Liberation of North Korea

Tens of millions of Koreans have since 1953 been left to their fate under totalitarian rule. This surely needs be corrected and so liberating the captive population as tragically and needlessly living under totalitarian rule is a binding ethico-political duty indeed for humanity.

Totalitarian North Korea. (Photo by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen)

There is a country which is ruled under national socialist ideology and which operates an archipelago of concentration camps and whose population is captive as living under the terror and extreme tyranny of totalitarianism.

It is easy to speak in remembrance of the victims of national socialism, yet it is no doubt peculiar that most of those who do will not speak out about the atrocious crimes as committed in that last outpost of national socialism which is the PDRK, also known as “North Korea” which is a country which officially advocates racial purity and where perceived cases of “miscegenation” systematically leads enforced abortions.

Where are the anti-racists of the world? Where are the human rights activists? Where are those who speak in the name of piousness and righteousness?

The liberation and unification of the Korean peninsula is long overdue and we the international community certainly needs take action so as to undo this threat and hence liberate the captive human population of Juche-controlled North Korea as estimated to constitute around 25 million human beings.

Where is the outrage? We the international community needs take very substantial action so as to undo this menace of totalitarianism which so profoundly threatens our shared humanity.

Inaction is surely not an option as our collective conscience does not permit us to not take action in defense of our fellow human being under atrocious totalitarian occupation.

We the peoples are obliged to stand together in defense of what we as human beings hold dear. A Nazi state exists in the northern part of Korean peninsula and has been allowed to remain in place and in large measure so due to its successfully intimidating psychological warfare.

The DPRK is isolated from the outside world and operates essentially as one vast prison with an archipelago of concentration camps in its midst. Thus is it largely able to evade critical journalistic exposure. How is it that nearly all human beings of conscience remain silent in the face of this collective atrocity of keeping 25 million human beings in cruel captivity?

This is regime which has cowed its population into submission by means of organized mass starvation. This is a regime which tolerates no opposition whatsoever and acts with the most extreme kinds of cruelty. This is not a socialist paradise as its propaganda wishes to mislead us but rather a nationalist socialist hell on earth. The Juche regime was originally Communist but have over the years become increasingly Nazi in officially adopting Nazi doctrines of racial purity. Its forced labor camps are not gulags because the regime does not ever release anyone from there as these are rather death camps.

The regime’s increasing symbiosis with Gestapo intelligence has led to the Gestapo to increasingly take over this Frankist regime structure. The Gestapo headquarters relocated to Buenos Aires in 1945, to Pyongyang in 2016 and to Ankara in 2017. The Gestapo now commands the Juche regime structure from Ankara through the SVR.

The Frankist Juche regime structure in Pyongyang plans to use biological weapons against the civilian population of Seoul and chemical weapons against Republic of Korea Armed Forces. This regime does not abide by any human norms and its continued existence is precisely inimical to the interests of humanity for surely are the Korean people human beings?

It is our obligation to prevent war crimes and crimes against humanity by means of taking careful and calibrated action and indeed very, very much timely so. As humanity are we united in virtue and so virtue in warfare and subsequently in peace is our common aspiration indeed. UNITED PEOPLES FOR KOREA