Preparing for Spring Revolution

Jihadism discredits Islamism and Islamism discredits Islam, that’s the regional dynamics in the broader Middle East as more and more people gain access to information from a diversity of online sources, including importantly Arabophone Wikipedia.


The world has however two trump cards against the Jihadist enemies. These are the peoples of the region and armed empowered feminism. The challenge now is to export the successful democratic feminist revolution of Rojava (West Kurdistan and North Syria) to countries needing liberation from Jihadist colonialism.

This importantly includes Lebanon which the IRGC and MB/AKP Turkish intelligence is currently is trying to destabilize. After they failed to turn Iraq into Yemen are they now instead trying to turn Lebanon into Yemen. The world needs to recognize this severe threat against international peace and security and wage global intelligence warfare against the IRGC and the Muslim Brotherhood global Islamist intelligence agency as now based in Ankara. Their attacks against Lebanon are an attack against the world and so the world needs unite in waging global intelligence warfare against the strategic, tactical and intelligence assets of the MB and the IRGC worldwide.

The despicable Jihadist regimes in Ankara and Tehran are well aware that they will not be able to defeat popular revolution as fully supported by Israel, including if necessary from the air. This makes them desperate and so they too resort to asymmetric means in planning to attack cities around the world with conventional and unconventional mass terrorist attacks. Eliminating the strategic, tactical and intelligence means of both regimes within those countries and around the world is thus an essential task in waging global intelligence warfare against these evil Jihadist regimes.

The peoples of multiethnic Lebanon need to unite in planning to wage a feminist spring revolution in destroying the IRGC partial occupation of the country. Planning a second Cedar Revolution needs to be done very carefully in a manner so as to unite the diverse peoples of Lebanon against the Jihadist enemy. As in Iraq is the IRGC in cooperation with the MB trying to destabilize the country in giving rise to ethnic and religious conflict. We the world must make sure that they will fail.

The world must make every effort to both covertly and publicly support the brave peoples suffering under Jihadist colonialism. We need assist the diverse peoples of the polities of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey in helping export the successful Rojavan feminist revolution to their countries. Every people deserves freedom and the world needs to stand with those who stand against Jihadism. Their cause is the cause of the world and so the international community needs to unite in waging global intelligence warfare against Jihadist regimes and Jihadist intelligence assets everywhere.

We need to liquidate global Jihadism in making sure that not much will remain of the Jihadist totalitarian empires once the Spring revolution commences in 2018. We need to act smartly, defensively and preemptively in scuttling the evil Jihadist designs in the region and the world. We need to undermine their attempts to spread calamity and strife by uniting the peoples of the region and the world against the Jihadist threat against humanity.

The world needs to start communicate with the peoples of the region by providing accurate information in their own languages and convey the world’s support for their freedom. Their freedom is our security, our security is their freedom. As Jihadist regimes wage global intelligence war against the international community need we act intelligently and calculating in striking back throughout the region and the world in preparing to liberate the peoples from the Jihadist menace by means of Spring revolution.

The Jihadist imperialists wish to play divide and rule, we the peoples of the world need to unite against the immense global threat as posed by this totalitarian menace. We the peoples have identical interests of survival in standing together and defeating this immense threat against our shared humanity.