War on the Muslim Brotherhood

The Frankist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is a vast and global totalitarian intelligence agency whose purpose is the establishment of global totalitarian rule. The current totalitarian Frankist synthesis in Turkey between the MB intelligence agency and the MIT intelligence agency is a Frankist synthesis of the two Frankist so called “ideologies” of Fascism and Islamism.

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Feminist warfare is highly effective in crushing Jihadism.

The Muslim Brotherhood poses a global threat to emancipation, freedom and democracy and through its Frankist and criminal nature to human virtue generally.

The Muslim Brotherhood exercise territorial control in enclaves in Syria as well as over the Gaza region, North Sudan, Turkey and Turkish-occupied North Kurdistan.

By means of Frankist MB’s effective control over the Interpol do they also exercise effective indirect intelligence control over judiciaries in most countries, including commanding patriarchal police forces through MB-controlled and thoroughly criminal police intelligence agencies worldwide. These were between 1962 and 1972 controlled by Israeli intelligence and between 1972 and 2005 by the then Buenos Aires based Gestapo.

This means that the Frankist MB is a monumental player on the global zone, yet defeating the Frankist MB by means of intelligence warfare is unfortunately insufficient as all territories under Frankist MB control must become liberated by means of conventional, yet feminist warfare as complemented by intelligence warfare.

All forms of Frankism whether formally advocating totalitarian ideology or otherwise must become defeated and discredited and that obviously requires ending all Frankist territorial control everywhere.

Liberating Jihadist enclaves by means of feminist warfare takes place gradually in territorial terms since it requires local social liberation from patriarchy as well as comprehensive liquidation of Jihadists. This is the way that Jihadist MB enclaves in Syria need be liberated no less than Jihadist Salafi enclaves whether in Syria or elsewhere.

The Frankist MB does however control three countries (Gaza, Turkey/Bakur and North Sudan) and so need these become liberated by means of large-scale liberation invasion of all three jurisdictions as ruled by genocidal Frankist regime structures.

The regime in North Sudan has for decades pursued genocidal policies towards indigenous peoples and Hamas in Gaza openly advocates and seeks genocide against the Jewish people. Turkish MIT has for a century already pursued policies seeking ethnocidal elimination of the Crypto-Jewish Kurdish people, a policy which is statutory genocide under international law. The Frankist MIT also committed genocide in the Tunceli (Dersim) province in 1937-1938 against the Zazaki-speaking Kurdish Alevi population there.

The MB-MIT regime structure has repeatedly in recent weeks and months attempted to perpetrate genocide although this was successfully thwarted by Israeli-led military intervention by intelligence special forces in a various geographic locations inside and outside Turkey.

The MB-MIT regime structure poses a clear and present danger of genocide, yet the Frankist Muslim Brotherhood and other criminal Frankist intelligence entities worldwide now operate as one global front through the Ankara-based so called “satanist international” intelligence organization as functioning as an umbrella body for international Frankism.

Just as NATO jointly wages legitimate defensive war does the so called “satanist international” Ankara-based intelligence organization wage of global war of aggression against nearly all countries. It is therefore time that the appropriately named “satanist international” is treated as the international actor that it truly is so that any attack by one of its member intelligence agencies is treated as an attack from all its member agencies.

Defeating the Muslim Brotherhood therefore does not only require defeating the MB itself but defeating all denominations of Frankism everywhere and indeed eliminating so called “satanism” generally.

Nevertheless is it essential to defeat the Frankist Muslim Brotherhood and thus end all Frankist MB control everywhere and that requires coordinated simultaneous international humanitarian intervention of feminist warfare so as to liberate the girls, women and LGBTQI persons of Gaza, North Sudan and Turkey/Bakur. These are all three genocidal regimes and defeating Frankist MB in Turkey requires defeating Frankist MB everywhere, indeed eliminating Frankism specifically and satanism generally everywhere.

Genocidal North Sudan needs become militarily liberated by its neighbors with international air support. Turkey/Bakur needs become militarily liberated by means of invasion by NATO, Russia and its other neighbors. The Gaza region needs become liberated by means of Israeli invasion and subsequently turned over to the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) for the purpose of Jordanian annexation. Turkish occupation in Syria clearly also needs to end as part of the operation to liberate Turkey.

We must no more play the Frankist game of divide and rule and rather as a united political humanity confront Frankism and so called “satanism” generally worldwide. We must defeat the genocidal Frankist MB but in order to attain that goal need we also defeat and eliminate Frankism specifically and “satanism” generally worldwide. We need thus wage global humanitarian war of feminist warfare to end evil.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.