Kurdistan Rises

Jihadist occupying regimes as headquartered in Ankara and Tehran would certainly be wise to fully withdraw from occupied Kurdistan and fully hand over power to the multiethnic and secularist pro-democracy opposition.

Feminist YPJ troops in Free Kurdistan. (Image by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr)

There was once a time when anti-Kurdish regimes in the Middle East assumed that there would be no cost associated with bullying innocent Kurds. That time is well past as Kurdistan has concluded and signed a comprehensive, yet to be announced defense treaty with Israel and now negotiates with the US in order so as to conclude multiple strategic agreements with Washington so as to further very significantly strengthen the trilateral special relationship between America, Israel and Kurdistan. Yet it is primarily Israel’s duty to militarily defend Free Kurdistan from any and all strategic threats which obviously does not preclude proactive American participation in the strategic defense of Free Kurdistan. It would in fact be very wise for Iran and Turkey to begin to plan orderly withdrawals from their respective zones of brutal, oppressive occupation in Kurdistan. But Jihadists are not wise.

Baghdad’s blockade against Iraqi Kurdistan is in itself an act of war under the laws of war and Baghdad should expect a military response from Free Kurdistan unless they rescind the blockade and cease make highly unwise threats on behalf of their Jihadists patrons in Tehran. You are either with us or with the Jihadists. It is in fact essential that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) feminist army expeditiously crosses the Syrian-Iraqi border in liberating rapist-held territories on the eastern side as well of the now long since virtual border. So far has the SDF advanced along the Euphrates and Khabur rivers but the situation with Baghdad siding with Jihadism against liberty requires the SDF to move swiftly in entering the Nineveh Governorate. This of course is a strategic move but it is the right one to make and the SDF should not only eliminate Sunni Jihadists but Shia Jihadists as well as it would surely be inappropriate to discriminate between Shia Jihadists and Sunni Jihadists considering their common political ideology and highly similar totalitarian political goals.

No one in Baghdad should delude himself that anyone in the White House has even the slightest sympathies for Islamists or Jihadists of any kind. America will not be displeased in the increasingly unified military forces and emerging Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) crushing the Shia Jihadists along with the Sunni Jihadists. Even if the State Department perhaps will not say so explicitly is the US certainly eager to see the elimination of Jihadism generally and obviously irrespective of denominational distinction.

The already signed, yet still officially unannounced comprehensive defense treaty between Free Kurdistan and Israel as obliging Israel to strategically defend Free Kurdistan means that Free Kurdistan is no longer weak and vulnerable. Occupied Kurdistan will be liberated one way or another and unified Kurdistan will subsequently attain internationally recognized independence as no one should doubt the strongly pro-Kurdish, yet still officially unstated widespread sympathies in the international community. Free Kurdistan is closely militarily aligned with both Israel and the United States, the world’s only two military superpowers. While no doubt difficult to accept for ethnocratic Jihadist bullies in Ankara and Tehran would the smartest thing for them to do, certainly be to expeditiously plan for a comprehensive withdrawal from occupied Kurdistan. If they stay will they pay the price and there is no question that this will spell the end of these evil Jihadist entities just as Free Kurdistan has already strategically defeated and is currently crushing the Rapist Caliphate.

Yet, from perspective of Jerusalem, Washington and most silent observers in the international community is the independence of unified Kurdistan only an important step in the undoing of all forms of Jihadism whether regime Jihadism or non-state Jihadism. Indeed, are all forms of armed Jihadism are a threat against international peace and security. Diplomacy with Jihadist regimes may be a useful educational exercise for participating diplomats from the international community but is essentially an exercise in futility considering the aggressively imperialist and profoundly malevolent nature of Jihadist neo-medieval totalitarianism.

As Free Kurdistan is being rapidly armed by the United States and as certainly fully funded by the GCC will Free Kurdistan only become militarily stronger and stronger for every week that passes. Therefore the wisest thing for those in charge in Ankara and Tehran is certainly to prepare for an orderly withdrawal from occupied Kurdistan. Just as Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait and twice resistance to US-led military liberation of Kuwait and Iraq respectively was completely futile are any attempts to prevent the liberation and unification of Kurdistan fully futile indeed. Will Jihadists in Ankara and Tehran perform a rational calculus in not relying on “Allah” (from the Hebrew Elah, meaning Goddess) for intervention in favor of the evils of Jihadist neo-medieval totalitarianism?

As the demoralized Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) suffer defeat at the hands of the Israeli-trained feminist insurgency in occupied North Kurdistan is it now time to commence a similar feminist insurgency in occupied East Kurdistan against the brutal Khomeinist occupation there. This is a strategic move and it is certainly the right move. Tehran’s highly unwise threats by proxy via Baghdad against Free Kurdistan are to put it mildly extremely ill-advised and do require a strategic military response.

Now is the time to teach Khomeinists a useful lesson, namely that it is no longer worthwhile for anti-Kurdish extremists to bully the innocent & righteous Kurdish people. They have a choice between orderly withdrawal from Kurdistan out of tactical considerations in purchasing themselves some more time or becoming crushed from the air without mercy for evildoers.

The Muslim Brotherhood AKP regime structure unwisely decided to wage war against the people of Kurdistan in order so as to remain in power in Ankara. They too should be prepared for withdrawal in somewhat preserving Ankara’s honor and dignity or they will indeed face comprehensive defeat. The other members of NATO are aware that Islamist-led Turkey is an enemy of free nations and indeed an enemy of the entire human world. AKP criminals should not delude themselves that their nominal NATO membership is relevant anymore in any way with respect to Kurdistan.

While it is true that the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Khartoum agreed to withdraw from South Sudan did they only do so after suffering strategic military defeat and the only question is thus whether more feminist liberation warfare is necessary in propelling a comprehensive TAF withdrawal from Kurdistan as including from coastal mediterranean Kurdistan? In other words, will air war and/or ground war invasion from the south become necessary in forcing a full TAF withdrawal from occupied North Kurdistan?

Certainly no tears will be shed in the international community for the implosion of Jihadist regimes and the crushing of all forms of armed Jihadism. The Jihadist regimes have however some choices to make in that they could fully withdraw from occupied Kurdistan and fully hand over power in their capitals to the multiethnic, secularist pro-democracy opposition. If not will they face the consequences of their own unreason.