Boys of Elmér

goal-oriented-2929843_1280Birger Elmér was the director of the Swedish Information Bureau (IB) intelligence agency and became infamous with the 1973 IB scandal in Sweden.

Birger Elmér was as are still nearly all top directors in the patriarchal intelligence world a pure pedophile as pure pedophiles were considered as the ones most resilient to honey traps and therefore the ones most suitable for top leadership positions.

Birger Elmér as most patriarchal top intelligence directors maintained a child harem for ostensible “training purposes”. Elmér was not only a pure pedophile but a violent rapist and a practicing so called “satanist”.

He promoted his favorite exploited boys to top positions and prior to that were they subjected to so called “environmental training” as part of intelligence training so as to condition them to also develop into “pure pedophiles”.

Other patriarchal intelligence directors used the same method of training and promotion of favorite boys for future leadership positions. This had the consequence of promotion of mediocrity whereby persons at IQ levels of somewhat above the genotypic average (typically 10-20 IQ points above the genotypic average) were promoted to leadership positions which ultimately caused the patriarchal intelligence world to crumble as the feminist revolution in the intelligence world revolted against horrendous and disgusting patriarchal practices.

The patriarchal intelligence world is crumbling as faced with an organized feminist revolution within the patriarchal intelligence world as female cunning easily outsmarts predictable patriarchal carno-phallogocentrism.

The feminist revolution in challenging the patriarchal rule of criminal pedophiles in the patriarchal intelligence world says no to the perpetuation of the tradition of sexual abuse against persons of all ages. Intelligence operatives do not want their children sexually exploited as they themselves were consistently sexually exploited when growing up in the patriarchal intelligence world. The feminist revolution in the intelligence world is a revolution against the pervasive sexual exploitation against sexually attractive intelligence operatives of all ages and genders. We will no more allow intelligence rapist to abuse and exploit our children, adolescents and adults of all genders.

We say no to abusive criminal pedophiles who by abusing their leadership positions in the patriarchal intelligence world have turned organized crime into a lifestyle of impunity. We say no more as we will wage intelligence war against you no matter where you are on this planet. We will hunt you down until every one of you is found and neutralized in accordance with longstanding military law. We will not let you continue as you are losing by virtue of comparatively low intelligence and utter stupidity of carno-phallogocentrism. There will be no deals with organized crime as we crush you until your are no more. We will pursue global law enforcement in order to reveal every hiding place of yours. There will be no mercy for the criminal pedophiles running the patriarchal intelligence world. We will find you no matter how well you hide.

The victims say “me too” and “no more” all over the world and we will pursue you until elimination is attained. We will not make the mistake after the victory in WW2 of ceasing chasing enemy intelligence structures even after victory is nominally attained. We will hunt you down and we will crush without mercy. There will be no mercy as we will crush every last one of you. There have been many occasions for defection and that occasion is now officially over. We will wage war on criminal pedophiles in the intelligence world until everyone of you is eliminated.

There will be zero tolerance and no mercy in the intelligence world against abuse and enslavement as we will pursue everyone of you as part of global feminist law enforcement to liberate the intelligence world from patriarchal pedophile rule including in police intelligence. We know who you are, we have tagged you and we will get to you and when you die will you regret the moment you were born. It is true that you were yourselves victims but that does not somehow justify victimizing even more persons. You have had plenty of time to switch sides and we are now fully determined to destroy you until you are no more.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.