Semiotic Uprising

There has been an ongoing slow genocide for decades in Sudan and formerly in South Sudan as well when it was tragically part of Sudan. The world has largely been passive and only Israeli intelligence took action on the ground in defense of the innocent peoples of Sudan against the Frankist MB (Muslim Brotherhood) regime there.


The question is therefore if a genocide has to be rapid in order for it to be halted? The indigenous Kordofanian peoples are in fact surviving remnants of centuries of genocidal practices of enslavement trade, sexual abuse and forced conversions. Much of Centrafriqe still even today remains thinly populated due such historical practices.

The Frankist MB regime carried out non-slow genocide in Darfur until this was stopped by military intervention of Israeli military intelligence covert special forces as largely composed of Israeli Jews of Ethiopian origin.

Israel for decades sponsored, trained and armed the insurgency in what later became South Sudan. The eventual peace agreement between Sudan and what became South Sudan was however based on British provincial borders and certainly did not resolve minority issues on either side of the new border. It needs be emphasized that there similar to Rwanda is a permanent conflict between migrating populations with enslaved cow persons on the one hand and populations making a living primarily from horticulture on the other.

The reality of ethnic conflict as closely intertwined with centuries old genocidal practices whereby nomads coercively enslave, brutalize and Islamize horticulturalists therefore cannot be divorced from the necessity of genocide prevention in the Sudan. Merely because a genocide is slow and normalized since decades and centuries ago does not mean that international law does not fully bindingly requires it to be fully and completely halted

The Frankist Muslim Brotherhood is an originally Riyadh-based global intelligence agency as formed with assistance from German intelligence and later Nazi Gestapo intelligence. The Muslim Brotherhood was shaped by the Gestapo as a “Muslim” ideological equivalent of Nazism as complete with mass incitement to genocide against Jews and others. The Muslim Brotherhood thus developed as a certain Frankist synthesis of Nazism and Wahhabism.

While not originally Frankist had Wahhabism by that time long since become so as consistent with the original founding nature of Wahhabism and indeed historically originally politically so of Islam itself. While this may seem paradoxical does the Frankist MB pave the way for Frankist Salafism takeover of society. Frankist Salafism is functionally similar to Frankist Stalinism in being more totalitarian than the MB while the Frankist MB is more similar to the Frankist Nazism in being relatively more subtle and “discreet” in its ruthless domestic oppression. The purpose of the the MB is to pave the way for Salafi rule and the purpose of Salafism is to pave the way for openly “satanist” rule as in the early days of Islam. It is hence essential to understand the peculiar dynamics between MB, Salafism and Frankism in the Sudan.

The Sudan of course is a deeply patriarchal society and so could feminist revolution even be possible there? Feminism has gained an unfavorable reputation among many due to its association with identity politics which is ineffective and largely counterproductive. Indeed, feminist semiotic revolution needs be entirely disengaged from identity politics which is the game of Frankist divide and rule whereby the population is pitted against itself by means of shibboleths of discrimination/oppression. A divided population is easier for a Frankist intelligence sects to control and manipulate and hence their practice of divide and rule by means of systematic dissemination of disinformation and “playing both sides” by means of operatively influencing two parties two a conflict whether of age, caste, citizenship, class, color, ethnicity, gender, language nationality, religion etc.

The feminist revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s as organized by NOPD was one of identity politics and although it left significant impact did it fail to destroy patriarchy and ethnocracy. What is thus needed is feminist revolution of morals by means of feminist semiotic revolution. This means enacting subversively transformative polymorphous sociofluidity in public space with the purpose demobilizing ethnocratic patriarchy by triggering mass turn-on and mass sexual arousal. There are three proven models for this, namely LGBTQI Pride, SlutWalk and FEMEN. Of course this needs not necessarily involve showing skin as the purpose is simply to trigger mass turn-on and cause mass sexual arousal for the purpose of facilitating polymorphous feminist semiotic revolution.

A polymorphous feminist semiotic uprising is however needed to prevent genocide in Sudan and Turkey, crimes against humanity in Korea and major war crimes in all three military theaters. A feminist semiotic uprising uses functional clothes but still operates by means of triggering mass turn-on and causing mass sexual arousal. This temporarily eliminates ethnocratic-patriarchal control as this turn-on and arousal cause temporary confusion and partial loss of self-control in thus making a person far more amenable to imprint of emotional impression.

Feminist semiotic warfare needs hence win hearts and minds by inter alia triggering turn-on and causing arousal. The first purpose is to create public sentiments of joy and love that will quite effectively marginalize the Frankist regime structure genocidal apparatus. The second purpose is to overturn the Frankist regime structure itself. The third purpose is to win and hearts and minds while in parallel performing mass targeted killings of identified genuine ideological enemy combatants whom clearly cannot be won over to the feminist side to the conflict.

The feminist uprising thus has two sides, namely highly targeted international intervention as designed to avoid any snf all human collateral damage and hence also avoid losing hearts and mind. All collateral damage must be strictly avoided and not only out of humanitarian consideration but also out of military and political considerations as once you lose hearts and minds do you probably lose the war itself.

Avoiding as far as possible all human collateral damage is thus not only an ethical imperative but furthermore simply military necessity and therefore as such binding under the international laws of war. This means integrating feminist intelligence warfare with feminist semiotic warfare, feminist targeted killings and targeted elimination of strategic infrastructure without causing physical inconvenience to the civilian population. An imposed hiatus in technological communication means that the enemy’s ability to communicate among itself and with its population becomes limited to what is known as so called “covert intelligence communication”, namely covert intelligence neurological communication.

Hiatus in technological communication is attained by means of closing down all electronic communications, including phone lines, cell phone networks and all connection to the internet as even satellite-based cell phone connection and satellite broadcasting need become fully disrupted throughout the hiatus in technological communication. This also means ending all broadcasting and printing house activities throughout the technological hiatus in communication.

The purpose of the feminist semiotic uprising in the streets is to capture the hearts and minds by means of triggering mass turn-on and causing mass sexual arousal as that is what is subversively and transformatively so done in LGBTQI PRIDE, SlutWalk and FEMEN. The purpose is thus to gain polymorphous feminist semiotic control over public space, prevent any and all genocidal incitement to reach the public while at the same time discreetly eliminating the Frankist regime structure.

This needs be done differently in the more traditional Sudan as compared to in heavily modernized Turkey and the heavily modernized North Korea. The same principles of feministi semiotic revolution by means of intelligently triggering mass turn-on and mass sexual arousal for the subversive purpose of transformative change do however fully apply.

Frankists regime structures typically change garment in times of revolution and join the revolution against itself as this happened e.g. in France in 1789, in Russia in 1918 and in Iran in 1979 and so it is essential to not merely avoid but operatively prevent and preempt any and all attempts by the Frankist enemy to hijack the feminist social revolution. This means that feminist semiotic uprising needs be disciplined, organized as loyal to attainment of specific targets and purposes as importantly communicated through a well-oiled chain of command.

There will be a communication war of leaflets and whispering operations where the Frankist enemy will spread disinformation and the Feminist side will disseminate accurate although obviously partial information in consideration of imperatives of military censorship and maintaining public security throughout the organized feminist uprising.

Feminist semiotic mass uprising is thus an innovative, yet well-proven form of warfare as designed to attain humanitarian purposes while avoiding any and all collateral damage. PEOPLES OF ALL GENDERS