Understanding Kurdistani Intelligence Agencies

The PKK guerilla as other third-world armed movements of decolonization was extensively sponsored by the GRU, Soviet military intelligence while also having had a very close relationship with the Mukhabarat intelligence community of the Syrian Ba’ath regime of totalitarian dictator Hafez Assad as the PKK for many years remained headquarted in Damascus, Syria.
The Soviet Union was interested in wresting political control over Turkey while Syria had territorial ambitions in seeking to annex both Alawite regions near the Mediterranean Sea and the Amiyyah-language (but not Arabophone) region as wedged between Syria and Bakur (North Kurdistan).

The plan was for Turkey to be divided with small parts of southern Turkey becoming annexed by Syria with the rest of Turkey/Bakur becoming a Soviet satellite and puppet Marxist-Leninist state as ruled by Moscow’s PKK Soviet proxy. The USSR never had any intention whatsoever of establishing an independent Kurdistan and so the PKK was a mere tool for Ba’athist Syria and the Communist Soviet Union.

After the end of Syrian sponsorship in the late 1990s did the PKK intensively court the Mossad and a tentative diplomatic relationship commenced although the PKK movement was only formally included in the inter-people Israel-Kurdistan alliance at the Israel-Kurdistan student conference as held at the Stockholm Jewish Community Center in 2004. Israel had been reluctant to include the formerly Marxist-Leninist PKK in the 27 centuries old special relationship between the two peoples, yet the PKK was included in the alliance on condition that Israel’s second hereditary head of state was appointed covert leader of the PKK movement. This was implemented as the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan whom for years had worked diligently to align the PKK with Israel now secretly and highly patriotically so agreed to resign for the sake of the liberation of Kurdistan. The PKK also fully agreed to the Israeli condition that that the PKK would fully leave its totalitarian past behind.

The PKK movement has ever since been under the leadership of Israel’s second hereditary head of state to which its mainstream feminist wing which predominates in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) is intensely loyal unlike its vocal “satanist” minority which has remained influential within the armed Turkish wing of the PKK which is headquartered in mountainous Qandil, South Kurdistan. This wing was part of the GRU and is now part of the SVR, Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. The SVR-controlled faction within the PKK movement never accepted the resignation of Abdullah Öcalan in falsely claiming that it was not voluntary and this faction managed to perpetuate the totalitarian cult of personality around the imprisoned persona of Abdullah Öcalan who passed away in 2016 although this was never officially announced by Ankara.

Israel’s alliance with the PKK movement in 2004 led the Mossad to form PKK intelligence in transforming the PKK movement from a Soviet-sponsored guerilla movement into an Israeli external intelligence agency as led Israeli Barzanis. PKK intelligence established diplomatic relations with the American intelligence community as represented by the NSA (National Security Agency), OPC (Office for the Protection of the Constitution) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) at a formal working meeting at the US embassy in Stockholm in 2005.

The PKK for many years mostly focused on democratizing Turkey/Bakur while the armed struggle almost ceased in becoming reduced to occasional clashes on the border between Turkish-occupied Bakur and KRG-governed Bashur, or South Kurdistan within the borders of Iraq.

KDP intelligence was founded by the Mossad in cooperation with the Iranian SAVAK in 1963 while the Mossad founded PUK intelligence in 1986. Both intelligence agencies became heavily infiltrated by IRGC intelligence to the point of the IRGC almost taking over the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Kurdistani Peshmerga forces until large-scale purges were successfully performed by Israeli intelligence forces (Israeli Peshmerga) in the fall and winter of 2017 including within the leaderships of the Peshmerga and political hierarchies of the KDP and the PUK by means of large-scale executions under the jurisdiction of Israeli secret military courts in Free Kurdistan as operating under the fully authorized jurisdiction of the KRG.

The PKK movement in having almost entirely transitioned from Marxist-Leninist totalitarianism to feminist intersectional libertarianism was covertly renamed as the Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM) in 2017. There are now three intelligence agencies as affiliated with the FLM. These are the FLM itself which is organized as an intelligence agency without a headquarter in addition to FLM Intelligence which is an international intelligence agency as focused on helping train feminist military units in close cooperation with Israeli-allied militaries in countries around the world, including in Saudi Arabia and all Western countries.

