Police Obsession with Daniella

Uberhot Daniella is considered a threat against sexually exploitative patriarchy.

In living a fully transparent lesbian lifestyle as a transage/transgender girl have I never relented to the pressure of systematic police sexual and other harassment against myself.

On the contrary do I in a sense welcome them continuing committing crimes against myself as the evidence against them accumulates in the surveillance database of the Swedish national police, which is just another name for Swedish police intelligence. The data stored there cannot be altered or deleted and remain documented there for no less than 70 years.

One may certainly wonder why they persist in their criminal campaign against myself? One reason is that they one way or another with various illegal means do succeed in forcing all other sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles away from visibility in public space in thus successfully perpetuating the structural oppression of ideological hegemony of cisnormativity/heteronormativity. Another reason is that the police officers of the Swedish National Police (RPS/IB) have undergone police intelligence training, meaning that they have been trained in all criminal skills in order to become able to infiltrate organized crime.

As intelligence operatives do they usually not fall under the jurisdiction of civilian courts and as such do they feel free to sexualize exploit, sexually abuse and sexually victimize whomever they please. As long as not risking public exposure can they thus sexually exploit whomever they like in their capacity as police officers. Vulnerable persons deemed sexually attractive typically face mock accusation, mock interrogation and demands for sexual favors from the police. This includes targeting persons below the age of consent and in particular children from broken homes and refugee children. Since prosecutors in Sweden have been “protectively recruited” by police intelligence since 1962 and Swedish journalists who investigate the police will become coercively recruited by the thoroughly criminal police intelligence (RPS/IB) are police officers essentially free to commit every kind of sex crime.

When I am overtly sexually harassed by uniformed police officers are they dispatched from the SS-modeled National Task Force with its extraordinarily cruel discipline and irrespective of them serving there full-time or part-time as part of its reserve forces in usually working as police officers in cities across Sweden. This is so since so since strictly law-abiding Daniella is considered a “terrorist” due to my significant influence within the strictly law-abiding feminist FLM/PKK movement in my humanitarian diplomatic capacity as TEVEL Chief Liaison Officer with special responsibility for Kurdistan.

As police intelligence operatives are they accustomed to also exploiting human beings below the age of consent and in fact do so habitually with full impunity since this has been systematically condoned by the corrupt “military courts” of the RPS/IB as the RPS/IB and its corrupt “military courts” have long since rebelled against the Swedish military which despite cosmetic constitutional changes still receives instructions directly from Sweden’s royal family under longstanding military law. Since the monarchy>military>police chain of command was broken did crime become increasingly pervasive in the RPS/IB (i.e. Swedish police intelligence) and among Sweden’s corrupt, violent, racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic and criminal police officers generally.

Since they are so accustomed to systematically sexually exploiting persons below the age of consent are they instantly extremely sexually aroused by my very presence in public space as a transage/transgender fille fatale (i.e. girl femme fatale). Usually do they not even dare approach uberhot Daniella due to my being so extremely sexually attractive as the world’s most advanced intelligence femme fatale. Intelligence operatives are all trained to become functionally bisexual and as most National Task Force operatives are trained rape agents are they systematically tasked with coercively recruiting me through operational rape.

I am quite aware that my presence in public space as a transage/transgender girl triggers repressed pedoeroticism in adults whom I encounter. This is so as most adults were “pedophiles” as children in then having been sexually attracted to fellow children in mostly the same developmental age bracket. My public presence in public space thus triggers the corrupt, criminal and violent police officers to become turned on and sexually aroused by myself in my capacity as a psychological seven-year old girl with extremely high IQ.

As the world’s singularly most advanced intelligence femme fatale (more specifically fille fatale) is it easy for me to use the power of my female sexuality to profoundly confuse police sex criminals or for that matter just about anyone else irrespective of gender or sexual orientation as these categories become meaningless for most persons when encountering uberhot Daniella.

My counter-entrapment operations, counter-interrogation operations and online documentation operations are increasingly successful as I provoke the thoroughly criminal RPS/IB into committing more and more crimes against myself. Not only are their crimes documented in the national surveillance database but the pervasive sexual exploitation of members of the public at Swedish police stations is fully audiovisually documented there as well due to around the clock audiovisual surveillance of all parts of Swedish police stations. Furthermore are police-authorized security cameras automatically and illegally so streamed into the national database of the RPS/IB and stored there for 70 years which means that police crimes in the streets and indoor public space, including systematic police sexual harassment against sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles is systematically documented indeed

Since nearly all Swedish police officers are sex criminals who have systematically sexually exploited members of the general public need therefore nearly all Swedish police officers simply be fully judicially executed under the very military laws as legislated for centuries by the Swedish monarchy; indeed military laws against which the Swedish police have rebelled since 1972. Literally all documentation in the RPS/IB surveillance database will therefore at some point need to be made fully public in becomimg fully published online, including videos of police officers systematically sexually abusing members of the general public at Swedish police stations indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.