Kurdistan Moving Forward

Yezidi and Kurdistani sun disc symbol (Image by Taysheyi on Wikicommons)

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) have come to Kurdistan so as to attain peace yet readies for war. After 27 centuries of tragic geographic separation are the People of the South and the People of the North unifying once more. Our common determination to attain the liberation, unification and independence of Kurdistan should certainly not be in doubt to anyone.

The recently held independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan was for most participating voters a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan as a whole and certainly not merely for Iraqi Kurdistan.

It is perfectly understandable that bullying Islamist ethnocrats in Ankara and Tehran would want to frighten Free Kurdistan from 1) establishing official diplomatic relations with Israel, 2) signing a defense treaty with Israel and 3) allowing Israel to guarantee Free Kurdistan’s existence through the permanent stationing of Israeli tactical nuclear weapons on the soil of Free Kurdistan. It is also unsurprising that Baghdad continues to do Tehran’s bidding as diplomatically playing for time for the sake of the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Free Kurdistan however does not do the bidding of its enemies. Kurds will no more be slaves of the coldly cruel oppressors against the people of Kurdistan. If Tehran and Ankara permanently close their borders with the KRG, then so be it. If Baghdad chooses continued alignment with Shia Jihadism, then so be it. However, Free Kurdistan has its own strategic imperatives in choosing to work with its friends through the building of multiple trilateral special relationships involving Free Kurdistan, Israel and a third party as based upon special relationships of genuine fraternity between peoples.

Free Kurdistan is certainly able to export its oil through friendly Alawite-led Syria and redirect its international trade through Israel, Syria, Jordan as well as the GCC which is ready to significantly economically alleviate any such economic transition and the GCC is certainly ready to fully fund the building of an international airport in Syrian Kurdistan. Free Kurdistan certainly needs to permanently end all border controls within Free Kurdistan between Syrian Kurdistan and Iraqi Kurdistan as well as proceed with Project South to clean both Iraq and Syria from armed Jihadism whether Sunni or Shia with IAF (Israeli Air Force) support as subsequent to concluding a comprehensive defense treaty with Israel and the establishment of official consular diplomatic relations between Israel and Free Kurdistan. There is in fact literally nothing the rejectionists in Ankara, Tehran and Baghdad can do about it.

As the power struggle within the Iranian state apparatus continues between medievalists and secularists is the question whether and to what degree the transition in Iran will become peaceful or not? Transforming neo-medievalist totalitarian Iran into confederal Media in changing from an imperialist entity which peoples wish to leave to a pro-democratic union which the peoples wish to join should preferably happen through democratic and diplomatic means alone which certainly does not preclude the existence of other strategic options to attain the same goal.

While Israel and Free Kurdistan would in fact prefer Kurdistani unification with Rojhelat (East Kurdistan) by Free Kurdistan peacefully joining a confederal Media of linguistic states as based upon the heritage language of each people – does Free Kurdistan also have the strategic option of a major Israeli-supported insurgency and subsequent war of liberation in Rojhelat so as to cast off the despicably neo-medievalist oppression.

The MB/AKP regime commenced total war against the innocent & peaceful people of Bakur (North Kurdistan) so as to stay in power by means of divide and rule. They cannot however somehow magically end the war that they started other than by militarily fully withdrawing from occupied Kurdistan and they are in any case precisely losing that war. Israel and Free Kurdistan are ready to commence a just war of liberation in Rojhelat and are certainly increasingly inclined to do so.

Kurdistan’s enemies are beginning to learn the hard way that bullying Kurds may not be such a smart thing to do and that the price tag will become increasingly politically expensive indeed. Israel and Free Kurdistan call on neo-medievalist totalitarians in Ankara and Tehran to act wisely in peacefully withdrawing from occupied Kurdistan and so stop oppressing the freedom-loving people of Kurdistan.

