Humanitarian Warfare in Rojhelat

The peoples of Iran suffer tremendously under the Khomeinist regime and the oppression is especially atrocious in Rojhelat, Iranian-occupied East Kurdistan.

Yarsani women petition God for assistance. (Image by Dynamosquito)

The armed feminist insurgency in Bakur, Turkish-occupied North Kurdistan is proceeding well and so this success needs be replicated in Rojhelat as well. The winter is a suitable time for guerilla action from a Kurdistani perspective and the liberation of Kurdistan is an urgent humanitarian concern considering that Kurdistan is under permanent threat of genocide by the forces of Jihadist totalitarianism, including Khomeinism.

Rojhelati military forces have long been trained in Rojava (Free Kurdistan north of Syria) and are ready for comprehensive deployment in the war against Jihadism on the eastern front. The time has indeed arrived for war in Rojhelat. The people wants freedom and is ready to pay the price of freedom.

It is impossible to accept the atrocious Jihadist oppression and as millions of fully halakhically Jewish Yarsani Kurds live under permanent threat of genocide is it essential to initiate and commence comprehensive military action under the international obligation of genocide prevention.

The IRGC plans to use chemical weapons against the Yarsanis and so there is literally no choice but to act preemptively as that is the only way to ensure that planned genocide does not commence. Halting genocide in progress is in every way legally and morally insufficient as that means that many innocents will needlessly die before an ongoing genocide is halted.

Genocide prevention is an internationally binding legal obligation and imperative of military necessity under the laws of war and so acting timely is an obligation and not merely an option. Genocide against Yarsani Jews is genocide against humanity and although Yarsanis have long suffered without almost any international media attention is it morally impossible not to take action against an evil regime which denies the Holocaust and openly advocates genocide against Jews.

The very, very significant covert presence of special forces of liberal democracies in Bashur (Free Kurdistan north of Iraq) will help ensure that the conflict will not spread there.

We know the nature of anti-Jewish hatred and totalitarianism and we also know the despicable character of those seeking to exterminate Jews. While the Winter is an appropriate time for guerilla warfare in the Kurdistani mountains is this not the main consideration as the agenda is imposed by the genocidal enemy. Taking action is thus binding obligation under international law rather than a mere option.

Offensive action is thus a must as the Kurdistani liberation forces need initiate and commence action towards fully liquidating the unacceptable presence of the Jihadist occupation in Rojhelat. The increasingly successful armed feminist insurgency in Bakur hence needs become replicated in Rojhelat as well.

The people of Kurdistan stands behind the democratic liberation forces and as Kurdistan is the very epicenter of the global struggle against genocidal Jihadism is there literally no choice but to bring the successful feminist insurgency of Bakur to Rojhelat as well. The timing is dictated by the atrocious designs of the Jihadist IRGC, a state-sponsored international terrorist organization and its evil decision to activate its plans for genocide against millions of Yarsani Jews.

The significant covert presence of international special forces in Free Kurdistan sends the message that Jihadist and ethnocratic suppression against the people of Kurdistan is now a highly prioritized international humanitarian concern indeed. We the peoples cannot remain on the sidelines while Anti-Jewish demagogues plan genocide against Jews. We the peoples understand the suffering of the noble people of Kurdistan and we cannot remain indifferent as millions of Yarsani Jews are threatened by genocide.

This is not primarily an Israeli or Jewish concern but an international responsibility indeed. After World War II did we solemnly promise not to let genocide against humanity once more occur and it has sadly occurred multiple times since then.

In bringing feminist guerilla warfare to Rojhelat will the primary obligation be to defend the Yarsani Jewish community from the threat of chemical genocide, but we will defend Rojhelat as a whole for Kurdistan will be free as we will crush patriarchy, ethnocracy and totalitarianism. Just as the feminist revolution against patriarchy, ethnocracy and totalitarianism succeeded in Rojava – so will it succeed in Rojhelat as well. Indeed, evil male oppressors literally stand no chance against cunningly ethical females. In bringing the feminist revolution to Rojhelat will we therefore institute feminist rule in Rojhelat as well. The people of Rojhelat is ready and so are the Kurdistani liberation forces as extensively trained and prepared by Israeli Kurds on behalf of Israel.

The people of Rojhelat will stand with Yarsani Kurds against the malevolent intentions of the forces of evil. Rojhelati Kurds will indeed stand shoulder to shoulder against genocidal Jihadism. There will be no difference between Kurd and Kurd including Israeli Kurds, a Kurdish community which is more active, indeed proactive in the liberation of Kurdistan than any other Kurdish community.

The Yarsani Jewish community has long suffered in silence and so the Kurdish people will mobilize to defend Yarsani Kurds from the evil designs of the corrupt Khomeinist menace against humanity. There is no choice but to take timely action against genocide even before it commences. The people of Rojhelat will indeed stand shoulder to shoulder with the Yarsani Jewish community in taking every necessary measure to prevent genocide.

The brave, noble and freedom-loving people of Kurdistan are on the right side of history in the struggle for the freedom of every people. Kurdistan is no longer invisible to the international community as Free Kurdistan stands with Rojhelatis and all the suffering peoples of Iran. The people of Kurdistan understands indeed that freedom requires readiness to defend liberty against enemies of open society.

In preparing and commencing comprehensive action of genocide prevention are the Kurdistani liberation forces fully logistically backed up Israel. Israeli Kurds as the vanguard of the Kurdistani revolution are proud to expand the feminist revolution in liberating Rojhelat from evil racist scumbags. The people of Kurdistan knows that it has no choice but to defend itself against the forces of evil and so it will. God bless Kurdistan!