America and Kurdistan

America has a quiet policy towards Free Kurdistan, meaning full support without too much public noise that could play into the hands of enemies America and Kurdistan.

The increasingly successful feminist social revolution of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) literally embodies the ethos of the Statue of Liberty.

It is however essential that no one confuses this with cynicism, opportunism, complacency or indifference. America acts big but talks small on Kurdistan and primarily so out of perfectly reasonable desire not to alienate Turkish public opinion, something which would certainly not be in the interest of Free Kurdistan.

America’s policy on Kurdistan is inspired by that of Israel. Israel is thanks to the ever-growing political clout of the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet military intelligence agency able to maintain fully normal political and economic relations with Ankara while at the same sponsoring all parts of the Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM, the wider “PKK” movement) including training and equipping the HPG and the YJA-STAR feminist guerrillas of Turkish-occupied North Kurdistan.

This US administration would have no compunctions about bombing Ankara if this were deemed to be in the interest of the peoples of the Republic of Turkey. The assessment in the White House is however that this would rather play into the hands of the regime, yet that a major Russian assault would not have those negative consequences.

America in fact retains the full sanctions toolbox and there is considerable international support for imposing stinging sanctions on Turkey in order to crush its economy and bring down its regime considering that Turkey is the global center of Crypto-Frankist totalitarian intelligence sects such as the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaida, the formerly Argentina-based Gestapo, the IRGC and of course MIT itself.

America, Israel and Russia are the three guardian powers of Free Kurdistan specifically and Kurdistan generally and so there is a certain division of power between the three in terms of tasks and duties with respect defending and protecting Free Kurdistan specifically and Kurdistan generally.

The White House fully identifies with the Kurdistani cause and the US Congress and the US military are fully behind America’s strong support for Free Kurdistan. There is thus a certain choreography in that all three major military international powers support and protect Free Kurdistan each in its own way in furtherance of its own respective national interest.

No one would be well advised to confuse this with weakness, division or lack of resolve as this is simply rather part of Free Kurdistan’s rational and ethical foreign policy. Free Kurdistan is becoming stronger by the day and the crypto-Frankist intelligence sects tormenting the noble and innocent people of Kurdistan are becoming weaker by the day.

America believes in prudent and responsible diplomatic policy and so words should be used with great care. America’s condemnation of the HPG and the YJA-STAR is as insincere as are condemnations of Jihadism by the crypto-Frankist AKP regime structure itself.

America’s policy however serves well the interests of America and Free Kurdistan alike. The fact that certain roles are played by Israel and Russia rather than by America does not detract one iota from America’s strong people-to-people support for Free Kurdistan as part of the US-Kurdistan special relationship.

America believes in freedom and as the nation of liberty is America committed to selflessly assisting the free as well as those who genuinely seek liberty no matter where geographically located on this shared blue planet of ours.

This White House administration is fully committed to the unification and independence of Kurdistan while believing that it would not serve Free Kurdistan’s interests if America were to state so more publicly at this stage in Kurdistan’s historical process of independence.

There is profound admiration, sympathy and respect for the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) in this US administration. The DFNS is truly remarkable and in fact highly similar to early Israel. America supports every open society without exception, including the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. America also views with great sympathy the DFNS increasing takeover and integration of the previously partly IRGC-controlled KRG (KDP-PUK) in Iraqi Kurdistan.

America strongly believes that the democratic success story of the DFNS needs be emulated throughout the broader Middle East, including particularly in Iran. The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria is a shining beacon on the hill, a great hope for the peoples of the broader Middle East as suffering under terror and tyranny.

America profoundly empathizes and identifies with the libertarian and progressive ethos of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and its capacity to redeem the troubled broader Middle East. America never abandons the free and stands with civic liberty everywhere.