Deleting IRGC Militias

Logotype of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) international terrorist organization.

The exceptional military restraint as exhibited by peshmerga anti-genocide forces have made very clear that this is neither an ethnic conflict, nor a sectarian one but rather a Jihadist proxy war as waged by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran against Iraqi Kurds with the purpose of ending Iraqi Kurdistan’s constitutionally mandated self-government within Iraq.

The Peshmerga have withdrawn to defensible lines and defensively hold those lines against the Jihadist invaders. The secret negotiations which were held in Erbil (Hewlêr), the capital of Kurdistan, collapsed after IRGC proxies in Baghdad failed to honor any and all of the commitments they had made to the Kurdistan Regional Government.

It is now clear who is aggressor and who is victim and most of the Iraqi military have simply refused to participate in this IRGC-directed war against Kurdish citizens of Iraq. Shias and Kurds generally do not hold grudges against each other and have only peaceful intentions towards one another and the same is true with respect to the ethnic Sunnis of the post-Yezidi Central Iraqi cultural zone who only wish peace with the Kurdish people of the North and the modern Sumerian people of the South. This conflict was invented and is engineered by the Jihadist IRGC terrorist organization in Iran and propagated by their political proxies in Baghdad so as to artificially create divisions between Iraqi citizens, yet this has for the most part failed thanks to professional conflict management and the exceptional military restraint as hitherto exhibited by Peshmerga defense forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

To ask for continued restraint from the Peshmerga anti-genocide defense forces would be completely unreasonable. There is no possibility for Peshmerga defense forces to retreat any further. The peshmerga are now not fighting for disputed areas but for the very core area of Iraqi Kurdistan itself against the aggressive forces of totalitarian Jihadism who wage war against the Kurdish people itself. This is not a war between the Iraqi military and the Peshmerga defense forces as most of the Iraqi military simply refuses to participate. Rather this a war of aggression by IRGC Jihadism against the freedom of the people of Kurdistan as IRGC militias have even commenced instituting elements of Iranian religious law in the multiethnic Kurdistani city of Kirkuk. This is not an Iraqi invasion but rather an Iranian one.

As all avenues for a peaceful resolution have been completely and entirely exhausted with ample of time having having been granted by the Kurdistan Regional Government for international diplomacy has the time come for deleting IRGC militias with very, very significant humanitarian aerial intervention.

The peshmerga anti-genocide defense forces need be given full freedom of action to advance against IRGC-directed Jihadist militias with full international humanitarian air support in clinically deleting IRGC-directed forces from the air. This is a defensive war against those who actively or in a support role militarily participate in the IRGC-directed invasion of self-governing Kurdistan as most of the Iraqi military is friendly and patriotic in refusing to participate in IRGC-directed attacks against Kurdish citizens of Iraq.

As diplomacy with Jihadists/Islamists is pointless since they are imperialists as only intent on dominating others is the only option deleting Jihadism. While it is possible to play games with Jihadists and their proxies are they fundamentally malevolent in seeking totalitarian domination and are thus doctrinally, indeed strategically opposed to mutually respectful coexistence.

International humanitarian air support for the Peshmerga anti-genocide defense forces will ensure that neither Turkey nor Iran will strategically attack/invade Iraqi Kurdistan as a result and so will international humanitarian aerial intervention serve to very effectively contain this IRGC-invented and IRGC-engineered conflict within the international borders of Iraq. This is part of the global war on Jihadism and denominational distinctions are essentially irrelevant since Jihadists have the same rather uniform political ideology of neo-medieval totalitarianism. There are simply no good Jihadists just as there are no good Nazis.

The international aerial campaign needs to distinguish on the one hand between those who are directly or indirectly complicit in the IRGC-directed aggression against self-governing Iraqi Kurdistan and on the other hand the vast majority of the Iraqi military which has simply refused to participate and refused to become IRGC proxies in the IRGC-directed Jihadist war against Kurdish citizens of Iraq.

Yet, this is certainly not a domestic conflict between Iraqis but rather a one-sided IRGC-directed war against Iraqi citizens as waged by IRGC proxy militias against Kurdish citizens of Iraq. Therefore is international humanitarian aerial intervention not a war against Iraqis but rather a war in defense of Iraqis against the Iranian Jihadist IRGC attempt to take over all of Iraq by means of sowing sectarian, ethnic and religious conflict among citizens of Iraq. Yet this gambit failed as most of the Iraqi military has refused to participate in the conflict and the Peshmerga anti-genocide defense forces have taken every possible precaution to avoid open military engagement with IRGC-directed Jihadist totalitarian invaders.

This is a war of no choice as imposed by totalitarianism on humanity. This is a war for the freedom of all of Iraq and for the freedom of all the peoples of Iraq against the Jihadist IRGC-directed attempt to take over all of Iraq.