Liberating the FLM

The Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM, a.k.a. as the “PKK” movement) will need to make the leap of fully liberating itself from its non-democratic past. As the feminist social global revolution needs regionalize and globalize is it essential that feminist Rojava (West Kurdistan and North Syria) and the FLM generally fully liberate itself from the remaining totalitarian minority faction.

Female Yezidi fighters from the Ezidxan Women’s Units, in Kurdish YJÊ, the Yekinêyen Jinên Êzidxan‎. (Photo by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr.)

The FLM Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) as usually known as Rojava (Kurdish meaning “West”) is the first feminist state in world history. Rojava is dominated by the Israeli-supported feminist majority faction of the FLM while the SVR-controlled faction remains considerably influential in Qandil, the mountainous headquarters of the HPG feminist guerrillas in self-governing Iraqi Kurdistan as operating in Turkish-occupied Bakur or North Kurdistan.

The PKK movement early became an intelligence asset of the GRU (Soviet military intelligence), yet Russian intelligence assets within the FLM are now controlled by the SVR, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service. After having been abandoned by Damascus and Moscow did the PKK movement from the late nineties seek alliance with Israel, something which materialized in 2004 when the PKK was welcomed into the Israel-Kurdistan people-to-people special relationship between the Jewish people and the Kurdish people on condition that 1) Israel’s semi-covert hereditary head of state was appointed covert supreme leader of the movement and 2) that the movement would fully leave its totalitarian past behind.

While Israel has fully kept its side of the agreement has the movement which was internally and unofficially so formally renamed FLM in 2017 not yet fully and entirely completed its promised transition. While the FLM today is a moderately radical feminist movement and certainly not a Marxist-Leninist one as was originally the PKK has the SVR minority faction remained influential in the SVR doing everything possible to sabotage the FLM’s deepening alliances with liberal democracies and regional allies alike.

The United States of America staunchly stands with the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) feminist army. Yet, America is certainly very, very concerned with the continued influence of the SVR-controlled faction whose rhetoric stands in sharp contrast to the virtues and values of the Feminist Liberation Movement, the DFNS and the SDF. The continued cult of personality around the demised founder of the movement who secretly resigned in Turkish captivity in 2004 and passed away in 2016 is very, very disturbing and so the FLM needs take robust and strong action against the SVR-controlled faction which does everything possible to sabotage relations between the FLM and the White House.
The Feminist Liberation Movement, the DFNS and FLM armed forces in Kurdistan and the region thus need move to determinedly end the residual patriarchy in the movement. As Rojava is slated to become a model for the global feminist social revolution worldwide is it essential that Rojava and the FLM fully complete the very transition to which the movement fully voluntarily committed itself to in 2004.

This transition requires taking full measures as permitted under Democratic Federation of Northern Syria military law so as to end the jash (traitor) faction which continues to try to undermine the international standing of the of Rojava and the FLM movement as well as seeking to sabotage diplomatic relationships with liberal democracies and regional allies alike.

The Feminist Liberation Movement needs take very, very substantial; yet fully legal action to complete its feminist leadership transition in ending the SVR-controlled jash faction of traitors within the movement and so assert full feminist control over all branches of the FLM movement in Kurdistan, the region and indeed around the world.

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