Armed Feminist Revolt

The threat of genocide in Turkey is so severe that extraordinary action is required in order so as fully uphold the fully binding international legal obligation to prevent genocide.


So far has the threat been tactically but not strategically contained and mostly so by means of covert Israeli-led operations with elite special intelligence forces. It is however essential not to do anything that would trigger civil war in Turkish society as that would precisely provide a convenient backdrop for the planned genocide by the Frankist MB-MIT regime structure.

A combination of actions are required in order so as to strategically undo the threat of genocide without in the process triggering civil war and inadvertently facilitate genocide. The Frankist MB-MIT regime structure in Ankara has for years publicly incited against Turkish Jews, against Kurds and against the Crypto-Jewish ethno-religious minorities including as against the very large Alevi-Bektashi-Dönmeh minority in Turkey.

What is therefore needed is feminist armed revolt in Ankara and other major Turkish cities as followed by Shock and Awe (Rapid Dominance) by means of concerted international aerial intervention and subsequently international land invasion from Free Thrace, Free Kurdistan and Free Armenia.

While the police and Fascist/Islamist elements within the military are tasked and trained for implementing the logistics of the planned genocide are civilians systematically trained by MIT and AKP intelligence for massacring civilians in vast numbers. Chemical weapons are intended to be used for destruction of the populations of Turkish Alevi/Bektashi villages while biological weapons are intended to be used to exterminate the people of Kurdistan.

The sheer scale of the planned genocide requires resolute, prudent and concerted action to prevent an intended Second Holocaust. The intended victims are Turkey’s large Crypto-Jewish minorities including the very large Alevi-Bektashi ethno-religious minorities in Turkey and the demographically highly significant crypto-Jewish Kurdish people. The intended genocide is not limited to the territory of what is known as the ‘Republic of Turkey’ but is intended to extend to Kurds generally by means of use of biological weapons. Abkhaz, Alawites, Druze, Mandaeans, Samaritans, Yarsanis and Yezidis all belong to the intended victims.

The TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) furthermore intends to attack Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities with biological weapons by means of the TNF (Turkish Naval Forces). The MB-MIT regime structure has for years incited to genocide against Israeli Jews with the purpose of preparing the Turkish public for this course of action. The MB-MIT tried to invade Gaza territorial waters in 2010 but this was stopped by a phone call from the White House as President Barack Obama on advice from the US covert NOPD intelligence agency threatened to bomb Ankara. After the US readied and deployed naval nuclear weapons were the invasion plans halted.

The Frankist MB-MIT regime structure is an enemy of humanity which unashamedly after year of public incitement to genocide plans a highly organized Second Holocaust. The international community understands the danger and it is essential to carry out action in prudent and calibrated manner so as not merely halt but actually prevent genocide.

Today are Kurds and ethno-religious minorities heavily demographically represented in major Turkish cities where they are particularly vulnerable to organized genocidal action of trained vigilantes towards systematically exterminating a vast proportion of Turkey’s citizens according to lists as prepared by MIT intelligence. Rural extermination centers have already been established as modeled on the Frankist WW1 genocide against Armenians, Greeks and Arameans. Trains are scheduled to be used for the deportations as during the Frankist genocide in Europe during WW2. Chemical weapons are intended for extermination on the basis of methods from the Animal Industry. A reign of terror is intended to reinforce the massacres in the cities and thus legitimize the systematic deportations.

The United States government has extensive documentation of the Frankist MB-MIT regime structure plans for genocide at its disposal and the United States Department of State intends to share part of this wealth of documentation with diplomats of other countries.

An international public media campaign against the Frankist MB-MIT regime structure would no doubt play into the hands of the Frankist enemy, yet International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018 is a particularly suitable occasion for an armed feminist revolt as led by the Turkish sister organization of the YPJ the Women’s Protection Units.

