Feminist Revolution in Iran

Unveiling Iran

The Feminist Liberation Movement (a.k.a. the “PKK” movement) stands fully behind the democratic revolution in Iran. The Iranian revolution is organized by global FLM intelligence which must not be confused with the FLM political movement itself.

FLM intelligence as a global intelligence agency of the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation is fully devoted to the full and complete success of the democratic revolution in Iran. The current revolutionary phase is mostly carried out by brave males facing down the tyranny of patriarchal social terror and the next revolutionary phase will led by females. To be sure is this a revolution by the peoples, of the peoples and for the peoples but it is also a revolution as planned by the YPJ which is determined to eliminate the IRGC just as we eliminated DAESH. We the peoples are determined to make the democratic revolution succeed and we will make sure that it will.

We are the feminist revolution without borders as determined to bring the feminist social revolution worldwide. While we are committed to comprehensive feminist legislative change are we also meticulously law-abiding indeed. We do not however subject ourselves to patriarchal oppressors of any genders, sexualities or ethnicities and we never will.

We the peoples stand together in diversity of genders in our determination to end ethnocratic patriarchy everywhere by means of democratic revolution. We the peoples are united and we will not allow ourselves to become manipulated by petty patriarchal games of divide and rule on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexuality and other such shibboleths of oppression/discrimination.

Just as we oppose nationalism are we passionately patriotic in our democratic commitment to freedom, emancipation and representative governance. We stand for universal emancipation, including emancipation of non-human persons and we are fully determined to attain the criminalization of structural oppression under international law.

All three main branches of the Feminist Liberation Movement (Kurdistani Intelligence, FLM itself and global FLM intelligence) stand behind the revolution in Iran. We the peoples of all genders are united in our determination and commitment to ending structural oppression generally whether economic, social or statist.

We have organized and successfully commenced this democratic revolution against the evil IRGC regime and we will bring it to successful conclusion. As the armed feminist social revolution are our goals particularly ambitious. We seek not merely a new official cabinet but we seek comprehensive denazification of the Iranian state apparatus. The IRGC in being a subsidiary of the Ankara-based Gestapo international intelligence agency (through Russian Gestapo a.k.a. the SVR) must the IRGC become eliminated until it is no more. We will eliminate the Nazi-Islamist intelligence symbiosis in Iran, Turkey, occupied Kurdistan and indeed everywhere whether involving the IRGC, MB (Muslim Brotherhood) intelligence, Salafi Intelligence, the pseudo-Sufi Islamization Intelligence Agency, the “Gray Wolves”, MAH/MIT or otherwise.

We the global feminist social revolution without borders in being meticulously law-abiding in every country whether we are at war or act in a civilian capacity are committed to ending the evils of totalitarianism everywhere.