Closing Hormuz

The Khomeinist regime has violated the international nuclear deal with the international community by continuing with its secret parallel nuclear weapons program. Iran continues to sponsor Jihadism worldwide in multiple ways and thousands of IRGC WMD attacks have been prevented in recent weeks in cities around the world. The time has certainly come for closing the Hormuz Straits to Iranian exports of fossil fuels.

The climate during the month of May provides optimal weather conditions for the feminist revolution in Tehran, Ankara, Beirut and Baghdad.

There is no good will towards the world or for that matter towards the peoples of Iran within the crypto-satanist IRGC regime structure in Iran. The IRGC elite has in recent weeks been evacuating to South America (particularly to Venezuela) with their ill-gotten financial resources as stolen from Iranian state coffers. This operation is clearly modeled on the Gestapo relocation (including most of the Nazi leadership) to South America (and particularly to Argentina) in 1945.

As ethnolinguistic covert special forces from European countries are all over Iran in liquidating the IRGC wherever they can be found has the IRGC understood that time is up and so the only thing that they believe could save the regime would be major aerial warfare against Iran since that could help the corrupt regime restore some measure of public domestic support. However, aerial war in the periphery and/or targeted measured aerial attacks in Tehran would however certainly not alienate the general public in Iran from the international community.

General economic sanctions are generally not a good idea since we want the latest Ipad to be available for purchase throughout Iran. We want Iranians to connect with the world and the world needs engage with the peoples of Iran.

What we however need to do is to end all Iranian exports of fossil fuels and irrespective of whether exported through the sea or exported through neighboring countries. We need furthermore freeze all stolen funds in offshore accounts around the world. We need impose a naval blockade in the Indian Ocean and close the Hormuz Straits to Iranian exports of fossil fuels. It is very much essential that the international community unites in ending the Jihadist Nexus as this essential action also needs be endorsed by the United Nations Security Council. We must no more allow the Jihadist Nexus to weaken the international community by them playing divide and rule among thus.

We must stand with the feminist social revolution in the Middle East and around the world in standing with the primping females of Tehran and other Iranian cities who every day show their defiance against the Jihadist regime, including by showing lots of hair between the face and the regime-enforced hijab. We need stand in every way with the brave primping females who suffer sexual harassment by the police and the IRGC.

By closing down Iranian oil exports can we help accelerate the disintegration of the economic base of the IRGC regime and thus help the feminist social revolution succeed in Iran. We want to help the peoples of Iran and not hurt them. We need bring down the crypto-satanist IRGC regime and not perpetuate it. This is a very, very essential matter of concern as to our shared future on this blue planet of ours.

The United States of America expects the international community to fully diplomatically participate in the effort to impose a naval blockade in the Indian Ocean and outlawing all Iranian exports of fossil fuels. This an urgent matter of concern to all us as this is global shared interest of the international community of responsible nations. America expects full participation in passing the necessary and fully binding UN Security Council resolutions for freezing stolen regime assets abroad, ending all exports of fossil fuels and imposing a naval blockade in the Indian Ocean.

No complex sanctions process is needed and America expects full diplomatic cooperation without any undue diplomatic delays. We the peoples of the international community must show our full support for the brave peoples of Iran by expeditiously passing the requisite binding UNSC resolutions. By supporting the peoples of Iran are we in fact supporting ourselves and defending ourselves from the threat of the evils of neo-imperialist totalitarianism.

We the peoples need stand strong against an evil regime which is planning genocide against the three million strong Kurdish Yarsani (Hebrew Yardeni, literally “Jordanian”) semi-secretely Jewish community in Iranian Kurdistan. There is no more room for restraint or diplomatic engagement with the malevolent forces of totalitarianism. Yet we need act intelligently in not playing into the hands of this evil regime. Expeditiously passing the requisite binding resolutions in the United Nations Security Council means that the international community will join the peoples of Iran in their struggle against the evils of totalitarianism.

By uniting in expeditiously passing the requisite resolutions in the UN Security Council are we in fact protecting our own home fronts. This is a shared interest and moral imperative of the international community and so by taking action are we simply protecting ourselves, our peoples and our home fronts from these nefarious threats indeed.

America is the indispensable nation, yet it is very, very essential to international peace and security that we the community of nations closely work together in expeditiously passing those very resolutions. There is no need for diplomatic bargaining as these are simply shared interests of all us. No nation should expect America to pay a price for America defending the core national security interests of that other nation. America expect all to line up in expeditiously passing these resolutions so that the Jihadist enemy will not be able to play the usual diplomatic games of divide and rule.

We peoples of the world need stand together in taking swift action to defend our common interests in ensuring international peace and security. We the peoples have no choice but to stand together with the brave peoples of Iran in their brave struggle against the evils of totalitarianism and so this is surely not the time for petty diplomatic games of geopolitical myopia.