Freedom of Kurdistan

22579552855_f147ba6b14_bWhat is the price of liberty? What is the price of dignity? What is the price of respect? What is the price of democracy? What is the price of emancipation?

The people of Kurdistan is to significant part descended from the population of the northern Kingdom of Israel as deported by the Neo-Assyrian Empire just as the Jewish people is to significant part descended from the deported population of southern Kingdom of Judah as deported by the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

Both peoples have during the same historical periods in parallel suffered persecution, massacres with genocidal intent and coerced conversions. There are no two other peoples that have stronger, more ancient and more enduring ties that the peoples of Israel and Kurdistan.

Israel has since 1963 waged permanent intelligence warfare in organizing, sponsoring and commanding the Kurdistani movement. The secular Kurdistani movement was for all practical purpose created by Israeli Kurdish intelligence operatives of the Mossad. Young Israeli Kurds of all genders today perform their military service in Free Kurdistan and they freely choose to do so out of love and devotion to the cause of liberty of all peoples.

In 2017 did Israel sign a semi-covert comprehensive defense treaty with Free Kurdistan which inter alia involved Israel stationing a vast number of nuclear weapons in Free Kurdistan as a purely defensive guarantee of Free Kurdistan’s very survival.

Nobody should thus be in any reasonable doubt whatsoever as to Israel’s commitment to the liberation of Kurdistan from military, political and religious occupation as severely oppressing the noble people of Kurdistan.

No one should thus be in any doubt whatsoever as to Israel’s unflinching willingness to go to war for the liberty of the people of Kurdistan. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is covertly deployed in Free Kurdistan in vast numbers as fully embedded within the Kurdistani Defense Forces (SDF & Peshmerga) as now entirely commanded by Israeli Kurds and mostly so by female members of the House of Zvi and the House of Adiabene.

Liberty has a price and the IDF and KDF are ready to pay it. We the peoples understand that liberty is worth dying for but we also understand that casualties should be as much as possible avoided, indeed minimized to the greatest degree possible. The liberation of Kurdistan thus needs be attained with as few casualties as conceivably possible. The question of the liberation of Kurdistan is therefore no longer a political question of “whether” but rather a political question of “hows” of specific implementation in terms of causing as little harm to innocent human life as conceivably possible.

The peoples of Israel and Kurdistan are for all practical purposes one as the two countries have decided to merge into one single country. Free Kurdistan is for all practical purposes Israeli territory and not by force of imposition but out of care, love and affection alone. Israel is Kurdistan and Kurdistan is Israel as nothing shall do us apart.

As Israel (Judah) and Kurdistan (Israel) unite are we single-mindedly committed to the attainment of emancipation, freedom and democracy. We the peoples understand that freedom is not free and we are ready to pay the price.  אנא כורדי