Counter-Entrapment Operations

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Daniella Bartfeld is transgender, lesbian, proud and fully out.

The police in liberal-democratic open societies systematically harasses highly visible LGBTQI persons by means of police intelligence; including uniformed police officers, plainclothes police officers, police intelligence operatives and a tragic assortment of citizens as recruited as simple agents.

Any sexually attractive LGBTQI person who has tried to live fully openly and visibly outside of the few areas where living openly LGBTQI is part of the social norm (such as in parts of Tel Aviv and parts of the San Fransisco Bay Area) can surely attest to the fact that constant public harassment makes this almost impossible indeed.

LGBTQI victims in democracies assume that these are ordinary citizens who perform the undeniably systematic harassment when in fact the systemic  harassment is performed by police intelligence (the IBs in Western Europe and Israel, the FBI in the USA and similar police intelligence outfits in other democracies) as police intelligence simply does not hesitate to invest considerable personal resources in targeting any sexually attractive LGBTQI person who lives fully out of the closet and visibly so.

Sexually attractive LGBTQI persons with fully transparent lifestyles are considered perfect as potential intelligence operatives due to their apparent courage and no longer being sexually intimidated by that much sexually feared binary gender invisible social boundary on which heteroculture premised. Police intelligence therefore targets and indeed actively hunts highly visible, sexually attractive LGBTQI persons for coercive intelligence recruitment which is the initial stage of involuntary intelligence training.

I have been systematically harassed by police intelligence since 2005 due to my unwavering pro-Kurdish political involvement, including in support of the reformed feminist “PKK” movement whose real semi-covert name is the Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM). The FLM is the military branch of Israel’s civilian intelligence community under the umbrella of the TEVEL (Political Action and Liaison Department) after the unofficial dissolution of the highly enemy-infiltrate Mossad in 2016.

The FLM is in no way a terrorist organization, its civilian organizations abide by national law and its military forces strictly abide by the laws of war as does indeed the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The FLM is furthermore under rigorous judicial and political supervision by the TEVEL in order so as to ensure meticulous law-abidance in every respect. It should be added that the Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM) is not officially blacklisted by any government, country or international organization.

The police has therefore never even found a single excuse for questioning me on account of my diplomatic activism for the FLM, for the noble Kurdistani cause and for the law-abiding global feminist social revolution due to myself being very strictly law-abiding indeed. It should be noted that the old Communist PKK survives in the form of a relatively small yet vocal faction as controlled by Gestapo-controlled elements of the SVR, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service.

Living fully, openly, visibly and transparently LGBTQI is perfectly legal in nominally progressive Sweden despite the IB-controlled Swedish National Police constantly running illegal, mostly sexual entrapment operations and illegal mock interrogation harassment operations against sexually attractive LGBTQI persona who live fully openly and are thus highly visible in public space.

I have deployed three main types of fully legally protected countermeasures in my capacity as an extremely high IQ investigative journalist and experienced intelligence diplomat of the TEVEL in uncovering the operational methods as deployed by the fully criminal Swedish police intelligence against the LGBTQI community in Sweden.

The first method is systematic documentation of illegal methods and subsequently digitally publishing the documentation and thus making it available for anyone to read.

The second method are counter-interrogation techniques whereby I lure the interrogation harassers into admitting committing criminal offences, confessions which as it happens all become recorded in the national police surveillance data base and remain so for 70 years without any possibility of deletion.

The third method are counter-entrapment operations whereby I deploy carefully legally calibrated action as meticulously designed to be fully, completely and entirely legal with a very wide legal margin indeed under Swedish law and jurisprudence in order so as to lure the generally fairly stupid police into committing crimes against me. This may seem almost unimaginably brave, but in order so as to avoid detection and public exposure does police intelligence mostly operate without police uniforms, including when systematically sexually and otherwise harassing, indeed persecuting sexually attractive LGBTQI persons.

