangers of rape, sexual violence, police intelligence honey traps and organized criminal prostitution networks as symbiotic with thoroughly criminal police intelligence.

Pronouns of Daniella

Daniella in practicing court etiquette prefers not using too many too personal pronouns. Only female pronouns are used about Daniella.

Prosecutorship of Daniella

The covert military system of justice has complete jurisdiction over the police and is specifically tasked with investigating, prosecuting and subsequently executing criminal police officers and criminal members of courts of law. Wherever the civilian system of justice goes criminal does military prosecution automatically gain the right to prosecute. Capital punishment is the normal punishment under covert military law for severe crime as falling under military jurisdiction and capital punishment was never abolished under covert military law in any jurisdiction anywhere. The head of state is the sole and exclusive legislator of military law in every country. As undercover MUST chief prosecutor does Daniella systematically investigate the criminal trail of thoroughly criminal police intelligence in many different sectors of society.

Prose of Daniella

Daniella authors and publishes texts in the ancient Great Tradition of the Art of Writing although she usually writes rather accessibly. Maimonides and Leo Strauss are famous for rather openly writing about this ancient art of semi-secretive writing. Nietzsche and Derrida were the by far greatest thinkers in this tradition during the course of the 20th century. Most great feminist theorists who were inspired by Derrida also write in this profound tradition. Plato and Machievelli have for centuries been misunderstood in most readers having assumed that they wrote manuals of tyranny when in fact these works were written for satirical effect for those who were learned enough to be able to understand. The Great Tradition of the Art of Writing practices semi-secret writing for both pedagogic effect and for purposes of political dissimulation so as to elude political persecution in for instance avoiding ruining one’s academic career. It is common for scientists in the humanities and some social sciences to be initiated into the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing during doctoral studies. This enables scientists to implicitly include crucial insights which are far beyond current paradigms and they thus avoid ruin their respective academic careers due to openly operating beyond the irrational tyranny of the reigning paradigm of the day. One common way of semi-secretely hinting something is to leave an error in the text. Reading Machiavelli’s “The Prince” (Italian Il Principe) is rather instructive. One needs essentially only identify the deliberate errors left in the text in order to understand its barely disguised satirical nature. The pedagogic purpose of the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing is to train yet other minds into perhaps themselves potentially becoming independent, original and innovative thinkers/writers in the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing. If one finds a portion of a page difficult to read should one simply read twice or even multiple times until one simply learns to truly understand it. So called ‘neoconservatism’ is a highly accessible genre of contemporary political writing in the Great Tradition of the Art of Writing. Despite these humbly Straussian writers (they refuse to evoke Leo Strauss for purposes of legitimizing their own texts) writing usually quite easily intelligible texts are hints nevertheless added beyond the exoteric.

Prudence of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that conscious self-control needs be enacted by means advanced ethics (best choice principle) rather than by irrational fear or sense of guilt. Any human person is psychologically unfree to the degree that her behavior is effectively controlled by irrational fear and other irrational emotion. Of course there are also ethico-rational forms of fear which aid a person to avoid dangers and pitfalls.

Psychological age of Daniella

Daniella is psychologically a seven-year old girl although certainly not mentally so.

Psychological development of Daniella

Daniella has very high IQ and does therefore not meet diagnostic criteria for Cognitive Disability (a.k.a. “mental retardation”) which requires IQ 70 or lower. Daniella is highly psychologically mature and was so already during childhood. Daniella is highly intellectually able and was so already during childhood.

Psychological gender of Daniella

Daniella has female, specifically girl psychological gender in being transage as well as trangender.

Psychology of Daniella

Humans generally have two brains within the human cranium. Daniella has dual personalities as pressive of her two cognitively distinctive brains. Her ADHD brain has a non-psychopathic ADHD personality in being highly ethically calculating on a prodigious level. Daniella’s autistic brain has in contrast an autistic personality with prodigious savant skills in advanced social innovation. Daniella’s autistic brain is usually her main brain while her ADHD brain tend to serve in an auxilliary support capacity to her autistic brain in a civilian context. While on military intelligence missions as an elite MUST intelligence operative is in contrast Daniella’s ADHD brain her main brain with her autistic brain serving in an auxilliary position. Daniella’s autistic brain is hypersensitive while her ADHD brain certainly is not. Daniella’s autistic brain is psychologically soft and warm while her ADHD brain is hard and tough. Daniella’s autistic brain is extremely rationally compassionate while her ADHD brain is more emotionally detached. Daniella does not qualify for Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) since she does not suffer from memory lapses and suffers no known negative effects in terms of the significant disparity betwen her two personalities. The two human brains of the human cranium may be similar and distinctive to varying degrees in different persons as ranging from very similar to very different. Daniella having two distinctive personalities, one of each brain is anything but pathological since the two brains work together like clockwork in relation to other persons and cause no known inconvenience whatsoever to herself or to others in social life. However, the cooperation between the two is most effective in eluding enemy traps on military intelligence missions and defeating adversaries in intelligence warfare, politics, war, diplomacy and lawfare alike. Daniella’s autistic brain is a brain of love while her ADHD brain is brain of war. Love and War are thus the dual personalities of Daniella.

Puls of Daniella

Daniella is unable to truly relaxe and is always neurologically tense due to having suffered systematic sexual abuse and therefore pervasive trauma in kindergarten age.

Queer feminism of Daniella

Daniella is vehemently opposed to heteroculture which is nothing but structural oppression, a marital prostitution racket dressed up as ostensible “love” but is actually mere despicable sexual exploitation in monotony, a.k.a. “monogamy”.

Queerness of Daniella

Daniella is extraordinary in every area of skill and field of knowledge that genuinely interests her and in which she therefore excels once she takes an active interest. In being Queer in many ways is Daniella best described as both fully normal and completely and utterly extraordinary. Daniella has often throughout her life faced bullying and her mother taught her not respond to anger with anger. Her mother in grade one taught Daniella basic self-defense techniques which were very useful in Daniella physically defending herself from violence from other pupils. The bullying has continued as the criminal Swedish police intelligence (RPS/IB) has persecuted her for many years now ever since she become influential over the FLM/PKK movement in 2004 and RPS/IB have so tried everything possible to turn her life into hell. Since being bullied is a normal condition for Daniella has she as an elite MUST intelligence operative developed increasing stoicism in simply disregarding lowly bullies.

Radical feminism of Daniella

There are two branches of what is known as radical feminism with first being actually being with the second only pretending to be so. The moderate stream of radical feminism is fully committed to worldwide feminist social revolution in full and utter compliance with law. This stream of radical feminism is strongly influenced by gender science. The second stream is extremist, engages in populist identitety politics, spreads demagogic hatred and its core are various Frankist pseudo-feminist sects. The moderate stream is transformatively subversive in being strongly influenced by Shulamith Firestone and Judith Butler while the extremist stream only pretends to be “radical” in systematically spreading patriarchal masculinist norms of systematic derogation the domain of the feminine. The moderate stream embraces diversity in gender expression while the second stream opposes feminity and advocates for women to adopt male misbehaviors. Sextremist feminism as pioneered by FEMEN and SlutWalk is despite the name a form of moderate radical feminism. The moderate stream of radical feminism acts in complete solidarity with our sisters of all genders and anatomies as suffering under the yoke of relative degree of enslavement prostitution while the extremist stream of radical feminism contributes to the oppression against sex workers by silencing voices of sex workers. Fighting sexual exploitation is the core issue for the moderate stream of radical feminism while Frankist sects of pseudo-feminism which dominate the extremist stream are in contrast heavily involved in trafficking for prostitution purposes.

Realism of Daniella

The conscious of Daniella’s autistic brain tends to be neurologically too optimistic about timeframes of operational implementation as the conscious of the ADHD brain will typically withhold that information from the conscious of the autistic brain.

Reason of Daniella

Operational reason must be guided in operationally proven intuition. Daniella does not believe that there is anything “supernatural” or “paranormal” and opposes apophatic epistemology in being strongly convinced that every claim of cosmology (religion, ideology, philosophy etc.) needs become scientifically studied with appropriately devised strict methodologies of psychology, natural science and intersectional science. Daniella therefore does not even remotely meet any diagnostic criteria for insanity of any kind.

Rebellious Nature of Daniella

Daniella has a very distinctly non-psychopathic ADHD with prodigious and profound cabability for empathy which in Daniella’s case means that Daniella considers ethical courage as the very core mission in her life. Daniella’s considers herself as absolutely ethically obliged to stand up for victims of structural oppression and victims of abuse generally. Yet it is essential to do so intelligently so as to further enhance rather than endanger one’s own agency for ethical courage. Daniella scorns propaganda and recognizes truthtelling as the very art of communication. It is noteworthy that although Daniella performs social rebellion everywhere she ventures does she do so highly politely and very nicely so by means of transformatively subversive semiotic warfare without in the process breaking any laws whatsoever. Daniella acts in accordance with feminist court etiquette and does not consider herself bound by ethnocratic conventions of physionomism and DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice). According to the constitution of Sweden is Sweden a multicultural country and French court etiquette remain established in Sweden ever since the 17th century.

Refinement of Daniella

Culture has two sides to it, on the one hand is it sublimated sexual repression and on the other is it pursuit of love of virtue. Refinement is not only attained by sublimating repressed sexuality into love of virtue but indeed by ethico-aesthetically undoing structural sexual repression in transforming culture into love itself by undoing the evils of ethnocratic patriarchy that are structural oppression. Sexual repression is an outcome of pre-historical economic history whereby sexual sublimation enabled tool use and later technological advancement on the basis of varying cultural justifications. Technology rather needs aid humanity in reverting to its natural condition of state of love as similar indeed to the Bonobos, not coincidentally also known as Grazile Chimpanzees. Daniella therefore strongly believes that ethico-aesthetico-political undoing of sexual repression is essential indeed to the increasing attainment of increasing degree of behavioral refinement of loving kindness in love of virtue. Undoing structural oppression therefore requires reappropration of childhood for persons of all ages in undoing the psychological tyranny, social terror and irrationally of adulthood itself which are the evils of structural oppression in nefarious ethnocratic patriarchy. Refinement may be innate to some degree or another but may also be an individua outcome of applied love of virtue in loving kindness.

Regrets of Daniella

Daniella does have regrets about her life and so what are those regrets? Daniella specifically feels regret about not having been able to help others more than what she did. As an elite MUST intelligence operative does Daniella operate under operational constraints which also includes considerations of legal margin which simply cannot be ignored or this would unfortunately put many others in tremendous danger.

REJECTION of Daniella


Religiofluidity of Daniella

Daniella gives the appearance of having the appearance of the same religious/non-religious background as the person with whom she converses. E.g. when speaking with Muslims does Daniella pepper her language with words and phrases in Arabic and when speaking with Christians does Daniella use tropes and themes as inspired by Christian theology.



Remorse of Daniella

Does Daniella sometimes experience remorse? Daniella often experiences intense sorrow for not having succeeded in fully averting the attempted genocide against the Yezidi community in Shingal (Sinjar) in August 2014 in her capacity in her as diplomatic coordinator for international assistance to Kurdistan. The failure was due to illegal, criminal and treasonous military insubordination in refusing to obey executive orders for military internation from Jerusalem and Washington. The American military intervention commenced one day too after close armed combat for 21 hours in parts of the Pentagon in leading the American elite military intelligence agency OPC into crushing the attempted coup d’état. This caused Daniella to decide to never again operatively fail and Daniella has never since committed even the slightest operative error whether in diplomacy, war, politics or intelligence operations. This of course applies to the essentially mathematicall ADHD brain as the even more prodigious autistic brain continues to constantly make minor mistakes of spelling and other minor practicalities which do not directly affect third parties. The ADHD does however not permit any mistakes whatseover as potentially affecting third persons in learning from the Shingal genocide despite Daniella having done everything in her power to prevent the 2014 genocide. Daniella has since ceased experiencing remorse other than as regards the Shingal genocide as remorse is no virtue. Recognition of shortcoming is however an important virtue as experience of remorse is typically an emotional excuse for simply once again and again repeating the same error. Daniella therefore continues to learn from experiences (her own and those of others) in pursuing advancement in ethical performance in every field of operation, knowledge and life.

