Never Again

Major American Jewish organizations lobbied for many weeks in advance to prevent what most tragically became the 73rd Yezidi genocide in August 2014.

Feminist Yezidi YJÊ fighters in Shingal/Sinjar. (Image by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr.)

Yet still the genocide took place despite many nations including the State of Israel and the United States of America in military terms having been perfectly militarily capable of preventing it from the air. How could this possibly happen and why was the 73rd Yezidi genocide only halted one day too late?

Major American Jewish organization in the United States were timely set into motion so as to lobby for timely American military intervention against the intended genocide against the halakhically fully Jewish Yezidi (Yehudi) ethnoreligious Crypto-Jewish community in Kurdistani Shingal (Sinjar).

President Barack Obama was well aware of the impending danger of genocide thanks to having been extensively informed by top-level representatives of American Jewish organizations and the president certainly gave the order at the right moment, yet the then US military leadership refused to obey and implemented the order one day too late when the genocide was already a fact.

The Israeli military had similar executive orders of setting in motion timely military intervention at the right moment yet the then Israeli military leadership declined to intervene altogether. There was a proper chain of command in Israel’s second hereditary head of state having formally instructed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pass down an executive military order for Israeli military intervention in order so as to timely and absolutely prevent genocide.

Yet due to the then still highly significant indirect intelligence control by the then Argentina-based Gestapo intelligence agency over the DIA (US Defense Intelligence Agency) and the Aman (Israeli military intelligence) were the executive American and Israeli orders for humanitarian military intervention of genocide prevention blatantly disobeyed. To describe this as scandalous is entirely insufficient as one of the reasons underlying Israel’s founding was precisely to prevent genocide against Jews once more. The Yezidis are not only a Para-Jewish people practicing Median Crypto-Judaism but are fully recognized as fully halakhically Jewish by all informed poskim (top religious decisors) of Orthodox Judaism. The failure is astounding and there are no excuses whatsoever.

Major American Jewish organizations were mobilized for lobbying the White House and other relevant branches of government such as the State Department and the Pentagon yet to no avail despite the politically nominally fully successful nature of the concerted lobbying campaign. President Barack Obama was fully aboard yet the executive order for military intervention was ignored which prompted the OPC (the Office for the Protection of the Constitution) to launch a furious military operation which involved intense intelligence warfare in the OPC wresting tentative control over the Pentagon after which the US military aerial operation was implemented one day and one night too late.

America was heroically brought into action in defense of American values yet tragically one day and one night too late. Tens of thousands of Yezidis were massacred by the Islamic State Caliphate thugs and the survivors were sold as sexual slaves in the open markets.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had for weeks offered President Masoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Israeli military intervention which the KRG firmly declined due to fears of their already publicly well-known relationship with the Mossad becoming fully official. This strange behavior was in turn the result of still very strong Gestapo indirect intelligence control within the now unofficially disbanded Mossad intelligence organization which instructed President Masoud Barzani to decline Prime Minister Netanyahu’s offer of Israeli military intervention. Israel also strongly requested that the the YPG/YPJ of Rojava (Syrian self-governing Kurdistan) intervene but they too refused and as the US only intervened to late.

Since the secular Kurdistani movement was effectively created by the Mossad are Kurdish nationalist leaders generally trained Israeli intelligence operatives, yet both KRG President Masoud Barzani (KDP) and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani (PUK) were simultaneously double agents for Iran’s Jihadist IRGC intelligence. There was thus an intense struggle going on between Israel and Iran over the political control of self-governing Iraqi Kurdistan.

The significant Iranian indirect intelligence influence over Rojava and the broader PKK movement at the time also prevented the YPG/YPJ from timely military intervention in Shingal/Sinjar in defense of the Yezidis. This treasonous pattern was repeated in 2017 when the YPG/YPJ refused to intervene militarily in support of the KRG against the Iraqi IRGC Shia Jihadist militias despite having already publicly pledged to do so.

The intensely patriotically Kurdistani Israeli Barzanis who were always in charge of the Kurdistani file at the Mossad impatiently for three years after the genocide wanted to execute the Jash (traitors) within the Kurdistan Regional Government but more wise and patient minds prevailed.

Instead was a slow and incremental process of Rojava intelligence takeover of the treasonous and corrupt KRG initiated by Israeli intelligence by means of a multiyear diplomatic campaign which ultimately in 2017 coerced the Kurdistani political parties to formally reconcile in accordance with Kurdish cultural conventions. The KRG was gradually, yet effectively so coerced into strategically integrating with Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) as American weapons deliveries were made contingent upon ever-increasing KRG strategic integration with Rojava. The US even implemented a weapons embargo against the KRG which remained for months after KDP-affiliated “peshmerga” attempted to launch Brakuji (Kurdish internecine warfare) against Rojava-controlled Western Shingal (Sinjar).

