War on Jihadist Regimes

The Alevi-Bektashi military leader Shah Ismail I (born in 1487 and demised in 1524) founded the indigenous Alevi-Bektashi Safavid Empire of Persia in 1501, a polity which under later rulers was coercively Islamized. Northern Iran was still largely Alevi-Bektashi and Southern Iran was still largely Yarsani at the time.

The existence of organized armed Jihadism whether state Jihadism or non-state Jihadism is fully and completely unacceptable and intolerable indeed. Advances in Iran’s parallel secret nuclear weapons program requires not only decertification but all-out war on Jihadist regimes.

While there is indeed a struggle between Islamists and Munafiqun (hypocrites who are only outwardly Muslim) in the Iranian state apparatus is Iran’s parallel secret nuclear weapons program proceeding parallel to its official nuclear weapons program.

Iran’s behavior regionally & globally is also quite revealing in that its hostile aggressively imperialist intentions as intrinsic to its totalitarian ideology indeed remains unchanged. The neoconservative Trump-Pence administration is not exactly inclined to do any favors to Jihadists whether Shia or Sunni or state or non-state and so America needs to prepare and indeed mobilize for full-scale war on Jihadism.

While standing with GCC royal/princely reigning families in their valiant struggle against the powerful domestic forces of Wahhabism within the GCC intelligence community need we prepare for war on Jihadism wherever it is found. This means that we must no more distinguish between Jihadist regimes and the Jihadist militias and Jihadist terrorist organizations that they sponsor, aid and abet. We need to stand with the Pakistani military and its domestic allies in their long domestic intelligence war against Jihadist intelligence services of Pakistan.

America under the Trump-Pence administration is no sucker and is perfectly capable of distinguishing enemy from friend. Jihadist regimes must end, period. The practice of maintaining sharia law as state law needs end everywhere, period. This means that even India and Israel which both maintain state Sharia courts for the purpose of Muslim family law need precisely abolish those courts. America needs to strengthen friends, partners and allies in the broader Middle East and beyond in standing with them in disestablishing all forms of governmental sharia law, including in states of northern Nigeria as political concessions to Islamists only embolden the Jihadists.

The war on Jihadism has many dimensions and in order to prevail must we not only defeat Jihadism in our own terms but crucially in the terms of the Jihadists as well. We must thoroughly demoralize them, discredit their neo-medievalist totalitarian ideology of Islamism in succeeding through strategically smart war to convince them and their sympathizers that divine providence is certainly not on their side. While surely no simple task is that part of what is required for utterly defeating our adversaries in the War on Jihadism. Furthermore must we internalize that Rojava-style empowered feminism is the very ideological antidote that needs to be implemented around the world in thoroughly defeating the Jihadist/Islamist enemy. If females are mobilized against the ultra-sexist Jihadism/Islamism then indeed will popular support for that form of totalitarianism also increasingly disappear.

We must therefore no more publicly lend credence to the Jihadist regimes in Ankara, Khartoum and Tehran. Free nations need to accelerate as much as possible the process of expelling Jihadist MB/AKP Turkey from the NATO alliance of liberty. The nuclear “deal” with Jihadist Khomeinist Iran needs to be decertified ASAP and the SNAFU of the Jihadist Iranian regime secret parallel nuclear weapons program needs at some point become publicly exposed.

America needs to support the government of South Sudan against the Khartoum-sponsored rebels there. Israel needs to significantly aid the oppressed linguistic regional majorities of North Sudan so as to build armies of their own in the same way that America and Israel are jointly assisting Free Kurdistan in precisely this regard. It is essential that the United States government generously encourages North Sudan’s neighbors of Centrafrique, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya to significantly host the formation of regional majority rebel armies. Once formed, trained and expanded can these Israeli-coordinated rebel armies with massive US air support march on Khartoum.

The international community of conscientious nations as sharing in our common collective security needs unite behind those who actively oppose the Jihadist Axis of Evil of Ankara, Khartoum and Tehran. Free Kurdistan is at the very forefront of this epic struggle in simultaneously fighting the Jihadist regimes of Ankara, Raqqa and Tehran.

We need therefore build an international coalition so as to militarily confront the Ankara-Tehran Jihadist Axis of Evil. This needs include inter alia the GCC, NATO, Pakistan and Russia as well as neighboring countries in addition to the core coalition members of America, Israel, Kurdistan and Syria.

Israel itself in having the most powerful air force in the world is perfectly capable of simultaneously ending the Jihadist polities of Ankara and Tehran from the air within a week of intense aerial warfare yet military contributions from other responsible nations are certainly most highly welcome indeed and we do need to work closely together in building a confederal Media on the territories of this Axis of Evil of Ankara/Tehran as based on linguistic statehood of heritage language as subsequent to the swift elimination of these very evil Jihadist regimes.

The African Union needs to become diplomatically mobilized against North Sudan in providing robust international support for efforts to liberate North Sudan from totalitarian regime Jihadism. Jihadism is the enemy of responsible governments whether in liberal democracies or where the people is not yet ready for democratic governance in still not having sufficiently culturally internalized democratic values.

The Trump-Pence administration is the strongest and most determined government ever in American political history. America knows its totalitarian adversaries and will eliminate them all without ifs and buts. Yet, America believes that mutual and equal ethico-political partnership rather than dominance best serves America’s national interest and the world. America believes in outsourcing as many tasks as practically possible as relating to collective security to America’s friends, partners and allies around the world. America believes in empowering its friends, partners and allies to help themselves, help each other and help America in working to ensure our collective security. America is domestically and internationally founded on equality & reciprocity in friendship between peoples. This is precisely a very, very important part of what America stands for.

In pursuing and accelerating the feminist War on Jihadism to its successful conclusion need we learn lessons from history. This means that major aerial military powers need to support and sponsor regional ground forces of others while at the same acting to ensure a peaceful planned-for civilian political outcome. We need to keep our focus on the ball in always remaining cognizant that our objective is not merely defeating totalitarianism but precisely to ensure an increasingly free, emancipatory and democratic societal outcome after the defeat of totalitarianism in a particular jurisdiction.

Regional forces are generally better at ground war operations in their own parts of the world although special forces speaking local languages and practicing local cultures can do a very good job as well in strengthening and training local/regional allies.

Partners to the coalition against Jihadism whether governmental or non-governmental are an essential part of preparing for the aftermath of war. We need a bottom-up approach to democratization whereby values of freedom, emancipation and representative governance are first culturally anchored in traditional social units of society of clan, denomination, people and tribe. Only once the people has sufficiently internalized those timeless values on their own cultural terms are the people also ready for free & fair elections as quickie premature elections are sadly the historical graveyard of so many emerging democracies.

Turkey-Iran-Afghanistan needs to be merged into a confederal Media of linguistic states as based on heritage languages as in many cases requiring linguistic revival. Feminist social revolution and communal reversion to regional indigenous forms of Median Judaism should be the other two pillars in all three pillars creating a sustainable basis for responsible development in freedom, emancipation and representative governance.

Nubian languages were historically the natively spoken languages in much of what is now North Sudan as prior to enforced Islamization. North Sudan too needs become transformed into a union of linguistic states as based upon regional heritage language, feminist social revolution and communal reversion to pre-imperialist indigenous heritage with a political process as inspired by the successful and still ongoing process of democratization in Somaliland.

Military intervention is surely not an easy decision but we can no more tolerate the existence of Jihadist regimes as sponsoring non-state Jihadism and so all forms of organized armed Jihadism whether state or non-state must simply end whether by war of otherwise.