Six-Day War in Kurdistan

feminist-2136191_1280Some time after Israel and Free Kurdistan concluded an unofficial comprehensive defense treaty did Iran, Iraq and Turkey conclude a defense pact against Free Kurdistan. The idea was that Israel would never actually dare wage war against these three quite large Middle Eastern countries simultaneously. Since this is a fundamental misperception is it essential to address this patently false notion.

The Jihadist regime structures of Ankara and Tehran are existential adversaries of Israel as the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime structure is the Turkish equivalent of the Palestinian Hamas and the Islamist Khomeinist regime structure is the Iranian equivalent of IRGC-commanded Lebanese Hezbollah. Although it is essential to exhaust diplomacy and exercise restraint and patience prior to a major war as diplomatic implementation of democratic confederalism in the region would certainly be most preferable is there no question that synchronized conclusive major feminist and democratic war against those two nefarious Jihadist regimes is a core Israeli national interest indeed.

The armed forces of Jihadist Iran and Jihadist Turkey are profoundly demoralized and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) including the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and Israel’s secretive Israeli Space Command (ISC) have for decades already developed advanced high tech military technologies which in being unknown to the general public would to many people no doubt resemble science fiction, yet Israel’s military and discreet diplomatic status as the regional hegemon is no fiction and a Six-Day War as centered in and around Kurdistan is an important Israeli national security interest indeed.

None of the entities of the Jihadist Alignment would be difficult for Israel to crush from the air within days once the war commences and although Turkey and Iraq were once militarily powerful states are they no longer so. Iran remains a major military power yet is literally decades behind Israel’s futuristic advancements in military technology.

Israel could even on its own crush all three polities from the air within a week of intense aerial war of Rapid Dominance (Shock and Awe) but prefers comprehensively assisting the peoples under all three ethnocratic regimes rise against the Jihadist Axis of Evil and then provide the democratic revolution with full air support. First is this fully democratically legitimate humanitarian intervention by any standard by a militant liberal democracy against the regimes of the Jihadist Alignment and second could Israel simultaneously crush one or more entities from the air were one or more revolution for some reason to fail. Israel and Kurdistan thus have fully converging regional interests in remapping the region and subsequently phase out religious imperialism through communal reversion to indigenous Median Judaism as well as to Rabbinic Judaism in some areas such as in Zaydi Yemen, Judea, Jordan and Kurdistani Adiabene (Badinan).

After intense decades of patient preparations in developing extremely advanced futuristic high tech military weapons systems has Israel all the necessary means available to successfully perform this by intelligence warfare, high-tech aerial/space warfare as well as special feminist semiotic warfare operations on the ground. Peaceful transition of democratic confederalism in all three polities would certainly be most preferable but a Kurdistani Six-Day War is from Israel’s perspective an excellent outcome as highly conducive to Israel’s vital national security interests in the region. There are indeed full willingness, capacity, determination and motivation for just war for liberty’s sake.

Such a feminist war of democratic liberation would not only be justified but a very, very just war indeed and would be performed in support of pro-democratic feminist urban revolutions on the ground. Jihadist regimes and regime-sponsored Jihadists are recognized as the main international threat to national security by most countries in the world and it would be difficult at least for supporters of liberal democracy to argue against aerial humanitarian intervention in support of democratic, feminist revolutions on the ground. Even the Western media would find it somewhat difficult although surely not impossible to argue against an ongoing major Israeli air war in support of democratic revolutions on the ground as engaging in peaceful feminist urban semiotic warfare.

If this was not about Kurdistan at all and Israel merely wanted to crush the imperialist Iranian entity, then could Israel do so by itself, for itself and of itself and certainly together with the United States Armed Forces under the bravely neoconservative Trump-Pence administration. Turkey under Islamist rule has become a command and control center for al Qaida globally in for years already having openly sponsored Syrian al Qaida and even long the Rapist Caliphate itself. Iraq is under simultaneous intelligence influence from Iran, the US and Israel; yet Iran’s influence has come predominate at the expense of American and Israeli influence and so Baghdad chose to align with the Jihadist Axis of Evil in thus making itself a legitimate target in the feminist War on Jihadism.

Attaining an independent unified Kurdistan is a key factor in redrawing both the regional political map and subsequently the regional denominational map – both of which as it happens are a global interest as well. Then why would the Jihadist Alignment act in a way that would ensure their own demise as ethnocratic neo-medievalist regimes? The answer is simply a combination religious hubris and deep-seated Anti-Jewish structural cultural prejudice; something which has always been to Israel’s advantage in times of war as the enemies of Israel always miscalculated that the Jews were somehow weak, cowardly and genetically/psychologically inferior and so would stand no chance against ultra-masculinist regimes as in their own medievalist-imperialist worldview backed up by “Allah”.

While anti-Islamist governments in the region have abandoned this racist misperception of Israelis does it remain part and parcel of the Jihadist worldview, something which makes peaceful avenues unlikely to succeed in the run-up to this major regional war. As the peshmerga have bravely tactically withdrawn from the small Kurdish areas in the plain and eastern Shingal (Sinjar) region to the more easily defended mountain fortress that constitutes most of Iraqi Kurdistan is Free Kurdistan being rapidly fortified and reinforced in preparation for all-out war with the Jihadist Alignment of Tehran, Ankara and Baghdad.