Resilience of Daniella

Daniella is cognitively extremely operationally resilient. Daniella is rather insensitive to rebuffs and setbacks. Daniella never holds grudges against any individual. Daniella is highly trusting of others and does as an elite MUST intelligence operative operate on the principle of “trust, check and verify”. Daniella is not combative but prefers operationally strategic conduct. Daniella does not experience sexual jealousy and she detests monogamy as form of prostition. Daniella opposes infidelity andd advocates polyamory. Daniella consciously avoids tautological statements. Daniella suffers from low self-esteem as relative to her achievement. Daniella is extremely unreceptive to conspiracy theories and other forms of propaganda. In her role as MUST military chief prosecutor does Daniella successfully deal with many different legal challenges. Daniella is humble in shortcoming and majestic in excellence. Daniella strongly supports freedom of expression yet strongly opposes war propaganda which unlike psychological warfare is prohibited under the laws war. Daniella is rather insensitive to slights. Daniella therefore does not even remotely meet diagnostic criteria for Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD).

Respectability of Daniella

Daniella belielves that respectability stems from honor and that honor stems from loving respect for the uniqeness of the full personhood of the other. Honor is performative in the sense of being received in return for performance of virtue and so is respectability is in turn produced by honor. Respectability thus stems from virtue or it is rather structural oppression, jealousy, idol worship etc.

Responsibility of Daniella

Responsibility may be habitual and even partly instinctual, yet responsibility is otherwise produced by a sense of purpose in understanding the gravity of personal ethico-political mission of love of virtue. Responsibility out of sense of guilt is already half-vice. Daniella abides by Jewish ethics in that she strongly believes that responsibility needs be ethically responsible to the unique otherness of full personhood as founded in love of virtue indeed.

Revolutionary feminism of Daniella

Ethnopatriarchy is fundamentally criminal in character. Feminism is very much a matter of law enforcement and since the patriarchal police and patriarchal judiciaries are corrupt and thoroughly criminal in e.g. FULLY aiding and abetting police intelligence persecution against sexually attractive persons who are visibly LGBTQI is ethnopatriarchy a military adversary that must become ELIMINATED IN STRICT COMPLIANCE with every provision of law, including military law and the laws of war and PREFERABLY FULL AVOIDANCE OF COLLATERAL DAMAGE by means of FEMINIST WARFARE. Feminist revolution must necessarily be armed, yet fully and strictly law-abiding. Revolutionary feminism must furthermore be socially transformative or it is not revolutionary at all.

Rigor of Daniella

Daniella is unyielding in her pursuit of virtue and nothing distracts or steers her away from the course of pursuit of love of virtue.



Romance of Daniella

Daniella is favor of romance provided that it is honest, ethical, aesthetical and feminist. If it is not, then is it distinctly not so much interesting to Daniella.

Romantic flirting of Daniella

Flirting needs be serious in pursuit of nobility in love of virtue yet not too serious or it will suffer the fate of instrumentalization which is the death of love. Humor of loving kindness is hence essential indeed to the ethical pursuit of romantic flirtation.

Romantic sex of Daniella

Romantic sex must be artistic or it is not romantic at all.

Retribution of Daniella

Daniella does not have mercy on evil. Mercy on evil is no virtue at all but is rather vices of omission, naivity and complicity. It is essential to be generous, noble and kind yet in no way forgiving of those with fundamentally evil mindsets as translated into systematically evils acts. How could anyone conceivably deny the intrinsically evil mindset of Adolf Hitler? Surely should Adolf Hitler had been swiftly and timely eliminated long before he displayed his evil genius in causing so much horrendous calamity? Righteous retributation of course must not become evil itself for then evil triumphs rather than becoming vanquished.

Righteousness of Daniella

Love of of virtue in loving kindness is the essence of righteousness.

Risks of Daniella

Daniella is a daring strategist and tactician and a specialist in operational risk minimization. Daniella’s operational record clearly shows that what often at the outset may seem risky actually is not. Daniella’s operational risk minimization successfully eliminates risks and dangers to those whom she protects. Daniella is however truly and genuinely hazardous to evildoers. Daniella thus poses severe risks to evildoers. Daniella is always careful and meticulous about security and never behaves irresponsibly other than when seemingly “irresponsible” behavior is required by pressing operational necessity. Daniella as a skilled risk-minimizer is the very opposite of a risk-taker.

Romantic foreplay of Daniella

Romance is about interpersonal appreciation, yet it is essential that all four cognitive centers are fully consenting to sexual intercourse. It is furthermore essential to squarely avoid development of delusional ideas of pathological infatuation hence the importance of learning to mistress both expression and development of one’s emotions rather than suppressing one’s emotions.

Romantic intercourse of Daniella

Romance is about genuine interpersonal appreciation and so is sexual intercourse problematic unless there is mutual interpersonal appreciation and importantly need all four cognitive centers within the human cranium be aboard.

Romantic postlude of Daniella

Romantic postlude requires performing acts such as kissing in therefore making sure that one made to love to a person and not merely sexually exploited a living breathing body.

Ruthlessness of Daniella

Is ruthlessness always a vice or is it sometimes rather a virtue? There is a Jewish saying according to which being benevolent towards evil persons will lead to becoming malevolent towards righteous persons. Are those in the 1930s in Sweden, America and other countries who claimed that Adolf Hitler was “moderate” and “well-intentioned” surely not some degree to blame for the horrendous calamaties which ensued? Would it not have been preferable to have been ruthless to the Nazis already in the 1930s than deferring the ruthlessness to the 1940s? This of course is in no way to imply that ethical ruthlessness should include cruelty of any kind but rather that being ethically ruthless to evil and timely so is an essential element of behavioral nobility in virtuous conduct.

Sacrality of Daniella

Self-discipline must be founded in pursuit of love of virtue in loving kindness and not in moral prejudice of any kind.

Sagaciousness of Daniella

Wisdom is pursuit of virtue. Knowledge without wisdom is of little value. Understanding without emotion is useless and emotion without understanding is tragic. Respect is a prerequisite for love and love is a prerequisite for wisdom which is meaningless without personal pursuit of virtue. Daniella as a prodigious savant excels in virtues of insight in her capacity as a universal genius in selfless pursuit of love of virtue out of love and respect as towards the unique personhood of the other.

Saintliness of Daniella

Love must be strictly ethical or it is rather varying degrees of parasitism, i.e. zoological evil.

Satire of Daniella

The Babylonian Talmud righly points out that one ought not celebrate the defeat of one’s enemies and that is due to the distinctive risk that such celebration may turn out premature. Daniella is however no Jesus and enjoys poking fun at the stupidity of folly in evildoers. Daniella is extremely polite even when conversing with evildoers, yet is absolutely ruthless as a highly humorous satirist and enjoys making fun of evildoers, something which is indeed a common practice in the Babylonian Talmud as well as in Rabbinic litterature generally. Daniella writes political pornography in the French Revolutionary tradition which lasted until 1830 and as aimed at making fun of sexual abuse as prevalent in political elites.

Savantism of Daniella

Daniella has the most advanced form of savantism ever recorded in any individual anywhere in Daniella being a most uniquely documented universal genius indeed. This is so as Daniella as a universal genius is able to develop any kind of savant skills in any field of knowledge and/or area of functionality. E.g. has Daniella developed a cognitive equivalent of Google Street View in her mind being able to travel in rather detailed environmental memory through familiar streets and familiar roads. Daniella developed this particular savant skill after having developed personal interest in Google Street View and so created her own cognitive equivalent. Daniella regularly develops further savant skills in more and more fields of knowledge and areas of skills in continually  becoming more and more cognitively advanced over the years. Daniella as a universal genius is primarily motivated by concern for assisting and aiding others in resolving unresolved problems by means of advanced social innovation and that is typically what now propels her to develop personal interest in a subject matter and subsequently advanced savant skills indeed.

Savant skills of Daniella

Daniella has the world’s by far most advanced documented savant skills. The extremely advanced savant skills of Daniella’s ADHD brain are primarily those of chess-like game theory in operational planning while the autistic brain is the universal genius as devoted to original and groundbreaking innovation in a constantly increasing fields of science in both academia and intelligence science. The ADHD brain is essentially a human supercomputer as capable of unlimited operational calculation while the austic brain is largely devoted to solving problems of various kinds (social, political, scientific, professional and operational) as a prelude to advanced innovation in an evergrowing number of fields of knowledge/skills.

Science of Daniella

Daniella believes that the central claims of scientific, political, cultural, social and institutional discourse needs become continuously deconstructed by means of investigative journalistic methods in enabling ethico-political conceptual, social and technological innovation in every field of life and hence increasingly substantial and rapid social progress indeed. Science is for Daniella a toolbox for conceptual, social and technological innovation with the purpose of improving the lives of deserving others.

Scientific feminism of Daniella

The future of feminism lies in applied science.

Seducing buns of the Other of Daniella

For Daniella to perform oral stimulation of another person’s anus is a lot required and this is a most serious matter indeed and a number of requirements must therefore be fulfilled. 1) The person must have no overweight whatsoever even if looking aesthetical in other parts of the body. 2) The person’s entire body must be tanned or colored. 3) There must be perfect anal hygiene. 4) The person’s anus should already by prepared with lovely scent and edible taste. 5) Skin care of the buns needs be meticulous and attentive to detail. 6) There must not the slightest tendency of hair growth. The person should have attended a massage with oiling as prior to the appointment with the Perfect Harlot of Love. 7) The person needs master the erotic choreography of love of hips, a.k.a. belly dancing and that applies irrespective gender and reproductive anatomy. Once these modest requirements are fulfilled out of desire for Most Adorably Lovely Daniella is Daniella devoted to transforming the Anus of the Other into the erogenous center of personhood. Daniella is ready to stimulate by tongue, finger, hand and arm and Daniella is ready to turn this into a profoundly artistic experience of ethico-aesthetico-political performance as combined with song, laughter, narrative and the most lovely erotic compliments possible. Once Daniella has commenced this Performance of Love does Daniella act with perfect attention as Anus of the Other is now Daniella’s personal domain for as long as the rendez-vous lasts and that is solely and exclusively for Daniella to determine. This means that Daniella may stimulate the Anus of the Other for hours and hours and the Other has thus waived the right disagree, negate, foreclose, negotiate and flirt as the Anus of the Other now belongs to Daniella for the full duration of the Erotic Rendez-Vous. The anal stimulation may be for a few minutes or a few hours and irrespective is the body of the Adored Other now fully compliant and erotically obedient to Daniella’s desire for as long as Daniella so determines and decides in her wisdom. This means that Daniella does fully as she pleases in strict compliance with feminist court etiquette and for as long as she desires.

