Liberating the Palestinians

Feminist social revolution means universal emancipation, including for the Palestinians.

The diplomacy surrounding the American diplomatic recognition of the internationally undisputed West Jerusalem as part of Israel shows that diplomacy will not liberate the Palestinian people from oppressive narratives of competing patriarchal ethnocracies.

The embarrassing hypocrisy of diplomatic representatives at the UN who recognize East Jerusalem as part of the non-existing fantasy creation of Neo-Philistia as conjured up by Holocaust deniers although certainly appalling is not especially surprising but rather shows that diplomacy is useless here as has indeed been proven by decades of wasted diplomatic efforts that have only served to increase the suffering of the Palestinians, including Israel’s tragic withdrawal from the Gaza region and the no less tragic establishment of pseudo-statelet of “Neo-Philistia”.

Feminist warfare is thus the only strategic option left for liberating the Palestinians from militarism, ethnocracy and patriarchy. Israel therefore needs to move to annex the entire Judea and enfranchise all its permanent residents with non-refugee UN legal status. Those registered with UNRWA will need to be rehabilitated in restored residential hamulas (endogamous Para-Jewish communities) in greened deserts of Jordan.

Israel is the indigenous power in the country and knows how to end the Palestinian dispute in very, very close coordination with the bravely pro-democratic Kingdom of Jordan. We need move to fully and completely liberate the suffering people of the Gaza region by means of intense feminist war of liberation. Letting the proud, noble and honorable Palestinians continue to suffer under Hamas rule is simply sheer cynicism which in no way serves Israel’s national interest in ethical clarity, peace, security, reconciliation and genuine fraternity between peoples. Jordan is fully ready to annex and assume full civilian, security and military responsibility over the Gaza region once it has been cleared and cleaned from Jihadist combatants.

Israel hence needs to start representing the best interests of the Palestinians because no other government at the United Nations does. Anyone who seeks to harm Israel is by definition unable to help the Palestinians because the only way to help the Palestinians is to in every way support joint Palestinian and Israeli interests. That is indeed how peace is attained.

Israel has exhausted all diplomatic avenues and all other options. We the peoples have had enough of decades of diplomatic nonsense in this regard as the liberation of the Palestinians can no more be delayed and the fact is that only the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are up to the job. The very diplomats who voted against brave America and against Israeli democracy in Free Jerusalem at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) have proven that literally they have nothing meaningful whatsoever to contribute in terms of liberating the Palestinians from militarism, patriarchy and ethnocracy.

The peoples of the region need to stand together against patriarchal narratives of ethnocratic conflict as based on ethnocentric denial of documented history. Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians share a common past, a common land and a common future indeed. The avenue to peace is feminist social revolution (including supplanting patriarchal religious oppression with feminist religious ritual sex) and fully voluntary and warmly welcoming communal reversion to the indigenous Judaism of the ancestors of endogamous Para-Jewish clans whose endogamous descendants are the Jordanians and the Palestinians. WE THE PEOPLES

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