The IRGC between 2014 and 2017 made intense efforts to provoke and trigger Brakuji between Rojava and KDP-controlled Badinan in order so as to pave the way for an Iranian invasion nominally in support of the KRG but with the real purpose of invading and occupying Israeli-engineered Rojava.

Thanks to carefully coordinated Israeli and American diplomatic integration was the immensely corrupt KRG leadership forced to pay back vast amounts of funds as stolen from the KRG and the rolling Rojava intelligence takeover proceeded even without the knowledge of the political leaders of Rojava who found it difficult to understand how Israel could remain neutral between the treasonous, corrupt and dictatorial KRG and the patriotic, strictly law-abiding and pro-democratic Rojava but they suspiciously played along although not exactly understanding what it was that was going on.

The KRG leadership launched the 2017 independence referendum with full approval from both Israel’s prime minister and Israel’s second hereditary head of state. Rojava Intelligence had by then branched into three intelligence agencies, including Kurdistani Intelligence (KI) which was in charge of the covert takeover and liberation of the KRG from jash leaders there.

After the tactical redeployment by the IRGC-controlled “peshmerga” on executive orders by Israel’s and Kurdistan’s shared hereditary head of state from Kurdistani plains communities of the KRG including withdrawal from the multicultural Kurdistani city of Kirkuk did the Iraqi IRGC forces serially attempt to enter the KRG Zagros mountain fortress by means of invasion from the Iraqi plains.

Not a single intruder survived the attempted invasion of the KRG mountains as Israeli peshmerga elite special forces on executive orders from Israel’s second hereditary head of state quite effectively eliminated every single infiltrator with the Israeli Peshmerga (the fearless genuine peshmerga!) suffering only 300 casualties under the cover of comprehensive military censorship in the KRG. Intense Israeli intelligence warfare was waged within Iraq, Iran and Turkey which ended all attempts at invading the KRG and tens of thousands of Jihadists were clinically eliminated with almost no collateral damage.

The Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish militaries refused to obey standing orders to invade the KRG and the war ended with Israeli strategic victory as Israel permanently deployed 900 tactical nuclear weapons and 100 strategic nuclear weapons as part of the comprehensive defense agreement between Free Kurdistan and Israel as signed as prior to the 2017 independence referendum.

The AKP subsequently attempted to further invade Syria with the intention of committing genocide against the Alawite people of western Syria, something which was prevented by means of Israeli threats of war on the part of Israel, Rojava, Syria, the US and Russia against Turkey. The war ended with Imperial Intelligence of Iran having wrested effective control over the regular non-IRGC military and the Derin Devlet in Turkey significantly increasing its control over the Turkish state apparatus, including within the Turkish military.

The joint IRGC/AKP plans for genocide against the Alawites, the Alevis, the Bektashis, the Druze, the Dönmeh, the Mandaeans, the Yarsanis and the Yezidis (all of them fully halakhically Jewish) were prevented thanks to the “peshmerga” tactical redeployment from the Kurdistani plains communities which prompted covert mass military intervention of special forces and air forces of liberal democracies from around the world including European peshmerga special forces as trained for years by the Israeli military within the framework of the national militaries in Western Europe. A gargantuan effort commenced with military mass recruitment in all four parts of Kurdistan and mass deliveries of GCC-funded American weaponry for the emerging Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) and the emerging Kurdistani Air Force (KAF).

Yet we need be cognizant that the danger of genocide is far from over throughout the region against these vulnerably semi-covertly Jewish communities who are descendants of survivors of 15 centuries of genocidal religious imperialism.

We need profoundly learn from history in the UNSC approving a naval blockade against Iran in the Indian Ocean and the closure of the Hormuz straits and Iran’s neighbors to exports of Iranian fossil fuels as well as freezing all offshore accounts containing kleptocratically stolen funds from Iranian state coffers. Military action to prevent genocide needs however be performed instantly when there is instant danger and so there is no need for UNSC approval of genocide prevention.

We the international community need to internalize that the people of Kurdistan lives in constant danger from chemical, biological and radiological genocide as the IRGC planned to attack Hewlêr (Erbil), Sulaymaniyah, the Yezidi sacred cities of Shingal and Lalish and geographic communities of aforementioned ancient communities of Median Judaism throughout the region with weapons of mass destruction. The IRGC planned to cause the collapse of the “peshmerga” in causing them to flee into uninhabited mountain areas and subsequently invade and capture first the KRG and subsequently invade and capture the indirectly Israeli-controlled Rojava as well.

The war ended with Jihadist defeat yet the conflict is far from over and the danger of genocide is still very much present. We the international community need to signal our solidarity with the feminist revolution in the region whose epicenter is Free Kurdistan and doing so by standing with the brave and heroic United States of America in jointly closing the Hormuz straits and preparing ourselves for clinical anti-genocide military intervention if genocidal plans are once more put into motion.