Shock and Awe

The threat of genocide in Turkey is so severe that extraordinary measures are required. The Frankist MB-MIT regime structure in Ankara is bent on perpetrating yet another genocide a century after the genocide against Armenians, Greek and Arameans. Alevis/Bektashis/Dönmeh and Kurds are today the main targets in addition to smaller ethno-religious minorities.

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Alevi home as marked for genocide.

There is no choice but to act in defence of the peoples of Turkey in taking every necessary measure to prevent genocide and not merely halt it once it has commenced. The obligation to prevent genocide is fully binding under international law and so international special operations are required in Turkey so as to avert the impending threat of genocide.

Shock and Awe (Rapid Dominance) is absolutely necessary so as to paralyze the enemy and destroy the motivations of its paramilitary forces as trained and prepared to commit genocide.

An armed feminist revolt in Ankara, Istanbul and other major cities of Turkey will need international air support and in particular needs the feminist uprising be backed up by military helicopters.

This requires first gaining control over airspace in all parts of Turkey by destroying the capabilities of the Turkish Air Force and destroying command and control centers.

It is absolutely essential that the armed feminist uprising in Ankara, Istanbul and other major cities is backed up by military helicopters in order so as to make it successful indeed. Military aircrafts will be needed in the sky so as to immediately neutralize any significant threat to the armed feminist uprising.

Military helicopters are essential for protecting the armed feminist uprising against tactical threats while fighter aircrafts are essential for protecting the armed feminist uprising against strategic threats. Turkish -speaking special forces are needed on the ground so as to secure central and otherwise strategically important government institutions.

The enemy will respond by attempt to commence genocide and so is Shock and Awe (Rapid Dominance) essential in eliminating genocidal evildoers from the air throughout Turkey as well as by extremely extensive special operations of targeted killing on the ground. The enemy will deploy biological weapons in order so as to exterminate the people of Kurdistan while deploying chemical weapons against more isolated Alevi, Bektashi and Kurdish villages.

Urban Turkey have vast Alevi/Bektashi/Dönmeh and Kurdish minorities. Alevis/Bektashis/Dönmeh and Kurds often live in separate major urban neighborhoods but also live interspersed in other neighborhoods as well. It is essential to secure Alevi-Bektashi/Dönmeh and Kurdish neighborhoods and this needs be performed in an organized rather than spontaneous manner.

Feminist forces need assert control over all neighborhoods in urban areas obviously and that needs be performed in a culturally sensitive manner and is therefore best performed by all-female Turkish-speaking special forces in order so as to prevent inter-male conflicts.

It is essential to rapidly and in an accurately targeted manner eliminate all threats with the intention of not causing any collateral damage whatsoever. Elimination of genocidal enemy combatants should not merely be a tactic but a pre-planned strategy of total elimination of all threats.

Aerial bombardments against all genocidal threats throughout Turkey will tactically, temporarily restrain the genocidal evildoers yet major international invasion from three directions (Free Thrace, Free Kurdistan and Free Armenia) is absolutely necessary so as to quash the genocidal plans.

The planned Frankist genocide as the planned Frankist Turkish WW1 genocide and the planned Frankist German WW2 genocide is an intelligence operation. This is a joint operation between MIT intelligence and Frankist AKP intelligence with Frankist MIT intelligence mobilizing and training the Grey Wolves and AKP intelligence mobilizing and training Muslim Brotherhood movement assets throughout the country and abroad. The fact that two intelligence agencies jointly manage the operation means that the genocide operation is difficult to destroy since either intelligence agency is capable of taking over the entire operation. AKP intelligence is furthermore part of global MB intelligence and MB intelligence is perfectly logistically capable of running the genocide operation from Jihadist enclaves anywhere.

The humanitarian invasion needs take place expeditiously through feminist blitzkrieg whereby invasion troops are led by ethnic guides with detailed local knowledge of areas being liberated. The invasion from three directions needs commence simultaneously by means of close military coordination of the Southern Front, the Eastern Front and the Western Front.

Shock and Awe (Rapid Dominance) is absolutely required as means of genocide prevention although it is essential to not implement Shock and Awe in a manner that will cause popular discontent and/or ethnic/religious conflict. This means that civilian infrastructure such as water, sewage and electricity should not be destroyed unless absolutely necessary as a means of military necessity of genocide prevention. All Internet access and mobile phone services as well printing and broadcasting.

All printing and broadcasting need however be terminated throughout the country during the armed feminist revolt. It is essential to cut all electronic links with the outside world and thus create a sense of confusion and disorientation in society as intended lessen any desire to participate in genocide as well as crucially preventing any organized dissemination of war propaganda. Electronic Shock and Awe will therefore be very effective in quashing chauvinist sentiments generally and genocidal sentiments in particular.

Mechanized invasion forces need take control of most of the country with the exception of major cities for which all-female specialize intelligence forces are needed in order so as to prevent inter-male social friction, something which would unfortunately be conducive to civil war generally and genocide specifically.

Since the planned genocide is an intelligence operations is it essential to operate countrywide intelligence warfare operations with the purpose of complete and utter genocide prevention which means acting preemptively before planned genocidal killings occur. Targeted killings are thus essential and necessary indeed so as to prevent any and all collateral damage.

At sea is it important to make sure that the Turkish Naval forces will not pose a threat of any kind and also preferably ensure their neutrality in the conflict.