Seducing the lovely buns of Daniella

Daniella is perfectly open to becoming orally stimulated in her anal erogenous center, yet that certainly requires exceptional virtue of noble conduct. Daniella wishes for her buttocks to become seduced before spreading her lovely buns to linguistic attention. Daniella wishes her buns to be loved and attended for. Once a partner in love has seduced her buns, orally opened her clinically clean gateway of love and oiled her adorable buns is the interlocutor free to do as she pleases with Daniella’s secret center of love, including fisting Daniella, inseminating Daniella, loveraping Daniella and even  violently so. Once Daniella’s very narrow love channel is seduced and placed at the disposal of the interlocutor will she turn into a goddess of love in placing herself at the disposal of the Pleasure of the Other. For Daniella the Perfect Harlot is it unthinkable to say no to the Desire of the Other as long as that desire is fully within the bounds of feminist court etiquette. Seduction of Daniella’s buns begins by touching her lovely buns out of desire and admiration for Daniella’s genius. Daniella is always meticulously anally clean in public space in her noble gateway of pleasure therefore being fully open to seduction of her most adorable, beautiful and lovely buns indeed. Once her buns are seduced and her pornographic channel made hospitable is Daniella fully at the disposal of her of interlocutor in not saying no and being committed to realizing the most intimate desires of her fellow person. Seducing Daniella’s buns brings out of the goddess of love and the Perfect Harlot hence fully places herself at the disposal of the Other.

Seduction of Daniella

Daniella strongly believes that seduction must be highly etically feminist or it is not seduction at all but rather abuse, exploitation and rape. Daniella furthermore believes that feminist seduction must be non-instrumental or it is not feminist at all, meaning that seduction must not be a process of pretending to like someone else in order to attain penetration since that in fact is mere exploitation and tragically even self-humiliation. Daniella is the world’s most operationally advanced intelligence femme fatale (most specifically fille fatale) and is as such not only able to easily trigger turn-on and sexual arousal in almost any human person but is furthermore so very extremely operationally advanced that she is fully capable of easily triggering orgasms in others. This is completely unique as no other femme fatale in the intelligence world is known to be able to quickly trigger instant orgasms and serial orgasms at will in others. While this is certainly exceptional is it perfectly normal for Daniella to develop uniquely and extremely advanced savant skills in precisely any field which interests her.

Seducation skills of Daniella

Daniella is a verified by Vatican intelligence (CDF) as 1) a CDF certified intelligence geisha, 2) a CDF certified intelligence fille fatale (girl femme fatale), 3) a CDF certified intelligence casanova and 4) a CDF-certified geisha casanova. Daniella is the world’s first geisha casanova, a combination which is otherwise considered almost impossible to simultaneously perform. There are rare cases of intelligence operatives who are both trained geishas and trained casanovas but no other known case of a trained intelligence operative who succeeds in being simultaneously both intelligence casanova and intelligence geisha. It needs be emphasized that about 20% of all geishas in Japan are androgenic and so are transgender geishas very common in Japan. Daniella has full CDF intelligence diplomatic immunity in Sweden, meaning that Swedish authorities and any proxies of theirs have zero legal jurisdiction over Daniella.

Seductiveness of Daniella

Daniella is highly seductive and loves to flirt as a means of sharing rather than getting. Daniella is however not exhibitionist as she does not expose her genitalia in public although she politically speaking opposes any and all use of clothes serving no purpose other than irrational sexual repression. Daniella loves being naked in private, yet is not so in public space although she supports legalization of every every form of public nudity. Daniella is socially highly confident and thus does not look for reassurance or approval from others although she does love a sincerely meant genuine compliment. Daniella appreciates constructive criticism and loves to offer constructive criticism herself. Daniella does on occasion feel proud of herself but these are brief passing moments. Daniella is highly flirtatious yet always in strict conformance with ethico-aesthetico-political requirements of feminism, court etiquette and jurisprudence. Daniella does not seek attention although Daniella does love being at the center of attention. Daniella is not into “getting” and therefore does not become frustrated by flirtation. Daniella’s mood is highly stable and Daniella tends to consider a relationship to be less intimate than it actually is. Daniella never makes rash decisions on matters of significance. Daniella does not blame others for her own shortcomings. Daniella does accept bad advice yet is willing to listen to reasoned feedback from others. Daniella is dramatic yet highly emonationally stable. Daniella therefore does not even remotely meet diagnostic criteria for Histrionic personality Disorder (HPD).

Self-appreciation of Daniella

Daniella is exceptionally cognitively advanced, exceptionally intellectually accomplished and exceptionally politically influential. Yet Daniella’s sense of self-esteem is based on her ability to 1) assist deserving others politically and 2) bring joy to others by means of refined social interaction. The ethical character of any human being is indeed relative to the degree that her life is selflessly devoted to bringing joy to the lives of deserving fellow persons.

Self-control of Daniella

Daniella has with time developed exceptional self-control. Daniella first developed negative behavioral self-control which has helped her survive almost innumerable honey traps. Daniella believes that perfect sexual self-control is essential in order to survive as a combatant in intelligence warfare. Ever since Daniella came out fully as lesbian and transgender in May 2016 has Daniella increasingly developed positive self-control in the sense as becoming a mistress of her destiny in developing increasing sociofluidity which permits her to (re)design her own self-expression in varying social roles in varying social contexts. Daniella’s positive behavioral self-control is now as advanced as her negative behavioral self-control. One should simply never let oneself become misguided by emotions of unreason.

Self-Esteem of Daniella

Daniella’s self-esteem does not exceed her prodigious and profound savant skills and hence does Daniella not meet any diagnostic criteria for Narcistic personality disorder. Daniella rather struggles with relative lack of self-confidence and abhors flattery. Daniella wishes her dignity of  personhood to become fully respected under etiquette but certainly does not expect anything more than that. Daniella is powerful, successful, intelligent and attractive yet only sees those as vehicles of noble conduct in love of virtue in ethically calibrated loving kindness. Daniella is not falsely humble and is therefore not self-depreciating in being transparent and cetainly not hypocritical about herself. Daniella is a unique person as are persons generally. For Daniella are all other humans essentally children yet Daniela feels like a child herself and not only so in being a transage girl but also in terms of “feeling like a child” in relation to the prodigious subconsciouses of her own two brains. The consciouses of Daniella’s two brains are objectively superior to those of all other human beings, yet are certainly also objectively inferior to the prodigious subconsciouses of her own two brains. Daniella loves sharing herself in loving kindness and abhors classism (class oppression) of every kind. Fame has two main advantages in 1) more access to career options and 2) easier sexual access but fame is otherwise mostly fraught with disadvantages including systematically encountering flattery and insincerity; risking stalking and public persecution; risking loss or non-attainment of proportationate self-esteem; conflating public perception of oneself with proportionate understanding of oneself and suffering constant identity dysphoria due to psychologically experiencing the disparity between one’s self-perception and one’s public perception. Daniella certainly appreciates sincere and and selfless words of genuine loving kindness in interpersonal apprecation, yet is left distinctly cold by words of admiration of comparison with individual and/or collective others as flattery causes feelings of disappointment in Daniella. Equality is a matter of equal treatment of equal cognitive cabability and this is the equality in respect that Daniella expects from others as that is what she accords others. Hierarchies are necessary in all organizations and requires compliance and even sometimes obedience, yet hierarchy must be proportationate to task. Daniella does exploit weaknesses, misperceptions and lack of virtue in evildoers in Daniella’s pursuit of love of virtue in diplomacy, intelligence warfare and politics and that most virtuous indeed. Daniella is ruthless to evildoers without being cruel, yet generous and understanding towards the weak, naive and/or well-intentioned and even far more so towards the righteous. Daniella never exploits power for personal gain. Daniella is specialized in prodigiously in depth and breadth profoundly understanding cognitive processes of evildoers and so has no pity on evildoers as that would be most irrational and unethical indeed in being contrary to Jewish ethics. Daniella is however also prodigious in her empathy towards others in considering herself as obliged to her understanding to take effective ethico-political action. Daniella rarely experiences envy and rarely even considers how others are envious her. Daniella believes in combining the rabbinic ideals of being humble and majestic. Daniella opposes hypocritical self-depreciation and pretentious arrivism alike. Conceit and arragance are repulsive vices. Just as noblesse oblige do influence and power also oblige in unselfish service of love of virtue in ethically calibrated loving kindness. Selfishness and unselfishness each undercut one’s agency to help deserving others help themselves and so helping oneself must ultimately only be a means towards helping deserving others help themselves and each other as so wisely taught by Hillel the Elder and Maimonides.

Self-perception of Daniella

Daniella is highly oriented towards others to the point of almost neglecting herself. Daniella’s ADHD brain is fully committed to serving Daniella’s autistic brain which in turn is fully devoted to serving deserving others. Daniella does not emotionally consider herself as beautiful, does not emotionally feel exceptional and instead struggles with too low self-esteem. Daniella is therefore the very antithesis of Narcissism.

Semiotic flirting of Daniella

Flirting needs deploy the full range of ethico-aesthetic semiotic expression of personhood in dialogical pursuit including the emotional, the discursive, the emotional, the audial, the tactile, the visual, the inter-neurological and the deployment of lovely scent. These are not mere senses but dimensions of dialectic rapprochement of mutually neurological integration mutually respecting personhoods as deployed in  mutual performative love.

Semiotic foreplay of Daniella

The perfect seducer is like a symphonic orchestra in perfectly synchronizing multidimensional sensorial semiotic expression of successful projection of intrinsic personhood.

Semiotic intercourse of Daniella

It is essential even during sexual intercourse to become synchronized as a symphonic orchestra in spontaneously synchronizing all sensorial expressions in successfully attractive projection of individual personhood.

Semiotic postlude of Daniella

Semiotic postlude requires signing “I love your personhood” with all senses.

Semiotics of Daniella

Daniella as a non-hypocritical radical feminist is committed to the global feminist revolution in private life no less than in public life. Feminist life for Daniella means deploying subversively transformative sociofluidity in every social context in which she directly or indirectly partakes, including in public space. Daniella has always had a typically female body language and now when she lives fully out as lesbian and transgender does she fully semiotically express herself as the fille fatale (girl femme fatale) whom she is.

Senses of Daniella

Daniella has extremely sharp senses and is often able to consciously identify other human persons by body scent. The human cranium usually contains two brains and in Daniella is one brain autistic and the other is ADHD. The autistic brain produces sensorial oversensitivity and hypersensitiviy when the autistic brain is on. The ADHD brain relies on complex subconscious logical calculations in being able to to calculate an unlimited number of moves in advance in e.g. love, war, diplomacy, politics, lawfare and intelligence warfare. The ADHD brain is however unlike the autistic brain not extraordinarily creative and so the ADHD brain solves problems by means of logics (i.e. subconscious game theory) while the autistic brain does so through social innovation. The combination of the two brains is so perceptive that Daniella usually already knows in detail what another person plans to say after only a few words from that person.

Sensory Oversensitivity of Daniella

Daniella’s autistic brain is sensorially oversensitive and primarily so to various forms of mechanic sounds; particularly traffic noise and a number of ventilation systems. Daniella to varying degrees is also oversensitive to varying degrees of some forms touch, scent and and light. Too much invasive stimuli causes neurological exhaustation which inter alia involves trouble walking, trouble sitting, difficulties performing inaudible thinking (the ADHD brain then increases its exercise of control over the autistic brain) but not trouble talking and not trouble thinking while speaking. Daniella’s ADHD brain has none of those issues.

Sensory Processing Sensitivity

Daniella’s autistic brain has some degree of Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) in being rather sensitive to negative/mixed/complex emotions/intentions/motives of others. Daniella solves this by letting the ADHD brain take full control whenever there is even the slightest sign that an encounter is turning ambigious/uncomfortable/problematic.

Sensuality of Daniella

Daniella is very extremely sensual, both physically and psychologically and uses sensual female fashion.

Separatist feminism of Daniella

Separatist feminism for Daniella means that Daniella socially avoids patriarchal oppressors of all genders and anatomies. Feminism is not an anatomical movement but rather one opposed to structural oppression generally.

Serenity of Daniella

Daniella projects her profound innocence of inner calm when flirting with fellow females who in turn introject Daniella’s serenity and therefore experience profound love in feminist virtue.

