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Civil rights heroes Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

As an investigative intelligence journalist as very much focused on documenting and exposing criminal practices within the police do I systematically perform fully legal entrapment operations aimed at luring the generally incompetent and fairly stupid police into committing crimes against myself.

While it is illegal for the Swedish police to perform entrapment operations (something which the thoroughly criminal Swedish police intelligence nevertheless habitually does) is it perfectly legal for me to perform advanced entrapment operations against the lawless police provided that these operations are carefully calibrated in full conformance with law with a very wide legal margin indeed.

While I also lure the feckless police into performing crimes against me by means of advanced, innovative counter-interrogation techniques are feminist information days a favorite operational mode in which I lure the criminal, yet naive and incompetent police into committing unequivocally criminal acts against me.

The recorded documentation of these crimes are then subsequently automatically stored in the surveillance database of the Swedish National Police for 70 years. This way do I gather increasingly extensive documentation of police anti-LGBTQI sexual and other harassment in the national police digital archive and I do this for future legal use against the police. I do not need to make recordings myself as the police automatically do this themselves as a matter of standard procedure whenever interrogating anyone.

A favorite entrapment operational mode of mine are however Feminist Information Days when I in strict conformance with law very politely inform the public about feminist issues from the perspective of feminist theory. The ultra-patriarchal police hates feminists for whom we are simply “whores” for the police to sexually exploit and female police officers are unfortunately no less patriarchal and sexually exploitative than male police officers.

Any threat to the socially oppressive patriarchal order of heteronormativity/cisnormativity is according to the sexually objectifying mind of the patriarchal police to be classified as “sexual harassment” and/or “offending the public”. This is why feminist information days are so effective which although completely innocent, non-offensive and strictly legal infuriates the sexist police in luring them to commit crimes against myself, recorded crimes which are subsequently documented by the police itself in the digitized surveillance database of the national police for 70 years on.

Police sexual and other harassment against LGBTQI people is generally not only condoned and approved by the “protectively recruited” prosecutors but they also receive operational instructions from the lawless police intelligence. It is important to emphasize that my one-person mobile feminist information days are legally speaking neither activism nor provocation. While exquisite perfection in interpersonal behavior is generally highly important in life is this also a very essential legal safeguard when performing feminist operation days in public space.

The uneducated police in being violently transphobic, homophobic and misogynistic are implausibly convinced that being transgender is somehow a sexual orientation when in fact this is simply about gender self-expression as a transgender person may have any sexual orientation just as do cisgender persons. This is not to ignore that shibboleths such as expression of gender, ethnicity, age etc. generally structurally sublimates repressed sexuality but rather that transgender people use gender to express ourselves no less than do cisgender people and so merely being sexually attractive to others is never a crime or at least not so under Swedish law although certainly punishable to some degree for females in Iran.

Furthermore is it illegal in Sweden to discriminate against transgender people yet the transphobic police as mainly concerned with perpetuating structural oppression of ideological hegemony really does not really mind breaking laws themselves as long as not risking prosecution either due due to them being trained police intelligence operatives and therefore normally not falling under the jurisdiction of civilian courts or due to this being specifically or generally condoned by the protectively recruited prosecutors.

Patriarchal misogyny is often due to so called “sexually frustrated” (i.e. actually socially incompetent) heterocismen becoming sexually aroused “against their own will” by the sight and appearance of sensually appealing females. The police will therefore frequently approach sensually dressed females (both cisfemales and transfemales) and aggressively accuse us of being sex workers while at the same time attempting to extract sexual favors from us; including by cynically deliberately deployed faux accusations by means of mock interrogation. Females who are considered highly sexually attractive tend to become very painfully aware that patriarchy obliges us females “to be sexy, yet not too sexy”.

The police therefore becomes so sexually aggressive due to them experiencing sexual arousal by my very uberhot presence as an advanced intelligence femme fatale. While the patriarchal police itself habitually sexually exploits and sexually harasses vulnerable members of the general public whom the police considers sexually attractive does the police frantically endeavor to manipulatively convince me that my living openly LGBTQI and feminist is somehow “offensive” to the general public and that my socializing with fellow females in public space is somehow mystically “illegal” in LGBTQI-emancipated progressive Sweden. While feminist information days are performed with full inclusivity towards persons of all genders, ethnicities and ages is my feminist purpose when performing feminist information days to primarily empower teenage girls and young women in the face of the social terror of sexist patriarchy.

