Operation Genocide Prevention

The feminist military forces of Free Kurdistan as trained by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have become increasingly cohesive, integrated and effective. The Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) have become a highly effective feminist military as complete with the Kurdistani Army (KA), Kurdistani Intelligence (KI), the Kurdistani Air Force (KAF) and the Kurdistani Navy (KN) as operating from Israeli, Greek and now also Egyptian and Saudi naval ports.

The feminist Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) are prepared and ready to act in full compliance with its international humanitarian obligations; including fulfilling the humanitarian obligation to protect and the humanitarian obligation to prevent genocide.

The Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) have shown considerable patience and immense restraint after constant attempts by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and their closely allied Jihadists militias to invade the feminist Afrin region of Free Kurdistan in Syria.

The time is approaching for going on the offensive and liberate Turkish-occupied Bakur (North Kurdistan). While KDF forces are highly restrained and effective is the KDF now readying for feminist offensive. The TAF is demoralized and most TAF troops lack willingness to fight wars for the criminal MB-MIT regime structure. A large proportion of TAF soldiers, including most Kurds, Alevis and seculars in TAF simply want no part in the criminal war against the innocent and noble Kurdish people.

The KDF was founded not only to defend Free Kurdistan but also to liberate occupied Kurdistan. There is a time for restraint and patience but there is also a time for liberation and offensive and that moment certainly approaches as the KDF now prepares for humanitarian offensive.

The KDF in waging defensive feminist warfare is meticulous in compliance with the international laws of war in the KDF’s resolute commitment to complete and utter fulfillment of its international humanitarian obligations. The continued aggression by the TAF as fully militarily integrated with the forces of Jihadism in Syria means that a KDF liberation invasion offensive would fully comply with the legal principle of proportionality under the international laws of war.

Not only is there casus belli for a liberation invasion offensive but there is also a fully binding humanitarian imperative as Jihadist forces in Turkey plan genocide against the country’s Crypto-Jewish ethno-religious minorities; including against Alawites, Alevis, Bektashis, Dönmeh and Yezidis and of course against Turkish rabbinic Jews. The KDF cannot remain indifferent in the face of the threat of genocide against tens of millions of human beings, many of whom are themselves Kurdish, of Kurdish background and/or ancestral Kurdish historical origin.

The Kurdish people in having suffered genocide cannot remain indifferent to the increasingly imminent threat of genocide and the KDF including the KAF will take comprehensive action in full compliance with its humanitarian obligation to protect and prevent genocide under the international laws of war.

The feminist KDF is the most effective military force in the world in daily pioneering feminist warfare against the nefarious forces of Jihadism. The KDF is fully aware of the importance of waging war in complete compliance with the international laws of war, including fulfilling all its humanitarian obligations. Northward military offensive is thus not only an option and an opportunity to liberate an oppressed people, but a binding international humanitarian obligation indeed in order so as to prevent genocide.

The KDF is waging feminist warfare in full compliance with the ethico-legal requirements of just war. The KDF as the spearhead of the global feminist social revolution is fully aware of its legal and humanitarian obligations and will act in full compliance with the international laws of war in meticulously fulfilling its humanitarian obligations indeed.

MB-MIT Turkey has become a global center of international crime and international terrorism and the fact that MB-MIT Turkey hosts al Qaida’s global headquarters in Ankara and have continued to sponsor Syrian al Qaida (“Nusra Front”) throughout the war in Syria means that the MB-MIT regime is a threat against international peace and security and so is the KDF obliged to take comprehensive action in defense of Free Kurdistan’s international partners worldwide.

TAF has refused to heed calls for evacuating its unwanted, illegal and illegitimate military presence on internationally recognized Syrian and Iraqi territories, a presence which was never authorized by the governments of Syria and Iraq. Not only is a major KDF northward offensive fully permitted under the international laws of war but this course of action is furthermore imperative in fulfilling Kurdistan’s fully binding international humanitarian obligation of genocide prevention.

The KDF is thus fully required and obliged by international law to implement humanitarian offensive. All countries are obliged under international law to timely and fully support genocide prevention operations, yet the KDF in already being at war with the genocidal enemy is especially obliged to spearhead the genocide prevention operation.