Sex appeal of Daniella

Daniella is extremely beautiful with a highly sensual body of a female supermodel and is the world’s most advanced agent fatale (specifically fille fatale), yet there is no question that the fact that Daniella is both transage and transgender significantly contributes to Daniella’s extreme sex appeal.

Sexiness of Daniella

Daniella is extremely sexy in the sense as being perceived as such by nearly all human beings whom encounter her and irrespective of individual gender, sexual orientation etc. in such persons.

Sextremist artivism of Daniella

There are two pillars two sextremist artivism. The first is causing public havoc to ethnocratic patriarchy by means of triggering widespread turn-on and causing mass sexual arousal. The second is strict law abidance. Sextremist artivism is certainly not intended to cause offense or offend anyone. It infuriates sexually exploitative patriarchal scumbags of course and Daniella is certainly not to blame for their criminal attitudes in structural oppression and pervasive prejudice. Females however become happy and liberated where ever Danella ventures.

Sextremist feminism of Daniella

Daniella is a sextremist as inspired by FEMEN, SlutWalk and LGBTQI PRIDE. Daniella extremely politely and nicely causes sexual arousal in fellow persons by means of extremely advanced fille fatale (girl femme fatale) psychological intelligence seduction techniques in ways that are strictly legal as well as intended to subversively cause feminist social transformation. Daniella does this everywhere she ventures in having becoming a permanent feminist semiotic revolution in destroying patriarchy everywhere she turns in exposing the corrupt and criminal nature of patriarchy and its institutionalized sexual exploitation. This is highly confusing for despicable patriarchal scumbags since Daniella is simultaneously sextremist citizen, feminist performance artist, Queer field anthropologist, investigative intelligence journalist, investigative science journalist as well as an undercover military prosecutor from MUST as systematically performing entrapment operations and counter interrogations techniques against operatives/agents of thoroughly criminal police intelligence. In for example causing heterocultural men to become sexually aroused by transgender & transage Daniella, educating sex workers in applied feminist theory or being a role model for children and youth is Daniella highly, even extremely effective in subversively triggering individual social transformation by means of feminist social construction in socially interactive feminist performance art.

Sextremist resistance of Daniella

The Harlot of Love dresses highly sexily as it is her feminist ethical duty as a human being to cause positive sensations of love, excitement, joy and arousal in her fellow persons while strictly abiding by law with very wide legal margin indeed. She is not available for money however although she certainly would not mind providing commercial sex work. The world is such however that this is profoundly unsafe as even government officials such as the police, prosecutors, lawyers, psychologists, physicians and social workers systematically sexually exploit the legal and social vulnerability sex workers. Daniella strongly believes that it is her duty to stand with victims of sexual exploitation everywhere and she therefore dresses as a sex workers as sign of permanent resistance against patriarchal occupation of the repressed domain of the feminine. It is her right to ethico-aesthetically dress to please as she pleases in exceptionally strict compliance with law and the repugnant idea that there is something inherently wrong with how luxury sex workers dress in public is most reprehensible indeed. Those who oppress the domain of the feminine and malign sex workers are Enemies of Daniella. Daniella abides by an updated feminist version of traditional Versailles court etiquette and only the most sick, lowly and depraved minds can confuse Versailles etiquette with enslavement in prostitution. Who are they then? They are they are the ones who systematically sexually exploit enslaved sex workers. They are the ones who one who malign and denigrate sex workers in public. These oppressors have no singly gender and their reproductive anatomy is certainly limited to phallic anatomies. They are the enemy to be politically destroyed by strictly law-abiding feminist revolt. They are the ones to be defeated and to be shamed at the dustbin of history. They are the ones to be ashamed and they are evildoers indeed whose cultural hegemony and control over public space must be crushed and fully completely so. Liberated sex workers are the spearhead of the global feminist social revolution as ethnocratic patriarchy must be fully destroyed and discredited indeed. Daniella therefore dresses and socially conducts herself as if she were a commercial sex worker despite not being one. Her desire is to please the good and defeat evildoers and so does she signal her resistance to the patriarchal occupation of the domain of the feminine. This is her right under law and so abuse and defamation does not deter her. Daniella is personally in this regard inspired by the myth of the King of Denmark wearing a yellow star as a sign of protest against the Nazi occupation of Denmark. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet puts it “There is something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark!” La liberté guidant le peuple, vive la resistance!

Sexual choreography

Daniella likes to performance “dance of intimacy” in bed and elsewhere. This includes  lifting, swirling, rapid changes, dynamics and drastic and sudden movements. It is of utmost importance that every bodily movement is ethical, carefully calibrated and perfectly aesthetical. Differen parts of the body also need be perfectly synchronized and coordinated. Daniella also performs sexual choreography while flirting and seducing as flirtation and seduction are erotic dance indeed.

Sexual development of Daniella

Daniella has no paraphilic obsessions and is almost, yet not entirely asexual. Daniella is not turned on by breaking taboos and sex crime is turnoff for Daniella. Daniella experiences polymorphous perversion to a normal degree. Daniella is not turned on by objects. Daniella is turned off by objectification. Daniella is turned on by ethico-aesthetic-political expression of individual personhood. Daniella is turned on by aestetic qualities in pornography and is turned of by tastelessness in pornograpy. Daniella is socio-psychologically a prepubescent girl with a main intergenerational sexual orientation towards petite young adult women. Ephebophilia as towards persons above the age of concent is a secondary sexual orientation of Daniella. Most human beings of all ages experience a significant degree of ephebophilia. Daniella is generally open to friendly sex with LGBTQI persons of all genders.

Sexual Dysphoria of Daniella

Daniella often experiences sexual dysphoria when someone treats Daniella as if she were a heterosexual man or expects Daniella to behave as if she were a heterosexual man. Daniella’s sexual dysphora is closely associated with Daniella’s gender dysphoria and Daniella’s age dysphoria.

Sexual fantasy of Daniella

Daniella has very sparse sexual fantasy, including occasional futuristic visions of feminist ritual sex.

Sexual flirting of Daniella

Flirting is the art of causing sexual arousal by means of discursive engagement. Causing sexual arousal in a fellow person is the act socially deploying oneself to bring pleasure. The sexual dimension of flirting needs be dialogical or it is not flirting at all but rather selfish debasement.

Sexualfluidity of Daniella

Other than futuristic feminist political visions of ethico-aesthetic ritual sex does Daniella really not much have much sexual fantasies to speak of and when she rarely experiences a fantasy is it usually one that has been transferred through introjection from her interlocutor. This means that when Daniella meets someone who has an unethical and/or unaesthetical fantasy in her mind is that instant, immediate and complete turnoff for Daniella.

Sexual foreplay of Daniella

It is essential that there is ceremonial nature to sexual interaction of foreplay. This creates confidence as this eventually becomes neurologically automatized and so helps transform participants into confident seducers with little to no personal socio-sexual anxieties.

Sexual history of Daniella

Daniella was highly sexually active as a child in kindergarten, yet was also raped many times by staff due to her exceptional beauty. Daniella entered celibacy prior to entering school in grade one and has since then mostly lived in celibacy and exclusively so as in order to avoid honey traps and sexual abuse of coercive inteligence recruitment such as operational rape. The fact that Daniella as a unique universal genius is the world’s most cognitively advanced human being leaves Daniella particularly vulnerable to attempted coercive intelligence recruitment considering that Daniella’s father was an elite MUST intelligence operative. Daniella did think of most of her girlfriends as “close female best friend” rather than as partners, a perception which is common among lesbians. Daniella lived in Israel in 1994-1997 during which she pretended to let herself become recruited by an intelligence brothel in Tel Aviv into serving as a luxury gigolo. On a different and later occasion during the years in Israel did she order a callgirl in order to gain a better understanding of the nature of prostitution. Daniella became profoundly shaken by the utter sadness and fear of the enslaved female prostitute and so this profoundly formative experience meant that Daniella’s life changed direction entirely in Daniella becoming an ethical vegan and leading the lifestyle of a saint. Daniella experienced gender dysphoria throughout her life due to others misgendering, misageing and missexualizing her, including expecting Daniella to behave like an adult heterosexual cisgender man and in the fall of 2015 did she come out on Facebook as a lesbian and transgender female. In May 2016 did she come out IRL as transgender and lesbian in living fully out everywhere, something which meant that she became subjected to constant police-organized sexual and other illegal harassment. In 2017 did Daniella come out as transage as a girl primarily interested in women. In transitioning from radical feminist boy gender over tomboy gender to radical feminist fille fatale (girl femme fatale) gender did Daniella extensively train herself into becoming an extremely effective and irresistible seductress. Daniella plans to build a feminist lesbian collective free from patriarchal oppressors of every kind as she as a radical feminist is opposed on principle to monogamy as a patriarchal or at least in a lesbian context patriarchal-style social institution.

Sexual hospitality of Daniella

Daniella with all her heart believes in providing non-commercial erotic hospitality for guests specifically invited for intimate purposes. Daniella in being the most luxurious slut one could imagine makes her person and body fully accessible to persons specifically invited for this purpose. Feminist court etiquette of intimacy will vary as depending on who is invited and to what type of intimate encounter. The point is that Daniella fully adheres to protocol and so is almost anything possible as long as being within the protocol of the occasion. This means something very far extremely more refined than anything offered on the market.

Sexual gynocentric switch of Daniella

Daniella likes to switch between sexual dominance and sexual submission with women. Whether being sub or Domme is anything short of full obedience complete turnoff. Just as Daniella is fully gracefully submissive and utterly exquisitely compliant as sub does Daniella expect women/transgirls to act likewise as sub when Daniella is Domme. A sub kisses a Domme on the hand as a sign of utter intimate submission and sophisticated compliance in strict abidance with court etiquette and standards of feminist conduct. Kissing mouth is only and exclusively performed when the time is up at the end of the predetermined period of sexual intimacy and heartfully means Merci beaucoup je t’aime. The Domme initates the “merci” as the mouth kiss is known under Versailles etiquette. Slightly turning away the head during initial stage of the “merci” is a gross and severe insult and serious breach of court etiquette indeed. Dommes are strongly WARNED not to act motherly towards Daniella as that is complete and utter turnoff indeed.

Sexual intercourse of Daniella

Intercouse must not be exclusively sexual for that is turnoff for Daniella as intercourse needs rather be multidimensional and artistic indeed.

Sexuality of Daniella

Daniella has the lifestyle of a teenage girl and the near asexual predisposition of a seven-year old pre-pubescent girl, yet Daniella is sexual orientation are younger adult women, but is also to some extent attracted to teenage girls above the age of consent, young gay men who behave like females, teenage boys above the age of consent as belonging to genetic groups of the broader Middle East, non-binary transgender persons and youthfully transage middle-aged females. Daniella is almost yet not fully asexual and is turned on by pleasant appearance, good manners and ethico-aesthetic self-expression. Daniella’s sexuality is very extremely typically female in an extremely attractive manner and she only has galsex despite having an androgenic intimate anatomy. While being lesbian is a matter of tendency in attraction and living lesbian is a feminist political choice for Daniella is she nevertheless panamorous (pansexual) as well polyamorous (consensually non-monogamous) in opposing monogamy as an oppressive patriarchal social construct indeed. Daniella’s intimate desire is intrinsically altruistic in being more concerned with satisfying the intimate desires of an appreciated other as Daniella in being nearly asexual has few sexual desires of her own and these mostly pertain to her futuristic visions of feminist ritual sex. Daniella thus has an intrinsically feminist sexuality indeed. Daniella always produces feminist performance art when engaging in interpersonal intimacy and has never ever voluntarily participated in any non-feminist or non-art sex.



