Liberation of Anatolia

The Bosphorus are a strategically highly important international waterway.

Modern totalitarianism as it developed during the course of the 20th century had multiple branches while deploying different ideologies and different cultural explanations for essentially advocating one single political system, yet still as based on different systems of discursive justification. Totalitarianism threatens not only liberal democracies but indeed all human societies in threatening to turn them into closed totalitarian societies as ruled by cruel and ruthless intelligence agencies in policing a hegemonic totalitarian ideology indeed.

The two main contemporary threats against open society are the Riyadh-based Crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood Saudi global intelligence agency and the formerly Buenos Aires-based and now Pyongyang-based Gestapo global intelligence agency. When the Trump-Pence administration correctly characterizes North Korea as a global threat does Washington certainly not only have North Korean nuclear weapons in mind. While the Gestapo used to control many states around the world is officially racially supremacist North Korea the last country still ruled by the Gestapo although it retains significant influence through its remaining intelligence assets in many countries around the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood Saudi intelligence agency officially rules three countries; namely Gaza, North Sudan and Turkey, yet with significant political influence over many other states and jurisdictions around the world. The Muslim Brotherhood is a highly sophisticated intelligence agency which has been highly successful in hijacking civil societies through mass intelligence warfare as it famously did long since in Egypt. Western intelligence agencies have proven ineffective, inept and incompetent in their largely failed attempts to repel the MB mass intelligence warfare infiltration invasion. The MB wants us to believe that the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism is a variously “a culture” or “a religion” and so Islamism as a totalitarian ideology must not be criticized lest this awakens prejudice against Muslims who as it happens are the main victims of this neo-medieval totalitarianism.

Although certainly Riyadh-based; is MB intelligence also headquartered in North Sudan and Turkey as well. While standing with the Saudi royal family in their brave determination to bring freedom, emancipation and representative government to their country need we endeavor to counteract the MB everywhere, including by bringing down the three MB regimes and liberate the suffering peoples of those jurisdictions.

Anatolia occupies a strategic position between Europe, Russia and the Middle East and the international community simply needs to assist the peoples of Anatolia to liberate themselves. An effective arms embargo has been quietly imposed by the US and others against the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). As Turkey has developed into the main base for MB infiltration operations in Europe, the Western hemisphere and Russia is it essential to take effective measures in helping the peoples bring down this very dangerous regime which started a cruelly unprovoked total war against the innocent Kurdish civilian population in order so as to stay in power by means of divide and rule.

As Ankara-based MB intelligence is posing a threat to many countries and Riyadh-based MB intelligence and Khartoum-based MB intelligence posing similar threats to Asia and Africa respectively is it essential to curtail the global political influence of the MB by helping the peoples of Anatolia and Kurdistan help themselves in freeing themselves from this menace, tyranny and danger.

While the MB/AKP regime structure has effectively been suspended within NATO in terms of Turkey’s membership needs this alliance of liberty move to now also officially expel Turkey from NATO as a first stage as leading to comprehensive trade sanctions so to bring down this very dangerous regime indeed.

Civil society in nearly all countries is threatened by oil-funded mass MB infiltration intelligence operations although the threat is variously severe in different jurisdictions. We the international community needs to take effective action to curtail this very severe threat against us all. Just as the United Nations Security Council has rightly imposed heavy economic sanctions against North Korea need we rightly do this against MB/AKP Turkey as well. The MB is a tremendous threat of global dimensions and we need to take effective action to curtail this threat before it curtails us.

Economic sanctions will prove extremely effective in helping bring down this evil regime. The MB/AKP regime structure in Ankara is a sponsor of Syrian al Qaida and of other Sunni Jihadist groups in Syria and the entire international community knows about it. MB/AKP Turkey has illegally without legitimate cause invaded and effectively annexed a region of Syria, they did long sponsor the Islamic State Caliphate and continues to sponsor Syrian al Qaida (Nusra Front) and other Sunni Jihadist groups in Syria whether Salafi or forming part of the MB itself.

MB/AKP Turkey is a threat against international peace and security and so the international community needs to explain in the clearest possible terms that unless the MB/AKP regime structure ends their indisputably illegal occupation of internationally recognized Syrian territory and stop sponsor Jihadism in Syria will MB/AKP Turkey be hit by comprehensive economic sanctions as decided upon by the United Nations Security Council. If they abide will the liberation of Syria require much less liberation war and if they refuse will sanctions help the peoples of Anatolia and Kurdistan help themselves in bringing down this global threat from their current seats of power.

European leaders are increasingly aware of the MB/AKP threat against Europe and Russian law rightly designates the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Countries around the world are threatened by the MB menace and while we need to take action to liberate the peoples of Gaza and North Sudan as well need we the international community move to impose comprehensive economic sanctions against Turkey which will help bring a revolution next spring as reinforced by a subsequent Derin Devlet-initiated military coup d’état.

