Palestinian Communal Reversion

The Palestinians have long been misunderstood on a very fundamental level in terms of their history, origin, culture and why they needlessly ended up the way they did. Palestinians have however long been used for geopolitical agendas of others with zero genuine concern for Palestinian wellbeing.


Palestinian clans (hamulas) all have distinctive historical origins. Palestinian clans are endogamous although clans with common recent origins sometimes still have a common marriage pool.

Rabbinic Jews and Palestinians are genotypically highly similar in being patrilineally virtually identical yet not matrilineally so due to medieval Diaspora Jewish marriage practices.

Palestinian hamulas have remained halakhically Jewish to a very high degree due to communal practices of highly strict endogamy. The original purpose of the endogamy was to maintain Jewish ancestry and halakhic status as Jews despite the imposed social terror of religious imperialism. The diagnosed rate of disabilities among Israeli Palestinians is twice as high than among Israeli Rabbinic Jews due these practices of strict local endogamy for a very high number of generations. Palestinian communities with high Jewish awareness have Jewish identity at home in the village while often pretending to hate Jews and Israelis while speaking to outsiders.

Different Palestinian clans have different origins in most being descended from Rabbinic Judaism, many from Samaritan Judaism and yet others from Alawite Judaism and Druze Judaism respectively. Bektashism (of Alevi-Bektashi Judaism) is furthermore present in Palestinian society, including among Israeli Palestinians and there are also rabbinically Jewish Bektashis in Israel. There are furthermore numerous Palestinian clans who originate from Jewish communities which communally returned to the land of Israel from different countries of the broader Middle East and were later coerced to leave Rabbinic Judaism by religious imperialism.

The Talmud states that Samaritans should be treated as Jews in those respects that Samaritan halakhah conforms with Rabbinical halakhah and as non-Jews in those respects that Samaritan halakhah does not conform with Rabbinical halakhah. This is an unambiguous recognition of Samaritans as having fully halakhically Jewish ancestry according to Orthodox halakhah. Yet this seemingly yet not actually ambiguous position also served to protect Samaritans from persecution on the part of religious imperialism by rabbis keeping some distance to Samaritan Jews. Israeli Orthodox rabbis have in recent decades however introduced the innovation of requiring individual Samaritans to convert to Rabbinical Judaism if seeking to wed a Rabbinic Jew in an Orthodox state religious ceremony and they did so for the purpose of protecting Samaritans from fully assimilating into mainstream Israeli Jewish society and thus tragically disappearing from the trajectory of history. Yet this also reflects rabbinical attitudes towards endogamous Palestinian hamulas generally in them becoming communally recognized as fully halakhically Jewish by virtue of leaving religious imperialism and officially and communally so reverting to the respective Judaism of their ancestors.

Israeli intelligence and Palestinian intelligence are successfully advancing in performing the largest peace operation in the history of Israeli-Palestinian relations. Palestinian intelligence have in the past few years in close cooperation with their Israeli counterparts approached Palestinian clan leaders with offers of communal reversion to their own heritage in terms of their own ancestral forms of Judaism. The response has been overwhelmingly affirmative as Palestinian clan leader virtually always offer enthusiastic agreement to communal reversion.

There has always since the inception of Zionism been tremendous interest in many hamulas for communal reversion yet this was always rebuffed due culturally structural suspicion towards Crypto-Jewish among Rabbinic Jews. There was tremendous interest in communal reversion in most Palestinian hamulas in Israel the 1950s, yet culturally structural attitudes of suspicion among Israeli political leader prevented this from becoming realized. Prime Minister David ben Gurion initiated a Negev Bedouin communal reversion program which was shelved due to opposition from within the then Israeli government. Palestinian leader Mahmous Abbas belongs to a hamula with very high Jewish communal awareness and whose ancestors were rabbinic Alawites. Mahmoud Abbas did on many occasions request communal reversion for Palestinians yet this was always rebuffed by Israeli representatives until the leadership of the religious Zionist Jewish Home political party in 2015 internally decided to support Palestinian communal reversion.

The shared operation as commenced with clan leaders and has expanded to other leading persons in hamulas who are all given leadership training and education about their heritage, including Hebrew classes. Since the operation is conducted by Palestinians for Palestinians is it performed in a highly culturally sensitive and respectful manner.

As the operation will continue to expand within Palestinian clans in terms of inclusion of more and more members of local hamulas will the operation at some point cease being a covert operation in rather becoming public knowledge among Israelis, Palestinians and indeed around the world.