Sexual lateralization of Daniella

Daniella’s two brains are not sexually identical. Daniella’s ADHD brain is more technically sexual while Daniella’s autistic brain is more artistically sexual. Daniella’s ADHD brain is a harlot while Daniella’s autistic brain is a virgin in that Daniella’s autistic brain has never had sex with anyone. The ADHD brain does however perform sex in accordance with the wishes of the autistic brain. The ADHD brain is nearly asexual while the autistic brain is hypersexual (i.e. the condition of nymphomania). The ADHD brain “acts apron” for the autistic brain in protecting the autistic brain from rape, sexual violence, prostitution, police intelligence honey traps and generally potentially dangerous sexual encounters. The ADHD brain althought being transgirl has a motherly protective sexuality towards the virginal autistic brain which is also transgirl. Daniella’s ADHD brain is as Daniella’s autistic brain romantically hardcore. Both brains are “psychologically sex workers” in being almost entirely sexually altruistic. Daniella’s ADHD brain is psychologically an extremely high class, luxury hardcore porn actress. The autistic brain is the most advanced luxury sex worker possible as altruistically, yet also ethico-aesthetically-politically fully devoted to satisying the desires of her interlocutors. Daniella is to be sure not a commercial sex worker, yet she strongly believes in sexual hospitality whereby the guests are given full access to Daniella’s body and full freedom of sexual action towards Daniella as long the guests strictly abide by court etiquette and standards of feminist conduct. Sexual hospitality is in fact part and parcel of traditional court etiquette. Daniella’s autistic brain will only actively have sex once the guest has been proven to fully and perfectly mistress feminist court etiquette. It needs be kept in mind that Daniella is a girl sex worker albeit a non-commercial one and not merely in gender but also fully psychologicaly and sexually so. An adult who has sex with Daniella therefore has sex with what psychologically and sexually is a child, specifically a seven year old girl although who has very high intelligence and is very psychologically, intellectually and socially very extremely advanced indeed.

Sexual non-exclusivity of Daniella

Sexual orientations are non-exclusive. The fact that Daniella is lesbian in primarily being attracted to young petite women does not prevent her from flirting with and making love with persons of other genders and ages.

Sexual non-taxonomy of Daniella

Daniella opposes sexual taxonomy just as she opposes all other forms of physionomism.

Sexual postlude of Daniella

Sexual postlude requires becoming choreographically advanced even afterwards.

Sexual preferences for female fashion of Daniella

Daniella experiences profound self-expression in wearing sexually attractive female fashion. Daniella experiences profound expression of fellow females in them wearing sexually attractive female fashion.

Sexual preferences for lingerie of Daniella

Daniella loves lingerie which is both tasteful and expressive of full personhood. Such lingerie creates genuine interpersonal connection by means of attraction to unique personhood. One significant impediment therefore is typically that not all involved parties wear lingerie.

Sexual preferences of Daniella

Daniella has sexual preferences as have virtually all human beings. The fact that Daniella has primary sexual preferences does not preclude her having secondary sexual preferences. The fact that Daniella has secondary sexual preferences does not preclude other sexual interests as well. The fact that Daniella opposes taxonomic sexuality and taboo sexuality is certainly not to imply that Daniella lacks orientations in desire. DANIELLA’S PRIMARY SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS TOWARDS *HIGH ETHICS AND GOOD TASTE* ALTHOUGH DANIELLA HAS GENDER, ANATOMICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL PREFERENCES AS WELL. DANIELLA’S PRIMARY ANATOMICAL ORIENTATION IS TOWARDS GYNOGENIC TEENAGE BODIES BUT HER PRIMARARY PSYCHOLOGICAL ORIENTATION IS TOWARDS ADULT YOUNG WOMEN WITH SUCH BODIES. DANIELLA IS EXTREMELY FEMININE AND IS PRIMARILY SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO HIGHLY FEMININE BEAUTY-CONSCIOUS PRIMPING YOUTHFUL FEMALES LIKE HERSELF AND IRRESPECTIVELY SO OF AGE.

Sexual preferences in gays of Daniella

Daniella likes men with gay genders and largely so due to overtly gay men typically having female psychological gender. Yet Daniella is not turned on by any psychological gender in heterocultural males whether as identifying as bisexuals, heterosexuals or otherwise. Daniella as most females find it troublesome that so many physically attractive men behave in such repulsively unattractive fasion. Daniella likes gay men in good shape with artistically rounded muscles. Daniella likes being submissive in being penetrated as a lady. Daniella does not wish to be fully naked with men so as to underscore that she is a lady and that she therefore prefers wearing nightgown lingerie while in bed with men. Daniella prefers being simultaneous penetrated by two gay men of preferably but not necessarily female psychological genders. Daniella likes tastefully muscular gays of female psychological gender. A gay man who is both perfected in the state of being in good shape and in the state of being able to ethico-aesthetically express female psychological gender is most sexually attractive indeed.

Sex worker feminism of Daniella

Daniella dresses as a sex worker in solidarity with sex workers worldwide.


Daniella is uninterested in purchasing commercial sex for she would not want to have sex with anyone who would only wish to have to have sex with DANIELLA in return for monetary reimbursement as love is unselfish or is it not love at all. Daniella is however TURNED ON by tasteful SUPERGAL sex worker aesthetics of gender and appearance but is saddened and therefore turned off by any semiotics, i.e. signs of prostitution (meanning involuntary sex work). Daniella is SIMPLY TURNED ON BY SUPERAESTHETIC SUPERGAL GENDERS SIMILAR TO HER OWN. Please note that Daniella VERY STRICTRLY ABIDES BY UNIVERSAL CONVENTIONS OF GYNOCENTRIC (I.E. NOBLE) COURT ETIQUETTE WHICH VERY STRICTLY PROHIBITS PURCHASING SEXUAL SERVICES OTHER THAN 1) FOR THE PURPOSE OF RESCUING PROSTITUTES OR 2) SEDUCING, ROMANCING AND MARRYING A SEX WORKER. THE STRICT PROHIBITION APPLIES TO VISITING MASSAGE PARLORS AND NON-PUBLIC PARTS OF BEAUTY SALONS. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT COURT ETIQUETTE IS GYNOCENTRIC HONOR CULTURE WHERE THE HONOR IS LOCATED IN THE PHALLUS. THE EXCEPTIONS APPLY TO COVERT SPECIAL OPERATIONS ONLY.

Shielding of Daniella

The conscious of the ADHD brains operationally shields the conscious of the autistic brain from irrelevant and/or false information by means of imposing temporary operational oblivion.

Shrewdness of Daniella

Daniella in being a MUST elite intelligence operative always makes sure to act with a pure heart with as virtuous conduct as possible for nobility in conduct of virtue is essential for intelligence work to not only bring success but to bring good as well. This of course is in no way to condone naivety for nativety such as projection of one’s own good intentions onto evil people is a most severe vice indeed.

Simulacrum of Daniella

Idiosyncratic social roles such as personalized gender are simulaca in two senses. First is the exterior imitation of the interior. Second are social roles such as pertaining to age, ethnicity, gender etc. always more or less imitations of pre-existing social roles. Social roles furthermore need be ethical, aesthetical and politically conscious. This is true of social roles generally, including as regards transgender, transage and transbrain people.

Sisters of Daniella

Daniella grew up with two sisters, one whom is a psychologist and the other is a lawyer.

Skeleton of Daniella

1) Daniella has a spine that is typical of many autistic persons in lower sections being inwardly inverted. 2) Daniella is furthermore slightly hunchback. 3) Daniella has flat feet. These three conditions means that Daniella cannot run more than one kilometer per day as she will suffer significant bodily pain if she tries to run more than.

Skin of Daniella

Daniella’s skin is soft like that of a child and is extremely erogenous. Daniella’s skin becomes olive-toned as tanned as happens with tanned skin of most members of Mediterranean peoples. Daniella’s perfect skin is smooth, non-dry, normal and without wrinkles despite Daniella being in her mid-forties in terms of chronological age. Daniella’s skin has not noticably aged since her early twenties. Daniella’s hands and anus do however suffer from urticaria during periods of cold winter weather.

Sluttiness of Daniella

Daniella is extremely slutty in social behavior and appearance alike, yet not in a way that is impolite, inconsiderate, rulebreaking, tasteless or illegal. Lipstick lesbians and younger heterocultural females are typically concerned with with being percieved as “sexy” yet “not too sexy”. This is so as being perceived as “too sexy” tends to lead to severe sexual harassment, including from patriarchal police scumbags. Daniella however disregards this concern of being perceived as “too sexy” as being perceived as extremely beautiful provides a sufficient protection against most forms of sexual harassment, although not from police sexual harassment. Thus is it possible to appear “too sexy” from a security point of view as long as one refuses all police demands for provision of sexual “favors” (including invites from female police officers) as these invariably lead to commercial prostitution in enslavement by police intelligence protected criminal commercial prostitution networks. In other words must one also appear extremely beautiful whether naturally so, by plastic surgery and/or by some degree of primping in order for it to become practically and socially possible to also “appear too sexy”. Heavily primping females typically derive significant pleasure from triggering turn-on and causing sexual arousal in others public space despite the greater risk of sexual harassment as associated with heavy primping. Appearing “too sexy” is for extremely beautiful Daniella a matter of absolutely obliging ethical courage in destroying heteroculture by means of erotic semiotic warfare in sociofluidity. Why is this so? It is legal to begin with and second is this a binding legal feminist obligation in very extremely effectively deconstructing the patriarchal distinction between private and public in a very strictly legal fashion. In other words sextremism as in FEMEN, SlutWalk and LGBTQI Pride without legally constituting neither activism nor public demonstration. Triggering mass turn-on and causing mass sexual arousal in a strictly legal fashion in strict compliance with feminist court etiquette in a manner which importantly is subversively transformative is certainly the way to destroy patriarchy by means of semiotic warfare in sextremism.

Sociability of Daniella

Daniella is very highly sociable in displaying social competence to a very highly advanced prodigious degree indeed. Daniella is highly verbal and therefore highly talkative indeed, yet this is is positive trait as this almost inevitably causes sexual arousal in a fellow person so this is therefore surely a virtue in more than one respect. The sexual arousal enables others to intensely focus on Daniella’s flow in therefore creating far greater neurological contact between Daniella and the other person(s).

Social choreography of Daniella

Daniella deploys meticulously synchronized bodily choreography in every social context for calibrated communicative effect.

Social development of Daniella

Daniella is extrovert, polite and very extremely seductive. Daniella is a highly socially skilled elite intelligence operative. As a trans girl does Daniella seem highly innocent and that is in fact precisely what she is.

Social feminism of Daniella

Daniella practices social feminism in reaching out to and listening to the weakest females in society; children, teenagers, prostitutes, victims of psychiatry, drug addicts, migrants and the elderly. As a socially involved feminist critical theorist is Daniella simply very interested in hearing their perspectives on various matters.

Social flirting of Daniella

Flirting is fundamentally a social practice of neurologically interconnecting personhoods. The purpose of flirting is flirting itself, yet flirting without causing turn-on is distinctly not flirting at all. Flirting is thus a telos rather than a teleology.

Sociofluidity of Daniella

Daniella is very highly extremely sociofluid as a living cameleon as as she spontaneously adopts and adapts her social roles to specific social context. This is operatively strategically performed so as transformatively subvert structural oppression without any impertinence, impoliteness, unpleasantness or rulebreaking of any kind. Social roles applies to shibboleths of oppression/discrimination such as accent, age, culture, ethnicity, gender etc.

Social Foreplay of Daniella

It is important to have fun together as prior to sexual intercourse and hence is it important to smile, laugh and even cry together as a means of emotional bonding.

