War of Liberation in Iranian Kurdistan

Sometimes do I receive questions as to why the Israeli government has not yet officially acknowledged the fully and halakhically recognized Jewish nature of core Median Judaism in the core Middle East; including Alawite Judaism, Alevi-Bektashi Judaism, Druze Judaism, Dönmeh Judaism, Mandaean Judaism, Samaritan Judaism, Yarsani Judaism and Yezidi Judaism.

Cyrus Street in Jerusalem

The short answer is that we really can’t as long as 3 million Kurdish Yarsani halakhic Jews of Rojhelat (East Kurdistan) live under the totalitarian oppression of the Munafeq [Religous Hypocrite] Republic of Iran. According to Jewish ethics is every Jew individually and collectively responsible for the security and welfare of each and every other Jew which means that the Israeli government has to take into consideration the fact that the Yarsani Kurds are effective hostages of the Iranian state and so the Israeli government cannot interfere with or even inadvertently undermine their quite necessary practices of pretending to be Muslims under the social terror of Islamist totalitarian rule.

As the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) have effectively invaded Free Kurdistan following the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan need we prepare for a righteous war of liberation in Rojhelat. As Bashur (South Kurdistan inside Iraq) and Rojava (West Kurdistan inside Syria) are already free and the feminist war of liberation in Bakur (North Kurdistan inside Turkey) is proceeding very well has the time certainly come for planning for a just war towards the attainment of the noble liberation of Rojhelat.

As Iran is a totalitarian state is the news flow from Rojhelat quite limited indeed as few Rojhelati news reach even Kurdistani online media. As Free Kurdistan is strategically united for the first time and the military integration of the emerging Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) proceeds well are the Kurdistani Air Force (KAF) becoming constituted as well.

The asymmetric warfare in Bakur is a suitable model for Rojhelat which shows that patriarchal ethnocratic oppressors stand little chance against Israeli-trained feminist guerrillas. Israel however also has the option of all-out aerial war which certainly would happen were the Iranian nuclear program to try to break out of its current threshold status. This military strategic option could be actualized under other strategic circumstances as well as depending on Iran’s behavior towards Kurdistan and in particular so towards Free Kurdistan and Yarsani Kurds. Tehran is therefore particularly well advised to take utmost caution in improving conditions for Kurds generally and indeed for Yarsani Kurds in particular.

Our strategy should be intensive guerrilla warfare in Bakur and Rojhelat while aggressively liberating Jihadist-held territories from both Sunni and Shia Jihadists in Iraq and Syria so as to help create a pro-Kurdish Aramaic Ezidxan to the south of Kurdistan and this way also create further strategic military depth for the Kurdistani Defense Forces (KDF) in anticipation of the liberation of Bakur and Rojhelat.

At the same time does the IDF retain all options in terms of potential aerial war in support of our heroic guerillas, including a second Six Day War for the liberation of Kurdistan by means of providing full Israeli air support for the guerrillas from the air. Israel is eager to finish off both Islamist regimes in Iran and Turkey and certainly does not shy away from doing so through all-out aerial war. However, this depends on how these regimes will behave and in particular so towards Kurdistan.

Israel is eager to see both regimes voluntarily withdraw from occupied Kurdistan as the IDF certainly does not fear militarily confronting both regimes as part of a second Six Day War and this time in Kurdistan. Yet, the IDF is in Kurdistan not only to defend Free Kurdistan but also to liberate occupied Kurdistan in addition to liberating Jihadist-held areas in Syria and Iraq and entirely irrespective of whether occupying Jihadists being Shia or Sunni. Second Israel is established and there is not much lowly and morally depraved oppressors against the righteous Kurdish people can do about it considering Israel’s overwhelming aerial military superiority as one of only two military superpowers in the world.

One way or another will the sexist occupation forces of Iran and Turkey be forced to leave occupied Kurdistan and the question is only how much feminist liberation warfare that will be necessary before this takes effect. The Kurdistani liberation movement is united and enemies of the Kurds will no longer be able to play their little games of dividing and scaring Kurds through threats and disinformation as Israeli Kurds are increasingly in charge of non-civilian matters in Free Kurdistan and so Iran and Turkey should certainly plan for leaving occupied Kurdistan. Her biji!