Binding Legal Obligation to Prevent Genocide

21499350909_330cdb92fb_bThe MB-MIT totalitarian regime structure has in recent weeks several times attempted to perpetrate genocide against ethno-religious minorities in the Republic of Turkey, including attempting to perform genocide by means of chemical weapons against the Alevi region of Tunceli (Dersim).

This was all thwarted by international covert military intervention by Israeli-led special forces in timely intervening in fulfilling the obligation to protect and the obligation to prevent genocide.

In previous months did the MB-MIT regime structure in Turkey and the IRGC regime structure in Iran attempt to perpetrate genocide against ethnoreligious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the Republic of Iraq, in the Syrian Arab Republic, in the Republic of Turkey and in the Lebanese Republic on account of them being Crypto-Jews. These attempts were thwarted by means of Israeli-led covert international military intervention with intelligence special forces and in particular the Sayeret Matkal and the Israeli Peshmerga elite intelligence forces, all of which receive training in feminist military battle doctrine.

Genocide prevention is one of the reasons why the State of Israel was founded and Israel is clearly as everyone else (whether state, corporation or human) legally obliged to do everything in their power to prevent and thwart genocide. This is not an option of convenience or mere political preference but rather a binding obligation and military necessity under the laws of war.

While these attempts at perpetrating genocide were all successfully thwarted do the criminal genocidal intentions of the MB-MIT regime structure and the ideologically genocidal TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) as against the Kurdish people constitute a clear and present danger. The Kurdish people has many times been subjected to overt policies in contravention of international law as deliberately and officially so intended to end the existence of the Kurdish people. This legally qualifies as attempted genocide under international law.

Under international law is the Kurdish people hence fully legally entitled to protection against intended and planned genocide. The Republic of Turkey still officially denies its history of genocide and recent thwarted attempts at genocide by these forces of nefarious totalitarianism against oppressed ethno-religious minorities due to them being Jewish means in terms of international law that timely, effective and carefully calibrated military intervention is required this time as well.

Preventing genocide is a military obligation of strategic preemption and not merely of halting mass killings once these have already commenced, something which is clearly insufficient. The international community has legally fully obliged itself to genocide prevention. Deliberate political, military, diplomatic and/or judicial attempts at intentionally subverting genocide prevention as directly or indirectly on behalf of the party planning genocide constitutes criminal complicity in conspiracy to genocide under international law.

According to a detailed demographic study as performed by eminent Belgian-American Kurdologist Mehrdad/Michael Izady are one third of all Kurds either Alevis, Yarzanis or Yezidis and this number does not include Kurdish Dönmeh, Kurdish Alawites, Kurdish Bektashis and even more secretive ethno-religious minorities within the Kurdish people. These ethnoreligious minorities within the Kurdish people are Crypto-Jews as recognized as fully Jewish by all leading religious authorities of Orthodox Judaism.

Kurdish and non-Kurdish Yezidis were subjected to genocide as late as in August 2014 and although American military intervention halted the already commenced genocide did it fail to fully prevent it.

The intention to commit genocide against Jewish/Crypto-Jewish ethnoreligious minorities in the Middle East, including as against the Kurdish people as a whole is due to the Jewish political fealty, Jewish ancestry and Jewish culture of those populations in the Middle East. This is on public record as having been fully publicly explained by the top leadership of the MB-MIT regime structure on many occasions.

Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Pirkei Avot 1:14 of the Babylonian Talmud