By helping the peoples of Anatolia and Kurdistan do we help ourselves as their liberty is our security. The Trump-Pence administration is very, very well of aware of what is at stake and has wisely moved to strengthen Free Kurdistan and reinforce international anti-Jihadist military coordination in Syria with Moscow and Damascus. Jihadism needs precisely be fought by helping the peoples helping themselves.

The international community needs to stand with the peoples of Syria, Kurdistan and Anatolia in doing our part in protecting ourselves by helping others helping themselves. The international community is expected to behave fully rationally as already towards North Korea in rational and legitimate defense of the collective self-interest of humanity.

The MB wants us to believe that the vehemently anti-Western MB represents a somehow “Western” form of Islamism as ostensibly compatible with democracy when in fact the MB are Crypto-Wahhabis for whom the MB strategy of ‘soft Islamization’ is only a transitional stage as leading to Salafization and establishing the societal model of the Rapist Caliphate in countries around the world. This may sounds almost incredibly evil but so is totalitarianism generally, indeed literally almost incredibly evil.

As MB global influence has rapidly grown in the past decade need we take effective action and the international community is fully expected to stand united as already against North Korea. We need do this in defending our own collective interests by indeed helping the peoples help themselves. We the peoples need to stand together as united are we strong and powerful in derailing totalitarian strategic threats against international peace, security and freedom.

By standing together and not only as an international community but importantly also with the peoples of Anatolia, Kurdistan and Syria will the Turkish economy collapse within months, it will help end the civil war in Syria, bring a pro-democracy revolution in Anatolia as well as help liberate the incredibly brave people of Kurdistan which is fighting almost every kind of Islamism/Jihadism on behalf of all us. This is an international case where economic sanctions are very effective in effecting change and we the international community are obliged by both morality and self-interest in standing with the peoples in indeed helping them help themselves.

We the peoples are obliged to stand together in unity of human peoples in our shared universal human self-interest. Totalitarianism is the enemy of humanity and the lessons of tragic modern history teaches us that the earlier totalitarian threats are curtailed indeed the better.

Totalitarianism speaks in the name of class, culture, ethnicity, ideology, nation, people, race, religion, philosophy or whatever excuse it can find to deceptively impose and subsequently brutally maintain a totalitarian form of government. Totalitarianism uses such language to gain more power by dividing peoples both within and between each other. All the great powers and all human peoples will benefit from defeating neo-medieval totalitarianism. Russia and China too are threatened by Islamism/Jihadism as is indeed almost every country although the threat is clearly at different stages of development in different jurisdictions.

Comprehensive economic sanctions against MB/AKP Turkey will save many lives by making the transition faster and far more peaceful in leading to much less loss of human lives. This is one of those situations for which the United Nations system indeed was devised in the first place. Jewish ethics is premised on the idea that we can help others help themselves and Jihadism is indeed best fought by empowering the peoples in order so as to strategically defeat Islamism/Jihadism on their own terms. The defeat of the Rapist Caliphate is precisely so effective because it is a defeat in their own terms and not just in ours. By making neo-medieval totalitarianism fail in their own terms do we in fact very effectively help discredit them among both current and potential sympathizers.

In standing with liberty in moral clarity for the cause of international peace and security are we in fact standing with the legitimate interests of every human people. We do not want our societies to become as in North Korea, in the Rapist Caliphate, in Nazi Germany or in Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Our societies are variously progressed in different regards including with respect for how ready our peoples are for open society and liberal democracy and we need to respect those differences in progression among us. At the same time need we profoundly understand and strongly emphasize that totalitarianism in its different expressions is a threat against humanity as a whole and indeed against our international community.

We the peoples are expected to stand united in helping defuse this threat against us all. We the peoples are expected to stand with each other in defending our universal human interest in defeating and discrediting each and every form of totalitarianism. By helping defeat and discredit totalitarian ideologies earlier rather than later can we save many human lives and although freedom is far from free will the price be far less.

As we have an historical opportunity before us to act with wisdom and moral clarity in collective self-interest in thus defending every people from the menace of totalitarianism do we have an opportunity to stand with the future which will surely applaud the courage in humanity coming together as diverse peoples and timely defuse a totalitarian threat against us all. We the peoples have an appointment with history & destiny in having an opportunity to make future generations proud of our courage in moral clarity.

While America needs to lead so need others lead us well. This is not an intended US invasion of a foreign country but rather about collective self-defense in humanity’s struggle against the menace of totalitarianism. It is primarily Israel’s obligation to oblige itself to liberate Kurdistan and not primarily America’s. It is the duty of the international community to impose comprehensive economic sanctions against MB/AKP Turkey and it is thus not a specifically “Western” duty. America is however the indispensable nation in this as in so many other regards yet the United Nations Security Council imposing comprehensive economic sanctions against Turkey is a multilateral obligation & effort, indeed a moral obligation to ourselves and to others, including to our children and grandchildren. We the peoples.

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