Liberating the Idlib Jihadist Region

As the Islamic State Caliphate Caliphate has been crushed needs the military attention now become focused on liberating the Idlib Jihadist region. The suffering of the peoples of the Idlib region under Jihadist totalitarianism can no longer be ignored and so we need prepare joint military action to end all Jihadist territorial control in all parts of Syria.

Feminist YPJ fighters. (Image by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr)

Damascus, Rojava and allied supporting nations of the international community need to move to crush Jihadism in Syria altogether and the Rojava program of feminist social revolution needs be implemented in all parts of Syria as preparation for democratization and communal reversion to Median Judaism, primarily Alawism and Yezidism.

Damascus and Rojava need to show foreign Jihadists of all kinds that they are no longer welcome in Syria and so need we apply the accelerated military strategy that crushed DAESH in liberating the Idlib Jihadist region as well.

The Russian Air Force has long helped the Syrian army hold the lines in protecting the neighboring Alawite region from genocidal Jihadism. While a crushing international air campaign could easily be applied is this not really necessary as the extremely successful campaign along the Euphrates River needs be implemented in the Idlib region as well. The Syrian army would however not be especially welcome in the Idlib region and so the SDF as supported from the air by the international coalition also requires extensive intelligence support from Damascus. The SDF is up to the job and so the time is rapidly approaching for bringing the armed feminist revolution to the Idlib Jihadist region.

The armed feminist revolution is ready to liberate persons of all ages, genders, ethnicities and sexualities as suffering under the tyranny and terror of Jihadist neo-medievalism. The feminist SDF is ready for this challenge and will perform some tactical innovation in the process. We the feminist revolution will not stand down, we will fight to crush the Jihadist menace until Jihadism is fully liquidated. We have been waiting for this for long and we are longing to see the joyous faces of liberated girls and women. We will not be drawn into masculinist military nonsense but will rather stick to feminist warfare in hence prioritizing gaining and maintaining popular support. We are not interested in taking prisoners unless absolutely required by the laws or war but rather in liquidating all Jihadist scumbags everywhere. We the armed feminist revolution are ready for this challenge; we feel neither fear nor joy at the prospect of eliminating the Jihadist menace but we rather understand that this is the calling of the armed feminist revolution.

We the feminist revolution are ready to wage war on Jihadism and liberate the suffering peoples of the Jihadist Idlib enclave. We are up to the job and we are aware of our duties as part of the global feminist social revolution in serving as role models for the entire human world. We understand that we need to do the job because nobody else can and it is our absolute duty to bring the feminist social revolution to liberate the suffering peoples of the Idlib Jihadist region.

There are remaining Jihadist enclaves in other parts of Syria as well and the SDF will need to crush them as well because nobody else can. We the victorious feminist revolution are ready to liberate the oppressed everywhere from the chains of structural oppression. We the feminist revolution are ready to fulfill our duties in every respect and we will not shy away from performing our duties in every way. We the victorious feminist revolution will continue to win by operating by inclusively feminist moral standards. We the armed feminist revolution are up to the job and we will finish the job all over Syria in liberating all Jihadist enclaves.

The time is approaching for redeeming Syria from totalitarianism by bringing the feminist social revolution with full government support to all parts of Syria. We call on the IRGC to leave Syria or their bodies will be buried in Syrian sand rather than in Iranian soil. We call for a Syria as free from Jihadist control of any kind whether Sunni or Shia.

We call for democratic borders within Syria on the basis of democratic confederalism in phasing out religious imperialism. The peoples of Syria have had enough of cynical populism and so we need communal reversion and democratic borders with natural states throughout the Middle East.

Yet we have no choice but to wage war to annihilate Jihadism and we will do so because nobody else can. We the armed feminist revolution are ready to perform and so we shall and so we will.