The poskim (rabbinical religious decisors) of Israeli Orthodox Judaism of both religious Zionism and Haredi Judaism now maintain excellent relationships with Palestinian political leaders and fully embrace Palestinian communal reversion to their own forms Judaism and primarily so to Alawite Judaism, Druze Judaism, Rabbinic Judaism and Samaritan Judaism. There is in fact no rabbinical opposition whatsoever whether Orthodox or non-Orthodox to Palestinian communal reversion. The reason many poskim historically had a negative or ambivalent attitude towards Zionism was precisely because the poskim were aware of Palestinian hamulas having meticulously preserved endogamous Jewish ancestry and thus halakhically Jewish status. The Orthodox poskim however never accepted reversion by individual Palestinians (not even by Israeli Palestinians) since that was deemed as putting other hamula members in danger of persecution on the part of religious imperialism and so communal reversion is fully in line with rabbinical expectations indeed.

Once the communal reversion process is completed throughout Judea (Hebron and Ramallah regions) will Israel annex Judea and provide full Israeli citizenship to its residents. The Palestinian Authority will remain in charge of Samaria which as its own processes of communal reversion to Samaritan Judaism advance will become the independent state of Samaria. The Gaza region in its entirety will become annexed by Jordan and hopefully, indeed fully peacefully so. Since virtually all Palestinian hamulas in Samaria (the northern third of the West Bank) are descended from coercively converted Samaritans do they have their own distinctive ancestral heritage in belonging to the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel rather than as most other Palestinian hamulas to the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah and so should they legitimately found their own independent state with Hebrew and Ammiyah as its official languages.

Palestinian clans which became refugees in 1947-49 or 1967 need all become fully rehabilitated with full international funding. Aramean (Christian Crypto-Jewish) descendants of refugees will be rehabilitated by Israel itself in rebuilding former Aramean communities in their historical locations. Palestinian Muslim clans of Druze origin will be rehabilitated in Druzistan whose establishment from the Druze Mountain to the Mediterranean Sea is being prepared by the governments of Syria, Lebanon and Israel. Muslim clans of Alawite origin will be rehabilitated in extended Alawistan as including Western Syria, Muslim regions of Lebanon and the historically Alawite region of Turkey. Few Muslim Palestinian clans of Samaritan origin ever became refugees, yet those who did obviously need be rehabilitated within the context of emerging independent Samaria. All other Palestinian clan which became refugees need become rehabilitated in comprehensively greened deserts of Jordan as engineered with full international funding.

Palestinian refugee clans mourn their loss of geographic communal living and that is what needs be reconstructed, including by creating forests, lakes and rivers which will create attractive living environments in what are now deserts of Jordan. This is a significant engineering effort and so comprehensive international funding is essential indeed.

The process of Palestinian communal reversion does not only advance in Judea and in Samaria but is advancing inside Israel too – as well as in Palestinian slum cities of Lebanon and Syria. It is everywhere conducted by Palestinian intelligence, including in cooperation with Lebanese intelligence and Syrian intelligence. Syrian communities from the Golan/Jolan need be fully included in the rehabilitation effort as described above in recreating their communities geographically elsewhere as depending on their heritage, ancestry and origin. Furthermore have all Jordanian clans already agreed to communal reversion. The process of communal reversion for indigenous Jordanian clans is conducted by Jordanian royal intelligence. All Palestinian clans of Jordan have also fully agreed to communal reversion to their own heritage.

Out of respect and cultural sensitivity towards Palestinian culture will Israel not annex Judea until the process of communal reversion is completed and so will the Israeli annexation and enfranchisement of Palestinians of Judea not be unilateral but will rather be performed upon consensual request from Palestinian society in Judea. Communal reversion is the birthright of Palestinian hamulas and the Israeli public will no doubt fully support Israeli annexation of the entire Judea when processes of communal reversion in Judea have been fully completed.

Israel has in parallel a large-scale program of communal reversion for the approximately ten million Bnei Anusim of Italy and the Ibero-American world. Israel seeks to reconnect and fully reunite with Bnei Anusim communities (Sephardi Crypto-Jews) as part of a process of welcome and unification as similar indeed to the process of communal reversion in Palestinian society. Israel intends to bring as many Bnei Anusim communities as possible on communal Aliyah, communal immigration to Israel. The interest in communal reversion and communal Aliyah is very extremely high in Bnei Anusim anusim communities around the world.

At some point after processes of communal reversion are completed in Jordan-Gaza does Israel certainly look forward to to the unification of the two banks of Jordan. This is fully in accordance with the historical longings of all three peoples and together will we turn vision into reality as based on reciprocal partnership and mutual cultural respect.

The feminist social revolution is an important part of the process of reunification as the ethnic unification requires ending masculinist norms in both societies, social norms that tragically fuel conflict in families, within societies and between peoples. Feminist social revolution including feminist reversion to gynocentric Sumerian ritual sex is an essential part of the process of communal reversion and unification. WE THE PEOPLES.