Social intercourse of Daniella

Social interaction is important and so should discussions on scientific subjects or other important issues of mutual interests continue so as to avoid things getting boring. Superficiality is turn-off for Daniella. It needs emphasized that conversation is precisely essential in court etiquette.

Social postlude of Daniella

Social postlude requires having genuine fun as genuine friends.

Softness of Daniella

Daniella’s skin is soft like that of a child. Daniella is very softspoken with the voice of a teenager. Daniella’s appearance is manifestation of softness. Daniella treat others exquisitely well in accordance with feminist court etiquette and indeed with exquisite softness.

Sophistication of Daniella

Daniella is highly sophisticated in her hyper-empathy in being very extremely othercentric.

Sources of Daniella

Daniella does not plagiarize others by means of footnoting, bibliographying and imitative referencing but does occasionally honor a fellow genius in text. Daniella as a PRODIGIOUS SAVANT rather WRITES FROM MEMORY and frequently uses Google and Wikipedia English to precisely verify detail as well as discover additional detail. Daniella has no patience for paper books but rather likes searching ebooks. Daniella furthermore reocognizes most paper products as ethically problematic in that these are typically based upon cutting down forests, the homes of innumerable persons, indeed sentient agents of cognition. Academic books tend to be based on carno-phallogocentric disposition in telos of chapters and so needs once devote oneself to deconstructing their weak points as opposed to wasting time reading them in their entirety. Daniella spent much time as a child staying home from school and used the time to read encyclopedias and still likes to read WIKIPEDIA ENGLISH for detective purposes of systematically detecting systematic omission in hegemonic discourses.

Spine of Daniella

Cognitive contradiction within human cognition is the source of most psychological sufferering such as cognitive dissonance, self-doubt, irrational fear, irrational guilt etc. and the main social origin of cognitive contradiction is structural hypocrisy indeed. Living ethical courage is thus essential for health no less than is living otherwise ethical such as living the joys of ethico-healthy veganism. Ethical courage is essential for ensuring self-esteem and avoiding cognitive contradiction. One must however perform ethical courage wisely so that one preferably does not endager one’s agency in terms of its future capability of performing yet further ethical courage. Wise spine is therefore essential indeed and ethical courage is furthermore wisely performed in group and the larger the group the more publicly legitimate does the ethical courage indeed become in public eye. Ethical courage is the very opposite of hypocrisy and hence the necessity of minimizing, individual, collective, structural and institutional hypocrisy and thus reducing the individual experience of cognitive contradiction which is the source of so much psychological suffering.

Spontaneity of Daniella

Daniella is highly spontaneous yet also highly responsibly impulsive. The conscious of Daniella’s ADHD brain enforces strict behavioral control on the conscious of Daniella’s autistic brain. The rules of conduct (virtue, precaution, ethics, law and rules of operational considerations) are set by the conscious of the autistic brain which imposes those onto the subconscious of the autistic brain. The rules of conduct are then imposed by the subconscious of the autistic brain onto the subconscious of the ADHD brain which imposes the rules on the conscious of the ADHD brain which in turn through strict behavioral control practically implements the rules onto the conscious of the austic brain which set the rules in the first place. These highly secure constraints means Daniella feels free as well as relatively safe and secure to be spontaneous and relaxed and even go wild in living fully out as lesbian in public space in strict compliance with law.

Stability of Daniella

Daniella is opposed to identities and so does not experience distoted sense of self. Daniella does not fear abandonment. Daniella opposes stereotypically dichotomous thinking, yet recognizes the importance of law-abiding ethical clarity in defense of emancipation, freedom and democracy. Daniella makes intuitive operational decisions which always turn out right. Daniella’s emotional reactions are never disproportationate. Daniella’s interpersonal relationships are highly stable. Daniella never harms herself. Daniella does not experience dissociation. Daniella does not smoke, drink or use recreational drugs. Daniella never acts irrationally on irrational emotions of anxiety or anger. Daniella has not exerienced rage for decades. Daniella therefore not even remotely meets criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder (BDP).

Sternness of Daniella

Daniella is strict about crushing evildoers whether in intelligence warfare, diplomacy or politics. Daniella is also unyielding in debate in never being led down the path of fallacy such as argumentum ad hominem.

Strategies of Daniella

Daniella does believe in strategic surprise as in the classical Israeli operational school.  Surprise is the key to victory in warfare and the surprise needs not merely be tactical but must be strategic and needs furthermore be innovative in nature. Why is this so? Because the enemy will find it almost impossible to predict undisclosed strategic military innovation. The commander needs to act intuitively in letting the subconsciouses set the strategy as verified and implemented by the consciouses.

Strengths of Daniella

While Daniella does experience irrational emotions of mild fear and mild anxiety and that certainly causes her emotional pain is Daniella’s advanced ability for strictly avoiding acting upon irrational emotions (unless required by operational necessity) one of her most important operational strenghts. The strict division of powers throughout the process from gathering information to implementing decision is another key strength of Daniella. But her most important strenght is the respective advanced, yet highly specialized, prodigious functioning of all four cognitive centers of the two brains.

Strictness of Daniella

Daniella is strict about application of principle as relevant to context and so overextended application of principle is vice indeed. Principle must be applied with rigor of strictness in accordance with the principle of proportionality. Application of principle must be approached with a mind of if possible matemathical precision. Ethical axiomatics furthermore requires intuitively understanding with precision where the application of one ethical axiom contextually ends whether being contextually superseded by yet another ethical axiom or simply not being being applicable at all to a specific social/discursive context.

Subconscious of Daniella

The two human brains are each subdivided into a conscious and a subconscious. While each conscious could be described as usually relatively unitary (i.e. integrated in itself) is each of the two subconsciouses anything but unitary. A subconscious has agency of sentient cognition and is essentially trapped so to speak “within” the conscious and so may experience frustration as experienced as various seemingly irrational emotions by the conscious. The subconscious is a repository, indeed archive of all sentient agency of cognition as ever experienced since the human embryo typically develops sentience at the fifth or sixth week of gestation in the uterus. The subconscious is also an archival metaphorical ‘corridor’ of increasing psychological repression with indeed progressive degrees of repression, i.e. performative but not actual oblivion since no experience, i.e. received information is ever erased from the subconscious. Since Daniella’s two brains work differently although both are powered by uniquely advanced savant syndrome are there also distinctive respective relationships between the subconscious and the conscious in each of the two brains. The autistic brain operates by highly intelligent and usually highly accurate intuition, i.e. the subconscious provides input to the conscious in therefore assisting the conscious in ways distinctly helpful to the conscious and particularly so in socially responsible scientific innovation. The conscious of the ADHD brain has a much higher degree of integration with its subconscious in having access to many of its operative functions such as being able to calculate an unlimited number of moves in advance in game theory, yet the ADHD brain is mostly experienced as “subconscious” by the autistic brain. In fact are the conscious workings of the ADHD brain largely subconscious in relation to the autistic brain. This is not unique as relative degrees of disconnect between the two brains is common in humans generally and is typically experienced as cognitive dissonance, frustration, fear, indecision, procrastination, neurosis etc; all examples of cognitive contradiction betweeen the two human brains in the cranium. There is however a distinctive asymmetry in Daniella’s ADHD brain being far more advanced in its internal integration than is the autistic brain. This assymetry does cause cognitive contradiction as do generally psychological asymmetries between the two human brains in the human cranium. Constructive cooperation/collaboration/integration between the four main parts together constituting the two human brains is thus very much essential for psychological health including intelligently constructive focus and intelligently constructive flow.

Subconscious of Daniella’s ADHD Brain

The subconscious of Daniella’s ADHD brain has highly advanced, profoundly prodigious capacities of applied game theory and advanced mathemathics in being able to operatively calculate an unlimited number of operative moves beforehand, including an unlimited number of potential scenarios. Daniella’s ADHD brain is therefore the perfect chess brain although Daniella never took any genuine personal interest in chess. Daniella has so far only played chess as deploying her autistic brain which felt sorry about the prospect of causing defeat to the opposite player.

Subconscious of Daniella’s Autistic Brain

Daniella’s autistic brain has highly advanced, profoundly prodigious capacities of deep and broad, yet highly rational empathy. This is performed by means of cognitively advanced and highly selective introjection whereby Daniella is able to highly effectively reconstruct psychological processes of others, both individual persons and collectives of persons and subsequently apply those psychological processes herself in yet other fields of knowledge. Daniella is since many years highly specialized at reconstructing thought processes of political extremists with focus on the Frankist ideologies of Nazism, Communism, Islamism and Anti-Zionism. Daniella has therefore has become a specialist in Frankist politital extremism.

Sublimity of Daniella

Daniella is highly charismatic and also sexually highly charismatic.

Submissively androcentric sexuality of Daniella

Daniella likes to be fully intimately submissive and completely and utterly intimately obedient with men. This in no way implies Daniella being passive unless that is what is being desired from her. This means that Daniella will highly gracefully comply with every intimate whim during the time for which she has made herself accessible provided that they strictly behave in accordance with court etiquette and requirements of feminist standards of conduct. Daniella is a psychologically a seven year-old girl harlot (albeit a non-commercial one) who makes herself available for a predetermined limited period of time and men are expected to use the time well in performing exquisite penetrative sex most of the time. Daniella does not like to be kissed in the face by men but likes kissing men on the cheek. Daniella expects men to kiss her outstretched hand prior to sexual intimacy and likes to kiss men on the hand during sexual intercourse as a sign of utter submission in intimacy.

Subtleness of Daniella

Daniella is verbally highly politely lucid yet subtle in an emotional rather than a verbal manner in being highly socially competent as an advanced sociofluid person. A good communicator is lucid yet also preemptively sensitive to emotions of others.

Subversion of Daniella

Daniella is a highly subversive feminist performance artivist. This means that Daniella wherever she ventures adapts her behavior so as to very politely subvert structural oppression. This also means that wherever she goes as undercover MUST military chief prosecutor does she destroy thoroughly criminal and sexually expoitative patriarchy along the way.

Successionism of Daniella

Daniella strives to very substantially CONTINUE PERSONAL INTELECTUAL PROJECTS of fellow geniuses including those of Simone de Beauvoir, Daniel Boyarin, Judith Butler, John D. Caputo, Hélène Cixious, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Sigmund Freud, Donna J. Haraway, Luce Irigaray, Julia Kristeva, Bernard Lewis, Richard Lynn, Friedrich Nietzsche, John Philippe Rushton, and Leo Strauss. In this does Daniella refuse to perform conventional reverence as typically in Para-Christian hagiographic style accorded to founders of discursivity. Rather than is conventional performing distinctly silly doctrinal submission does Daniella instead seek to INNOVATIVELY CONTINUE THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTELLECTUAL PASSIONS. Daniella could not care less about being accused of innovation and advancement by means of her ignoring ridiculous, indeed preposterous discursive boundaries of genres, paradigms, structurally enforced oppressive/prejudical/fallacious/inaccurate consensuses, epistemological discipline, arbitrary dispositions in chapters, plagiarizing by means of footnoting and bibliographizing etc. DANIELLA HOLDS UTTER CONTEMPT FOR ACADEMIC BULLYING.

Supergalhood of Daniella

Daniella’s ADHD brain holds fear and Daniella’s autistic brain holds anxiety. Yet Daniella operatively, politically, tactically, strategically and diplomatically acts fearlessly in acting out in rightous love in ethical clarity. Daniella’s anxieties and fears do however not prevent Daniella from making decisions as necessary and appropriate. Daniella has ZERO INHIBITIONS inhibitions on cruising on any person whom Daniella is attracted towards as Daniella EXPERIENCES NEITHER FEAR NOR ANXIETY as Daniella always acts out of a pure heart of respect and loving kindness. Daniella is however strictly inibited by considerations of law and feminist court etiquette alike. This means for example that it is not permitted ask a shop employee for a date as she acts in an official capacity on behalf of the store and so is it STRICTLY IMPERMISSIBLE  to use any employee for sexual purposes. This however does not preclude befriending and hugging her at work and becoming intimate and/or romantic in a strictly private capacity after work provided that this does imply any kind of employment prostitution such as waitress prostitution.