Yet as the Jihadist regime structures of Tehran and Ankara are still afflicted with racist hubris towards Jews and Kurds alike are they unlikely to back down in thus becoming convinced that ”Allah” will somehow come to their rescue against democratic liberation of urban feminist revolution in feminist semiotic warfare.

A Kurdistani Six-Day War means that Free Kurdistan will be the basis for major aerial military operations of Israel against the three polities of the Jihadist Alignment and so will Israel not need to operate from IAF bases in Israel in the Kurdistani, Iraqi and Iranian military theaters. There is no question that the geographic proximity to the battlefield is a very, very major advantage indeed. Israel helped build the first autonomy in Iraqi Kurdistan in the 1960s which collapsed in 1975 due to the Algiers agreement between Saddam Hussein and the then Shah of Iran. Israel is however obviously very, very extremely determined to make sure that the Israeli-sponsored Kurdistani statebuilding project comes to fruition and indeed leads to independence for a fully liberated unified Kurdistan.

The real size of the armed forces of Free Kurdistan is far larger than is publicly known and these forces are rapidly expanding indeed. The strategic purpose is to transform Free Kurdistan into a feminist military giant or as the enemies of the Kurds say, ‘a Second Israel’ indeed. The professionally performed peshmerga military redeployment from Kurdistani plain communities of Iraqi Kurdistan as well as from formerly peshmerga-held Kurdistani Shingal (Sinjar) was emotionally painful, yet a militarily highly rational move as when regional revolutions break out in the spring or summer will the Peshmerga instead focus eastwards towards mountainous Rojhelat (Iranian-occupied East Kurdistan) while the non-Kurdish Amiyyah-speaking military forces of the SDF are far more suited for operations in the plains of Central Iraq. The Syrian Kurdish YPG/YPJ are in contrast being trained for major liberation invasion with Israeli air support of Turkish-occupied North Kurdistan.

While the Jihadist alignment obviously will make their own preparations is the outcome not in doubt in terms of their combined defeat as the peoples of the region do not support Jihadism and neo-medievalism and rightly view liberal-democratic, economically prosperous Israel as the model for the future of their own countries. The popular regional hostility against Israel now largely belongs to the past although being publicly pro-Israel in the Middle East still remains a social taboo outside of Free Kurdistan and Israel.

As the IDF is already militarily entrenched in Free Kurdistan is a regional war currently unlikely since Tehran and Ankara will want to operationally prepare their militaries for all-out confrontation with Kurdistan, Israel, Alawite-led Syria, the US, Jordan and other allies in aerial war. While conscription is ethically problematic has the time certainly come for both parts of Free Kurdistan to impose universal conscription for persons of all genders between 18 and 35. Free Kurdistan is indeed being strategically built by Israel in both feminist and neoconservative manner on the model of early syndicalist Israel as simultaneously both Athens and Sparta.

The late spring certainly offers the best climate in terms of an urban feminist revolution with YPG/YPJ-style feminist local forces operating as urban revolutionary vanguards of feminist semiotic warfare in the major cities of Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Israel has been making comprehensive preparations for a revolution in Iran for over two decades now and knows full well how to perform this in Ankara and Baghdad as well as it has the intelligence assets for successfully doing so.

As the rapidly expanding and increasingly integrated Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) are trained by Israel, armed by the US and funded by the GCC is the priority now on rapidly building up the emerging KDF into a regional military giant as ready to defend and free all of Kurdistan by itself, of itself and for itself in defending Free Kurdistan and liberating occupied Kurdistan. Purely defensive Israeli nuclear weapons (both tactical nuclear weapons and strategic nuclear weapons) have in recent days been stationed on the soil of Free Kurdistan.

Focus now clearly needs to be on building up Free Kurdistan into a formidable regional military power. The Jihadist Alignment will obviously also want to make their own preparation since they did not expect this coming war due to structurally racist misperceptions among Jihadists in Ankara and Tehran against Jews and Kurds respectively. As so many times before in Israeli military history has a regional synthesis of anti-Jewish prejudice of Quranic and Nazi origins worked to Israel’s strategic advantage in effectively outsmarting its ultra-masculinist, ethnocratic adversaries.

The IDF has once more become a creative military that promotes officers on the basis of displayed creativity although the IDF has much to learn from the SDF in becoming turned into a feminist military as well. The SDF is world’s best and most effective army due to its armed empowered feminism and so the SDF and the IDF certainly have much more to learn from each other. As the KDF (including both peshmerga and YPG/YPJ) is being built into a feminist extension of the IDF is this winter essential in preparing for democratic and feminist Six-Day War in both Kurdistan and the neighboring enemy entities of Tehran, Ankara and Baghdad in the spring or summer of 2018.

The armed feminist revolution in the Middle East was born in Kurdistan yet will not be limited to Kurdistan. This winter will the remnants of the Rapist Caliphate become eliminated, its remaining territorial control collapse and the SDF will need to impose universal conscription for persons of all genders; ages 18 to 35 in all liberated areas on both sides of the now virtual Syrian-Iraqi border.

Israeli strategic military doctrine is rapidly changing as Israel assumes more and more regional responsibilities as the sole regional great power in its capacity as one of only two contemporary military superpowers worldwide. Rapidly building the KDF into a regional military giant in the coming six months is a major challenge yet is certainly doable in every way and the Jihadist Alignment will no doubt also want to militarily prepare down to every last detail, yet are virtually bound for cultural and religious reasons to act in self-defeating ways that will lead to the full end of their own ethnocratic Jihadist regimes.