Crushing Jihadism in Iraq

Iraqi generals produce anti-Kurdish propaganda broadcasts from specially designed propaganda bunkers where they live in hiding out of great fear of Israeli air war.

As the Sunni Rapist Caliphate has suffered strategic defeat at the hands of the victorious armed feminist and democratic revolution and is currently being crushed kilometer by kilometer has the time come for dealing similarly with Shia Jihadism. The fact that Shia Jihadists fight Sunni Jihadists does not somehow make Shia Jihadists preferable to Sunni Jihadists.

Israel and Free Kurdistan therefore welcome war against all Jihadists in Iraq and entirely without distinction of denomination. This is not to say that we do not prefer a peaceful dismantlement of Iranian-sponsored Jihadist militias and a diplomatic partition of the antiquated historical colonial construct of Iraq, we certainly do. But if Shia ethnocrats in Baghdad as aided and abetted by their Jihadist handlers in Tehran choose war then do Free Kurdistan and Israel certainly welcome that. If they make that choice then we will attain by feminist warfare what ought to be attained by feminist diplomacy alone. We seek peace but are ready for war at any time. Of course in the Middle East to speak of peace is almost as if inviting adversaries to attack as such is the brutal and originally Bedouin-derived masculinist political culture in the Middle East.
Iraqi Kurds are neither a foreign occupation nor colonial subjects of Muslim imperialists. The timeless freedom values of Kurdistan stand in sharp contrast to the brutality and depraved lowliness of Jihadist neo-medieval totalitarianism.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), including the Israeli Air Force (IAF) are firmly militarily established in Free Kurdistan and are formally and practically fully committed by treaty to strategically militarily defend Free Kurdistan and all territories outside of Kurdistan as liberated by the valiant freedom forces of Free Kurdistan. This means defending Free Kurdistan and Kurdistan generally against any and all strategic threats, including obviously fully defending the multiethnic Kurdistani city of Kirkuk. Yet, if Baghdad chooses war over diplomacy then so be it.

The United States government has various sanctions options at its disposal with regard to Jihadist Iran. One option would be for the United States Congress to institute a comprehensive trade embargo and fully outlaw US economic transactions with any corporation involved in any kind of economic transaction with the Iranian state, Iranian corporations or permanent residents of Iran. The United States military could in parallel impose a naval blockade in the Indian Ocean that would very effectively prevent Iran from exporting fossil fuels.

This means that America has the tools at its disposal as needed for quite effectively deterring Iran from invading any of its neighbors, whether directly or indirectly so. A naval blockade and a hitherto unseen crushing sanctions regime could in fact become implemented very rapidly. The Trump-Pence administration is very capable of making very rapid decisions in international affairs as based on moral clarity in defending liberty against the forces of totalitarianism.

Colonial Iraq will be partitioned one way or another although it is preferable that this takes place through diplomacy. Neither the people of Kurdistan nor the people in the Iraqi section of the post-Yezidi cultural zone have any interest whatsoever to live under public intimidation of Iraqi Shia ethnocracy whether directly or indirectly so.

Tehran is however known for being extremely strategically rational in its cynical pursuit of regional realpolitik. It is therefore very feasible indeed to contain Iran while at the same time planning and preparing for simultaneous revolutions in Ankara and Tehran in the spring of 2018. If the twin revolution is not sufficiently successful can it be backed up by aerial war by Israel, the US and multiple other powerful aerial powers as strongly interested in crushing and discrediting Jihadist neo-medieval totalitarianism. Iran can thus already now with significant probability be contained into containing its own external behaviors.

In 2014 did Israel become the first democracy to officially and publicly support Kurdistani independence and the same year did Israel become the first country anywhere to officially recognize the Aramean people and specifically here as a national minority in Israel. Israel is fully committed to both the Kurdistani cause and the Aramean cause, including fully to the establishment of the three Aramean states of Aramaic Aram (West Aram), Aramaic Alawistan (Central Aram) and Aramaic Ezidxan (East Aram) which would with democratic consent increasingly become integrated into United Aram. The people of the post-Yezidi cultural zone in Central Iraq and Eastern Syria have particularly strong traditional cultural ties among themselves and tribal leaders of the post-Yezidi cultural zone are particularly eager to communally revert to the Yezidi heritage and Aramaic language of their ancestors as prior to the brutal imposition of Arabian religious imperialism.

As the Iraqi military including the Iraqi Air Force are entrenched in their alliance with the forces of Shia Jihadism is Israel certainly not afraid to establish aerial superiority over Iraq. The Iraqi military in fact lives in great fear of Israeli aerial assault and that is why they make anti-Kurdish propaganda broadcasts from specially designed propaganda bunkers where they currently hide. Iran will with significant probability act in accordance with a rational calculation in choosing not to go to war for ethnocratic Iraq against Free Kurdistan and liberal-democratic Israel.

Free Kurdistan and Israel do prefer diplomacy but are ready for feminist war against the morally depraved forces of ethnocracy, Jihadism and neo-medieval totalitarianism. If Baghdad goes ahead with its deplorable threats against their own Kurdish citizens then they will have to accept the unintended consequences of their own decisions. Baghdad could still side with liberty against Jihadism but if they choose war will Free Kurdistan and Israel obviously act in accordance with those highly regrettable choices of Baghdad.

Needless to say would it not take much time for the Kurdistani military and the Israeli Air Force to liberate Central Iraq all the way to Baghdad. Then why would Baghdad engage in such as a highly regrettable course of action? First they believe that sounding tough may help them get their way and second are they told to do so by their Jihadist masters in Tehran. When why is Iran telling Iraq to act so irrationally? First, they too believe that they can get their way by sounding tough and second does Iran believe that it has nothing to win from a diplomatic partition of Iraq as the outcome of diplomatic partition would be the same as the outcome of military partition. So why support a war with no chance of victory? Tehran clearly needs to reconsider its own irrational calculus and recognize that war between Baghdad and Kurdistan certainly will not help the Iranian regime in any way. Tehran needs to make a tactical decision to fully withdraw from Rojhelat (Iranian Kurdistan) and support a diplomatic partition of Iraq. Tehran most likely argues that war typically is unpredictable in its consequences but Tehran needs to internalize that its western borders will fall under effective Israeli control unless Tehran starts to reconsider and do the math properly.

There is substantial reason to believe that many remaining powerful Jihadists in the Iranian regime are actually Munafiqun (religious hypocrites who are only outwardly Muslim) and many others are most likely believers on some day and doubters on other days. Can the Iranian Jihadist elite conceivably be persuaded to abandon Jihadist neo-medievalism and morally depraved ethnocracy? What would it take to persuade remaining powerful Jihadists within the Iranian regime? A series of meetings in diplomatic dialogue about gender science and intersectional feminism?

The decision to choose war over diplomacy between Baghdad and Kurdistan is in the hands of Tehran as the Iraqi military itself for obvious reasons is highly fearful of war with Israel and Kurdistan. You are either with us or with the Jihadists who are clearly on the losing side of history.