Russian Military Intervention in Turkey

Russia maintains a permanent military presence in the Afrin region of Rojava which lies only tens of kilometers away from the Mediterranean sea across the border between Turkey and Syria. Russia’s military presence in Rojava is part and parcel of Russia’s commitment to defeating all forms of Jihadism and protecting all the peoples and communities of Syria from genocidal designs of nefarious forces of Jihadism.

Peaceful feminist revolution in the democratic spring of 2018 is the path ahead, yet that does certainly not preclude war if necessary as prior to that.

The Russian Air Force provides air support to the military offensive in the Idlib Jihadist region as part of a joint operation between the Syrian military (SAA) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) feminist military of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS).

Russia considers the Afrin canton as an international zone of joint Russian-Israeli-American interest with all three great military powers each having a significant permanent permanent military presence in the Afrin region.

Although it is no secret that there are differences of opinion within the Russian intelligence community is Moscow nevertheless ready to intervene militarily in Turkey. Russia has important national interests in shaping the future of Anatolia and especially East Anatolia with its millions of nominally Muslim Crypto-Armenians, many of whom still speak Armenian at home. A significant proportion of Alevis are Pakradunis, namely Crypto-Armenian Alevis. The situation is similar in Western Turkey with millions of Crypto-Greeks and Crypto-Greek Alevis who live under similar oppression and many still secretly speak Greek at home.

Russia will not hesitate to exercise significant military power under its international humanitarian obligation to protect and strictly so in abidance with the international laws of war. Turkey is a state which repeatedly committed genocide and outrageously continues to deny that it did so.

The crypto-Frankist MITMB regime structure seeks to halt the joint SAA-SDF offensive for the liberation of the Idlib Jihadist region by means of threatening to invade further sovereign Syrian territory in addition to the areas of Syria which it already occupies whether directly so in the Shehba region or indirectly through its Jihadist proxies in the Idlib Jihadist region.

As Turkey was semi-covertly expelled from the NATO defense alliance in 2017 is Russia fully ready and fully prepared to intervene militarily in Turkey under its international humanitarian obligation to protect humanity against the scourge of crypto-Frankist Jihadism.

Russia is fully ready and fully prepared to crush the Turkish Air Force from the air and undertake other unspecified significant military measures in conformance with its international humanitarian obligations.

Moscow is particularly well aware of the nefariously hypocritical nature of the crypto-Frankist MIT-MB regime in Ankara and is ready to crush it by all means available and necessary indeed, including providing full air support to the HPG and YJA-STAR victorious feminist guerrillas.

Russia strongly advises the crypto-Frankist MIT-MB regime structure to fully and completely hand over power to the political opposition in Turkey’s parliament.
The Idlib region concerted military offensive will continue irrespective of official neo-Nazi noise from Ankara. Moscow will very, very closely watch developments on the internationally recognized border between Turkey and Syria and will certainly not hold back from taking action as appropriate so as to fulfill its humanitarian obligation to protect indeed.

Russia is ready to provide full air support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reaching the Mediterranean sea in Hatay (Alexandretta) province which was indeed Syrian until France handed it over to Turkey in 1939.

This said is the current path of feminist insurgency and democratic revolution certainly for humanitarian reasons preferable to all-out war. Russia is closely coordinated with Washington and Jerusalem over Afrin (Kurdish Efrîn as named after the Israelite tribe of Ephraim) and Russia will certainly not hesitate to take considerable military action in close consultation with its international partners in Afrin.

Make no mistake, the Afrin region is under international military protection with three great military powers permanently militarily deployed there. Russia reserves the right to choose time and place for very, very substantial and considerable military action in Turkey and potentially so without prior warning.