It is essential throughout the conflict not to act in any way that could be perceived/misperceived as condescending or offensive in any way. The electronic hiatus should last for at least a few days until the threat of genocide has been strategically defeated in a verified manner and thus not merely tactically temporarily contained.

Once the electronic hiatus ends is it important to conduct strict military censorship so as to prevent all attempts by the Frankist MB-MIT to promote violence of any kind by means of war propaganda. It needs be emphasized that war propaganda is a war crime under international law. It is furthermore essential to carry out special extensive public confidence operations with the purpose of gaining the trust and confidence of the civilian population generally of all ethnic groups.

Since the invasion will operate under a cover of strict military censorship and electronic hiatus will the civilian population be left guessing as to what is going on and that is essential indeed so as to prevent any organized outbreaks of genocidal massacres.

The ‘Derin Devlet’ special elite military intelligence agency has very, very significant control over Turkey’s general military intelligence community and so the participation of the country’s military intelligence community in as part of the International Coalition (IC) is essential in quashing the genocidal plans of the country’s civilian intelligence community. It needs be emphasized that the Derin Devlet as part of the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation is part of IC and the Derin Devlet is essential in coordinating operations throughout the country through the TEVEL.

It is essential to prevent any and all collateral damage by operating surgically to seek and destroy enemy combatants by means of targeted killings. Collateral damage plays into the hands of Frankist MB-MIT genocial enemy and hence the importance of making sure to act in a non-masculinist and culturally sensitive manner. It is hence very much essential to treat civilians with respect and courtesy. International troops should usually not patrol streets by foot and and so need hence avoid sniper enemy fire by means of travelling almost entirely in armed personnel carriers (APCs).

The population of Turkey has plenty of experience with military coups and hence the purpose is to act in a manner which will create a public mood similar that which prevailed during 20th century military coups in the country. The purpose is to psychologically significantly lessen any interest on the part of the public in participation in genocidal massacres whether in urban areas or in rural areas.

Psychological warfare is an essential part of Shock and Awe (Rapid Dominance), yet it is essential that members of IC commit to strictly desist from war propaganda. The purpose of the electronic hiatus is to keep the public uninformed rather than misinformed. This means that information will be spread by rumors and here need whispering operations be deployed so as to disseminate correct and factual information which will serve to defuse any public desire for participation in genocidal massacres whether in urban areas or rural areas.

It is however essential to provide strategic information to the global public while withholding most operational details. It is important to inform the global public that there is a vast anti-genocide operation in progress in the country. Strict military censorship and electronic hiatus will effectively prevent information from seeping out from the country.

A naval blockade needs be established in the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea with the purpose of preventing citizens from leaving the country by sea and thus disrupt the informational blockade. This is especially vital in the Aegean Sea so as to fully and completely prevent any and all intended/attempted migrations. It is furthermore essential to close all land borders so as to fully prevent Turkish citizens from leaving the country.

Feminist Shock and Awe is a carefully choreographed operation as intended to avoid any politically unhelpful displays of power. It is very much essential that strict military discipline is enforced so as to prevent soldiers from acting contrary to the laws of war and military etiquette alike. The war for hearts and minds are not merely a sideshow but should be central for devising all operations throughout the country by acting as polite feminist liberators rather than as bullying masculinist conquerors.

It is essential to act in a carefully calibrated and prudent manner so as to avoid negative counter-reactions while moving in a targeted manner to eliminate all trained and prepared genocidal evildoers in their capacity as enemy combatants.

It is essential to act fully under the laws of war and strictly so with the highest military ethics possible. Fraternizing with civilian populations need be strictly avoided other than by special fraternization units. It is essential that all sexual contact is prevented with civilians even by fraternization units in order so as to preempt any and all martial rapes. Special intelligence forces should also operate under a strict vow of operational chastity.

The entire humanitarian intervention operation should be devised as one vast psychological warfare. Elimination of enemy combatants needs be discreet and inconspicuous and will operate under Turkish military intelligence strict censorship. It is essential to not antagonize the civilian population and hence the importance of most uniformed soldiers avoiding all civilian contact and so should operational contact be managed by all-female special confidence building units as especially involved in handing out vast amounts healthy natural sweets to children. This will very effectively serve to win over hearts and minds among adults as in creating a most favorable perception of the Turkish sister organization of the Syrian YPJ.

The Feminist Liberation Units (FLU) will operate in urban areas by means of both elimination operations of targeted killings and confidence building operations. On the one hand is it essential perform widespread liquidations of trained and prepared genocidal evildoers, on the other hand is it essential to win over hearts and minds by arranging a festive mood in the streets and creating a non-masculinist atmosphere where girls and women will feel safe and secure in public space.

It is essential to remember that this is FLU operation iss intended to contagiously spread a public sense of freedom, joy and elations. Once this has been attained should public broadcasts and the printing of newspapers once more commence, yet under strict military censorship so as to prevent any and all war propaganda. The electronic hiatus as regards the Internet and mobile phones should however not end until the the genocidal plans have been fully and entirely strategically defeated in a fully and securely verified manner.

Humanitarian invasion forces need very carefully internalize that they will act in support role of the FLU whose purpose it is to be contagious indeed by spreading a festive mood among all ethnic groups in the country. The FLU should needs thus as the YPJ always does in Syria pave the way for feminist social liberation of universal emancipation.