Diplomatic Divorce in Iraq

Logotype of Shia Jihadist militias (“Popular Mobilization Forces” Arabic al Hashd al Sha’abi) in Iraq which are affiliates of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran no less than is Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria.

A diplomatic divorce in Iraq requires a withdrawal of Shia Jihadist militias occupying Kirkuk as a means to de-escalate the conflict as the feminist guerillas remain in the city and are determined to liquidate Jihadism. A political settlement also requires that Shia Jihadist militias are either dismantled or integrated into the Iraqi army. Shia ethnocrats are neither wanted nor welcome in Central Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan and so a divorce in Iraq is a must whether by diplomacy or by war.

Yet, unless Baghdad changes course and ceases to act on behalf of Jihadist IRGC in Tehran will prospects for a diplomatic divorce in Iraq rapidly diminish indeed. The international community still have some time to prevent major war between Baghdad and Free Kurdistan but Kurdistani patience will not last. Free Kurdistan seeks peace yet is ready for war and time is rapidly running out for a peaceful settlement.

Logotype of Hezbollah which like the Jihadist militias are an affiliate of the the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran.

There is of course an alternative to diplomacy and that means Free Kurdistan with Israeli air support liberating Central Iraq from Shia Jihadism and Shia ethnocracy alike. This will end the dispute over both Kirkuk and borders which are anyway not a problem since Kurdistan has no interest whatsoever in ethnocratic domination over non-Kurds and only seeks fair and democratic borders.

Shia Jihadist militias barely disguise that they are just as much affiliates of the IRGC as is Hezbollah in Lebanon. Unless the phenomenon of Shia Jihadist militias in Iraq ends has Free Kurdistan and Israel no choice but ending that very nefarious phenomenon by force of of defensive war. The people of Central Iraq are very eager for liberation, both from the Shia ethnocrats who tyrannize them and from the Shia Jihadists who terrorize them.

Logotype of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Forces (IRGC). Please note the similarity between the respecive logotypes of the Shia Jihadist militias, Hezbollah and the IRGC.

Free Kurdistan and Israel will not go to war easily or irresponsibly without exhausting all diplomatic opportunities for a peaceful settlement, yet will also not abandon our cherished tribal allies of Central Iraq who wish peaceful coexistence with both Free Kurdistan and Baghdad as good fences make good neighbors indeed.

A diplomatic resolution can therefore not be made at the expense of Kurdistan’s southern neighbors of the post-Yezidi cultural zone who surely deserve liberation from the tyranny of Shia ethnocracy and the terror of Shia Jihadism. Just as Israel will not abandon Free Kurdistan so will Free Kurdistan not abandon its good friends of Central Iraq who have neither disputes with Free Kurdistan nor any hostile designs against Free Kurdistan.

The Peshmerga have shown remarkable restraint yet this restraint will not last and when Kurdistan and Israel launch a major strategic operation to liberate the suffering people of the Iraqi section of the post-Yezidi cultural zone of Central Iraq will it be a major operation of Rapid Dominance (Shock and Awe). The Kurdistan Army will rapidly move South until reaching Baghdad while the SDF will enter from the West and liberate Nineveh Governorate.

It is essential to understand that both Baghdad and Tehran do act irrationally and that is most regrettable indeed. This does not mean that Free Kurdistan and Israel will act irrationally as well. Cleaning Central Iraq from Shia ethnocrats and Shia Jihadists alike will not be difficult as they will flee the area when confronted with Israeli aerial superiority.

Of course, the comprehensive task of cleaning Anbar Governorate from the Sunni Rapist Jihadists is also essential but liberating the other parts of Central Iraq from Shia Jihadists is also precisely vital indeed. The Kurdistan Army has exhibited remarkable patience in Kirkuk yet that patience will not last as Free Kurdistan shows good faith in exhibiting exceptional military restraint in providing time for exhausting diplomatic opportunities. Israel stands with its friends and so will Israel and Free Kurdistan stand with the people of Central Iraq so as to precisely ensure their freedom from ethnocracy and Jihadism. Fraternal relationships between peoples are essential national interests of both Israel and Kurdistan and our timeless shared freedom values are indeed an essential part of our shared national interest.

Yet, if Baghdad insists on its current fraternity with Jihadism and Khomeinism whether due to sectarian identity politics or Jihadist sympathies, then will Free Kurdistan and Israel have simply no choice but to achieve by defensive just war what ought be attained by diplomacy alone.

This is not difficult to achieve militarily speaking as the oppressed people of Central Iraq detests ethnocrats and Jihadists alike whether Sunni or Shia. And if Baghdad ethnocrats insist on their alignment with Shia Jihadism and ethnocratic ambitions for dominating Iraqi Kurdistan and Central Iraq, then unfortunately will major war become necessary indeed.

Establishing aerial superiority over the entire Iraq is no difficult feat to attain for the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and kicking out Shia ethnocrats and Shia Jihadists from Central Iraq is not especially difficult to achieve either for the emerging Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) and indeed so with both overwhelming local political popular support and overwhelming Israeli air support.

Yet as the Iraqi army has most unwisely aligned itself with the IRGC and its Shia Jihadist militia affiliates in Iraq will the Iraqi army itself too find itself targeted along with their Shia Jihadist “brothers” by Kurdistani and Israeli liberators. Just as Israel and Free Kurdistan stand with each other so will we also stand with the oppressed people of Central Iraq which is literally begging for liberation from ethnocracy and Jihadism.

As the time for diplomacy is running out does war seem increasingly inevitable. The people of Shia South Iraq have no interest in ethnic domination against others and they need to be helped to attain their own liberation by themselves, of themselves and for themselves.