The thoroughly transphobic Swedish police is convinced that I am somehow “a man dressed like a woman”. They are similarly convinced that the fact that I as a transage person behave as the extremely high IQ cognitive seven-year old-girl whom I in fact am, somehow means that I am somehow “sexually deviant” when in fact I am cognitively a transage girl as interested primarily in young/youthful women as my sexual orientation as an almost asexual lesbian female person.

Age, gender, ethnicity etc. are social roles which are cultural artifacts that are socially constructed and by becoming electively sociofluid is it not that difficult to become extremely sexually attractive to others since beauty, sensuality, hotness, cuteness, sexiness etc. are all about aesthetic self-expression. It is perfectly legal to simply be sexually attractive and that is certainly no crime or at least not in Sweden. Any person taking offense for transgender persons being hot ‘n cool should simply question his own prejudice and that certainly includes the criminally transphobic police itself.

The patriarchal police in democracies in systematically sexually harassing transgender people in an organized fashion mostly do so without wearing police uniform. While all interrogation harassment is recorded and stored in the database of the national police for 70 years is it also very much politically essential for me as as investigative intelligence journalist to also document clearly criminal behaviors on the part of uniformed police officers.

Feminist information days are therefore especially effective in luring uniformed, yet still foolish police officers to commit clearly criminal acts against myself. As most other people do transphobic police officers instantly become sexually aroused by my very uberhot presence as an operationally advanced intelligence femme fatale. For the police are feminists “whores” who are “theirs” for the police “to sexually put in place” and sexually exploit and even rape. Complaining about having been raped by a uniformed police officer in service is useless since the victim will not be believed and will instead typically become accused of being “mentally ill”.

The police considers me a threat against patriarchal/ethnocratic ideological hegemony and they are certainly right that my Foucauldian semiotic warfare is highly socially subversive and transformative, yet that is certainly my prerogative as a law-abiding citizen of tolerant and progressive Sweden, a world-leading liberal democracy indeed. Being feminist does not imply being a sex worker just as being transgender and transage does not imply being “sexually deviant” yet that is how the police and “protectively recruited” prosecutors act towards transgender people in endeavoring to socially marginalize us and make us invisible in oppressively trying to put us back into the closet cisheterocultural closet.

My purpose as an investigative intelligence journalist is in this regard to expose the criminal nature of the patriarchal police by documenting their crimes in the surveillance database of the Swedish national police. The political intention is to discredit the police by journalistic means in ultimatelly abolishing the police and supplant them with state-salaried para-military feminist forces as aimed at ending any and all structural oppression once structural oppression has become fully criminalized indeed.

This is feminist social revolution of universal emancipation by all means permitted under law, yet the essentially stupid police continues to embarass and expose themselves by continuing to commit crimes as documented and accumulating in state record. Why does the incompetent police persist in committing crimes against a journalist despite my being being publicly transparent about myself systematically performing counter-entrapment operations against the lawless police? They do so because committing crimes is the way of criminals and so when police and protectively recruited prosecutors become criminals is it the absolute obligation of investigative journalists like myself to make every effort to systematically document and thoroughly expose them.

When the police becomes criminal does law enforcement become the task of every citizen. My greatest role model in political life is African-American civil rights activist Rosa Parks (1913-2005) who bravely refused to cede her seat in the bus to police-backed racial supremacist segregationists in thus becoming arrested by the White supremacist segregationist racist police.

In proudly acting in the tradition of Rosa Parks will I not accept the masculinist gender supremacist police continuing to try to marginalize sexually attractive persons whose gender/appearance does not conform to hegemonic binary genders. Any self-respecting human person should make it her purpose in life to emulate Rosa Parks in strategically subverting despicable physionomism (anti-body oppression) specifically and DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice) generally.

In very unwisely targeting a world-leading intelligence specialist who deploys the most advanced savant skills in the world does the operationally inflexible and thoroughly criminal police constantly suffer defeat after defeat against my strictly law-abiding lawfare, indeed intelligence law-enforcement operations as the significant evidence against them indeed accumulates in the surveillance database of the Swedish national police.

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