The FLM is tasked with organizing and training the global feminist social revolution by organizing an elite military intersectionally feminist revolutionary vanguard worldwide in preparing for asserting control after the fall of the essentially criminal institution of patriarchy. Patriarchy in all human cultures is about inventing, developing and perpetuating practices, customs and social institutions as intended to facilitate the economic, psychological, sexual and social exploitation of females by males. The FLM is tasked with ethico-politically ending patriarchy with all ethico-political means necessary as permitted under law, including the laws of war.

The third FLM intelligence agency is Kurdistani Intelligence (KI) which controls what were once the Israeli intelligence assets of the now dissolved Mossad in the Kurdistani movement. The Kurdistani movement was originally largely led by religious Muslims until increasingly taken over and reconstructed as a militantly secular movement by the Mossad. This first commenced with a secret meeting between Israel’s first hereditary head of state and his first cousin Prince Moshe Barzillai (a.k.a. “Mustafa Barzani”) in Baghdad in 1949, then head of the House of Adiabene as a princely branch of the Afghan royal family, the House of Barakzai.

Rojava (Democratic Confederation of Northern Syria or DFNS) was established after Israel threatened the then criminal regime with major war unless it expeditiously withdrew from Syrian Kurdistan. The Syrian regime has since been purged with extensive Israeli intelligence assistance and Alawite intelligence which was formed on Israel’s initiative in 2016 has liquidated most of the totalitarian intelligence apparatus as subservient to the then Argentina-based Gestapo. Alawite Intelligence is now a full member of the semi-covert TEVEL international intelligence cooperation organization and is closely allied with Free Kurdistan on the basis of Alawite-Yezidi fraternity.

KDP intelligence and PUK intelligence are now largely under KI control after large-scale purges and executions of traitors as subsequent to the 2017 Kirkuk crisis and brief covert war which resulted in Israeli strategic victory against IRGC Jihadist proxies in Iraq, a permanent Israeli air bridge through Jordan and along Syrian-Iraqi border, vast covert military deployment of special forces from all well-established liberal democracies, vast mass military recruitment in all four parts of Kurdistan to the KI-commanded Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF), the commencement of building the Kurdistani Air Force (KAF) with extensive US deliveries of GCC-funded military aircrafts, vast GCC-funded weapons deliveries to the KDF and the geostrategically essential, yet purely defensive deployment of one thousand Israeli military nuclear weapons in Free Kurdistan including one hundred strategic nuclear weapons.

The 2017 KRG independence referendum was a KI (but notably not Israeli) false flag operation as intended to garner international support for the noble Kurdistani humanitarian cause and ensure international humanitarian intervention so as to strategically avert the joint Turkish MB/AKP and Iranian IRGC plans for perpetrating regionwide genocide against Alawites, Alevis, Bektashis, Druze, Mandaeans, Yarsanis and Yezidis for being Crypto-Jewish, including prominently by means of chemical, biological and radiological weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The Kurdistani Peshmerga at the time were largely controlled by IRGC intelligence and the tactical, yet strategically temporary redeployment from the geographically relatively small Kurdistani plains areas of Bashur (South Kurdistan) including the multiethnic Kurdistani city of Kirkuk strategically facilitated covert large-scale international military intervention by special forces of liberal democracies around the world.

Most of the Iraqi military including the Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) refused to participate in the failed IRGC attempt to cause ethnic and religious civil war in Iraq/Bashur. The Iraqi military leadership hid in bunkers during the conflict out of tremendous fear of large-scale humanitarian aerial military intervention by the Israeli Air Force (IAF). When the IRGC-commanded Shia Jihadists repeatedly tried to enter the Zagros mountain fortress of Iraqi Kurdistan where those forces eliminated to the last man by the heroic Israeli peshmerga forces under the convenient cover of comprehensive KRG military censorship. The Kurdistani Peshmerga for the most part did not participate in the conflict out of Israeli concern for protecting their lives from harm and so they mostly participated in local diversionary maneuvers as directed by the KI as the Kurdistani Peshmerga tactically withdrew to defensible lines near the Zagros mountain fortress and the Mosul dam in providing far better military battle conditions than in the ethnically diverse Kurdistani city of Kirkuk and hence was ethnic/religious Yemen-style military conflict as planned by the IRGC and the MB/AKP successfully avoided.

