Humanitarian Intervention in Kurdistan

Free Kurdistan has exhibited exceptional restraint in the face of IRGC-directed Jihadist invasion in tactically retreating so as to avoid masculinist ethnic/sectarian warfare. The purpose of holding back is that you do not let the enemy determine when you take offensive action, yet you also allow time for diplomacy to be exhausted.

Official Iraqi newspaper uses sexist and racist image of enslaved prostituted 14-year old Yezidi Kurdish girl with her prospective rapists as a symbol of seeking to victimize and destroy Kurds. It should be pointed out however that the governments of Jordan and Syria have very close relations with Free Kurdistan and are friendly towards the people of Kurdistan.

The Iraqi Jihadist militias are as affiliates of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran) legitimate military targets at any time considering that the Jihadist IRGC is an international terrorist organization. Free Kurdistan has a dynamic domestic politics yet has clearly and indisputably so exhibited full and complete international maturity of independence for future liberated unified Kurdistan.

In declaring war on Free Kurdistan has Baghdad and their Jihadist “brothers” declared war on Israel in Baghdad being fully aware of the unofficial, yet certainly signed comprehensive defense treaty between Israel and Free Kurdistan. Baghdad were also aware of the public defense commitment between Rojava (West Kurdistan) and Bashur (South Kurdistan) so Baghdad in fact declared war on Rojava as well and not only against Bashur. Baghdad declared and commenced unprovoked ethnic war against their own citizens on account of their nationality after them holding a regional democratic procedure and so there is a very, very strong case for humanitarian intervention just as there was in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. There is no need to wait for atrocities to take place because there is already reasonable ground for humanitarian intervention. Will a war spread beyond Iraq/Bashur? Well, certainly not on Israel’s and Free Kurdistan’s initiative, but yes it might on the initiative of others who will then be responsible for the consequences of their misguided decisions.

Sometimes is war necessary in order so as to achieve peace and it seems unfortunately so in this case. Military forces of both Bashur and Rojava have acted in a highly disciplined and fully responsible manner in taking every measure not to fall into the masculinist trap of ethnic/sectarian warfare. As all diplomatic efforts have failed have the Iranian-sponsored aggressive intentions of Baghdad become most clear. You are either with us or with the terrorists and the IRGC and its affiliate Jihadist forces are terrorists indeed.

Israel is already militarily well-established in both parts of Free Kurdistan and so has the means to strike with full power. Israel is always reluctant to enter war as we always want even future generations to be able to ascertain that Israel wages just war. It is clear in this case that Baghdad is not concerned about disputed territories but instead acts in contravention in every way of the Iraqi constitution in seeking to subjugate the people of Kurdistan and annulling Iraqi Kurdistan’s constitutionally mandated self-government.

An official Iraqi regime newspaper recently placed a 14-year old Yezidi Kurdish girl with bleached hair and as subjected to enslavement prostitution on the front page together in a montage with the intended rapists in order so as to publicly humiliate Kurdish citizens of Iraq. The girl and other Yezidi girls and women incarcerated in that establishment of enslavement were subsequently all rescued in a covert Israeli operation and successfully brought to Free Kurdistan. The humanitarian intervention in Shingal (Sinjar) took place one day too late and and as there is already reasonable cause for humanitarian intervention need we not wait for Shia Jihadists raping Yezidi girls there.

Israel always seeks peace and Free Kurdistan has no desire to dominate anyone else and so the peoples of Kurdistan and Israel are united in rejecting Jihadist terror and ethnocratic tyranny. War is no easy matter and it is clear that the unprovoked aggression against Kurdistan is based on pure hatred, racism indeed which is further legitimate ground for humanitarian intervention as it is clear that the enemies of Kurdistan seek to end the Kurdish people as such, something which by legal definition is statutory genocide. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) had an official diplomatic emissary in Tehran who was tortured by the Jihadist Khomeinist regime. Tehran has many times via diplomatic channels threatened to use chemical weapons against the innocent people of Iraqi Kurdistan and so genocide prevention is certainly an obliging ground for humanitarian intervention in Kurdistan.

War is no light matter and humanitarian intervention is a heavy burden both morally and militarily. So many times (including in Shingal/Sinjar in 2014) did humanitarian intervention await the murderous commencement of genocide before intervening to end it. The now 14-year old Yezidi Kurdish girl would never have been enslaved in Jihadist prostitution and her male family members would not have been murdered by the Rapist Caliphate if Israel, the United States, Jordan and indeed others capable of aerial humanitarian intervention had intervened timely and not one day too late. The 2014 genocide is counted as the 73rd genocide in the history of the Yezidi (Yehudi) Crypto-Jewish community.

Israel is obliged to the security and freedom of the people of Kurdistan by treaty, by humanitarian obligation and by the burden of Jewish history. The people of Kurdistan has many friends beyond the mountains and the people of Israel will wholeheartedly support Israeli humanitarian intervention in ensuring the safety of the people of Kurdistan. Israel was founded so as to prevent and not merely stop genocide and as a third of all Kurds (Alawites, Alevis, Dönmeh, Yarsanis, Yezidis and others) have survived as halakhically Jewish is it Israel’s, yet not only Israel’s responsibility to fulfil our humanitarian obligations under legislated international law. The burden of responsibility is very, very heavy indeed; yet this war was imposed by the nefarious forces of Jihadism against the innocent Kurdish people as it organized a fully democratic referendum as a means to avert an anticipated Jihadist onslaught of war of genocide as following upon the military defeat of the Rapist Caliphate in thus one genocidal Jihadist menace simply supplanting another.

Peace is not easy and so is not war either. Yet this is one of those times in the trajectory of history when substantial humanitarian action is necessitated in ways that will make future generations proud of us in implementing timely humanitarian intervention of genocide prevention.