It is important to be fully and completely cognizant that I never under any circumstances engage in legally speaking provocative behavior of any kind and I certainly do not act in order so as to manipulate the police into acting legally towards me but I do rather lure them into committing crimes against myself, something which is very strictly legal for me in exposing the thoroughly criminal nature of police intelligence. Although the police is a highly corrupt and criminal patriarchal entity all over the world with police intelligence having a symbiotic relationship with organized crime is it nevertheless essential for me as an investigative journalist to personally document the clearly criminal criminal methods of police intelligence as opposed to as an intelligence specialist solely relying on confidential intelligence sources.

Whenever uniformed police officers sexually harass me (as usually dispatched from the intelligence trained para-military National Task Force) do they invasively touch my body against my will, engage in illegal mock interrogation harassment with the purpose of extracting false confessions and use various standard operational means to get to have sex with me. I always utilize this for counter-interrogation purposes in documenting their crimes along with successfully extracted inadvertent criminal confessions on their part as by means of police-recorded illegal interrogation as indeed stored for 70 years in the national surveillance data base of the indirectly IB-controlled Swedish National Police. I am always amazed by their utter incompetence and how easy it is to confuse and disorient those supposedly “elite” police intelligence operatives by carefully calibrated sociofluid deployment of the power of female sexuality by means of various femme fatale genders.

Male uniformed police harassers are often police intelligence rape agents, meaning intelligence operatives as trained in the particular form of coercive intelligence recruitment whereby the rape agent rapes the target person. Female uniformed police harassers do perform varying operational roles as spanning from rape agents, over proactive seduction agents to decoy seduction agents. The purpose is always coercive intelligence recruitment by means of sex which indeed is the predominant means of informal recruitment in the intelligence world.

Police intelligence invariably endeavors to highly manipulatively compel me to nominally express some kind of “verbal agreement” with their distinctly insincere and obviously preposterous pronouncements of 1) public feminist education, 2) living fully overtly LGBTQI, 3) publicly fully legally making out with teenagers above the age of consent as well as 4) authoring and publishing Queer theory as ostensibly being “sex crimes”!

Since sexual abuse (including rape and intergenerational sexual abuse) is the norm in the patriarchal intelligence world, including in the thoroughly criminal police intelligence (e.g. Sweden’s pathetically incompetent, purportedly “elite”, para-military National Task Force) is the anti-LGBTQI police sexual harassment merely a front for coercive recruitment operations into intelligence prostitution as every trained intelligence operative is a qualified seduction agent. Intelligence operatives are furthermore universally trained to act functionally bisexual and so anti-LGBTQI persecution by police intelligence is a matter of the intelligence world systematically sexually exploiting the LGBTQI community, yet no less importantly also serves the illegal police patriarchal agenda of perpetuating the ideological hegemony of cisnormativity and heteronormativity in public space.

Intelligence operatives all over the world are medicated while on missions and so are police intelligence operatives/officers/agents on covert missions as well and usually so with a low medical dose of cocaine and sometimes on particularly difficult missions instead a low medical dose of heroin. With time as an exceptionally talented prodigious savant have I learned to be able to distinguish by body language whether they are medicated with cocaine or with heroin.

Police intelligence operatives generally endeavor to intimidate and frighten me by harassing me in my role as an investigative journalist and a Queer theory field anthropologist and of course always so as get to have sex with uberhot Daniella as a means of both coercive intelligence recruitment and personal gratification in sexual exploitation.

Since prosecutors are routinely “protectively recruited” by police intelligence is there no point in filing complaints against the police for police abuses against the LGBTQI community as the prosecutors act on instructions from their respective personal handlers in police intelligence. Any filed complaint will furthermore be used for purposes of mock interrogation harassment, sexual harassment and coercive intelligence recruitment by means of police sexual extortion through mock interrogations etc.

When I explain the nature of legislation and jurisprudence in Sweden in strictly legal terms to uniformed police persecutors as usually dispatched by and belonging to the incompetent National Task Force of Sweden’s national police do they not even attempt disguise to suppress their utter contempt for law and jurisprudence as intelligence operatives (including police intelligence operatives) in having legal immunity cannot be prosecuted in civilian courts of law unless extremely publicly exposed and are thus subject to non-transparent, politicized and corrupt secret military courts only.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.