Israel as only one of two military superpowers in the world and as the sole political great power in the broader Middle East has indeed the military power to force the liberation of Kurdistan and make no mistake, we are singlemindedly determined to do so. Israel and Kurdistan would certainly prefer to see the unification of Kurdistan by diplomatic and democratic means alone but we are certainly ready for doing it the other way by means of the force of arms.

The IAF has indeed the capacity and ability to cause the end of the Iranian state within days of aerial war of rapid dominance (shock and awe) and certainly within less than week. Israel prefers diplomatic and democratic means but we will not shy away from war if necessary so as to ensure the liberation and unification of righteous Kurdistan.

27 centuries of imperialist-imposed spatial separation between the People of the South and People of the North has now ended through the ongoing military airlift between Israel and Free Kurdistan and so neo-medievalist, imperialist, ethnocratically Islamist, anti-Kurdish bullies are sorely mistaken if they believe themselves to be able to prevail against Israel whose people and government are passionately and warmly pro-Kurdish to the core.

If they want to permanently close their colonial/imperialist borders with Free Kurdistan, then so be it. If they unwisely choose to strategically militarily attack free Kurdistan, then so be it. If they choose ethnocracy over peaceful withdrawal then so be it. What they seemingly do not understand is that righteous Israel does not think like them and that they face a military superpower as animated by Jewish ethics and certainly not by moral depravities of so called “realpolitik”.

Yet, they need to understand that there will be consequences of their own actions that they themselves may not anticipate, expect or even consider likely. They may even think that Israel’s transparency about our military capabilities are mere bluster in constituting theatrics of psychological warfare.

The neo-medievalists in Tehran may think that they can use Shia Jihadist Hezbollah as a deterrence against Israel when in fact Israel is only waiting for Hezbollah to attack so as for Israel to defensively eliminate Hezbollah. Hezbollah and Iran are no longer welcome in Lebanon and whether or not the Hezbollah’s last war is initiated from Tehran will Israel nevertheless eliminate this threat against humanity.

The neo-medievalists in Ankara may similarly think that they can attack Israel through their Hamas colleagues in the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood as ruling the Gaza Jihadist statelet. Jordan is waiting and preparing for liberating and annexing Gaza and the people of Gaza certainly deserves liberation after years of Islamist tyranny under the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas Jihadist regime there.

Kurdistan’s enemies should consider Israel’s indominable persistence in its active involvement in the Kurdistani state-building project ever since 1963 although Israel has maintained relations with the KDP since 1949 and commenced training members of the KDP in Israel already in 1959.

NATO is a defense alliance and not an attack alliance and as a geopolitical insurance policy does NATO not protect and certainly does not support or condone military aggression on the part of MB/AKP Turkey. As Israel continues with its gargantuan military buildup in Free Kurdistan would nobody be well advised to underestimate Israel’s indominable determination to liberate and unify Kurdistan in ultimately attaining Kurdistani independence indeed. Nobody should be in any doubt whatsoever as to the warmly pro-Kurdish nature of the noble peoples and principled governments of Israel and America.

Israel is ready for different strategic scenarios as involving liberating Kurdistan and crushing Jihadism in the region. If Kurdistan’s enemies truly understood Israel’s determination in attaining unified Kurdistani independence in beginning to understand the true extent of our military capacities would MB/AKP Ankara and Khomeinist Iran gather to decide on a full and expeditious withdrawal from occupied Kurdistan. Although this would certainly be the right decision is that unlikely to happen though – which leaves Israel and Free Kurdistan with a range of military options including the IAF demolishing the Iranian state from the air within the course of a few days and certainly less than a week.

It would be most preferable if imperialist Iran were be transformed into confederal Media by diplomatic, political and democratic means alone but if war is required then so be it. Media is reborn in Kurdistan and as transportational contiguity between Israel and Free Kurdistan has already been attained has 27 centuries of spatial isolation between the People of the South and the People of the North ended. As Israel’s gargantuan military buildup in Free Kurdistan proceeds apace would nobody be well advised to discount Israel’s strategic determination to attain the liberation and independence of unified Kurdistan in ending the political occupation, the military occupation and the religious occupation of Kurdistan. If war – and certainly so in strict adherence to the laws of war – is required then so be it.

