Israel, Kurdistan and Syria

The biblical Dove of Land in Alevi-Bektashi Judaism (of which Dönmeh Judaism forms part) is a symbol of the envisioned territorial unification between the Southern Jurisdiction of Judah and the Northern Jurisdiction of Israel.

The knowledge and awareness that Alawism is a form of Median Judaism fundamentally transformed the Syrian-Israeli relationship from rivals to partners and this knowledge and awareness is now increasingly transforming the Kurdistani-Syrian relationship as well as based on ancestral Alawite-Yezidi fraternity. As the Islamist regime structures of Iran and Turkey prepare to closely align is the triangular relationship between Israel, Kurdistan and Syria becoming stronger by the day.

The growing military alliance between the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) feminist army and the Alawite-led Syrian military is deepening by means of joint and coordinated operations against the remnants of the already strategically defeated Rapist Caliphate. MB/AKP Turkey’s Jihadist presence in and military occupation of parts of Syria/Rojava are as unprovoked and as illegitimate under international law as was Iraq’s military occupation of Kuwait during the totalitarian rule of Saddam Hussein.

There has long been speculation that MB/AKP Turkey plans to invade the Jihadist Idlib enclave in northwest Syria. Will they do so? That’s an interesting question, yet what is unquestionable is that Israel, Kurdistan and Syria plan to liberate and clean the Idlib region from the Turkish-sponsored Jihadists controlling that Islamist enclave. Turkey has the option of disengaging from Syria; end its occupation of Syrian soil and cease aiding and abetting Jihadist militias in Syria. Unless they do will the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) face war by an alliance of Syria, Kurdistan and Israel as backed up by Washington and Moscow. Any sane government in Ankara would in that situation vacate Syria but Turkey’s MB/AKP regime may still refuse to do so due to religious delusions of theirs.

MB/AKP Turkey’s occupation of parts of Syria/Rojava and sponsorship of Jihadism in Syria/Rojava are certainly not protected by the NATO alliance. Should a trilateral defensive attack against Turkish and Turkish-sponsored occupation forces in Syria await the official expulsion of Turkey from the NATO defense alliance of liberty? NATO countries need to aggressively proceed in expelling MB/AKP Turkey from this defense alliance of liberal democracies so as avail themselves of any remaining obligations to militarily defend a Jihadist regime which is a major state sponsor of Jihadist terrorism including once the Rapist Caliphate but still to the inclusion of the Syrian Nusra Front branch of al Qaida and the Palestinian Hamas branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, both of which are legally designated as terrorist organizations by the European Union and the United States of America.

A just war of liberation as based on a sincere alliance of genuine fraternity between peoples will not only liberate the soil of Syria/Rojava but will furthermore lead to the partition of that polity officially known as the Republic of Turkey. The tripartite alliance of Syria, Kurdistan and Israel will however defensively attack TAF and its Jihadist clients at a time of its own choosing. This is not to say that this will be deferred indefinitely but rather that Turkey’s Jihadist presence in Syria/Rojava is unacceptable, intolerable and obviously cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely. Rather, the international community needs to do its part in exhausting all diplomatic options in terms of ensuring a Turkish withdrawal and disengagement from Syria/Rojava. This means expelling MB/AKP Turkey from the NATO alliance of liberty and instituting crushing comprehensive economic sanctions against MB/AKP Turkey unless it fully withdraws and fully disengages from Syria/Rojava.

The MB/AKP regime will find that this legitimate and legal war of defense will not end at Turkey’s southern international borders as Turkey itself has become a severe threat to international peace and security. Will the MB/AKP regime back down as the MB Khartoum regime was forced to withdraw from and accept independence for South Sudan? The Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet could certainly implement a major military coup d’état in Ankara but that would lead to Jihadist civil war in Anatolia, something for which the MB/AKP regime has extensively prepared by creating its own Jihadist armed forces alongside TAF. These state-sponsored Turkish Jihadists militias have a significant presence in the Idlib region and so the MB/AKP regime will not back down unless it suffers stinging military defeat, in which case they will withdraw from parts of the Republic of Turkey that are thus designated to become part of unified Kurdistan and greater Alawistan respectively just as their “brothers” in the North Sudanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood were forced to accept independence for South Sudan by the Israeli-sponsored SPLA.

