Liberating Turkey

Free Kurdistan is under threat from forces of evil that oppose the liberty of every people. The people of Free Kurdistan is subordinate to no other people and the now fully constituted Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) are ready to deploy all means necessary so as to defend the homeland and the noble and innocent people of Kurdistan from any and all threats.

The fully democratically legitimate unification of Kurdistan is non-negotiable. (Image by Kurdishstruggle)

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) stationed one thousand Israeli nuclear weapons (900 tactical and 100 strategic) in Free Kurdistan during the 2017 Zagros War (known as the Kirkuk crisis) and these nuclear weapons have now been placed under Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) control although both Israeli and Kurdistani nuclear weapons are ultimately under the control of Free Kurdistan’s semi-covert shared hereditary head of state. The KDF has no interest whatsoever in deploying tactical nuclear weapons against the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) but is ready to do so if this is indeed necessary so to defend the very existence of Free Kurdistan within the international borders of Iraq and Syria.

The Kurdistani Air Force (KAF) is operated with semi-covertly supplied US fighter aircrafts as fully funded by the GCC and operated by mostly female Israeli Kurdish elite fighter pilots who have been trained in Israel for many years now. While all branches of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stand ready to defend Free Kurdistan from any and all strategic threats as part of the 2017 semi-covert comprehensive defense treaty between Israel and Free Kurdistan is the IDF tasked with doing everything possible to help Free Kurdistan defend its people and existence. This means that Israeli forces in Kurdistan operate in Kurdistani uniform as proper parts of the KDF, including in the Kurdistani Army (KA), in Kurdistani Intelligence (KI), in the Kurdistani Air Force (KAF) and in the Kurdistani Navy (KN) as operating from Israeli and Greek naval ports in the Mediterranean region.

We the peoples stand together against all threats from the forces of evil as we are not only committed to the liberation of Kurdistan but indeed to the liberation of all parts of the Republic of Turkey from the crypto-Frankist Fascist-Islamist synthesis of evil. The American military was certainly not deployed in Free Kurdistan in order to flee from evildoers and so America will continue to deliver fully GCC-funded weapons systems (including spare parts) whether in times war or in times of peace. America stands with Kurdistan just as the warmly and genuinely pro-American people of Kurdistan strongly stands with the people of America in defense of liberty everywhere.

The liberation of Kurdistan is a given and the issue here is rather the liberation of Turkey. Let us emphasize very clearly that Israel and America are very, very warm friends of all the peoples of the Republic of Turkey and are warmly appreciative and respecting of the respective ethnic heritage of its peoples. The liberation of Kurdistan is non-negotiable as is indeed the freedom of the peoples of the Republic of Turkey generally. Israel and America are importantly furthermore very, very favorably disposed towards the proudly ancient peoples of Anatolia. We believe that genuine friendship between peoples are part of the very core of the national interests of our free nations. However, we do recognize our own respective histories of liberation in the valiant struggle for the liberty of Kurdistan.

There is no lack of international will for military participation in international military intervention in Turkey as Russia and NATO (from which Turkey was semi-covertly expelled in 2017) are fully united and ready if this were to become necessary indeed. We the peoples do however believe in democratic revolution and smart mass intelligence warfare that avoids the tragic demise of innocent civilians.

The HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA STAR (Free Women’s Units) feminist guerrillas are ready to complete the task of the liberation of not only occupied North Kurdistan but in fact ensure the liberation of all the peoples of the Republic of Turkey. The Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM, a.k.a the broader “PKK” movement) understands fully that ethnocratic patriarchy is an enemy of every people. The freedom of the people of Kurdistan is by extension the freedom of every people and so the freedom of Kurdistanis heralds indeed the liberation of humanity from the forces of evil.

The FLM which democratically rules Rojava/DFNS (Democratic Federation of Northern Syria) is a world power with nuclear weapons, has the most effective and ethical military in the world, deploys intelligence services that are second to none and is ethico-politically fully and completely committed to the strictly law-abiding global feminist social revolution.

We the peoples call upon the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) to withdraw from internationally recognized Syrian territory and internationally recognized Iraqi territory. Should the TAF refuse to do so is this casus belli under international laws of war for the liberation of not only occupied North (Bakur) Kurdistan but by extension if the TAF refuses to withdraw from Bakur; indeed the liberation of all the peoples of Turkey.

The victorious FLM feminist guerrillas in Turkish-occupied Bakur (HPG and YJA STAR) have decided to substantially accelerate the noble war of liberation in full and strict compliance with international humanitarian law and indeed the laws of war. WE the PEOPLES of the FEMINIST REVOLUTION.