Marching Southwards

Kurds have shown good will in having tactically retreated so as to avoid masculinist war of identity politics. But enough is enough as Baghdad as directed by the IRGC has made crystal clear that they have no genuine interest whatsoever in respectful dialogue, conflict resolution and reciprocal reconciliation. Peshmerga forces should strictly hold their present lines while preparing for a southward offensive if Baghdad persists in IRGC-directed rejectionism.

The main square in Erbil (Hewlêr), the capital of Free Kurdistan. (Image by Ask Gudmundsen)

Israel has in the defense of Free Kurdistan already positioned 400 tactical nuclear devices and 100 strategic nuclear devices in Free Kurdistan and the time has certainly come for scheduling a televised signing ceremony in Erbil in officially signing the Kurdistani-Israeli comprehensive defense treaty and other mutual agreements including establishing four Kurdistani consulates in Israel and four Israeli consulates in Free Kurdistan.

Free Kurdistan has gained widespread discreet international diplomatic support and so once the treaties between Israel and Free Kurdistan have been officially signed need the Kurdistani military forces become fully backed by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) against all enemies and against all strategic threats.

The peoples of Central Iraq whether Kurds, ethnic Sunnis of the post-Yezidi cultural zone, Arameans or others are ready to rise against the deplorable ethnocrats and expel the despicable Jihadists. Most Shia Iraqis have no interest whatsoever in ethnocratic domination against anyone or keeping anyone within Iraq against their will as ethnically Shia soldiers and ethnically Shia officers in the Iraqi military generally do not want to wage war outside of ethnically Shia South Iraq. Most of the Iraqi military has simply refused to participate in the IRGC-directed Jihadist campaign against Kurdistan and have simply no objection to confederalization and democratic borders between present natural human regions. The predominantly ethnically Shia Iraqi military is not hostile against Israel, has no ethnocratic ambitions against other peoples of Iraq and simply have no interest in fighting sectarian war against Kurds on behalf of the Jihadist IRGC.

A televised signing ceremony with Israeli and Kurdistani leaders in Erbil will be very powerful especially as many Kurdish leaders are fluent in Hebrew and many Israeli leaders are fluent in Kurdish. This will provide the backdrop of the multiethnic revolt in Central Iraq against ethnocrats and Jihadists alike. When Israeli fighter planes appear in the sky will the peoples of Central Iraq simply rise against the oppressors because the truth is that they profoundly admire and love Israel and know that Israel will support them in seeking freedom by themselves, for themselves and of themselves.

Freedom is powerful and so are words of freedom. A revolution in Central Iraq will very, very likely be followed by a military coup d’état to oust the IRGC collaborators from power in Baghdad unless current Baghdad leaders become reasonable, end unprovoked war against democracy and agree to peacefully and democratically implement democratic confederalism and democratic borders. There are of course also the option of international economic sanctions on all exports of fossil fuels that would prevent both Iran and Iraq from exporting fossil fuels including by a very, very powerful US naval blockade against Iran in the Indian Ocean. There is furthermore no lack of military options against Jihadism in supporting our very, very good friends in Iraq who are the vast majority in all ethnic communities.

America invested vast efforts and resources in the liberation of Iraq from totalitarianism and simply cannot tolerate that yet another form of totalitarianism succeeds in gaining control over Iraq – the cradle of all civilizations – and certainly so against the interests of all the peoples of Iraq, including the modern Sumerian people of South Iraq who are the majority among Iraqi citizens.

Israel too is a very, very good friend of all the peoples of Iraq, none of which has any interest in ethnocratic domination over one another. The professional conflict management of this crisis has prevented war of masculinist identity politics and so the time is approaching for the peoples of Iraq to unite in meeting to respect each other in genuine fraternity and democratically implement democratic confederalism and democratic borders.

It is essential that Baghdad leaders muster courage to side with the peoples of Iraq against Jihadism, ethnocracy and neo-medieval totalitarianism. If they do can the transition become entirely peaceful, if they dare not out of fears of their tyrannical IRGC intelligence handlers is it nevertheless essential that the revolutionary transition becomes as peaceful as conceivably possible indeed even without their responsible participation. If they cannot represent and defend the peoples of Iraq against totalitarianism does this simply mean that they will be unseated without their own consent. If they however become responsible partners in representing the interests of all the peoples of Iraq may they actually have continued individual futures as political leaders in Baghdad.

Baghdad leaders need to internalize that the US and Israel each on their own is far more powerful than the IRGC both in terms of soft power and hard power. Those who end up collaborating with the forces of totalitarianism are themselves politically doomed. There is furthermore a deep chasm inside highly secular Iran itself between the IRGC parallel military and the regular military where most soldiers and officers have no interest whatsoever in fighting for bizarrely dystopian eschatological agendas of neo-medieval totalitarianism. Most citizens of Iran including most members of the Iranian military have only love and affection for America and Israel, beacons of freedom of the world and the region respectively.

We need a fully peaceful transition in Iraq and if tragically not possible will there certainly need to be a transition that will still be as peaceful as possible.