The heroic military resistance of the Alawite-led Syrian administration has for years managed to protect the Alawite region from the nearby Idlib Jihadist region with its plans for genocide against the neighboring Alawite Crypto-Jewish community. Russia has played an important and indeed equally heroic role in essential genocide prevention. A military coup d’état in Turkey now as ordered by the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet would however politically play into the hands of the Islamists in giving rise to renewed public sympathy for the MB/AKP while providing an opportunity for MB/AKP Jihadists to instigate Jihadist civil war in Anatolia.

Rather need we exhaust all diplomatic options for securing a MB/AKP Turkish withdrawal and disengagement from Syria/Rojava. If and once it is absolutely clear that MB/AKP Turkey will not withdraw and disengage from Syria/Rojava is it certainly most preferable that strategic military action is authorized by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The international community has certainly a vital role to play in securing a full MB/AKP Turkish withdrawal and a full MB/AKP Turkish disengagement from Syria/Rojava. If and when war becomes inevitable, then so be it. Considering that Islamists have no veto powers in the UNSC is it essential that the council unites against the Jihadist threat in Syria/Rojava and indeed around the world.

The civil war in Syria is fueled and perpetuated by MB/AKP Turkey which sponsors the Jihadist militias there while the international community, including prominently Moscow and Washington, are working hard to end it. Securing a full MB/AKP Turkish withdrawal and disengagement from Syria/Rojava is thus essential in ensuring international peace and security. Jihadism as ideologically fueled by Islamism of nearly every kind is today the main global threat to international peace and security and so the UNSC needs to assume its responsibilities in taking effective action against armed Jihadism everywhere whether Jihadist militias or Jihadist regimes.

The case of MB Khartoum’s defeat in and subsequent orderly withdrawal from South Sudan and Israel’s increasingly successful multi-year campaign against Palestinian MB Hamas-ruled Gaza so as to bring relative quiet to Israel’s south clearly shows that the MB may strategically retreat once having suffered strategic military defeat indeed. While the international community clearly needs a strategy for unseating the MB Khartoum regime as well – is unseating the MB/AKP regime in Anatolia in fact no less essential.

The international community needs to assume its responsibilities in holding Jihadist regimes accountable for their nefarious sponsorship of armed Jihadism. Jihadism is the main source of contemporary global instability and so holding Jihadist regimes accountable is thus precisely essential in protecting not only international peace and security but also open society as well as democracy and indeed prospects thereof where not yet possible due to lack of popular support.

Jihadists/Islamists claim to represent Muslims when in fact most of their victims have at least some Muslim background whether culturally or religiously so. The MB wants us to believe that it somehow intrinsically constitutes prejudice against Muslim to explicitly oppose Jihadism which is the violent expression of neo-medieval totalitarianism, a.k.a. Islamism. The international community needs to assume its responsibilities in ensuring and safeguarding our own collective security by ultimately bringing the global war on Jihadism to conclusion in holding Jihadist state sponsors of non-state Jihadism accountable indeed.

The peoples of Syria/Rojava have surely suffered long enough and so the international community needs to assume its responsibilities in helping bring peace, security, stability, prosperity and liberty to the Middle East in aiding the building of a new regional order and indeed paradigm of peace in our region that suffers so much at the hands of Jihadism. Together can we build collective security in ensuring liberty, prosperity and stability for our children and grandchildren on this very shared blue planet of ours. The responsibility in collective security is shared and belongs to all of us who wish to be responsible partners in this very shared international community of ours. PEACE