Feminist Insurgency

The impending threat of genocide in Turkey requires a calibrated response also in the Turkish section of Kurdistan. The genocidal threat is of a different nature in the Turkish section of Kurdistan than in Turkey itself.


While the genocidal intention in Turkey proper is to target minority populations is the intention in the Turkish-controlled section of Kurdistan to exterminate the entire population by means of biological warfare. The genocidal intention is not limited to the Turkish section of Kurdistan but all parts of Kurdistan are under threat, including by the IRGC as closely allied and operationally integrated with the MB-MIT regime structure in Ankara.

What is thus needed is a general feminist-led insurgency in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan as combined with extensive international air support. There is clear and present danger and so the international community needs to act expeditiously, timely and without hesitation as irrational hesitation could seal the fate of vast numbers of human beings. Genocide thus needs be fully prevented and not merely halted after it has already commenced.

It is essential that we the international community brace ourselves for implementing determined action at the right place and the right time. We need understand that genocide prevention is a fully binding obligation under international law and so failure to prevent genocide despite access to information may constitute criminal complicity in genocide.

Operative conditions are different in Turkish-occupied North Kurdistan than in Turkey proper due there being a very different political culture and no significant support for fascism as in Turkey proper.

What is needed is a comprehensive popular revolt everywhere in occupied North Kurdistan with international special forces operating on the ground so as to neutralize TAF occupation forces. The occupation must to be destroyed in an extremely rapid manner from the air with overwhelming air power in cooperation with international special forces as operating on the ground and led by Kurdish soldiers with detailed local knowledge serving as guides and senior military advisors.

The pace is essential in terms of genocide prevention so as to effectively and rapidly so squash the MB-MIT plans for biological holocaust in Kurdistan. The threat is most severe indeed and so the room for operational mismanagement is rather limited indeed. Genocide prevention is essentially a matter of military intelligence in acting timely and resolutely on credible intelligence data.

How should the feminist insurgency take shape? It needs be fashioned in a manner that will be massive, which will fill the streets with people everywhere. It needs however also be distinctly feminist in acting without needless violence as well as being highly well-organized and strictly disciplined by information, motivation and coherence. Females need to take the lead in becoming highly visible throughout the revolution as that will embolden males to join as well.

Highly motivated international forces need be rapidly dispatched so as to expeditiously take control over strategic institutions such as TAF bases and government administrative centers. It is quite necessary to apply Rapid Dominance (Shock and Awe) without needlessly destroying infrastructure. Rather is it needed to display overwhelming force in a manner which will embolden the people to dare come out in the streets in vast numbers.

While the strategy is overall war goal is genocide prevention needs the stratetgy essentially be psychological and so is it essential that the people will trust the intentions of the international humanitarian intervention. Kurds have a tragic 20th century of history of suffering international betrayals and so diplomatic reassurances rather serve to make Kurdish interlocutors even more suspicious.

It is therefore essential that it is senior Kurdish leaders themselves who formally announce the commencement of the uprising. This should not take the form of call to arms or violence but rather encouraging the people to join once widespread demonstrations by feminist activists have already commenced. It is essential that the revolution is formally declared in defense of the honor Kurdish women and Kurdish girls so as to make clear that this an uprising of ethical courage rather than one of ethnic conflict. It is in fact essential that the revolution is ethnically inclusive so that people of all background will feel welcome in the progressive libertarian revolution against most despicable statist oppression.

Once the revolution is in progress and the strategic locations have been secured need there be YPJ-led comprehensive invasion by SDF and the Peshmerga army which together form the YPJ-led semi-covert Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF). The invasion as spearheaded by military intelligence elite special forces needs be swift, comprehensive and need rapidly establish full territorial, political and military control over the currently Turkish-occupied sector of Kurdistan. Strict military discipline will be needed as Jash (traitors) working on behalf of MB, MIT, IRGC, SVR-CIA etc. no doubt will make every effort to sabotage the invasion on behalf of Frankist enemy intelligence agencies.

