Kurdistani Air Force

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Free Kurdistan needs to strategically very significantly upgrade itself by upgrading the triangular special relationship with Israel and the United States of America.

America rightly warned that the Kurdistani independence referendum could inadvertently be followed by regional destabilization as engineered by Anti-Kurdish rejectionist forces of state Jihadism in the region. While America stands with Free Kurdistan is this certainly not a substitute for a comprehensive defense treaty between Israel and Free Kurdistan as part of establishing official diplomatic relations between Israel and Free Kurdistan as the US decision to stand with Kurdistan has always been made on request from Israel.

As Turkey seems intent on de facto annexing the Idlib region in addition to the already de facto annexed Shehba region is it clear that the MB/AKP regime structure actually does not mind rightly becoming expelled from NATO and has no intention of withdrawing from the territories which it illegally occupies in Syria/Rojava or ceasing its sponsorship of Jihadist militias in Syria/Rojava. Jihadist MB/AKP Turkey clearly does not belong in the NATO alliance of liberty and so needs to be expelled as soon as possible indeed.

As Turkey seeks to entrench and expand its occupation in Syria/Rojava and the Iranian army engages in aggressive and threatening maneuvers almost every night in Rojhelat (Iranian Kurdistan) as apparently preparing for a potential invasion against Free Kurdistan is it clear that the ability of Free Kurdistan to defend itself against any combination of regional threats needs to be continually enhanced and increasingly rapidly so indeed.

America and Israel have different roles in shepherding Kurdistan to liberation and unified independence and rightly so. An Israeli-Kurdistani comprehensive defense treaty as obliging Israel to defend Free Kurdistan is an American strategic interest in further weakening the forces of Jihadism in the region whether Shia or Sunni and indeed whether state or non-state. Israel has trained thousands of primarily Israeli Kurds since 2015 to become fighter pilots in the intended Kurdistani Air Force.

As inter-Kurdistani political reconciliation has already proceeded far and continues indeed to rapidly proceed are the emerging Kurdistani Defense Forces ready for an air force of its own although under full control of Israeli Kurdish military officers of the KDF. As the Kurdistani Air Force is initially essentially a subdivision of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) should technically and legally speaking all military deliveries be made to Israel although in practice will aircrafts and other defense systems be delivered directly to the KAF in Free Kurdistan. All purchases will be fully funded by the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and American workers will most clearly benefit indeed.

The region and the world faces a new reality of an Ankara-Tehran Jihadist axis and so continuing arming Free Kurdistan is not only a noble ethico-political imperative but furthermore a major US strategic imperative as well. Both Jihadist regimes need to be brought down one way or another and the pace of the Iranian nuclear weapons program certainly does dictate the strategic time frame and so official US decertification of Iran’s nuclear weapons program is essential indeed.

The aftermath of the Kurdistani referendum of independence illustrates well the aggressively hostile intentions of the respective Jihadist regime structures in Ankara and Tehran as not only against Kurds. The people of Kurdistan just as the peoples of America, Israel, Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere have indeed not done anything that could even remotely justify this profound and utter Jihadist hatred against free societies.

A strong pro-American Kurdistan is a vital US national interest. It is in the interest of the United States of America that Free Kurdistan and later unified independent Kurdistan will become a military giant as a beacon of liberty in the midst of current medievalism. However, currently is it also a US interest that deliveries to the KAF are legally speaking made through the IAF. It is also a vital United States national interest that Turkey is expeditiously expelled ASAP from NATO as the current SNAFU anomaly of Jihadist MB/AKP Turkey remaining part of the NATO alliance of liberty is literally fully and completely unacceptable and intolerable indeed.

MB/AKP Turkey is an enemy of free societies and furthermore an enemy of the United States in all but name. The worldwide Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is a deeply Anti-American movement and its American branch seeks to undermine all good things Americans hold dear. Now is the time to take action in putting the American defense industry into action by commencing mass production for building the emerging KAF with weapons imports being fully funded by the GCC.

The Israeli navy furthermore needs to commence training the future Kurdistani Navy as preparing for the Kurdistani movement of feminist liberation reaching the Mediterranean Sea. Building a Kurdistani navy must however not await Free Kurdistan reaching the sea as the US defense industry needs to be put into significant motion in this respect as well. All this should to be done in Israeli naval facilities and all expenses would be fully GCC-funded.

