Genocide Prevention in Syria

Turkey has for long terrorized the civilian Kurdish population in the Kurdistani region of Afrin as enclaved between Turkey, Syrian government-controlled territory and the Islamist-ruled Jihadist Idlib terrorist region. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Afrin region does not conduct offensive operations yet even so do the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and allied Jihadist militias as directed by the Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime structure in Ankara conduct constant harassment by indiscriminate military attacks against Kurdish villages of the Afrin region as clearly intended to terrorize rather than to kill.

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SDF/YPG Kurdistani control in yellow, Syrian government control in red, Ankara-sponsored Sunni Jihadist control in green, Turkish occupation in gray and Turkish territory in white.

As Israel in its major humanitarian intervention has become highly militarily entrenched in all parts of Free Kurdistan, including in the Afrin region as originally named for the there deported Israelite tribe of Ephraim is Israel very, very strongly committed to the defense of the Afrin region as are the special forces of American military intelligence as also deployed there in addition Russian military forces.

The TAF has commenced a relatively slow invasion of the Idlib region just south of the Afrin region with the purpose of taking over the Idlib region with the intention of committing genocide against the nearby mountainous Alawite coastal region. By guiding the TAF to invade relatively slowly does the Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime structure seek to disguise their genocidal intentions against the Alawite people which has lost a large proportion of young men in their brave war against Jihadism, including against the Rapist Caliphate and the Nusra Front (Syrian al Qaida).

While the expanding TAF invasion south of Afrin region may seem primarily directed against the Afrin region is the main purpose to commit genocide against the Alawite people. Turkey is a country where genocide denial is the social norm and Jihadists and extreme Turkish nationalists alike tend to believe that genocide is a legitimate form of warfare. It should be noted that the Turkish invasion of Idlib region is conducted in full coordination with its allied Sunni Jihadist militias there, including importantly the Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al Qaida. As Israel, Free Kurdistan and the mainstream of the Syrian administration in Damascus are increasingly militarily synchronized is Israel particularly alert at the genocidal intentions of the Jihadist AKP regime structure in Ankara. Despite many, many centuries of genocidal persecution by religious imperialism has the Alawite people succeeded in remaining fully halakhically Jewish indeed.

Israel is deeply grateful beyond words for Russia’s brave defense of the valiant Crypto-Jewish Alawite people. The Syrian military (SAA) and the Russian Air Force (VVS) have managed to hold the lines against the genocidal Jihadist onslaught from the nearby Idlib Jihadist region. As the TAF slowly expands southwards in the Idlib Jihadist region in close coordination with the allied Jihadist militias there is early genocide detection clearly an essential ethico-political obligation under legislated international law.

By significant mass covert IDF (Israel Defense Forces) military deployment in Free Kurdistan has Israel managed to halt the hostile invasion of Kurdistan by Shia Jihadist militias and by military threat forced Baghdad to agree to covert negotiations in ensuring democratic regional self-determination for all the peoples of Iraq. The IDF is significantly deployed in the Afrin region as well and just as the IRGC-intended 74th genocide against the halakhically Yezidi (Yehudi) people by means of chemical weapons was successfully averted by professional conflict management and armed diplomacy is Israel fully committed to protecting the brave Alawite people against genocide.

Turkey has extensive covert stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and the criminal Jihadist MB/AKP regime structure intends to later use chemical weapons in advancing into the Mediterranean main Alawite region itself. Make no mistake and never underestimate the genocidal intentions of Jihadism and Jihadist regimes. Just as the IRGC intended to commit genocide against Yezidis for being Jewish and thus collapse self-governing Iraqi Kurdistan in impelling the peshmerga forces to flee up into uninhabited mountains so does the Jihadist AKP regime structure as closely aligned with the Iranian Jihadist IRGC intend to commit genocide against Alawites for being Jewish and thus collapse the Syrian state and government.

These are criminal Jihadist regimes which believe that any means are permissible in promoting their dystopian totalitarian imperialist goals. The Ankara Jihadist regime structure may also reason that the completely illegal use of chemical weapons is somehow legitimate due to criminal former elements in the Syrian administration having previously used chemical weapons against Syrian civilian populations. This tragic past however must not prevent us from standing with the Alawite people against the criminal genocidal intentions of the AKP Jihadist regime structure.

While there is no immediate Israeli intention to militarily intervene was Israel created so as to prevent and not merely stop genocides. The AKP regime structure thus needs to be aware that as they illegally advance southwards in the Idlib Jihadist region do they make themselves legitimate military targets for the friends of the Alawite people, among others Israel and Russia. While there is no exact red line here are the genocidal intentions of the AKP Jihadist regime structure in Ankara abundantly clear and most apparent indeed and so humanitarian intervention in Syria is necessary as a means of genocide prevention.