Feminist warfare is of essence in order so as to prevent genocide and civil war. The United States of America liberated Iraq in 2003 although the war on terror in Iraq was severely compromised by masculinist and culturally insensitive attitudes in the US military which alienated the civilian population, including showing soles of army boots while sitting in cafés in Baghdad, something which is grossly offensive in Iraqi culture.

The 2003 humanitarian invasion of Iraq was necessary so as to prevent Frankist dictator Saddam Hussein’s plans for exterminating the population of Iraqi Kurdistan by means of weapons of mass destruction. The humanitarian invasion was prompted by extensive evidence as provided by the United States NOPD intelligence agency.

The United States Armed Forces are heavily deployed in Free Kurdistan (DFNS-KRG) for purposes of genocide prevention. Russia is heavily deployed in Armenia and NATO forces are heavily deployed in the Greek and Bulgarian sections of Thrace for the same purpose.

The planned military intervention operates under heavy military censorship so as not create a media circus which would almost inevitably play into the hands of the Frankist enemy and allow it to play divide and rule within and between countries as is its wont.

America is determined to learn from military history in preventing both genocide and civil war in Turkey. America’s role in the world is in defense of virtue such as liberty, civil rights, emancipation and genocide prevention. The wealth of documentation as gathered by NOPD as for the intended plans for genocide are immense indeed and so having having pursued all alternative routes of action is there no choice but for the international community to spring into action and timely and prudently so prevent this planned genocide.

It is essential to avoid masculinist displays of power that would serve to inflame ethnic tensions and thus facilitate rather than prevent genocide. America is ready to lead and deploy the full power of American military might under the US military doctrine of Shock and Awe (Rapid Dominance). America is ready to timely spring into action in service of humanity and America will do everything possible so as to prevent genocide in what is known as ‘the Republic of Turkey’ and the Middle East.

America defends Free Kurdistan with the purpose of defending humanity against genocide. America knows its responsibilities and is fully ready to shoulder those responsibilities on the ground in close military coordination with the Russian Federation and MENA countries.

It is however essential that all action is carried out strictly in accordance with feminist military doctrine, meaning that military action needs be prudent, calibrated and proportionate as to the severe threat at hand. The armed feminist revolt will need to be backed up and defended by military helicopters and hence the need for the International Coalition (IC) as currently operating under heavy military censorship to quickly gain control of airspace over what is known as ‘the Republic of Turkey’.

Defense of virtues of liberty is calling the American people and so need we take every necessary measure under law so as to prevent genocide in ‘the Republic of Turkey’ and the Middle East. Were America to not military intervene timely would America instead have to militarily intervene too late so as to try to halt an already commenced genocide as resulting in vast casualties of genocide, civil war and vast collateral damage. America has no choice but to spring into action and will do so with full might. America understands its responsibilities and is ready to fully shoulder those responsibilities in defense of humanity.

America understand that its own history as the history of every other nation is tainted by inequity, including supporting fascist regimes in Latin America, undoing the pro-democratic government in Iran in 1953, carrying out genocide against indigenous peoples and stealing their lands, building the nation’s railways and prosperity on the backs of enslaved Americans of African origin and disgracefully invading and colonizing the sovereign nation of Hawaii. Even the White House itself was partly built by slave labor and the heavily segregated Washington DC remains reminiscent of Apartheid South Africa with the city center populated by nation’s pink-skinned political elite and as humiliatingly served by the otherwise overwhelmingly African-American capital city of Washington, District of Columbia.

None of this detracts from America’s duty to lead the international community in comprehensive, yet prudent and carefully calibrated genocide prevention. America is as fully obliged as any other nation by international law to do everything possible to prevent and not merely halt genocide. America is however obliged to lead the defense of humanity against genocidal totalitarianism due to its supreme conventional military capacities. The history of every nation is one of tragedy and inequity and so in learning from history need we as the international community spring into action in defense of everything we as human beings hold dear. WE THE PEOPLES