Liberating Jihadist Enclaves

The emergence of Jihadist enclaves in various countries around the world is a most severe threat to international peace and security, yet traditional patriarchal militaries had few answers to offer to this severe problem of utmost global concern.

Feminist warfare is effectively the only strategic military option for liberating Jihadist enclaves around the world.

The solution clearly is spelled feminist warfare, since feminist warfare undermines the underlying patriarchal social structures underpinning and enabling Jihadism. International Jihadism is highly militarily effective yet feminist warfare even more effectively crushed the Islamic State Caliphate (DAESH).

Feminist warfare is not only military in nature but also involves subsequent social action of implementing democratic feminist norms in liberated local communities, including compulsory gender equality in traditional local tribal structures of power.

Feminist warfare is thus not merely a military campaign of conquest but the mission in the Feminist war on Jihadism is rather to first eliminate as many Jihadists as possible, second undermine their belief in their cause, third liberate territory, fourth implement democratic feminist norms in liberated local communities and fifth arm local communities as part of providing them them feminist military training.

This highly effective concept of attaining military victory has proven highly successful as implemented by the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), the first feminist state in world history.

The challenge now is to take the successful feminist model of DFNS feminist liberation and implement it in all other Jihadist enclaves around the world including in Afghanistan. The secret lies in combining democratic feminist values with respect for traditional local culture, including respecting gynocentric notions of honor which contrary to common Western perception is a particularly good foundation for feminist social transformation indeed.

Traditional patriarchal militaries are in most cases effectively unable to defeat Jihadism and subsequently liberate Jihadist enclaves and so feminist warfare is practically speaking the only only strategic option.

What hence needs be done is to implement the DFNS feminist military model in liberating every Jihadist enclave, including remaining ones in Syria. There is no choice in this regard considering the permanent and severe that Jihadism poses to humanity and so we the international community needs take carefully considered, yet certainly effective action in waging feminist warfare to end every Jihadist enclave in the world whether in Asia or Africa.