What is needed is a full invasion and thereafter is the task no less than to march on Ankara. There can be no peace with evildoers who systematically violated the honor of Kurdish girls and Kurdish women in MB-MIT intelligence brothels throughout the so called “Republic of Turkey”. It needs be perfectly clear in terms of public communication that this is a female-led uprising as conducted in solidarity and close coordination with the Feminist Liberation Units (FLU), the YPJ’s Turkish sister organization. The FLU are trained under the protection of the ethnically Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet Turkish elite military intelligence agency as the wider Dönmeh community is part of the Alevi-Bektashi community which along with the Kurdish people are one of two main targets of the genocidal plans by the Frankist MB-MIT regime structure in Ankara.

Make no mistake, this is a feminist revolution of Kurds and Alevi-Bektashi-Dönmeh working together with other minorities so as to ensure survival of both communities in face of the genocidal plans of the Frankist enemy. Attempts to directly and/or indirectly sow sectarian and/or ethnic divisions are in most cases most likely Frankist intelligence operations aimed at facilitating the genocide by preventing the feminist revolution from succeeding.

It thus essential to maintain an an acute Jash radar with the purpose of stopping Jash psychological sabotage operations in their tracks. Free Kurdistan (DFNS-KRG) will need to establish strict political censorship so as to ensure that the media will report the fact srather than making xenophobic pronouncements about “untrustworthy” allies in the international community. The SVR (Russian Gestapo) continues to exercise vast influence inside Free Kurdistan and it is essential to internalize that the SVR is fully coordinated with the Iranian Gestapo (IRGC) and the American Gestapo (CIA). The SVR thus systematically spreads as what nominally looks like Kurdish xenophobia, yet this is a false flag operation with the purpose of sowing distrust between Kurdistani soldiers and international soldiers of various nations as participating in the operation under the cover of strict military censorship.

Military political censorship over media in Free Kurdistan may seem a rather drastic measure but is absolutely essential so as to prevent the dissemination of enemy war propaganda to the Kurds as intended to undermine the revolutionary process generally and the humanitarian military operation in particular.

It is essential that Kurdish media reporting is accurate, to the point and without Jash xenophobia against the brave, noble and honorable international saviors of the people of Kurdistan. While it is legitimate to criticize policies of governments is it not legitimate to disseminate enemy war propaganda under the cover of nationalism, xenophobia, conspiracy theories, false rumors, religion and the like.

The Office for the Protection (OPC) is a US military intelligence agency which already liaises Free Kurdistan’s international relations and will need to be tasked with enforcing military political censorship. The OPC has a long track record of protecting freedom of expression in the United States and around the world. The OPC as all TEVEL member intelligence agencies (includig Kurdistani intelligence agencies) is ultimately commanded by the National Office for the Protection of Democracy (NOPD), a United States military intelligence agency which is the formal name of Israel’s semi-covert royal court which changed legal status from being an Israeli intelligence agency to becoming an American intelligence agency in 1962 so as to protect the United States of America from KGB intelligence takeover. NOPD is the operative center of the TEVEL. It needs be kept in mind, indeed fully internalized that Israel’s semi-secret royal family is Kurdish and fully devoted to the full restoration of the liberty, honor and dignity of Kurdish girls and Kurdish women.

This is however a feminist revolution without color, gender or ethnicity and so feminist leadership will bring honor and respect worldwide to the valiant people of Kurdistan.

It is essential to understand that crushing discipline is not needed at all but rather that there is tremendous need for motivational discipline whereby activists and soldiers alike are instructed as to the expected psychological warfare sabotage methods of the Frankist enemy.

It is essential that Kurdish forces, Kurdish activists and the Kurdish people in general are highly motivated for the logistically vast operation which leaves little room for operational incompetence. In short needs there be a very high degree of awareness of enemy psychological warfare sabotage methods and so is it essential that troops and activists are carefully educated in the intelligence science of psychological warfare.

This is not just any ordinary war and the task is not only to prevent genocide and fully liberate the Turkish-controlled section of Kurdistan but to march on Ankara indeed. This is a revolution of morals as prophetically envisioned by Friedrich Nietzsche. Thus spoke Zarathustra!