The Kirkuk crisis and subsequent large-scale covert and relatively large-scale war at the approaches of the Zagros led to decisive Israel strategic military victory and Free Kurdistan is now being built into a regional military giant thanks to the strategically clever and strategically temporary tactical redeployment from Kurdistani plains communities in South Kurdistan. After Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the top spiritual leader of the Crypto-Yarsani Imamite Shi’ism met with President Fuad Masum of Iraq did the Grand Ayatollah formally communicate to Iraqi leaders that he fervently opposed the war against the Kurds.

The PKK was contrary to accusations by the infamously racist Swedish police never involved in the execution of treasonous Swedish PM Olof Palme who was a known KGB intelligence operative who was long allowed to remain in place as a geopolitically useful double agent by MUST (Swedish Military and Security Intelligence Agency). The despicable traitor was fully legally executed by the head of the Swedish IB (Information Bureau, i.e. Swedish police intelligence) in the middle of Stockholm in 1986 on orders by a MUST military court after the Swedish royal family instructed MUST to commence legal proceedings for high treason against this most despicable tool of state totalitarianism.

The longstanding head of the IB was executed many years later for among other things high treason, espionage, mass murder, human trafficking, torture, crimes against humanity, mass economic crimes, repeatedly attempting to murder Sweden’s head of state and repeatedly attempting to recruit Sweden’s head of state to foreign intelligence agencies. Sweden’s head of state is a MUST intelligence operative only as MUST receives executive instructions from Sweden’s head of state alone. This was however entirely, fully and completely unrelated to the fully, entirely and completely legally performed execution of Sweden’s KGB prime minister as this execution abided fully, entirely and completely with all provisions of Sweden’s longstanding secret military laws.

Although in the past was the PKK funded by means of drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe did the PKK under the direction of the Mossad cease any civilian activities which contravened national laws and has since fully abided by national legislation everywhere and strictly abided by the laws of war as military combatants in accordance with the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) code of conduct.

Free Kurdistan is now an increasingly heavily armed emerging independent state as enjoying widespread military support from the liberal-democratic world as an effective extension of its comprehensive military defense treaty with Israel as entered into to prior to the 2017 KRG referendum.

FLM intelligence, Kurdistani intelligence and the FLM itself are no longer Israeli intelligence agencies as the dysfunctional Mossad was dissolved in 2016 when the TEVEL (originally an acronym for the Political Action and Liaison Department) became the supervisory body of the pro-democratic Israeli intelligence community and the Israeli civilian international intelligence community was renamed as Royal Intelligence in 2017. The TEVEL ceased being an Israeli intelligence agency in 2017 in becoming a international, global intelligence organization of fully integrated international intelligence cooperation for pro-democratic intelligence agencies of democracies and non-democracies alike as founded on minimal secrecy, increasingly optimal information sharing, strict law abidance, global law enforcement and Jewish ethics indeed.

The TEVEL is with full consent from its member organizations worldwide commanded by Israel’s militantly pro-democratic and increasingly internationally influential semi-covert royal family and the TEVEL including its three Kurdistani affiliates operate fully and completely in accordance with all requirements of national and international law.

Aside from being world leader in intelligence warfare does the TEVEL also have increasingly highly advanced special forces of the FLM which can be dispatched at short notice to any geographic location. FLM military forces now constitute the joint global military intelligence agency of TEVEL, yet were only formally constituted in 2017. The TEVEL is committed to erasing organized crime and criminal practices in the intelligence world and responsibly ensure international peace and security by means of comprehensive protection of and responsible development of freedom, emancipation and representative governance.

Kurdistani intelligence agencies were all formed by Israel’s semi-covert royal family as beginning in 1963 with the purpose of leading Kurdistan to freedom, emanciation and democracy in united independence. TEVEL member intelligence agencies (including the Derin Devlet, Alawite Intelligence, Iran’s Imperial intelligence and Iraqi Military Intelligence) operate on an equal footing under the umbrella of the TEVEL and Kurdistani intelligence agencies are therefore global partners of responsible nations as part of Kurdistan’s everlasting personal union with Israel as the people of the South and the people of the North will never ever again become torn apart after 27 centuries of imposed imperialist separation following upon the deportation of much of the Jewish population of the northern Kingdom of Israel to and near what is now Kurdistan.