The brave people of Kurdistan has in the past decade faced aggressively hostile Jihadism from all directions and the Kurdistanis in being passionately pro-American and pro-Israel are a true and genuine friend of the United States of America and Israel. While too overtly supporting Kurdistan at this stage would highly likely be counterproductive in causing increased popularity for the forces Jihadism, including the Jihadist regime structures in Ankara and Tehran needs America nevertheless discreetly move to strengthen Free Kurdistan in every conceivable way, including putting the US defense industry into motion for all branches of the emerging Kurdistani Defense Forces. The GCC as already fully funding all weapons imports of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) feminist army of Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) is ready to fund all weapons imports for Bashuri (Iraqi-Kurdistani) units of the Kurdistan Army of the KDF as well provided that these weapons systems are fully under non-partisan KDF command no less than than the KAF and the Kurdistani Navy.

With Israeli training can all branches of the KDF essentially be expanded as extensions of the IDF and this will allow for as rapidly as possible building up the Kurdistani Defense Forces into an increasingly formidable major military power. This is a vital American national interest and a vital Israeli interest no less than a vital Kurdistani interest. The people of Kurdistan as victims of Jihadism stand against and bravely fight almost every kind of Jihadism, both state and non-state, including the Jihadist Rapist Caliphate, the Jihadist MB/AKP Turkey and the Jihadist Khomeinist Iran.

On September 11, 2001 did America learn of the depth of the hatred against liberty on the part of Jihadism. Whether Jihadists are Shia or Sunni is essentially irrelevant from perspective of the global War on Jihadism as both need be defeated and eliminated and so we need to help the Kurdistanis help themselves in defending humanity against the menace of Jihadism. The enemy has a name and that is Jihadism with neo-medieval totalitarianism (i.e. Islamism) being the operative totalitarian ideology behind Jihadism.

By helping the Kurdistanis help themselves are we in fact helping ourselves. By helping the Kurdistanis defend themselves are we in fact defending both ourselves and the wider international community as seeking to responsibly share in our common collective security in the global War on Jihadism. By strategically assisting Free Kurdistan does America in fact stand with Israel and America’s other friends, partners and allies in the region. The Kurdistanis are at the forefront of the struggle against Jihadism and it is a vital US strategic national interest that the Kurdistani Defense Forces are armed through an Israeli-Kurdistani defense treaty as part of the establishment of official consular diplomatic relations between Israel and Free Kurdistan with four Kurdistani consulates in Israel and four Israeli consulates in Free Kurdistan. The stationing of Israeli tactical nuclear weapons on the soil of Free Kurdistan as part of this gargantuan strategic upgrade will in fact form an essential role in securing the existence of Free Kurdistan.

The historical establishment of official diplomatic relations between Free Kurdistan and Israel will signal that Kurdistani leaders are ready for independence in no longer being ashamed of its Israeli best friend in the world. Make no mistake, an Israeli-Kurdistani defense treaty is a critical American national interest and it is essential that American leaders clearly express this to Kurdistani leaders and furthermore express strong political support for the treaty after its announcement and signing respectively.

The triangular special relationships between America, Israel and Kurdistan is critical for all three nations and indeed for the region and the world in the regional and global War on Jihadism. We have no choice but to prevail in this regional & global conflict and the sooner, the more effective and more expeditiously certainly the better.

In helping the Kurdistanis are we precisely helping ourselves. The Kurdistani Defense Forces as a strategic project will remain under the control of Kurdistanis who are Israeli citizens, namely the reigning Israeli branch of the House of Adiabene of Kurdistan. As Americans and Israelis are we indeed proud to stand with our profoundly esteemed and cherished Kurdistani allies.

The clock of the Iranian nuclear weapons program furthermore dictates that America, Israel and Kurdistan jointly upgrade our vital trilateral special relationship. While Israel has frequently helped Free Kurdistan through the United States is it now the role of the United States to help Free Kurdistan through Israel.

Our triangular special relationship is intricate and by officially upgrading Free Kurdistan’s special relationship with Israel will Free Kurdistan be able to significantly upgrade its special relationship with the United States as well. We all have different strategic roles to play in this essential triangular special relationship between our brave nations and although intricate are these essential strategic roles of ours.

The building of the Kurdistani Defense Forces and its branches is practically speaking performed by Israel with purchase of US weaponry funded by the GCC with discreet global diplomatic support for Free Kurdistan as provided by the United States of America. Israel is Free Kurdistan’s main connection with the outside world and by officially very significantly upgrading relations with Israel is Free Kurdistan in effect very, very significantly upgrading itself. We the peoples need to stand united in the face of the evil tyranny of Jihadism.