Suspicion of Daniella

Daniella has a particulary effective and alert “creepy radar”, meaning that she has a particularly acute female sense of intuition in exposing conscious and present insincerity in social approaches of interlocutors.

Swedish Court Etiquette of Daniella


Symbiosis of Daniella

Daniella easily and instantly enters symbiosis with fellow persons by means of introjecting their respective emotive cognition. Daniella thus almost instantly profoundly connects with fellow persons whom she has just met. The human cranium usually contains two parallel brains and in Daniella is one brain autistic and the other brain ADHD. While the autistic brain strongly introjects the emotive experiences of others does the ADHD brain reconstruct in great detail how others reason. Advanced sociofluidity allows however Daniella to adapt to others to an extremely advanced degree. Daniella believes that she has something to learn from almost every human being whom she encounters and she thus deploys her deep, broad and profound intelligent-emotional empathy as the world’s most operationally advanced intelligence femme fatale (more specifically fille fatale) to instantly connect with almost any human being (or even a friendly non-human person) in establishing virtually instant psychological symbiosis. As an extremely advanced intelligence fille fatale is Daniella also extremely advanced in projecting herself and is therefore able to easily trigger sexual arousal and uniquely so even instant orgasm in fellow persons by sheer interpersonal non-physical neurological contact in public space as part of emotive interpersonal encounter. Ethico-aesthetic projection of idiosyncratic personhood is indeed the essence of seduction and love is simply mutual emotional symbiosis.

Tactics of Daniella

Daniella believes that tactics no less than strategy needs be designed by the subconsciouses. However, the consciouses need be granted a greater role in designing the tactics and the consciouses need be fully conscious as to calculus behind almost any given tactics.

Tactile flirting of Daniella

Tactile engagement is an important part of flirting as flirting without tactile engagement is comparable to coitus interruptus in the sense that the flirting is sort of detached from itself unless there is also delicate and tactical tactile engagement. It is essential that tactile engagement is performative rather instrumental, dialogical rather than parasitical and being a purpose and in of itself rather than a means towards and end.

Tactile foreplay of Daniella

Tactile engagement needs be delicate, calibrated, exquisite yet brave and determined as will to power helps us to successfully project ourselves in thus making ourselves sexually attractive to others.

Tactile intercourse of Daniella

Tactile engagement is essential at all stages of making love, yet it needs be mutual or the sex tends to become relatively boring.

Tactile postlude of Daniella

It is essential to provide adieu stimulation to intimate areas.

Taste Daniella

For Daniella must the question of aesthetics not be separated from the question of ethics and conversely must the question of ethics not be separated from the question of aesthetics. Ethics without virtue is simply moral prejudice and aesthetics without ethics is tragic at best. Ethics of course must not be confused with socially pervasive moral prejudice of structural oppression under the nefarious cultural hegemony of ethnocratic patriarchy.

Tears of Daniella

Daniella very, very rarely cries out sorrow or sadness but frequently cries out of joy, love, appreciation, happiness and experience of sympathy in profound empathy. Daniella is futhermore unable to watch fiction films about the Holocaust as she cries hysterically while watching such films. Daniella’s approach to crying is part and parcel of classical Versailles etiquette.

Technological feminism of Daniella

The future will be shaped by technology and so must feminism shape technology by means of conceptual, social and technological innovation.

Teenage sexual preference of Daniella

Ephebophilia is a sexondary sexual orientation of Daniella. Among teenagers of all genders does Daniella strongly tend to prefer fifteen-year olds.

Teeth of Daniella

Daniella’s teeth are ordinary and not aesthetically perfect

Teleology of Daniella

How do you improve the world? Well, you do so by means of visionary conceptual, social and technological innovation as not merely well-intentioned but also meticulously verified in terms of its actual psychological individual/collective outcomes. Then you share your visions with others with the purpose of improving the conditions of others and the rest is future indeed.

Temper of Daniella

Daniella is to not prone to sudden outbursts, is very patient and reprimands when given are disproportationate and restrained. Daniella has been this way all her life although on few occasions has acting otherwise become necessitated by operational considerations.


Daniella’s personality has the very rare combination of being both serene and sublime at the same time.

Temperance of Daniella

Daniella is opposed to the use and availability of recreational drugs such as alchohol and cannabis other than for legally limited medical purposes. Daniella believes that any and all consumption of every kind needs be as ethical as strictly possible in every sense.

Tenacity of Daniella

Tenacity may be a virtue, a vice or both as depending on whether the specific telos (goal/purpose) of any particular individual tenacity. Since Daniella is bound by virtue is she highly tenacious in pursuit of virtue of love and respect for the unique personhood of the other.

Teleological feminism

Feminist action needs be geared towards ethico-effective attainment of feminist eschatology.

Textuality of Daniella

Daniella believes in pursuit of excellence in nuance and precision with a politically appropriate level of legibility. What does this mean? There are multiple reasons for limiting legibility. 1) Legal considerations such as police intelligence persecution against Queer theorists. 2) Making sure that readers read the text carefully and seriously. 3) Dissimulation, i.e. hiding secret messages in text e.g. in the form of deliberate TEXTUAL ERROR as have philosophers done since  time immemoral. 4) Political level of intelligibility, namely FOR WHICH AUDIENCE is the TEXTUAL CREDIBILITY devised?

Testicles of Daniella

Daniella’s testicles are extremely beautiful. Daniella’s testicles look akin to long outer labia as found among indigenous peoples of Namibia. One of Daniella’s testicles is deformed after she suffered repeated violent assault as child by bullying children. This means that two testicles look asymmetric, yet still extremely beautiful.

Tête-à-tête of Daniella

Dating can be fun and subsequent sex can also be very fun, yet this is no way to build a genuine relationship. Sex between two persons alone certainly can be interesting in the first weeks, first months or first years in a relationship. Due to emotions of infatuation usually being pathological rather than salutogenic do superficial relationships usually not end up happily. Conventional marital hypocrisy aside is the fact that group sex as involving three or more participants is far more interesting than couple sex. Most Western women are boring altruists in bed and most Western men are idiotic egoists in bed. Sexual tensions are however typically heightened by behavioral asymmetry and that is fine as long as not also reproducing structural oppression. Personal asymmetries need however be artistically-idiosyncratically calibrated rather than merely constituting eroticization of structural oppression.

Theatrical Intimacy of Daniella

Daniella loves to to sexually arouse females by means of theatrical stimulation.

Theoretical feminism of Daniella

Feminist theory is a means towards improved understanding which in turn is essential for attaining social change.

Thighs of Daniella

Daniella’s thighs are perfectly sized and shaped for any female.

Thoughtfulness of Daniella

Daniella is very extremely careful about strategic decisions, yet makes spontaneous strategic decisions without hesitation and which in hindsigh *always* turn out right. If one has a well-proven track record of intuition ought one trust and rely on it in decision-making processes.

Threesome of Daniella

A threesome either needs be socially relaxed or requires one Domme/Dom with two subs. Jealousy is commonly a psychologically disturbing element in threesomes. In a threesome does Daniella either wish to 1) play the harlot, 2) be the Domme, 2) engage in fun gal socialization in the wild and unreservedly spontaneous manner (e.g. pillow fight) as socially common among teenage girls or 4) perform multisensorial artistic ritual sex with herself at the center as the one who calls the shots.

Toes of Daniella

Daniella’s toes are relatively minor, extremely beautiful and shaped like a piece of art.

Tonefluidity of Daniella

Daniella voice is tonefluid, meaning that it constantly varies to a significant degree as if a musical instrument of some kind.

Toughness of Daniella

Daniella is operationally extremely cognitively resilient yet is certainly not insensitive to suffering others, an attitude of ethico-emotional consideration which of course must not be confused with having mercy on evildoers.

Transdisciplinarity of Daniella

Daniella does not adhere to ridiculously contemptible academic practices of adhering by various arbitrary discursive boundaries of academic historical accidence. It is instead precisely essential to subvert, obstruct and transcend those highly irrational obstacles to scientific advancement.

Transformative feminism of Daniella

While feminist complaints usually are justified is complaining distinctly insufficient in fomenting social change.

Transage of Daniella

Daniella is psychologically a typical seven year-old girl, yet one with extremely high IQ. Being transage is for the most part very much fully socially accepted in heteroculture as long as the transage person is not identified as being beyond the realm of heteroculture, namely being identifiably LGBTQI. Being transage is thus typically considered a positive trait (“youthful” and “mature” respectively) when found in a heterocultural person but is vehemently rejected as threatening, immoral, offensive and disgraceful by anti-LGBQI bigots as when appearing in an identified LGBQI person. Transage does not qualify as what is known as mental retardation unless there is very significant below average measured individual IQ. The fact that transage is highly overrepresented among persons with so called mental retardation likely has social explanations (“never having grown up”) and does not under any diagnostic criteria mean that transage in the absence of an IQ score as below IQ 70 in qualify as what is known as mental retardation. Nobody is born an adult and no one is born a man or a woman as these are all highly structurally oppressive patriarchal social constructions. However, some persons remain transage despite atrocious social pressure to “become adult” as similar to persons whom despite atrocious social pressure to become cisgender do remain transgender. This is furthermore comparable to persons who despite atrocious social pressure to “become normal” still choose to primarily or only practice same-sex love. A legal adult who is a transchild/transboy/transgirl is most typically sexually oriented towards adults and adolescents and there is no evidence whatsoever as to any correlation between transage and pedophilia. A pedophile is in most cases a psychological adult and is diagnostically speaking in every case a legal adult with a primary sexual orientation towards legal minors as below the age of thirteen as according to all diagnostic criteria.

Transbrain of Daniella

Daniella as most human beings has two parallel brains in her cranium. Resemblance of the two human brains varies on a spectrum from cisbrain i.e. very similarly developed brains to transbrain, i.e. very different differently developed brains. Since one of Daniella’s two brains is ADHD with the other brain being autistic have they devoloped along rather different yet also parallel trajectories. Both brains are geniuses however in the autistic brain being a universal genius and the subconscious of the ADHD brain operating more and more operating like a super computer with of human subconscious. The ADHD brain has thus increasingly come to resemble a cyborg (although certainly not being one) with the universal genius of the austic brain constantly becoming more and more cognitively advanced in the advanced savant skills of Daniella’s autistic brain becoming applied in more and more fields of knowledge. The question therefore arises as to whether transbrain persons are actually two different persons in one body? This is as prejudicial as it would be to claim that a transfemale is female “trapped” in a male body. Rather cisbrain persons are by imperfect analogy comparable to homozygotic twins and transbrain persons are by the same imperfect analogy compable to heterozygotic twins.  The state of having two brains inside the human cranium is simply part and parcel of the human condition generally although this long remained not understood despite the seeming obviousness of there physically being two paralell brains within the human cranium. A transbrain is one singular person no less than is obviously a cisbrain person whose two brain are far more similarly developed yet are far from identical in as precisely in a transbrain person constituting four distinctive cognitive centers with two singular consciouses and two subconsciouses, each of which is cognitively plural in nature.

Transformation of Daniella

Daniella is very highly socially transformative as as feminist performance artivist. As a subversively sociofluid artivist does she adapt her behavior to social/discursive context for optimal ethico-effective impact. The basic principle is that persons are more open to changing their fundamental perceptions once sexually aroused and so causing sexual arousal and fully and meticulously legally so is the basis for Daniella’s feminist performance artivism everywhere.