Kurdistan’s Islamist rejectionist adversaries in Ankara and Tehran may assume that “god” is on their side and that is certainly a major miscalculation and indeed an entirely irrational one. Israel is prepared and ready for not only total war on Jihadism but also for a new Six Day War and this time through Rapid Dominance (Shock and Awe) in and around Kurdistan. Israel does not underestimate the unreason of Islamism and understands that war is required and welcomes just war for the sake of the worthy cause of the noble liberation of Kurdistan.

This is certainly not to imply that Israel prefers war over diplomacy but rather that diplomacy needs to be exhausted. If there is a way to attain Turkish and/or Iranian full military withdrawals from occupied Kurdistan by diplomatic means alone then Israel and Free Kurdistan would certainly very, very much welcome that as the legislation of democratic borders in terms of international law will in fact obviate the very raison d’être of wars over independence and borders – i.e. ending ambitions for irrational patriarchal/ethnocratic sovereign domination over other peoples against their own democratic will.

As Israel and Free Kurdistan welcome diplomatic initiatives for attaining the liberation, unification and independence of Kurdistan by peaceful diplomatic means alone will Israel’s already huge military buildup in Free Kurdistan continue apace irrespective of any theatrics and psychological warfare on the part of Kurdistan’s enemies.

Free Kurdistan as backed up by a vast and growing Israeli military presence is now neither weak nor vulnerable. As the People of the South and the People of the North unite once more after 27 centuries of tragic spatial separation can literally nothing whatsoever divide us again. Kurdistan’s enemies are about to learn the hard way that remaining enemies of Israel is now literally politically suicidal in a broader Middle East where is Israel is the sole political great power in addition to being only one of two military superpowers.

Israel and Free Kurdistan sincerely wish for a diplomatic way to ensure and attain the liberation, unification and independence of Kurdistan and we certainly hope that reason will prevail in Ankara and Tehran, yet as democratic realists do we understand that just war awaits the region as the continued suppression of the people of Kurdistan makes heaven cry and is precisely entirely intolerable indeed. Yet we also understand that totalitarian regimes must be defeated and discredited and so are we ready for both asymmetric war and/or rapid dominance (shock and awe) as depending on which ethnocratic choices Kurdistan’s oppressors will make.

America understands very, very well the strategic equation, yet believes in outsourcing international responsibilities to America’s friends, partners and allies around the world. America and most of the world will officially recognize unified Kurdistani independence once Kurdistan as a whole is free and liberated. America and most of the world understand the suffering and tragic history of the people of Kurdistan and will certainly not do anything to prevent the liberation and unification of Kurdistan.

The Trump-Pence administration has no sympathy for Islamists and Jihadists whether Sunni or Shia and understands the immense historical significance of the convergence of the People of the South and the People of the North after 27 centuries apart. Israel has come to Kurdistan not only to defend Free Kurdistan but also to wage just war for the liberation of the entire Kurdistan. America understands that and also understands Israel’s immense historical responsibilities in this regard. As the heroic people of Kurdistan is readying itself for war of liberation as fully backed up by righteous Israel are enemies of righteous Kurdistan particularly well advised not to delude themselves as to the particularly warm strategic sympathies of the peoples and governments of Israel and America with respect to the future of the people of Kurdistan even if those very warm sympathies are usually not so publicly stated. The people of Kurdistan have not only friends beyond the mountains but are backed up by overwhelming military power. The combination of Kurdistan’s highly motivated feminist revolutionary army and Israeli air superiority is such that resisting freedom is certainly not well advised.

Israel has come to Kurdistan in order to seek peace, yet expects war as that may unfortunately be the only language that bullying Islamist ethnocrats will ultimately understand. We the peoples stand together against neo-medievalist totalitarianism.