Israel, Russia and the United States under the bravely neoconservative Trump-Pence administration are very, very strongly committed to genocide prevention in Syria and the incremental TAF southward advance in the Idlib region is being very, very closely monitored by the friends of the Alawite people. Israel and Russia reserves the right at any time to strike against the TAF advance in the Idlib region. Indeed, the southward TAF advance only underscores the increasing urgency of humanitarian intervention in Syria for the purpose of genocide prevention.

The TAF invaded the Shehba region and the Idlib region as invited by the Rapist Caliphate and Syrian al Qaida (Nusra Front) respectively and the TAF presence in those regions – as well as its continued sponsorship of Sunni Jihadist militias in Syria – are entirely illegitimate. While the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet could at any time successfully order a military coup d’état against the AKP would a military coup alone lead to Jihadist civil war by the AKP Jihadist militias in Turkey, something that would obviously play into the hands of the Jihadists and the Jihadist agenda. Humanitarian intervention is therefore clearly preferable to a domestic military coup d’état as a means of genocide prevention. Feminist war on Jihadism is clearly preferable to Jihadist civil war.

Israel has long closely monitored the TAF occupation of Syrian soil and TAF sponsorship of Sunni Jihadist militias in Syria. Rest assured that Israel will not hesitate to take timely action to fully halt the advancement of the genocidal designs of the Jihadist AKP regime structure in Ankara. Israel will not be passive as the genocidal threat against the halakhically Jewish Alawite people approaches. Israel thus is ready to provide full air support to the SDF in fully liberating this Syrian soil from Turkish occupation. The TAF presence in Syria is illegal and is certainly not protected by the NATO alliance and its treaty obligations. As the TAF advances southwards need ruling Ankara Jihadists consider that the Israeli Air Force is ready to establish aerial superiority over not only the Afrin region but also over the Turkish-occupied Shehba region and the Idlib Jihadist region as occupied by TAF and allied Sunni Jihadist militias there, including Syrian al Qaida (the Nusra Front).

If at that point Ankara Jihadists choose major war with Israel, Russia, America, Syria, Free Kurdistan and others then so be it. Humanitarian intervention as a means of genocide prevention is not merely an option as genocide prevention is a binding obligation indeed. If you have the means to prevent genocide then you are obliged to do so. The SDF in the Afrin region is ready to advance southwards into the Jihadist Idlib region against the TAF and their allied Sunni Jihadist militias there. The SDF in the main region of Rojava is simultaneously ready to advance westwards with full Israeli air support in fully liberating the Shehba region from the entirely illegal Turkish occupation there. If the Turkish Air Force were to unwisely challenge Israel’s establishment of a no-fly zone over northwest Syria and Afrin could this lead to a full-scale SDF liberation invasion of Turkish-occupied North Kurdistan (Bakur) with full Israeli humanitarian air support. NATO has no objections whatsoever against genocide prevention and the illegal TAF occupation of Syrian soil is certainly not protected by NATO charter.

Genocide prevention is a binding obligation and no one should be in the slightest doubt as to Israel’s indominable determination to protect the Alawite people against Jihadist genocidal designs. As the TAF slowly advances southwards do they certainly expose themselves to Israeli humanitarian intervention by the IAF. Israel reserves for itself the right to timely strike at a time of its own choosing but the international community should closely monitor the southward TAF advance in Syria. The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood AKP at one point attempted a naval invasion of the Israeli-controlled waters of the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-ruled Gaza region after a joint Islamist-Communist provocation operation by AKP intelligence with an outwardly “civilian” ship, the Mavi Marmara. There can therefore be little doubt that the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime structure indeed wants war with Israel and so continued southward TAF advance in the Idlib region will therefore confirm not only their very genocidal designs against the Alawite people but also their Jihadist eagerness for war against the Jewish state.

As war approaches needs the international community make every non-appeasement diplomatic effort to compel the AKP regime structure to withdraw from Turkish-occupied territories of Syria/Rojava and cease sponsoring Jihadist terrorists on Syrian soil. Israel is well aware that the AKP Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is no less genocidal than the Hamas Palestinian branch of the same Muslim Brotherhood or for that matter the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood which during WWII planned genocide against Egypt’s very large Christian (Coptic) minority with support of the hoped for Nazi occupation of Egypt.

Israel is well aware of the totalitarian political psychology of the Crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood in its ruthless pursuit of colonial/imperialist Islamist-Jihadist realpolitik as combined with their irrational geo-religious eschatological-dystopian delusions. Will an Israeli humanitarian intervention spread to Turkish-occupied North Kurdistan? If the Jihadist regime structure chooses major war against Israel including likely by the Hamas Muslim Brotherhood regime in the Gaza region then so be it. Israel as the regional hegemon and one of only two contemporary military superpowers in the world certainly does not fear such a confrontation as Turkey has become a second-rate military power under AKP misrule.

Genocide prevention by all means necessary as permitted under international law is an international humanitarian obligation and Israel is ready to fully perform its duties under international humanitarian law.