Transgender of Daniella

Daniella is mostly binary transgender gender yet not entirely so. Daniella sports very short facial hair with typically added glitter dust. Daniella’s ADHD brain enjoys performing military style male gender when no one watches such as during night time covert operations. Daniella is furthermore very talkative and very nicely and politely dominant, something which is distinctly atypical of primping females.

Transsexualism of Daniella

Daniella has female psychological gender and is simply a rather typical lipstick lesbian.

Traumas of Daniella

Daniella was severely  sexually abused in kindergarten, suffered systematic bullying from preschool until eight grade. Daniella has suffered systematic police intelligence harassment since 2005 due to her struggle for the noble cause of of the liberation of Kurdistan as well as since 2016 due to her struggle for feminist social revolution of universal emancipation and since 2017 as also due to intelligence investigative journalism as focused on investigating and exposing thoroughly criminal police intelligence. Despite all this is Daniella generally speaking not especially traumatized although Daniella is unable to relax due to severely traumatizing and violent sexual abuse in kindergarten.

Tricksterness of Daniella

Daniella as an elite MUST intelligence operative is an accomplished, sincere and highly ethical diplomatic trickster of prodigious empathy who constantly assumes intuitively calibrated versions of social roles of advanced sincere sociofluidity in deceiving operative interlocutors to compromise their own double-faced intelligence missions by self-exposing their own less than noble operative instructions.

Truthfulness of Daniella

Truthfulness is about honesty and transparency. Yet it is rationally speaking not possible to practice full honesty and full transparency in any sector of society or indeed in any aspect of human life considering the pervasively structural, hypocritically performative character of irrationally oppressive cultural hegemony. Yet one should certainly at all times ethico-politically strive towards performing optimal honesty and optimal transparency. What does this mean? It certainly does not mean that we ought be reckless in disclosure and/or insensitive/indifferent to psychological sensitivies in fellow persons in performance of disclosure, but rather that although disclosure is never complete (as there are always further undisclosed subconscious aspects/dimensions) are honesty and transparency essentially epistemological practices of social/discursive interaction. At an ontological level however is being true to oneself indeed a prerequisite for being true to others as well and so being honest and transparent to oneself is a prerequisite indeed for performing honesty and transparency towards fellow persons as well.

Turnoff of Daniella


Turn-on of Daniella

Daniella is turned on by virtue whether in beauty, personal conduct, intellectual achievement, courage, sexual expression, ethical behavior, idiosyncratic elegance, idiosyncratic charm or otherwise. Conversely is Daniella turned off by vice such as evilness, insincerity, hypocrisy, selfishness, non-expression of personhood etc.

Underwears of Daniella

Daniella herself prefers not using underwears in this avoidance becoming enabled by excellent anal hygiene. Daniella instead prefers using pantyhose. Lingerie as sexual paraphernalia may however be cute provided that it is both tastefully aesthetic and expressive of intrinsic personhood.

Universal Genius of Daniella

Daniella excels to an extremely advanced prodigious extent in every field of knowledge/practice which genuinely interests her.

Upbringing of Daniella

Daniella was an exceedingly polite girl who only very rarely broke any rules although she always vocally opposed incompetent teachers as beginning in fourth grade without however in the process ever breaking any rules whatsoever. Daniella’s mother taught her self-defense in first grade as Daniella constantly had to physically defend herself from bullies at school. Daniella spent her childhood years studying history and her teenage years studying language geography. Daniella’s teenage life only commenced when coming fully out as transgender and lesbian in 2016, as transage in 2017 and transbrain in 2018.

Vegan feminism of Daniella

Feminism has evolved into a broader movement as opposing structural oppression generally. In humanism being a form of racism against non-human persons is humanism incompatible with intersectional feminism. The Animal liberation movement is one that is dominated by females and most political vegans are irrespective of individual gender intersectional radical feminists. The Animal liberation movement is strongly and even militantly pro-LGBTQI, the Animal liberation movement is a stream within moderate radical  feminism and so is Vegan feminism the best organized international feminist movement in also being gender-inclusive in especially embracing feminist males.

Vice of Daniella

Does Daniella hold vice? Yes certainly from the perspective of the cultural hegemony of ethnocratic patriarchy. Daniella’s virtues of ethical courage and ethical clarity are thus from the perspective of sexually exploitative patriarchal scumbags certainly a vice indeed. Reversely does Daniella not approve of semi-virtue such as acting out of sense of guilt, sense of fear etc. and/or otherwise in compliance with structural oppression of nefarious cultural hegemony. That is no virtue at all but is rather false consciousness in performance of vice. True virtue is acted out of love of virtue in loving kindness of appreciation of full personhood in idiosyncratic others and not out of vice such as acting out of irrational fear, unfounded irrational sense of religious/pseudo-religious guilt and social expections of moral prejudice in ethnocratic patriarchy that are not truly one’s own.

Virginal sluttiness of Daniella

Virginal sluttiness is what young Western cisfemales tend to strive for in pursuit of self-design of gender and enhanced beautification. Virginal sluttiness in a transfemale may however be perceived as “a problem” and in the sense as constituting social lack of psychological virile power. This is of course simply cheap transphobia. Why should any person in his right mind expect transfemales to be any different in gender expression and sexuality than cisfemales considering the largely genetic basis of psychological gender? The largely genetically based psychological gender of course must not be confused with the largely socially constructed social gender. Daniella being both harlot-like and virgin-like is of course very much part of what makes her so profoundly extremely sexually attractive to human persons of all genders and sexual orientations. Patriarchy is characterized by comical stupidity and that certainly characterizes patriarchal transphobia as well.

Virtuephilia of Daniella

Daniella loves HER FELLOW PERSON for 1) FULL PERSONHOOD and 2) for the unique person’s PERSONAL VIRTUES. Daniella appreciates refined behavior and aesthetetic appearance as INDVIDUAL EXPRESSION IN FULL PERSONHOOD and EXPRESSION IN PERSONAL VIRTUES. This is PRIMARILY what turns Daniella on and sexually arouses Daniella.

Virtues of Daniella

Daniella leads an essentially saintly life in being highly ethically calculating at a prodigious level and in an intuitive manner and so the advanced ethico-political calculus is thus subconscious to a highly varying degree. While displaying human virtues to an extreme extent is Daniella essentially “non-human” as a prodigous savant in her advanced logico-emotional deployment of highly creative initiative in strategic, tactical and conceptual aspects of military affairs, dipomacy and politics alike. Daniella’s advanced intuitive cunning is due to her combination of extremely high intelligence with non-psychopathic ADHD while at the same time advanced logico-emotional extreme (i.e. broad and deep) empathy with individuals and collectives alike being one of the greatest interests and passions of Daniella’s life as systematically deployed in an applied manner in her capacity as an autistic prodigious savant and Political Animal indeed. In particular is she intensely interested in the collective psychology of extremists of all kinds. While conceivably some ill-intentioned persons out of jealousy and spite might want to confuse those advanced savant skills with narcissism does Daniella have a high IQ autistic personality type which is focused on the needs of others rather than those of her own in e.g. Daniella being nearly asexual and extremely sexually altruistic indeed. Daniella loves helping others for the sake of others and certainly not out of psychological self-gratification (helping others does not make Daniella feel good about herself) yet she finds it psychologically difficult due to her autistic ADHD to help herself beyond mere survival in being unselfish yet not entirely selfless. For Daniella is everything involving others intrinsically political and so she makes it a point to recognize the respective unique idiosyncratic/individual personhood in her fellow persons whom she encounters. Daniella displays an advanced degree of self-understanding, yet is humble and selfless in ethico-politically focused like a chess champion in her advanced pursuit of applied ethico-political calculus indeed.

Voice of Daniella

Daniella has a teenage voice. Daniella’s voice is tonefluid in constantly sounding different just as Daniella is accentfluid and so constantly varies in accent.

Warfare of Daniella

Daniella devised the successful military strategy against the Islamic State Caliphate (DAESH) which saw comprehensive defeat for DAESH by means of female cunning and the highest possible moral standards through feminist warfare. The tremendous success of the FLM-commanded Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in defeating DAESH is now studied by national militaries around the world. Feminist warfare is rapidly becoming unofficially integrated into military doctrines of national militaries in liberal democracies which as militaries in many other countries now train their own feminist elite forces in close cooperation with global FLM intelligence. Daniella strongly believes that intelligent morality is absolutely essential to victory in contemporary warfare. Daniella operates with the highest possible moral standards in intelligence warfare as well, yet is utterly ruthless although not cruel against unrepentant adversaries who do not last long once Daniella has decided on eliminating them.

Warmth of Daniella

Daniella is very warm, very friendly, very polite, very charming and extremely sexy and essentially behaves everywhere like the most luxurious sex worker times ten.

Weakness of Daniella

Daniella’s major weakness is the neuroticism of the conscious of the autistic brain in not fully trusting the conscious of the ADHD brain which has the last word and whose good judgment has been proven by extensive operational experience and so is this distrust hence fully unfounded. This irrational fear is due to the conscious of the autistic brain not at all having access to its subconscious to the degree that the conscious of the ADHD brain has access to its subconscious.  The conscious of the ADHD brain is well-integrated with its subconscious, but only when the autistic brain is in control of Daniella’s body. The subconscious of the autistic brain only communicates with its conscious by means of provision of intuition.


Human health generally is produced by optimally ethical living in therefore minimizing both potential medical problems and cognitive contradictions as expressed through e.g. psychological dissonance, anxiety, irrational fear, fear of success, irrational sexual inhibition and so on and so forth. While it is practically speaking not possible to entirely avoid hypocrisy is it essential minimize it as much as possible. Daniella consumes EthicoVegan Coldfood and lives according to the Best Choice Principle.

Wig of Daniella

Daniella prefers using a bright pink wig of neon color. Daniella’s experience is that the use of neon colors in wigs tend to reduce the amount of misgendering which others perform towards Daniella. Pink is Daniella’s favorite color and so does Daniella feel the most comfortable in expessing herself in pink wig. Wigs are a highly effective fashion apparels and are futhermore part of classical Versailles etiquette where the use of wigs was compulsory.

Wittiness of Daniella

Danielly likes to deploy pun, wit and satire for political effect and even so in coded intelligence communication.

Words of Daniella

Daniella carefully chooses words that are strong yet not too strong. Is use of strong words a sin or a virtue? The answer to that question is the principle of proportionality. Grave choice of words are required for grave matters no less than lovely choice of words are required for lovely matters. Indeed humorous words are required for humorous matters and serious words are required for serious matters. When facing political evil is it essential to precisely deploy strong words as proportionate to the gravity of the subject matter.

Writing of Daniella

Daniella although being dyslectic is prodigious in writing. Daniella writes poetry, litary political pornography, intelligence science, intelligence journalism and regularly contributes political texts to the Great Tradition of Art of Writingalthough seeking to reduce necessary dissimulation in writing to a bare minimum.

Youth of Daniella

Daniella in being a transgender and transage girl is highly youthful by nature, as Daniella psychologically is a seven-year girl for all times in terms of her intrinsic psychological profile. Heterocultural persons being transage is commonplace and is for the most part fully socially accepted. Being overtly transage is however one of the most important reasons for criminal police forces all over the world to publically harass perceivedly sexually attractive transfemales who live openly LGBTQI. Females (both cisfemales and transfemales) who are publically perceived as highly sexually attractive are in most cases transage which as transgender is much far more common than usually assumed. Daniella as most seven-year old girls is spontaneous, full of love, trusting, psychologically genuine in socio-psychological expression as undestroyed by the evils of patriarchy indeed.

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