Kurdistan and the SVR

The first modern Kurdistani statelet was founded by Soviet military intelligence in Iranian Kurdistan in 1946. The Mahabad Republic only lasted between January 22 and December 15, meaning for less than a year.


This short-lived statelet did however form the beginning of the Soviet Union’s abuse of activists and leaders of the Kurdish movement for its own purposes. After the KGB took over Iran in 1979 and turned Iran into a covert Soviet intelligence colony granting as the Soviet Union access to the Indian Ocean did Soviet intelligence systematically abuse the Kurds so as to promote the interests of Ba’athist Syria and Khomeinist Iran. This abuse did not cease with Russian intelligence abandoning its then PKK proxy in the final years of the 20th century.

Russia’s SVR intelligence agency through its many agents and operatives in Free Kurdistan and in the Kurdistani movement continues to systematically trying to sabotage Free Kurdistan’s diplomatic relations with the rest of the world and in particular Free Kurdistan’s relations with liberal democracies.

The SVR has a symbiotic relationship with the CIA in both the SVR and the CIA being Gestapo intelligence outfits. SVR agents/operatives in Free Kurdistan and within the Kurdistani movement promote totalitarianism, cult of personality, kleptocracy as well as the Frankist academic school of ostensible “realism” in foreign policy. This school of thought as prominently promoted by Henry Kissinger, a “Jewish” Frankist who led the US abandonment of the KDP Kurdistani statelet in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1974-1975 of course runs fully counter to Kurdistani interests, yet the SVR continuously forces Kurdistani diplomats to insult foreign diplomats by means of provocative utterances of xenophobia and foreign policy so called “realism”, a nice-sounding term for geopolitical myopia.

Henry Kissinger on behalf of then Argentina-based Gestapo engineered the downfall of Richard Nixon with the purpose of establishing Frankist control over the White House. The US historical abandonment of Kurdistan is a traumatic event for the warmly pro-American Kurdish people and the circumstances of this horrendous betrayal have long remained unknown to the public.

The KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) under SVR influence was turned from a proud Sabbatean enterprise of democratic liberation into a Frankist swamp of kleptocracy, totalitarianism and severe Frankist abuse of power. The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) as covertly increasingly taking over the KRG continues however the noble tradition of Mustafa Barzani.

It is essential that Kurdistani leaders understand the unethical implications of the so called “realist” school of foreign policy and that this nefarious Frankist ideology is in every way inimical to the legitimate democratic interests of the people of Kurdistan. Free Kurdistan needs institute a policy of zero tolerance with regard to collaboration with SVR attempts at harming the Kurdistani cause by means of spreading Frankist ideologies as intended to internationally isolate the Kurds and enable the SVR to further abuse and exploit member, activists and leaders of the noble cause of the liberation of Kurdistan.

Free Kurdistan needs internalize that accurate articulation of facts is a core Kurdistani national interest in enhancing Free Kurdistan’s international relations. While there are obviously state secrets in times war which cannot be publicized is it essential to fully refrain from propaganda aside from misleading enemies in warfare. While misleading enemies is part of the art of war is it essential not to mislead the international community as regards the democratic realism and ethico-politically noble nature of the Kurdistani liberation project.

Free Kurdistan thus needs make more efforts to avoid public and diplomatic communication that serve to distract attention from the noble nature of the Kurdistani liberation project in the proud ethico-political tradition of Mustafa Barzani and the YPJ women’s corps, the feminist Women’s Protection Units.

Russia’s Office for the Protection of the Freedom of the Homeland (OPFH) was formed in 2016 with the purpose of implementing democratic realism in Russia’s domestic and international policies. The OPFH intelligence agency is a member of the TEVEL international intelligence organization and is strongly committed to assisting Free Kurdistan specifically and the valiant Kurdish people generally. It is thus precisely essential that Kurdistani leaders learn to carefully distinguish between friends and foes in Moscow. The OPFH is strongly committed to the complete elimination of Frankist intelligence sects such as the SVR whether in Russia, in Kurdistan or elsewhere.

The OPFH fully participated in recent major Israeli-led intelligence warfare to prevent genocide against Kurds and ethnoreligious minorities in the Republic of Turkey. It is essential that Kurdistani leaders fully understand that they have powerful friends in Russia who appreciate the impressive patriotism and strong democratic values of the people of Kurdistan. Russia evacuated from Afrin because Russian forces were no longer needed in Afrin as they were supplanted by intelligence special forces from the United States and Israel, including Israel’s Sayeret Matkal as personally commanded by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a major general in Aman, Israeli military intelligence. Russia was fully ready to invade the Republic of Turkey if this turned out necessary to prevent genocide and Russia remains fully ready to do so if this were to become once more necessary.

Is it essential to understand that Kurdistan’s friends in the international community are democratic realists, meaning neither naive and unprincipled “idealists”, nor cynical and unprincipled Frankist “realists”. Kurdistani democratic values are the greatest strength of the people of Kurdistan which indeed have many, many friends beyond the mountains.